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Filing a claim for GERD under Gulf War presumptive

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Haven't posted in years.  I was diagnosed with GERD along with gastric polyps, duodenal ulcer, and unintentional weight loss.  I am a gulf war veteran can I file a claim under the gulf war presumptive list?  The doctor also stated that it is a possibility that the long term use of the meloxicam they prescribed for foot and ankle pain caused it also, which would be easier?

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I would file and and let them figure it out.  You can put those codes down, but I would just not wait any longer.  The longer you wait the more they get to not help you!

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If GERD is on the GW Presumptive list and you have a current diagnosis from a doctor or medical specialist for GERD or you have medical treatment notes and/or medical prescriptions for GERD symptoms then you should file for it on VA Form 21-526EZ.  If it is on the list then you do not need a doctors statement/nexus opinion that your GERD is due to your service in the GULF War theater.  However such a statement or note would be additional helpful evidence but is not necessary.

If your Service medical records (SMRs) show you were treated for GERD symptoms in service then this is an additional pudding or icing on the cake.  Get copies of all of the above if you can and make more copies and send only copies with your GERD claim.

I was recently and quickly awarded a GERD rating at 60% due to/caused by my long term Vietnam PTSD and the VA raters use the Hie tel Hernia Diagnostic Code like this   "GERD does not have its own diagnostic code.  But hiatal hernia ((7346) symptoms are very closely related to GERD.  So when GERD is rated, it’s given dc 7399-7346.  7399 means it’s an analogous digestive condition"

I have also received 60% for Ischemic Heart disease due to Nam Agent Orange exposure and also Hypertension (HTN)  service connection due to AO.   Both of these were on the Agent Orange presumptive list with HTN being on the PACT ACT presumptive list and all I needed was a diagnosis of both conditions and my Army records the VA had proved I served in the country of Vietnam during the war.  No doctors medical nexus opinion was needed.

My comment is not legal advice as I am not a lawyer, paralegal or VSO.


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