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  1. paulstrgn

    What to do?

    I believe the third contractor is VES for C&P.
  2. paulstrgn

    What to do?

    Two of the contracting companies that I am aware of (I have been to both for C&P) is QTC and LHI. I have found that both of these companies use the same doctors though. I have called LHI after an appointment I had with one of their doctors and they took down my complaint, the doctor was overly rough and did not stop when I told him he was hurting me during the exam. I did not hear anything back from my complaint but the woman on the other end of the call was very thankful for me letting them know.
  3. Buck52...it is always better safe the sorry, after all the VA makes too many mistakes! It does no harm sending it in.
  4. I always bring copies of x-ray and MRI results to any C&P, I just tell them I brought them a copy in case they needed it. All but one has always been grateful that I brought them (I have only been seen by QTC & LHI). Like has been said above be honest but tell them about your worse day when asked, after all only you can tell them what your worse days are like. Good luck.
  5. Depending on your disabilities you may also be rated as bi-lateral for some disabilities. You get an extra 10% for bi-lateral disabilities. E.g flat feet, knees, etc. Most of my disabilities fall under the bi-lateral disabilities.
  6. This shows how the government can make numbers sound better than they really are. Hopefully in the future the VA terminates the correct group of people, I am not saying these others did not deserve to be terminated. When they report their numbers they need to be more upfront, especially when giving speeches! JMO
  7. I agree we must never give up...if we have filed a valid claim we need to fight it all the way no matter how long it takes!
  8. Ms. Berta you never need to apologize...I understand exactly where you were coming from. As many of us have said on this site we really appreciate you being on this site and sharing your vast knowledge of how to process a claim.
  9. Ms. Berta -- As I said I was being cynical -- I hope the VA is firing the correct people.
  10. I am cynical enough to think the 4,300 employees removed were the ones trying to help vets or approved too many claims. JMO
  11. Buck I will call them today and ask if they can transfer me. Thanks Buck for the advice
  12. Buck that is great advice, I don't want to show up and they tell me they are only seeing appointments or there is a super long line waiting to be helped. I will call and see if they take appointments or if not when is the best day to show up.Now he trick is finding a phone number to the office. The VA website for Roanoke does not list a phone number...they are not very customer service oriented...surprise surprise!
  13. Buck sounds good. It would be nice if there was an easier way to get a copy though.
  14. Buck do they do it the same day you go to the office? I ask because my RO is Roanoke, VA which is 4 hours away. Also I do not currently have a VSO and really do not want one (don't want a middle person, I had one before and they did not assist me and it was always hard to get them on the phone). Yes waiting for the C-File is a real pain! I did request my C-File and I am supposed to get it by the end of January, at least I hope to get it by then.
  15. That is the problem, they are on a production schedule on how much to complete and if all the paperwork in front of the rater has all the right boxes checked and all the right medical files (dishonest people certainly know what is needed and how to submit it) they are probably approved. Dishonest people will always find away to beat the system.

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