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  1. Hi Jfrei, Yep, you sure got that right!!!
  2. Hi, I checked my e-mail earlier and what in the world did my wondering eyes see? An e-mail from the VBA following up on their RAMP invitation. Hmmmm. Is it me or does this positively reek of desperation for their Pilot program? It is probably just cynical me. Any thoughts, opinions, and/or advice is always welcomed. Thank you. H
  3. This is great...thank you for posting the list.
  4. Holllie Greene

    September 1, 2018

    Hope all is well. Prayers and positive thoughts to Gastone. H
  5. Hi, When you mail something always send it certified, return receipt requested.
  6. ...just my two cents: a telephone call does seem odd like Seminoles pointed out. With all the scams these days you never know. I received a robo-call from the IRS saying they were on their way over to arrest me, of course it is BS. The IRS does business by mail.
  7. I agree---fight them. Just my opinion: the system needs an overhaul, raters need training on static diseases/illnesses, I could go on but I will stop now. By definition static diseases/illnesses do not get better, this is what medical books say and VA says it also. Frustration abounds.
  8. Holllie Greene

    Disabled Veteran w/ Service Dog

    "Learn to be content"---I like that. H
  9. Hi, I read your post three times (paulcolrain) and it makes sense, it is logical to me. You make an excellent point about how illness/injuries did not exist before service...if illness/injuries did in fact exist we would not have been accepted into our respective branches of service in the first place. Now after service we have to battle again with an agency that is supposed to help. Crazy situation. Never Give Up. Never Give Up. Never Give Up.
  10. Holllie Greene

    August 1st

    August already...time passes so quickly.
  11. Holllie Greene


    I just added up all my percentages and it is: 240%
  12. Holllie Greene


    Broncovet and Gastone, Thank you for the time and effort put forth in your responses, I appreciate it vey much. This entire nightmare is a mess. I had (and still have) an exacerbation of MS. The trip to the local non-VA ER was May 2017. I was stabilized with IV Methylprednisone for three days, sent home with yet another two-week pill taper of Prednisone, saw the local non VA neurologist for a different type of steroid medicine, use a walker and still use that walker. My neurogenic bladder (MS affects the bladder) acted up in an alarming fashion; so much so I sought help from the local VA urologist. He is a nice guy and excellent doctor. I pondered for a few months whether or not to put in for an increase for MS. Yes, I put in for an increase and it has been nothing but mis-information, stress, and worry. Thank Heaven for HADIT.com and all the wonderful people here. You ALL are the best! My take away from this still on-going experience is: if MS rears it's ugly head again do not put in for an increase, more trouble than it is worth. From Peggy with her odd CUE proclamation to another Peggy who said a certain box was not checked but read me a statement so she could check the box, I do not know what to think. I see the county VSO next week to see what is what. As it stands now I have my NOD in and "will hurry up and wait" (saw this from another Veteran---thanks for that) to see what happens. Thank you again.
  13. Holllie Greene


    Hi Broncovet, VA did no go through the procedures (sending a letter). VA reduced my MS bladder and increased another to make the numbers balance. It was completed fairly quickly so that tells me it was pencil-whipped. I am not up to date on my Latin so would you please expound upon your first sentence, many thanks to you.

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