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  1. Hey!, I am doing ok. Practicing being patient with my appeal. . But other than that, I keep busy...one of my friends has a "puppy" who is 1.5 years old that I am trying to teach basic commands to (like sit, stay) but the pup has a mind of his own. Good dog though. Thank you for asking. How are you doing?
  2. I hope all are ok, keeping positive. March is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) awareness month and there is a club (scroll down to very bottom) dedicated to MS issues. Happy March!
  3. Great advice from Vetquest "don't get mad, file an appeal". Just my two cents worth.
  4. Hi Hope all is good. Seeking opinions on how to proceed: there is new medical info in the myhealthevet (this appears to be helpful to my appeal but who knows), anyway, is it best to give the info to the VSO or should I mail it to my regional (certified return receipt requested) ? Also, does whomever is working on my appeal have access to the medical treatment notes in myhealthevet? Thank you. H
  5. Hi, I am staying with my appeal in the Legacy as I only have one contention. Have a nice weekend everyone. H
  6. Hi Vetquest, I have been here, on the best website EVER. I am keeping up with the daily e-mails from the CBO...not much to report back from that. I also watched the 4 person panel presentation the other day and I too think it is some kind of PR stunt (do they sense the Veterans are getting restless?). The one guy stated words to the effect how the Legacy appeals will be completed by 2020 and to that I say: "I'll believe it when I see it". Been dealing with cold weather here, storm after storm after storm. This morning my husband went outside to get the mail and came back with a handful of ice and hail !!! Have a good rest of the day. H
  7. Hi All, Stay the course, keep the faith, and NEVER GIVE UP.
  8. I agree. Disabled Veterans have it bad enough. The saying "delay, deny, until they die" makes so much sense. It is very unfortunate for Veterans.
  9. "To care for him who has borne the battle..." I agree with Tbird about forewarned is forearmed so I signed up for daily e-mails from the CBO.
  10. Hi Jefmil50,

    Welcome to this club and thank you for joining!

    The Lidwina incident is very interesting and it was so long ago.

    I have read in various publications that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is considered a "mystery disease" and I would have to agree.  No one knows what causes it and no one has a cure.  Many theories out there and many alleged "cures".  Very interesting to say the least.

    Wow, I am happy you joined the club, thank you again!  😀


  11. Hi, Hope all is well. I kept my appeal in Legacy for several reasons; one VERY important reason is the fact I am afforded due process. I was recently told by peggy all appeals will be in RAMP in Feb 2019. Since I did not sign anything about RAMP will I still be entitled/afforded due process should my appeal come to that? My "has an office in a VA building" VSO is closed mouthed and it would be a waste of time to ask him. Thank you in advance. Hang in there everyone I hear Santa Claus may be coming to town. H
  12. Hi, wishing all a good month. Hanging in there.
  13. >>>I have this mega pages book about the history of multiple sclerosis; apparently the authors and researchers believe the first documented case was in the 1300's, yes, you read that correctly, the 1300's. It was a young girl named Lidwina, in Holland, who broke several ribs ice-skating. She (Lidwina) is known as the Patron Saint of ice-skaters. No joke. One would think that after having centuries to research the researchers would have some idea. H
  14. I agree with Berta, this is a total outrage. Just a thought: perhaps one of the American Embassies could help in some way. Be safe. H
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