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  1. Had same situation happen to me and been dealing with it for about five years and escalating. Congressman was able to help and I got approval for treatment from a non-VA doc. No opiates, but they did refer me to a non-VA doc to get an epidural pain block in my spine. No guarantee on whether these shots will work, but better than nothing. Have they tried giving you meds like gabapentin or Lyrica? The latter is helping me a little bit, but I just recently started it. The idea is to help quiet nerve activity, but they are not initial types treatment.
  2. Good to know the court found in favor of burn pit victims
  3. Buck's right. I switched from the full nose/face mask (i.e. bear trap) to one that rests on my nostrils. It is lightweight and feels like I am not wearing anything. No more waking up to find the mask on the floor beside the bed. It might not work for everyone, but it is definitely worth trying all mask options they have.
  4. With the way the VA has ran over veterans over the decades, I believe the rules need to be revamped so that getting a higher % does not start a new % clock at all
  5. This is not unusual. The VA may have had enough material to move forward on two of your requests, so they did. The lack of response regarding the remaining three requests cannot be interpreted as good or bad, however, having been down the route you are taking I definitely understand the frustration of not knowing. There is a difference between requesting a DRO and submitting a Form 9. The DRO is handled at the VARO level, but the Form 9 is at the BVA level. My DRO request took about two years (based on my VARO workload). I brought everything needed to spoon feed the DRO an airtight winning claim. I showed them how the VA was wrong in their decision, showed proof in my favor, including a strong IMO. It felt good to be able to take to someone directly instead of waiting on the mail. Please keep in mind that every DRO experience is different and results could be mixed. The good thing is that if the DRO denies a claim, then the next step would be to file a Form 9. About 20+ years ago, I filed a Form 9 to bounce my claims to the BVA a couple of times. Like anything, it took the VA a couple of years. Luckily, they had a traveling board coming to my VARO so I went. Back then, I knew nothing about the system or what it required. My VSO was there to show support in person, but did very little to explain what it actually took to win a claim. They basically said to provide my service treatment records and the VA would handle the rest. Thanks to Hadit, I learned there is a better way. I ended up winning half my claims, but probably could have won all of them if I knew better.
  6. My first machine was from 2012 and the humidifier stopped working. I went to the sleep clinic and they provided a replacement machine. Perhaps you might have the same problem with yours. I have never heard of using ice cubes, but whatever you put into the humidifier tank, be sure it is from distilled water only. Regular tapwater and many bottled/gallon jugs of over the counter water contain minerals to enhance taste. As the water evaporates, crystals can form and impact the effectiveness of your equipment. Hope this is helpful.
  7. Earlier Effective Date This is the date in which the awarded benefit(s) is/are effective. A common use is of an EED indicates when any retroactive payments will take effect. Let's say you submit a claim for benefits and it takes the VA six months to award. Your EED would be when you filed your claim, not necessarily when they awarded them. If the VA owed you any retroactive backpay, they would have to pay back to the EED. There are a lot of other factors involved for different situations and types of claims. This is just a simple example.
  8. I'm no expert, but it looks favorable. I expect other members will lend their opinion. Given the face that you are SC for IBS 30% and Fibromyalgia 40%, this phrase is the nexus statement which should constitute secondary service-connection: Under 3(a), they checked the box corresponding with reduced reliability and productivity, etc..., which appears to match the 50% criteria. However, the symptoms checked include suicidal ideation, which falls under the 70% criteria. Not sure which rating you might get, but am hoping for the best for you. Good luck! Compared it against the ratings: §4.130 Schedule of ratings—Mental disorders.
  9. 1975 CUE?

    It sounds like they granted you TDIU. For unemployability, they bump you up to 100%, even though your combined schedular rating is less. P&T constitutes the TD part of TDIU. Getting the P&T or TD part is usually tougher, but if your disability picture has become static for a while, they can go ahead and do it. It's good that they went ahead and did it. Did you receive the envelope in the mail yet?
  10. If you requested "unemployability", the official VA term is Individual Unemployability (IU). Yes, depending on the amount of retro, it might take a bit longer. Larger amounts have to be approved higher up the chain.
  11. That sounds promising. When I got my 100% P&T award letter, it said I may qualify for "Dependents' Educational Assistance" (DEA), which is a good benefit for them. Just remember not to fully trust what you see on ebenefits. What matters is what you received in the mail and your bank account. Retro payments can show up unannounced, but typically arrive around or shortly after the letter.
  12. Retro, even for an EED, would include dependents if your combined disability rating percentage increases, but for children there is an age limit. I believe they drop off when they turn 19, but not sure about the current age cutoff. If your dependent is not already in the VA system, you would need to submit birth certificate, etc...
  13. I found this Hadit article which shows a high level overview of historical VA disability pay rates. https://www.hadit.com/vaclaimslibrary/compensation/comprateshistorical.htm The original link on that page no longer works, but I checked on archive.org and found it was captured. You can download the detailed document here: https://web.archive.org/web/20040113235525/http://www.vba-arms.intecwash.navy.mil/admin21/m21_1/part1/appb/SectVIII.doc
  14. Nothing worse than scumbag scammers
  15. Just a thought, but have you ever requested a copy of your claims file (C-file) from the VA? It is a great way to see exactly what the VA actually has. I did this and found records they claimed to not have, plus records belonging to another veteran which I mailed back.