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  1. A BIG Thank You!

  2. Finally after lucky 7 years

    Congratulations, good luck on your ssdi should be no problem!
  3. Claim Complete, Went from 60% to 90% now

    Congratulations and good luck in getting what you deserve!
  4. Congratulations, welcome back and glad you got what you were working so hard to achieve and deserve! I live north of you and can not wait to drive down to the Keys again!
  5. I use to be static now I have to apply every year to receive my 3 or 4 clothing allowances.

    Congratulations awesome wonderful news!!
  7. I am so blessed !

    A big congratulations to you, now you can relax and enjoy your well earned benefits!
  8. 100% as of today

  9. Claims Approved

    Congratulations, hopefully your future claims go just as smooth as this one. Keep up the hard work!
  10. My Successful VA Claim Story

    Congratulations, you did all the leg work and it payed off, I read the CFR pretty thoroughly too and it payed off for me to get what I was looking for. You have to be your own advocate. And I have to give a lot of credit to the people on this site for all the advice. Good luck in your future battles!
  11. Success IBS

  12. 100% schedular p&t

    Congratulations on your win, hope everything else turns out good too good luck!
  13. Its official, I won SSDI

    Congratulations glad to see you got what you deserve!
  14. Thank you for your help

    Congratulations, hope everything continues to work out!
  15. IU 100% SMC granted