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  1. Hi Jefmil50,

    Welcome to this club and thank you for joining!

    The Lidwina incident is very interesting and it was so long ago.

    I have read in various publications that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is considered a "mystery disease" and I would have to agree.  No one knows what causes it and no one has a cure.  Many theories out there and many alleged "cures".  Very interesting to say the least.

    Wow, I am happy you joined the club, thank you again!  😀


  2. I just read part of her story, very interesting. Can you imagine how far we would be on M.S. if they had what we have now. I finally came down to the bottom of this forum to see this M.S. part.
  3. Congratulations a wonderful and deserved win!
  4. Congratulations, Merry Christmas just north of you!
  5. I was given the diagnosis of ms in 1990 and it was presumptive, I was given an mri that showed mine. How were you diagnosed with ms? And the big question is when did you get discharged from the military? Like they have said so long as your diagnosis is within that 7 year time frame then ypou can get service connected for your ms. I know the minimum for ms is 30%. I just went to an R1 rating this year, hopefully you .will not get that high too soon. Good luck with your claim
  6. Congratulations on your big win!
  7. Well I actually get the max of four. I had to fight for it but it was awarded after bringing my arm brace in to show that it fit the guidelines. Sometimes you need to just keep fighting them.
  8. I am in Tampa Florida and you should be getting paid for 2 clothing allowances. I have a power chair and wear braces on my legs to walk with so get paid for my chair and my braces. My opinion I would just let them know you should be paid for your crutches and the chair.
  9. Awesome news congrats!
  10. jefmil50


    Happy October, hoping for a productive month. Just got approved for medical marijuana, going to see how it helps my M.S symptoms.
  11. Congratulations that is just awesome!
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