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  1. jefmil50

    P&T Awarded

    Congratulations on an awesome victory!
  2. I have to give my congratulations, you are in the right place for help!
  3. jefmil50

    TDIU awarded

  4. jefmil50

    Happy July 1st!

    Happy July everyone!
  5. Anyone know how to get your c-file sent on disc, I dont want the box or boxes of paper work mailed to me. Thanks!
  6. jefmil50

    100% P&T

  7. Listen to everyone here, contact the White House and demand answers. Dont give up! I contacted the secretary "Bob" when he was in and got the rating I deserved. If I had given up and followed the directions of my Incompetent VSO I would be sitting with a rating far less where I am now.
  8. jefmil50


    A big Congratulations and good luck in all your future dealings with the VA!
  9. jefmil50

    SSDI finalized

    Congratulations enjoy!
  10. jefmil50

    Ball Moved Again! 80%!

    Congratulations and good luck on your future battles. Your in very good hands here!
  11. jefmil50

    Attn T-Bird, Ring That Bell For Me

    Congratulations awesome news!!
  12. jefmil50

    100% SC - Bipolar Disorder

    Congratulations you deserve everything!
  13. It took the VA 22 years to finally catch this scum bag!! http://wfla.com/2018/01/24/bradenton-vet-71-faked-blindness-for-22-years-for-benefits/

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