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  1. >>>I have this mega pages book about the history of multiple sclerosis; apparently the authors and researchers believe the first documented case was in the 1300's, yes, you read that correctly, the 1300's. It was a young girl named Lidwina, in Holland, who broke several ribs ice-skating. She (Lidwina) is known as the Patron Saint of ice-skaters. No joke. One would think that after having centuries to research the researchers would have some idea. H
  2. Holllie Greene

    Widows Pension

    I agree with Berta, this is a total outrage. Just a thought: perhaps one of the American Embassies could help in some way. Be safe. H
  3. Hi NavyCorpsman95, Great advice indeed. Last week I called Peggy who said my appeals case should be reviewed in about 400 days. So hilarious how "they" attempt to alarm Veterans like that. 400 days---okay, I do not plan on going anywhere. I will stay the Legacy course. Thank you again for your advice. H
  4. Hi LadyBoxBags, As someone on this excellent site once said to me: if you give up they (the VA) win. Don't give up. I have been waiting for my appeal to be sorted out but I WILL NOT GIVE UP. H You have come to the best, right, and true place for advice, encouragement, and support. Don't give up.
  5. Hi, I believe it is well past time to change my primary care doctor. Why? Hmmmmm, the doctor appears to be a flake who does not remember things I have told them. So my question is how does a Veteran request a new doctor without ruffling feathers? There is an epic rant involved with this situation but I will spare you all. Thank you.
  6. Holllie Greene

    November 1, 2018

    Happy Nov. 1, 2018
  7. Holllie Greene


    Happy October
  8. Hi Jfrei, Yep, you sure got that right!!!
  9. Hi, I checked my e-mail earlier and what in the world did my wondering eyes see? An e-mail from the VBA following up on their RAMP invitation. Hmmmm. Is it me or does this positively reek of desperation for their Pilot program? It is probably just cynical me. Any thoughts, opinions, and/or advice is always welcomed. Thank you. H
  10. This is great...thank you for posting the list.
  11. Holllie Greene

    September 1, 2018

    Hope all is well. Prayers and positive thoughts to Gastone. H
  12. Hi, When you mail something always send it certified, return receipt requested.
  13. ...just my two cents: a telephone call does seem odd like Seminoles pointed out. With all the scams these days you never know. I received a robo-call from the IRS saying they were on their way over to arrest me, of course it is BS. The IRS does business by mail.
  14. I agree---fight them. Just my opinion: the system needs an overhaul, raters need training on static diseases/illnesses, I could go on but I will stop now. By definition static diseases/illnesses do not get better, this is what medical books say and VA says it also. Frustration abounds.
  15. Holllie Greene

    Disabled Veteran w/ Service Dog

    "Learn to be content"---I like that. H

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