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    Reading, History, reading and researching everything I can about Multiple Sclerosis, neurogenic bladder as relates to MS. Ray Donovan, Better Call Saul, and Doc Martin TV shows, helping a fellow veteran if help is requested, cats, dogs, watching hummingbirds who come to our feeders. The Who, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Franki Valli and the 4 Seasons, The Jersey Boys, Katy Perry. The John Voight dance scene in RAY DONOVAN (the dude has some moves), NEVER GIVING UP!!!

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  1. Holllie Greene


    Hi Berta, The date of the decision is 23 Dec 2017. I do not know how to scan documents but perhaps my husband will do this for me later. Yes, I was surprised and taken aback when Peggy said what they said. Peggy said to be sure to answer all telephone calls because "they" will be calling to set up a medical appointment; to this I said my 2016 award letter says no more medical exams will be scheduled. I am thinking this prompted Peggy to search deeper into the 2016 file to declare what they declared. This is a total mess as I see it. Thank you for your response Berta. Have a nice Friday and an even better weekend.
  2. Holllie Greene


    Thank you for your response and the information silverdollar22, I appreciate it.
  3. Hi, I called Peggy a few days ago to check on my NOD and during our conversation I brought to her attention that my 2016 C&P increased my MS bladder to 60% and my 2017 C&P reduced it to 40%. She asked if I received a letter re: reducing to which I said I never received a letter. She looked further and said my disease is static to which I replied "yes I know." I have been 100% P&T for 15 years. She said "CUE---my static status was overlooked" I agree, that is why I filed the NOD to dispute the reduction. Peggy encouraged me to opt into RAMP and to compose a letter which addresses the CUE. I have read about (from Berta and Alex, and others) how calling a CUE is a major move, not to be taken lightly at all. I guess I am seeking opinions, advice, and thoughts on how to proceed. Thank you to one and all. H
  4. Holllie Greene

    TDIU awarded

    Great news, congratulations!!!
  5. Holllie Greene


    Hi Kelly, welcome to Hadit! If there ever is a time for patience the time is now. But do not worry...it will be done when it is done. In the meantime, Hadit is the best place for support and knowledge.
  6. The RAMP situation is very interesting. I was told to expect the "invitation" letter. I have researched the pros and the cons and I remain without a decision for this. My case is not very complex (the examiner checked the wrong box on my last C & P); and to have my appeal settled in "125 days or less..." is tempting for sure BUT (there is always a but) it sounds too good to be true. I am undecided at this point. Well, have a nice weekend.
  7. This seriously brought tears to my eyes when I read your post, Broncovet.
  8. Happy Fourth of July 2018 everyone!
  9. Holllie Greene

    Fayetteville -like a "national Emergency"per VA

    Again I wonder why a thorough background check was not administered.
  10. Hi Kelly, Many thanks for your advice, I appreciate it!
  11. Thank you Buck, its great advice that I will follow. This entire situation has been a fiasco from the start. My take-away is (and this is just my opinion) if your service-connected disabilities get worse a Veteran should think about the consequences if things go south. I mean really devote some deep thinking. This NOD has me in all sorts of places trying to right a wrong. It is difficult to keep a positive attitude but then I think of the Veterans who are in much worse situations than myself and also Berta's statement of how she does not give in to negativity sets me thinking of what is right instead of what is wrong.
  12. Hi, I hope someone can clarify; I have read conflicting info about who to give new medical information to. I currently have a NOD. I have read: 1) turn the info in to your VSO, 2) hold on to the info until your meet with a DRO and then give the info to the DRO right then and there. If anyone has any thoughts, opinions, and/or advice it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. To Ms. Berta: I envy you about how you don't accept negativity. H
  13. I am running behind on a bunch of things and this is the first opportunity I have had to wish Ms. Tbird best wishes on her upcoming move. Buck is right...take it easy and don't push it. Stay safe and careful. H
  14. I have been off line for several days but want to tell Alex that Butch is very fortunate to have his help plus want to make sure Broncovet's TKR surgery went well.
  15. Hi Broncovet, Wishing you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. My positive thoughts and prayers will be with you on Wednesday. H

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