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  1. Hopefully Buck it will be approved by the BVA, I have to IMO and some buddy statements. I am hoping for a decision in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Buck you are so right, older vets such as us never heard about SA. Not to mention it was looked down on you for going to sick call to often. If and I hope the BVA does approve my SA, denies my SA can I turn around and file it as secondary to my MD or perhaps some of the meds I take. Now mind you these were all diagnosed after I filed for SA as being service related. I can see the VA saying no, you had SA prior to your other problems.
  3. I wish I had heard of SA while I was in the military. I had the signs I just never went to the doctors is all. Hindsight is 20/20! Still trying to get it approved, its now at the BVA so hopefully they will say yes. @shrekthetank1 Hopefully you will get your SA approved.
  4. @vetquest You may also want to contact the drug company to see if they can offer any help, a lot of drug companies do. Good luck and hoping the VA approves your med.
  5. @vetquest My oldest son did not go to college also even though I tried to get him to go. When my son was a little younger he tried to go into the army but they said no because he had tattoos above the shirt line on the neck (this was about 7 years ago).
  6. This may be a dumb question @vetquest why can't you go back for the school fees (I am assuming your 100% was granted with an EED), the same way you would appeal if you felt you were entitled to an EED for a claim? If you wonan appeal at the BVA then I would think there might be a case in asking for what your kids were entitled too. Now I am using common sense when I say this so that is probably my first mistake. I need to research this. JMO
  7. I had DAV as my representative but I did not see as how it was helping me with my claims. The first time I went in to see them I knew more than the person helping me. The second time was someone from the Roanoke DAV HQ to help, he did know a lot an was able to give me advice (this was in person). When I tried following up most of the time I could not get through and when emails were returned they were not clear. The few times I spoke with them on the phone I found little value with their help. Now I realize that they are a free service and the local guy was there for the socialization and the HQ guy was swamped with others they are trying to help. I wound up having them removed as my rep (took several emails and phone calls to the VA) but I finally got them removed. JMO
  8. What everyone is listing above is good advice. I would go back to my doctor and ask them to write down all your symptoms. When you talk to them about all your issues don't exaggerate but don't hold back too. Are you collecting SSDI because of your depression? If so submit everything you have from SS as part of your evidence. Also have you applied for any other disabilities related to the military? Even secondary to your depression, the more disabilities you have been granted the better off you will be. JMO
  9. Unfortunately a lot of vets don't realize that their mileage can be reimbursed. I would definitely ask the travel office to see if you can be reimbursed for the last two years, all they can do is say no.
  10. I am assuming at the bottom of their ID card it doesn't say contractor? Where I work as a federal employee the contractors have the same ID except at the bottom it states contractor. My question if the VA would the VA not have at the bottom of the contractors ID "contractor"? It makes sense that it should.
  11. According to DFAS "No, there is no Federal law that automatically entitles a former spouse to a portion of a member’s military retired pay. A former spouse must have been awarded a portion of a member’s military retired pay in a State court order." https://www.dfas.mil/garnishment/usfspa/faqs.html
  12. In my case there was no re-marry clause if my ex remarried. It did not even dawn on me...so she will receive a part until one of us kicks the bucket!
  13. I never knew this/ What if the veteran re-marries? Is the new spouse out? I know in my case my ex-wife gets part of my military retirement check, but in my case she is not eligible for part of my disability pay since I did not file for any until years after my divorce.
  14. I faxed in a supplemental claim/review for an earlier EED for ED on 6/11/2019. There seemed to be a system glitch where I lost my February intent to file date and instead game me my filing date of 5/15/2019. This claim as geekysquid knows was filed. C&P and approved in 20 days. I am hoping the EED claim goes just as quick. No matter what I will post the time frames for this supplemental claim/review. @GeekySquid thanks for starting this thread.
  15. The truly sad part is, even if the C&P is not needed the VA would deny for failure to show up.
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