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  1. jefmil50


    A big Congratulations and good luck in all your future dealings with the VA!
  2. jefmil50

    SSDI finalized

    Congratulations enjoy!
  3. jefmil50

    Ball Moved Again! 80%!

    Congratulations and good luck on your future battles. Your in very good hands here!
  4. jefmil50

    Attn T-Bird, Ring That Bell For Me

    Congratulations awesome news!!
  5. jefmil50

    100% SC - Bipolar Disorder

    Congratulations you deserve everything!
  6. jefmil50

    Received BBE

    Yes I take Trospium too. I have taken prednisone in the past but never developed cataracts. My doctor has stopped all disease modifying drugs for me since I have reactions to all of them now, so I will be looking into other alternatives to treat this.
  7. jefmil50

    Received BBE

    Well I certainly wish you the best, and I would definitely appeal your case. I have M.S. too and have had it since 1993, only in the last 3-5 years has this disease taken a turn for the worse. There is no cure for M.S. and the disease only gets worse. I went from a neurogenic bladder to needing a suprapubic catheter. I asked my V.A. neurologist to fill out a DBQ for me which I sent in with my request for increase.
  8. jefmil50

    PTSD Connected finally

  9. jefmil50

    Member Of The 90's Club

    Congratulations, hope everything gpoes smooth for you in the New Year!
  10. jefmil50


  11. You are 100% so rather you have medicare or not you owe nothing.
  12. jefmil50

    R1 to R2

    It should not be too long but dont quote me its the V.A good luck!
  13. Awesome, you give them hell Broncovet!
  14. jefmil50

    A BIG Thank You!

  15. jefmil50

    Finally after lucky 7 years

    Congratulations, good luck on your ssdi should be no problem!

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