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    Reading, History, reading and researching everything I can about Multiple Sclerosis, neurogenic bladder as relates to MS. The Blacklist, Ray Donovan, Better Call Saul, and Doc Martin TV shows, helping a fellow veteran if help is requested, cats, dogs, watching hummingbirds who come to our feeders. The Who, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Franki Valli and the 4 Seasons, The Jersey Boys, Katy Perry. The John Voight dance scene in RAY DONOVAN (the dude has some moves), NEVER GIVING UP!!!

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  1. Hi Tomnyhats, I agree with Berta about "relax"; very good idea just to carve out some time to relax, reflect, and renew. 30 months is one heckuva long time to have dealt with the situation so perhaps enjoy some time to relax is just the ticket. Protect that neurogenic bladder 60%. H
  2. Holllie Greene

    What the heck just happened??

    Hi Sgt. Wilky, That sounds like a horrible experience. I wonder how these people are hired. Anyway, when all is said and done, perhaps meeting with your VSO and exploring the possibility of a NOD. Just my thoughts. H
  3. Holllie Greene


    Hi, I agree with Broncovet...file a NOD to dispute the denial. You have come to the best place for help and the place is Hadit.com
  4. Thank you for this information. H
  5. Holllie Greene


    Berta, I admire your strength and perseverance. I am so sorry for the loss of your husband at the hands of the VA. You are strong and an example for all of us. H
  6. Holllie Greene


    Thank you for all you do to help us Berta. You are great at putting things in perspective. H
  7. Holllie Greene


    Greetings, I am eligible for Chapter 35 DEA benefits however my husband had earned his Bachelor of Science before we met; I asked my beloved if he desired to earn a Masters degree to which he declined as he was employed full-time. Our soon to be 25 years of wedded bliss produced no children. Thank you all again for your information. Have a good Thursday. H
  8. Holllie Greene


    Hi Tbird, Asknod, and Oceanbound, I hit the trifecta tonight with you all. Thank you for the information. I consider this excellent information an early 25th Anniversary gift. 25 years next week. ...the rep from the VARO confirmed I have had the chapter 35 DEA benefits for over 10 years. Again, thank you for your time and effort, I appreciate it very much. H
  9. I am confused. A few days ago I spoke to a person at a VARO who said if I die from something other than service-connected my husband gets zero, zilch, squat. Hmmmmmm, it seems the rules change willy-nilly...I have been rated 100% P & T for over 10 years, MS is static, and I am 56 years of age. Can a fellow Veteran shed a light on this? Thank you.
  10. Hi Vync, this morning I was searching through my paperwork from the VA and I found a statement with words to the effect I am housebound, which is true. I apologize for the long wait for the answer to your question. H
  11. Hi, On military.com there is an article about VA choice expansion and PRE 911 caregivers program being authorized. I really hope the powers that be will do the right thing for Pre-911 caregivers and pass the legislation.. I guess we will see. Have a nice weekend. H
  12. Hi Pwrslm, ...makes me wonder how the rating people get their jobs in the first place. Thank you for your response. H
  13. Hi, Thank you all for your advice, insight, encouragement, and understanding. I very much appreciate it. Vync, the county VSO said I had SMC S but I can't find it anywhere. Carlie Cash was so correct in her statement to you. Broncovet, I am 100% P & T since 2003 with a static disability (f*&^$%ing MS only gets worse---remember Anneta Funicello? She was splashed all over National Enquier in her final days---I am not in that condition as she had primary progressive MS and I have gone from relapsing remitting to secondary progressive MS plus the docs say every MS case is different. As tired and frustrated as I am by the current situation it may be time to look for a lawyer. Again, I appreciate you all's support my fellow Veterans. Enjoy the rest of the day. H
  14. Hi, I am considering not appealing. Why? I do not trust the raters, I do not think they understand MS (multiple sclerosis) and I do not want to go through anymore time wasting. In hindsight I should have left things alone, requesting an increase created more issues/problems plus the county VSO's appear like they could care less. I know I have "NEVER GIVING UP" in my profile but in this instance perhaps I should. This VA runaround has me feeling defeated already. You can't fight city hall or the VA. H
  15. Holllie Greene



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