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  1. Thanks for your reply, I will let you know how it come out.
  2. Thanks. Here is the situation, I was interviewed by phone by a VA psychologist who wrote a diagnosis of all things, nightmares but ruled out that it was PTSD. On the 21st I have an appointment with another psychologist for sleep disturbances. I have sleep apnea and use a cpap through civilian doctor in 2012, I did not file with VA on this because my VSO said that since I was not treated for this in the military it would not be granted. I am SC for tinnitus and it is constant Even though I use a cpap machine every night I still can not get more than 4 to 5 hours of sleep and do good to make the 70% requirement for usage. I see that sleep disturbance is listed as a later developing disability for Desert Storm veterans, which I am. I am currently rated at 70% in which none are related to sleep issues or mental health. Thank you for your information. Chieft Bilateral pes planus 50% and plantar fasciitis hallux valgus and rigidus left great toe 0% corneal scar, and aqueous tear deficiency 10% tinnitus 10% lateral collateral and deltoid ligament sprain with tendonitis, right ankle 0% hallux valgus and hallux rigidus with gout and arthritis of right great toe 10% Hypertension 10% Pseudofolliculitis Barbae 0%
  3. Thanks guys for the swift replies. The research was done by the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit I saw the article and thought I would ask.. Like I said earlier I am SC for tinnitus but not sleep apnea because I was diagnosed several years after military. I am under going treatment now for sleep disturbance, will wait and see what they come up with at the VA
  4. I am service connected for Tinnitus and diagnosed with sleep apena and use a cpap but not service connected for it, diagnosed after service. I saw an article that stated that sleep apena can be secondary to tinnitus, is this true?
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