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  1. IE scheduled

    Hi Kevin T., I don't know what the IE is but as far as living in your car, that is dangerous. A friend of mine had no choice but to do that when he ETS'd and he was attacked by a group of people and he (inside the car) was almost pushed off a cliff. Thankfully he managed to get out of the car. It is dangerous out there, be careful and practice situational awareness at all times. Please take Buck's advice and let the VA know your situation. Also, if I am not mistaken, you can have mail sent to a post office General Delivery where the Post Office holds your mail until you pick it up. Stay safe. H
  2. I had a problem with the county VSO, he is buds with the acting director, dislikes women, treats no one with respect...I could go on. He yells also (unless you are a colonel or above), I rue the day I went there. There is a DAV rep connected to the SCID (Spinal Cord Injury/Disease) clinic. So I will see how that goes. Good day everyone. H.
  3. Uterine Fibroids?

    Hi Sarah, Welcome to Hadit. This is the best site for all things related to Veteran's issues. I am sorry to hear that uterine fibroids have caused problems with your life. As Broncovet stated, a doctor must write the nexus letter and those words "at least as likely as not" are very important to have the doctor write in the letter. At some point, a visit to a VSO is needed to open a claim. Stay strong and stay the course and also try to stay well. Again, welcome to Hadit. Holli
  4. I'm not sure if it's a good thing either, sounds invasive and creepy to me.
  5. Uterine Fibroids?

    Hi Buck, Came across the link about eliminating the 7 condtions, very concerned to say the least. Why did the VA build 2 Multiple Sclerosis centers of excellence---one on the West Coast in Seattle and one in Baltimore, MD. if the govt going to eliminate MS from it's wheelhouse. My husband says do not borrow trouble. Stay strong fellow vets.
  6. I agree with you in that there is nothing magic about a C & P exam, quite the opposite it would seem. My non-VA neurologist's notes were totally ignored by the C & P D.O. Same with my non-VA ophthalmologist's notes that were also ignored by the optometrist. In my opinion it seems the only information the MIGHTY raters look at is the information from the VA doctors. It was a waste of time for me.
  7. "Medical evidence"---I like those 2 words! Thanks Broncovet H
  8. Hi, This is probably a stupid question but are the treatment notes written by he VA doctors taken into consideration by the MIGHTY raters? Thank you one and all. H
  9. SCID

    Hi Vync, These SCIDs are in many places in the US plus Puerto Rico. I have put off going long enough and am going for a 3-4 hour appt. late next month. Take good care. H
  10. Hi, Hope all is good. Has anyone been to a VA Spinal Cord Injury/Disease clinic? If so, what was it like? I appreciate any and all comments. Thank you. H
  11. Hey Vetquest, Thank you for the advice. It is great your civilian medical records and buddy statements carried the day at the BVA level. I intend to keep pushing until things work out. The local VA seems to be made up of a few stinkers who act like it is a bother to them when they have to deal with vets. Thanks again. :)
  12. Hi, I agree the system needs to be ripped apart then fixed. What I have noticed is non-VA records, when taken to a C & P exam, do not mean squat to the examiner. Even though it says on their appt. card to bring any medical records, in my case (maybe yours too), the D.O. just flips thru the papers not reading anything. WTF? Why did I spend my money to get copies and the VA does not take the medical papers? What is up with that? Then the case goes to THE RATERS who pencil-whip the file and deny the claim. I for one am sick of this. It seems that the only records that count are the ones in all the VA databases. Great post Retiredat44. H
  13. D.O. is not a Neurologist

    Ms. Berta, Buck, and Gastone, Thank you all for the excellent information, I appreciate it. I think I am going to work my claim myself (advice from Buck years ago), I talked to the county VSO the other day and he recommended a statement from my husband and the new VA urologist, okay fine will do. The county VSO is calm, listens, and has a rep of an all around nice guy. Killer instinct? I dunno. IMalways Humble Opinion it seems the VSO has to have that instinct to get a positive result for the veteran. It is nuts to have conflict with the VA/raters and have to jump thru hoop after hoop after hoop after hoop after you get the picture. Well, thanks again you all. Have a nice evening.
  14. Hi, the situation never ends (or it just ends with denials), no wonder my claim was denied---a D.O. did the C & P for worsening of M.S. The D.O. got it so wrong. A D.O. (doctor of osteopathic medicine deals with the "muscle-skeletory system"), hmmmmm, no mention of the neurological system. Thanks a lot VA. :(( OK, you all take care. H
  15. Received BBE

    Hey Buck, Thank you for the information, much appreciated. H