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  1. Hi Buck52, You are right...they ask just from routine. When the nurse asked me about it I went into "what are they gonna try to do to me now-ville" which is totally outrageous. It is a good idea to get one, I think I may need a booster. Better to be safe than sorry. Thanks Buck52. H
  2. Thank you Berta and MarineCpl for your thoughts. Much appreciated. Have a nice Friday and a good weekend.
  3. Hi, Hope all is ok. Is it SOP for the advice nurse to ask when your last tetanus shot was when you want to be checked out for a minor blister? Seems odd but maybe it is just me. Take good care.
  4. My rating was restored. After two years of stress, worry, putting in for an increase was sadly a waste of time. No retro and a separate category was ignored. A travesty and a waste of my time but my proper rating was restored. Cold comfort. I read the letter four times and so did my husband. We dragged out previous years of documents and more questions than answers appeared. Thank you ALL again. Restored and ignored...who can ask for anything more?
  5. Gentlemen, Thank you all for your info and thoughts. Here's what happened: after filing for an increase a little over two years ago for worsening multiple sclerosis a rater decreased my neurogenic bladder. Huh? Really? Seriously? MS is a disease with no cure and only gets worse. The bladder is affected in 90 percent of MS-ers. I am one of those MS-ers. The C&P was a disaster. After a few months of soul searching (and much to my husband's concern) I filed an appeal. Since I am rated P & T for seventeen years now some creative accounting occurred. However, this decrease was incorrect. Hence I filed the NOD. A few weeks ago I checked Ebennies (having been told by everyone and their uncle it is not accurate) and much to my surprise the old percentage was back. No BBE or BWE yet. Of course Peggy will not say anything. So I wait. Ebens says my case is closed. The hubs and I are of the opinion I will not receive anything. Thanks again guys.
  6. Hi, Has anyone ever heard of the VA granting an appeal and increasing the percentage but not giving retro? I know the VA can do whatever they want. Thank you.
  7. just talked to Peggy yesterday (this Peggy was as nice as could be---yes really was) but no info other than the DRO has my file (for one measly contention) and all I can do is wait. Going to be two years in a matter of days, know many others have waited much much much longer than me but it does get frustrating.
  8. Such wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!!
  9. Thank you for posting this Buck. I hope my legacy appeal will be completed by July, that would be outstanding. The numbers in the article are amazing, the raters must be doing overtime and probably some claims have been farmed out. Thank you again.
  10. Hi, awgv001, My VSO told me to call him back, if you ask me, it seems the raters are confused about MS. Just my opinion.
  11. Hi GBArmy, Yes, think I pretty much answered my own question. I agree, Alex is the SMC guru.
  12. Hi Brokensoldier 244th, I have an active appeal for worsening Multiple Sclerosis (I put in for an increase) and I called Peggy last week and Peggy said I am already at 100%, there is nothing more for me.
  13. Do the Peggy's have knowledge of SMCs? I do not think they do... Thx in advance.
  14. Wow, I had my first AIT at Devens, had an accident, then had another AIT at another base. It seems this never ends. Still waiting for my appeal to be sorted out.
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