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  1. Have not seen anything solid online. Here is the official link to Convalescence disability. It has not been updated since Jan 2018. https://www.benefits.va.gov/COMPENSATION/claims-special-convalescence.asp
  2. Welcome to Hadit! To get service connection, you will require the following "Caluza" elements: 1. Event/injury in service (in your case, the event would be TCE handling and exposure) 2. Current diagnosis (if you don't have one, the VA will send you to a C&P exam) 3. Medical nexus connecting the above. If you do not have all possible service and medical documentation in hand, you could start by filing an informal claim. That is where you let them know you want to file a claim for X, but don't have everything ready. They will give you one year to submit evidence. This will preserve the effective date of your claim. If you have visited a doctor and have a medical diagnosis, consider asking them to examine your evidence, fill out a disability questionnaire, and possibly write a medical opinion. (Plenty of examples of an opinion/nexus here on Hadit). An FDC would suffice. If you choose to have the VA handle everything, they will supposedly review your service records, perform an C&P exam to verify diagnosis and formulate an opinion as to whether it is service connected. Regarding your autoimmune disease, there are a number of diseases which the VA can rate. More information about them can be found here: https://www.benefits.va.gov/warms/docs/regs/38CFR/BOOKC/PART4/S4_88b.doc
  3. Last year, I requested help from my Congressman's office. It was not for claims, but was for major problems trying to get outside treatment via the Choice program. Before their involvement, I waited in limbo six months. After their involvement, I waited about a week and received the treatment I needed.
  4. Welcome to Hadit! With you having a single 100% PTSD rating and being on SSDI, the VR counselor probably should not have placed you in the TWE program. The ILP is managed through the VS'a VR&E program. The VR counselor really should know more about it. Below is a link which contains more information. https://www.benefits.va.gov/vocrehab/independent_living.asp
  5. Here in Alabama, Birmingham got a 4 and Montgomery got a 1. That's gotta be pretty bad to get a 1.
  6. With each item being deemed mild, they may keep you at 10%. The part I find concerning is you indicate the pain level has increased, but they considered it mild.
  7. Vync


    Glad October has finally arrived, but wondering when the temps will cool off...
  8. 176 yards is crazy... That reminds me of the Birmingham AL VAMC. They used airport-style shuttle buses to transfer patients and employees to and from parking decks. Originally, the deck was just two blocks away. When Children's Hospital expanded, they built a new VA outpatient center and parking deck just .7 miles from the VAMC. If you are not lucky enough to find a parking meter or spot in the university parking decks, shuttle bus or walking is your only option.
  9. Great topic and posts! Here are some of the VSO blunders I encountered: - Typing a vague claim request consisting of one sentence like, "Veteran would like to file for disability benefits for A, B, C, D, etc.." and stating the VA will go through my records and find "everything". - Copying service treatment records, but not sending them in with the claim application. Resulted in a denial letter, "There is no medical evidence A, B, C, D, etc.. were treated during service." Claim was decided with an empty claims folder. - Not explaining how the Caluza triangle works and the importance of a medical nexus. - After my initial win, VSO advised not to file any additional claims because the VA might take my benefits. - Failing to advise to NOD because DeLuca was not applied. - Left me a message to call back on Friday. I called back on Friday, learned the office was closed for "training" every Friday.
  10. Congratulations! This is really great news!
  11. Vync

    athletic heart syndrome

    Regarding athletic heart syndrome, one thing to also take into consider is Cushing's disease or Cushing's syndrome. When exercising, cortisol is produced. If this happens too much, it can lead to Cushing's sometime down the road.
  12. Hello everyone, Anyone ever have kidney stones treated with a procedure called shock wave lithotripsy? I have one which is too large to pass and they are wanting to use this type of treatment to "blast" the stone. I read details about the procedure online, but am curious about first hand accounts of post-procedure pain levels and downtime.
  13. Welcome to Hadit! You would need to get a medical opinion/nexus letter from a doctor connecting SA to your arrhythmias. It would need to include strong medical rationale and indicate your SA is is "as likely as not", "more/most likely" or "caused by/due to" your arrhythmias.
  14. Go to both exams. The ED exam will perform the basic examination, evaluate the condition, and get an opinion. The Urology appointment can be beneficial in other ways. They will probably get PSA levels, check your prostate, and then hydraulics. If they identify any problems, it is best to get them addressed earlier rather than later. My urologist referred me for an abdominal ultrasound which confirmed my prostate was enlarged and also found some kidney stones. Had I not have gone, I would not have known until it is too late.

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