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  1. Oh goodness...really unfricking unbelievable. Maybe it is just me but it seems VETERANS are a bother to the doctors and damnit it should not be that way.
  2. Hi, The process may be/is too complicated BUT DO NOT GIVE UP ok?
  3. Richard 1954, That is awful, was the surgeon a VA or a VA-contracted surgeon or an outside surgeon?
  4. I am still waiting for my appeal to be sorted out and corrected. I practice patience and keep the Faith.
  5. Hi Vetquest, Thank you for your research and the link to the Cooling Vest, I appreciate it!
  6. The side effects are shocking. I am so sorry to learn you spent most of last year in hospital due to side effects---it should not be that way. The researchers need to find out what causes this horrible disease. I believe the neurologists intend to help but their hands are tied. Years ago a neurologist told me there are medicines to treat the many symptoms just not a medicine to treat the disease itself. COLD COMFORT with those words. I decided not to take the new (to me) medicine. I get horrible spasms (Baclofen works for that), have peripheral neuropathy of my feet (no medicine for that yet but thanks to Vetquest I plan to ask my neuro about a few medicines), and a host of other symptoms I won't bore you with. Point being it seems nobody knows nuthin' apparently. I follow a diet of veg, lean meats, protein, drink approx. 1.5 litres of water per day, 1 small cup of strong coffee in the morning, no soda, no alcohol, no fun. Multiple Sclerosis is truly a mystery disease. We MSer's have to stay positive. Take good care ok?
  7. Thank you Ms. Tbird, this is excellent information.
  8. Thank you Seminoles and jefmil50 for your supportive comments, I appreciate it so much.
  9. I have (among other MS symptoms) neurogenic bladder which has worsened and when I put in for an increase naturally I was reduced. Makes zero sense. Now I am in appeals-ville. A BIG shout-out to my husband who does not get paid to care for me. He resigned from his job for which I will be eternally thankful. We go day by day---it could always be worse. Staying positive.
  10. It is said the "devil is in the details" and I did some digging after the info came out and found that home inspections (once each quarter) are required. Nothing to hide at la maison Greene but I personally find that caveat intrusive.
  11. I just finished reading the link...yes indeed this is huge news. Note how DUE PROCESS was mentioned in the article.
  12. Watch out for PREDNISONE...a very powerful drug which has positive and negative qualities. It is the first line of defense (in both IV and pill form) for calming an exacerbation of Multiple Sclerosis. It also causes cataracts. I have had so much Prednisone for MS exacerbations so much so that I developed cataracts in both eyes. Both eyes are cataract free now thanks to a local ophthalmologist well worth the cost. I am grateful to have had the cataracts removed, the doctor said I was one of his youngest cataract patients and confirmed they were steroid (prednisone induced). The cataracts are secondary service connected at 0%. Now I can buy that Porsche (not)
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