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  1. Hi GB ARMY, There is a spell check in this program (go to a word then ctrl then right click) I drew a blank on the word bureaucracy on an earlier post and used it. H
  2. Hello Ms. T., I have heard you can do a lot with a can opener! Anyway, sorry to hear your knees are giving you problems; the HA injections will help (several years ago I had 2 HA injections in a knee I had injured in a fall), it was not a permanent fix but it offered relief for a while. I did not know what the deal was but I had to wait until my BC/BS insurance approved it---bureaucracy I presume. Hang in there with the lymphedema, it sounds as if you have a great family support system which makes all the difference in the world. Very impressive stats, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can most certainly envision more Veterans becoming members of the ROCK STAR of Veterans sites!!! Hang in there. Thank you for this WONDERFUL website. HG
  3. Hello to Buck and Vetquest (thank you for the laugh , Prince DRO will ride in soon with our NODs decided in the positive!!! Have to think that way. Thank you for the humor!!!
  4. Have a good month my fellow Veterans. Hang in there. I am still waiting for my appeal to be sorted out.
  5. When I occasionally call Peggy the estimated time they give me is (and oddly each time I call) is always 518 days. On vacation and out to lunch. However, I will not give up.
  6. Alex, Congratulations to you for winning the claim for your Veteran!!! I remember those jet-gun inoculations when I was in Basic in 1980...I will always remember what the person who performed the inoculation said, "just relax your arm honey", Anyway, MEGA-CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  7. He is in love and wants to get married to the lady. I am all for love and marriage, I wonder if his intended would consider becoming an American citizen? Just a thought...
  8. Hi Vetquest, The neuropathy is a terrible thing to deal with. I refer to our previous conversation about Prednisone; yes, a life saver but it takes its toll. I found a cooling vest on Amazon. I will stay cool and definitely keep on marching! Thank you.
  9. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is thought to be an autoimmune disease of the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems. It is treated by neurologists. For acute exacerbations the first line of treatment is methylprednisolone via an IV at the ER. This course of treatment is usually followed by a two week Prednisone pill regimen that begins with a high dose and is slowly tapered down over the course of two weeks. If one is not stabilized by then, other steroid pills (Dexomethoprednisone) are used. The treatment is very rough on a human body. All these steroids have an effect on your adrenal glands and the cumulative effects are, in some people, cataracts. When I was diagnosed approximately twenty years ago I did not appear ill but in fact I was very ill. A definite diagnosis is through a neurological exam and MRI of the brain and or spinal cord. This disease is very insidious. This disease has been documented back to the 1300's and no researcher or doctor knows what causes it. My neurologist told me the fatty coating of the nerves is being destroyed by my own immune system, hence this being an autoimmune disease.
  10. ...just be mindful of those steroids...one of the side effects is cataracts. I have multiple sclerosis (MS) and after many many years of Presnisone for exacerbations of the disease (Presnisone both by pills and IV ) I developed cataracts. The surgery was performed by a civilian ophthalmologist who said I was his youngest cataract patient. Take care of yourself.
  11. Have a good August everyone!!!
  12. Paul, I apologize for my misunderstanding of MD---I have learned something today.
  13. Hi, Don't let him burst your bubble. Whereas I am sorry you have Muscular Dystrophy (MD), I do believe it is a disease without a cure (and I do not mean to burst your bubble by saying this) and diseases without a cure are permanent. Just be patient.
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