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  1. I got my records last Friday on a CD in the mail, took less than a month!!!
  2. I got my complete military records records, form filling out an SF-180, and faxed it to the place according to my Branch and Dates of Service. I think that was around July 13th, 2013, and I got a CD in the mail 8/3/23!!
  3. Yes, you are correct. QTC called me to say they are doing a record review. They called me up and canceled my first appointment, then scheduled another phone appointment in case the record reviewer has questions.
  4. I can log in, no problem. The place where the forum should be is blank or missing.
  5. Ok, thanks. I did upload it to the VA claims site (they are private records) yesterday also. I will see about getting a VSO or some way to check it is in the VA's hands.
  6. I have another account (IndySam) I can't access the forums or see the forums when logged in. Is there some admin that can help me, please? I can't find contact info on the site and when I go to send a message logged in it says not allowed. Thanks!!
  7. Hi, One of the issues in my first claim filed Feb 23, is sleep apnea. I have a pretty good relationship (email) with my congressman's office and have finally got C&P exams scheduled for my last ~5 claim things. QTC called me to schedule a phone interview to talk about my sleep apnea. The lady on the phone said since I already have a diagnosis and a CPAP I can email her my medical record and she will cancel my phone appointment. I did email her my reocrds. What will happen at the VA now, will QTC tell them I already have a sleep apnea diagnosis? Thanks!! Sam
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