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  1. Not sure how long it will take to get the back pay, its not that much but I will take it.
  2. Yes it was fast but it was denied. The senior that worked the first RAMP didn't look at the evidence submitted (in my opinion at least). That is why I have an appeal via RAMP pending with the BVA which I am hoping will be completed by the end of next month.
  3. I filed a NOD and opted for a higher level review via RAMP in November 2018. Today they completed my case, the senior rater had called me last Monday to discuss my case. I had requested an EED for the nerve issues in my legs (I have four different ratings for my legs). I was granted an EED for two of the four nerve issues, the date was moved up by 12 months. I live in VA but the senior rater was from the Seattle RO, he was very friendly and even took time to answer some questions unrelated to my NOD. So far as far as the processing times goes I have had good luck with them taking four months (this was my second RAMP). I have also filed an appeal with the BVA and have asked for RAMP processing, I filed the appeal in August and my case has been placed on the docket. I am hoping for it to be completed by the end of March, time will tell.
  4. My question is after reading the OIG report is why was the doctor not fired or even better yet close down the clinic. The vet could have died because of this doctor not doing their job!
  5. I had submitted a NOD for a DRO review to the Roanoke, VA and after it had been pending about a year I opted for the RAMP and it was completed in about 5 months. Unfortunately it was denied, but the RAMP program was faster. I filed an appeal an on the denial an opted for RAMP so I am hoping it will be completed by March or April of this year. I have also filed another NOD for a DRO review in October of last year and opted for RAMP and the system says I should receive a decision by the end of March.
  6. I would recommend asking the doctor to add this to your medical records instead of waiting to see if they add it. I always do this instead of waiting to see what they enter. Good luck and I hope you get everything approved.
  7. I would also add to make sure you get everything documented in your medical records. If your spouse says you snore very loudly or you are very tired during the day, I would suggest getting checked for sleep apnea. Just make sure you get all medical issues documented in your medical records, no matter how minor the issue. JMO
  8. I find this information very helpful. The only thing I disagree with is going to your private doctor and only paying a co-pay of $25 for a DBQ and medical opinion. I have submitted three so far and had to pay extra for two of the three medical opinions, so be prepared to pay extra for the medical opinion. As Buck states it is getting the rater to read all of the evidence instead of only part of it. If they read all of the evidence I believe more claims would be approved. JMO
  9. I think Hamslice is right, I have had similar experiences. But I must admit they are usually completed before the estimated dates. My VA office is in Roanoke VA and I am sure the office location matters a lot.
  10. Congratulations on your win...use your back pay wisely but also enjoy it!!
  11. Not sure if this answers your question or not. The majority of my disabilities are bilats, I use a website https://www.microhealthllc.com/veterans-central/bilateral-va-disability-rating-compensation-calculator/ to calculate my ratings (the dollar amount is wrong but the rest works fine). I put my ratings for bilat I have the following: 20% lower left leg nerve; 20% lower right leg nerve, 20% upper left leg nerve, 20% upper right leg nerve, 10% right hip, 10% left hip, 10% flat feet which comes out to 70% + 7% for a total of 77% which rounds to 80%, I also have 20% DDD, 10% right hand, and 10% for dermatitis The total works out to 86% which rounds to 90% I hope this helps and also makes sense. It's clear as mud to me.
  12. Ms. Berta you are correct and as vets it is up to us to ensure our spouses are prepared to deal with the VA upon our death. I know I need to do a better job to make sure my wife knows what she will need to do. I know having access to the Hadit forum will also help her when dealing with the VA.
  13. @jfrei you are smart asking these questions, for it is never too early to start planning after all we want our spouses to get everything they are entitled too upon our passing. It is never too early to make sure your spouse knows what to do when the vet dies. My spouse is younger and I tell her all the time the things she needs to know when I pass (the odds are I will go before her). The main problem I have is my wife hates to discuss the topic, I tell her it is a fact of life and we need to discuss it. I have told her about this site and I will take Ms. Berta advice above and have her start reading about DIC on this site. I need to make sure she becomes more well versed when it comes to the VA.
  14. How do you know which disabilities are considered static?
  15. Each knee should have their own rating (two separate ratings) and be considered separate disabilities. Thus you should receive the temp 100% for recovery.
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