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  1. I served in the USAF from 1994-1998. Deployed to Bahrain, Turkey and Saudi, and was at Khobar Towers in 1995 when it was bombed. I am currently rated at 90% total. 70% PTSD from the bombing, 50% sleep apnea secondary to PTSD and 10% Tinnitus. I have suffered from IBS for over 20 years. It was finally getting bad enough this spring that I went to the VA and talked to my primary care. She ordered a colonoscopy and referred me to the GI department. Colonoscopy came back relatively normal, with a few polyps removed and biopsied all coming back negative. They put me on fiber twice a day which
  2. With the help of many of you answering my questions, I filed my claim online, by myself and starting collecting buddy statements, wife's statement, etc on August 8th. I had all 4 of my C and P exams done and starting the anxious checking ebennys every couple of days. My date showed as January 10th to expect a decision, to January 1st, to January 5th and this morning, it showed complete. I was scared to death to actually check to outcome expecting the absolute worst so I sat there for about 30 minutes just paralyzed to actually click it. I finally got up the courage and to my complete and udder
  3. I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by LHI and scheduled my PTSD exam today and my Sleep Apnea exam tomorrow. I drove the hour to te appointment and arrived on time to an office attached to a home with a separate entrance. As I walked in , the doctor, a PHD, introduced herself and asked me how I was. I said well, nervous. She said yes I bet commented that I did not sleep well either most likely. And she was right, I was up a good portion of the night last night. She started off by asking about my childhood, what it was like, if my parents fought, drank a lot, stayed married, etc. She
  4. Got two calls back to back yesterday from LHI to schedule my last two C&Ps. They scheduled my PTSD exam in a town about an hour away on November 20th and my Sleep Apnea exam on the 21st here in Kansas City. Glad that they are finally scheduled and I can hopefully look forward to seeing the outcome of my claim. I have had my fingers crossed since I filed the claim August 8th.
  5. I filed for PTSD, and secondaries to PTSD for hearing loss, tinnitus, and sleep apnea on Aug 8th. So far, I have only had my hearing loss C and P. I called in to Peggy and asked to schedule an appointment to view my C-File. The gentleman I spoke with said why don't you go to Amvets at the Kansas City VAMC, that they were a CVSO and could let me view my C-File there instead of driving to Wichita which is my Regional, which is 4 hours away. I said great then called Amvets in KC. No answer and no voicemail so I sent an email. I got an immediate response back from an auto reply saying the KC Amve
  6. So I called Peggy just and asked if I should upload the files again. Peggy, who goes by Sherell, asked me what files I could not see. I told her all of them. She read off every file that I had uploaded, and explained that they do not use VA.gov to process claims, that they see something entirely different that what we see on our end. So it looks like the files are still there, just not able to be seen by me. That makes me feel better, but, I would still like to be able to see them to see what they have looked at etc. I also asked about not having a C&P scheduled yet for my PTSD and sl
  7. Before, it showed all forms that I had uploaded. My DD214, personal account, buddy letters, sleep study etc. This is what it shows now. So either that stuff is all gone or they removed it all after it was viewed. But it literally says "You haven't turned in any documents to the VA" but I assure you I have and they were there, and now they are not.
  8. The odd part is they were there for a month, then they weren't. Even if someone were viewing them on the VA side, you'd think they would still show up on my side. But, I'll look today and see if they have shown back up.
  9. I just logged on to VA.GOV today for the heck of it to see if anything has changed to my claim status. To my surprise, none of the docs that I have uploaded to the claim are there. The were all there Wednesday when I uploaded a new form, but today, it says I have not uploaded anything. There should be close to 10 docs. Very odd. I will log back in Monday and see if they are there I guess. If not, I have them all on my hard drive so I will resubmit them if need be
  10. I called the regional office back and spoke with someone else. She said the system was partially still down but that she could add a note to my file, I assume my C-File, stating that I called in to the regional office and that there was a mistake on my hobbies. She also suggested I go into ebenefits and upload a statement saying I was challenging the mistake. I explained that I think there is a way to correct that, not challenge it, if done quickly enough. She advised that I call back this afternoon and see if the system is back up. I asked if there was someone above her that I could talk to.
  11. I called the hospital this morning and spoke with the C and P scheduler. She stated that there was nothing that she could do there, that I had to go to the regional office and gave me their phone number. I called the regional office and spoke to Charles and he stated that their system was down this morning so he could not add notes to my file. He did state that he thinks I need to request new exam. I stated that I don't think I need a whole new exam, just an addendum to the existing exam saying that I do not nor have I ever ridden motorcycles. He said that it will then be my word against the
  12. Geeky would you happen to know how to find the head of the c&p examiners? I definitely want to get the motorcycle thing corrected and maybe at the time, I can ask about the 21 year thing?
  13. I got my Hearing Loss C&P Tuesday Morning. This morning it was available on myhealthevet. When she asked about my hobbies, she specifically asked me if I rode motorcycles. I told her no. Never have. Sure enough under hobbies ( SEE below) It lists my hobbies as motorcycles and hunting. Good news is it looks like it will be easy to service connect my hearing loss, however, it is not enough for a rating. Tinnitus should be rated and looks to be service connected from what I can see. Other good news is she stated that there was not a hearing test done in STRs so hearing
  14. I just did that, and my AFSC, 2A6X3 is listed as highly probable. Like Buck stated, I sure do not recall getting a hearing test at our inprocessing physical at MEPS. I did get one upon separation but it was much less thorough. If I recall, just tell us which ear the beep is in. So, I do not know what they will use as the baseline in determining if it is service connected. I did state to her that my tinnitus started at the bombing so maybe, just maybe, they will figure if the tinnitus started there, the hearing loss started there as well. We shall see.
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