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  1. Also funny story, my RLS Neuro Doctor is my wife's boss. Then for the C&P exam, I got my Neuro doctor's dad, a heart doctor for the RLS C&P.
  2. Yeah, I was in Iraq, thanks for the reply! I guess I thought it would be since he was verbally telling me in the C&P that it was toxic either to mechanic MOS or burn pits. But from what I have, the completed DBQ, none of that conversation is documented in my file. So not sure now I guess. RLS is not presumtive. I will go back and look at some successful RLS cases, I am 80%, and work. I am not super concerned with getting 100%, more feel like I would like it acknowledged.
  3. HiYa! I was denied Restless Leg Syndrome, from toxic exposure. I have RLS since around 2009, out of service 2006. I wasn't sure what would happen with it. I now have my DBQ from the C&P examiner, they used the Peripheral Neuropathy dbq. Which basically is all answered Nos on the form cause I don't have that! I even filed it as Convulsice Ticks (RLS). There is no DBQ for RLS, or code. So my question is when I do the HLR call with the reviewer I can mention maybe a better dbq to use would be CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM AND NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES, RLS is more like Parkinsons than what the first C&P doctor did? Thanks!!
  4. Not sure how this will work, but you might get a 4th year (3 years under the 9/11 bill) of benefits if you were originally eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill. https://www.militarytimes.com/education-transition/2024/04/16/supreme-court-rules-in-favor-of-veteran-who-sued-over-gi-bill-limits/
  5. Hi, @Joey Ross, mine got approved today. It went from a dependent not on benefits finally to a dependent on benefits, after 140 days. I will make another post about contacting VA to get this done....not to hijack your post. I think it is through the Benefits Eligibility Support Team Manager "BEST" (no phone) department.
  6. I was approved for 30 percent flat feet/plantar fasciitis!! So my overall rating 70% is now 80% It Must of been a good C&P and had a service connection.
  7. Hi!! FYI... I had my second set of C&P exams for GERD and Sleep Apnea as secondary conditions. They were both denied. Guess now I will decide to do a high-level review or find some new evidence to add and submit a supplemental claim. Thanks!
  8. ok, I can get something together for when I have the exam to tell them about being due to the other things. I checked on VA dot com and it answered my own question. They changed them to secondary this week I guess.
  9. Hi, For the GERD and Sleep Apnea, both deferred. I now am scheduled for additional C&P exams with Optum. Since this is the second set of exams for those two (previously did it with VA and QTC). Would this be if the VA is going to maybe put them as secondary conditions? They are not directly service-connected. I can post this in a diff forum too if I need to. Thanks!!
  10. Yes, Feet is open or deferred I guess... waiting for the C&P exam maybe?
  11. No, I don't want to be TDIU, I like working and it makes me feel better to be out and around people.
  12. Yeah Overweight... No on benzos. The feet are in medical record from military time, so feel like that could get approved.
  13. Thanks so much everyone!!! Would still have zero (none) without Hadit.com Some were deferred, I looked in benefits, under disabilities.
  14. Hi, I check the claim status all the time, so it says " Evidence gathering, review, and decision" as of Oct 12th 2023. But I went and looked at my letters and there were two new buttons I never had before. Is the legit!?!? Best Sam
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