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  1. There is a shortage of GP's where we live, and a lot have gone into the concierge type of system. That is how I lost my former GP (she is now with MDVIP which costs 1800.00 per year) Talk about a two-tiered health care system.
  2. If (an this is a big IF) this happens, the middle class will be taxed, taxed, and taxed. Excellent world map above in Bronco vet's post. My husband (who spent time in the UK can tell you all about the two-tiered health system) was very glad to come home to the US.
  3. Maybe an e-mail, explaining the situation, to VA Chief of Staff Pamela Powers would help. Just my thoughts.
  4. I saw where Ms. T. posted the news (thank you) about how VA's goal is to have Legacy claims finished by end of calendar year 2022. Stay the course, hang in.
  5. Just a thought: have you considered calling the White House Hotline and/or your VSO?
  6. ...just want to say good for him. I was born at the Camp Lejeune hospital. Anyway, again GOOD FOR HIM!!!
  7. This is very interesting...maybe begin with the court case outside of the VA system, my former VA neurologist gave testimony in a court case outside of the VA system. It never hurts to be at least one step ahead of things. In a way we have to be a "secret agent" Just my thoughts.
  8. Hi, Have you tried Mylife? It is very intrusive with bogus information at times but maybe you will find something. There is also good old Google as well. Good luck with the ghost hunting.
  9. Hi, I just wanted to put this out there...Baclofen. A strong muscle relaxant that works (on me and I realize everyone's system is different) to calm muscles spasms in multiple sclerosis (MS) people. The pill is scored in quarters and when first start to take one quarter is advised.
  10. Hi Vetquest, in the great and grand scheme of things it is best to not get upset with the abusers of handicap spots, I totally agree with GBArmy's "you can't fix stupid". Even though the man involved with your humor did not like it, too bad for him right? That is a humorous line! Thank you GBArmy, Paul, and Vetquest for listening to my vent.
  11. Hi, to tell the owner would be useless. Best idea is to take my business elsewhere. The H/C placard is both a blessing and a curse. I have had random people question me about the placard, one unforgettable time an elderly woman (in her 80's I would say) threatened me with a slap. The whole scene ended with the woman's daughter apologizing profusely to me as I said I was going to call the police. Please note I had my cane with me when all of that went down. The cane is to help me with mobility. I believe a lot of the guff I receive is because I do not fit a person's personal definition of being disabled. MS has many invisible symptoms. Any fellow Veteran on this board (who has MS) will tell you the same thing about the invisible symptoms.
  12. Hi, I have had a H/C parking placard for the longest time. A few days ago my husband was kind enough to take me to the hair salon to have my hair trimmed. I like this salon because the H/C space is so close to the entrance. I was crestfallen when there was a van already in the space so we turned the car around to scout the lot. There was a space away from the salon so we went back up to the salon and my husband dropped me off then went to park the car. I mentioned something to the gal who always works on my hair about the van in the H/C spot and how there was not a placard or "DV" on the plates. End of story? Hell no, turns out another Stylist owned the van and parked there so HER KIDS COULD HAVE BETTER WI FI FROM THE TATTOO PARLOR that is next to the salon. Screw the handicapped (Veteran or not) appears to be that chick's mind set. Since I am a "semi-regular" at the tattoo parlor, no, just kidding, at the salon, the cops were not called. Anyway, just another day in paradise.
  13. Vetquest, A great thing to keep in mind: "Try not to let the negative get you down."
  14. So very sorry to hear this. Buck's wife will be in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
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