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  1. Avi8tor66

    2nd Sleep Apnea Exam

    Thanks! I’ll post soon as I know something.
  2. Avi8tor66

    2nd Sleep Apnea Exam

    Thanks for your response. I did file as secondary. Had my C& P and the NP said she had not and didn’t review my records or completed DBQ while I was with her. She just asked me some questions as she was typing into the computer. I’m hoping she reviewed them after I left or will before she submits her report. My sleep study was ordered by my PCP, as I have never used the VA doctors as yet. I do not live near a VA clinic so I use my personal Dr and he refers me to specialist, etc as needed. My CPAP was prescribed by an MD specializing in sleep issues, along with Klonopin nightly. I’m a little confused as to the not having reviewed my records, exams, etc...maybe that’s normal for some Dr’s? Maybe they do that after the patient leaves? Thanks for any input!
  3. Avi8tor66

    2nd Sleep Apnea Exam

    Thank you for your response. Yes, the VA has an electronic copy of my records, sleep study, DBQ, etc.
  4. Avi8tor66

    2nd Sleep Apnea Exam

    Yes I did claim Amy OSA as secondary to PTSD. I did do a sleep study (not through VA) and have a completed DBQ. The VA has the copies of everything. I just got back from my C&P exam with VES, and the NP was nice, asked me some questions, had not and did not look at any of my records, sleep study, etc. She said the VA has them. Should I be concerned that she hadn’t and didn’t review my records? My wife said perhaps she was gonna look at my records later, prior to sending in her report to the VA. Any input, etc is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. I have a claim in for sleep apnea and I had a complete sleep study 9 months ago. My claim was filed complete with the sleep study records and a completed DBQ. My study was not done with the VA, my PCP set it up with a local sleep clinic at the hospital. I have a diagnosis of moderate OSA (Cpap needed) with occasional central episodes, RBD ( acting out your dreams) and PLMD/RLS. The VA contractor (VES) called to set up an appt. and they did not have a copy of my sleep study or medical records mentioned above. The VA has the records so I am confused...is this appt to set up another sleep study? Or possibly to have the NP doing the exam review the DBQ and offer a Nexus? I am hoping I do not have to do a sleep study again...I have SC PTSD and sleeping is very difficult for me anyway, much less in a hospital setting, strange surroundings, etc. My question is has anyone had to have an additional C&P exam (sleep study) when the one they had before was only a few months before? Also when there was a completed DBQ submitted along with the study notes and records that documents the diagnosis? Any help is appreciated!

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