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  1. LOL from 2019 to 2015. I will take whatever they want to send. I was looking at the VA letters for the heck of it and discovered that I am now 100% P&T, this really surprises me. I am assuming the woman who decided my effective date made me P&T. Needless to say I am very thankful for this now. I have not received the offical BBE yet so I will assume there will be a letter there too.
  2. I agree with you, so far I think the AMA is moving very quickly. Hopefully they do grant both issues. My HLR is actually going quicker than a claim I uploaded in eBenefits. It was like that when I saw that the VA moved my effective date up.
  3. Did yours say processing times was 4 - 5 months? Under the old system (which I have one pending) it say 23 - 24 months.
  4. I stand corrected, mine only showed up in VA.gov...sorry for the mistake.
  5. I checked eBenefits today and it shows that my HLR has been partially approved, they gave me my EED for SA. It went from 7/2/2019 to 9/11/205 (needless to say I am hoping for a good check). This half of my case was completed in 37 days which is pretty quick. They did not change the EED for my hypertension, when I spoke with the senior office she said if she could not approve my hypertension for 20% she would schedule me for a new C&P. Hopefully they will schedule this C&P soon, not sure what I will get I will find out soon enough.
  6. Hamslice...If I understand correctly you were rated 10% for HTN from two older BP readings (I am sure your records have several more than that) in 11/5/2018. If you were given an EED for the 10% (I am not sure what date that would be), would it give you any extra back pay? If not you may want to think about filing the NOD, as GB stated above you will open yourself to be looked at for past disabilities (even though they claim they don't). I went in for a back increase and they are now trying to lower my rating (it has been nothing but a nightmare). As with anything you are your own best judge on what to do, make sure you will benefit from the NOD if not you might just want to let the sleeping dog lie.
  7. Killemall...Follow Vync and Vetquest advice for you, you will be fine. You have plenty of time to make sure your rep to be thee and do their job. Good luck
  8. There is a lot more to a writ of mandamus than what is listed above. Here is a link to one Ms. Berta wrote back in 2015. By looking at this one it will give you an idea of what to write. You may also want to write an email to the Chief of Staff for the VA. Her name is Pamela Powers, I have written twice to her and had a response back the same day. One of the responses came from the Chairman of the Board for the BVA and the other one was from someone on her staff. If you write her tell her what the facts are and ask for some assistance. If you have had a claim pending 6 years for a review then I would write her.
  9. I will assume then that being 100% VA disabled doesn't cover the Part B? I was wondering for when I turn 65 I am required to signup for Tricare for Life (which is basically Medicare Part B). I was hoping that I would not need to since I am also covered by the VA. I am thinking I am wrong, like you Bronco I wanted to save the $135 per month.
  10. I submitted a HLR on 9/10/2019 (faxed it in) and was called last week for the conference call. She told me she will be making a decision this week. The new AMA seems to be going faster. I filed a CUE in August that is still pending and have not heard anything at all on it, it is under the old system.
  11. EED - Earlier Effective Date - the date for your award.
  12. Depending on the exact date your claim closed it may take up to a week or more to get the back pay. Depending on what the effective date is going from 30% to 90% is a big chunk $428 single vet at 30% and $1,833 for 90% - approximately $1,400 per month in back pay (if it is over $25K it takes an extra signature). So depending on how far back the effective date goes it could be a large amount of money and it takes a while. Congratulations on hitting the 90% mark.
  13. I did a HLR for an EED. I had started a new claim the same day I submitted a claim in ebenefits, it considered my new claim as a duplicate to the one I filed. Is what I did to establish it as being an error from ebenefits is I printed out copies of om messages from ebenefits one showing the claim I filed and one showing that I initiated a claim. Here is part of the verbiage I used in my HLR: "The system thought this was a duplicate filing since I had filed a claim earlier for major depression and then later in the day started a claim online for erectile dysfunction. This appears to be a system error/glitch and for some reason the actual effective was lost. I am submitting screen prints which shows when I submitted the claim for major depression, when I started a claim online for erectile dysfunction and where the system shows a duplicate filing on February 17, 2019 when in reality it was not a duplicate." Hopefully ebenefits message section shows that you started a claim, if so it is an easy fix for the VA. It was corrected in less that 45 days and I got my back pay. Good luck
  14. I wanted to pass on to everyone that Buck's wife broke her hip the other day, she is doing fine now. Buck will probably be off Hadit for a while as his wife recovers. Please keep Buck and his wife in your prayers.
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