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  1. THe VA ignored my IMOs it took me going to the BVA to get the win. Even though it was my money already I still enjoyed the nice retro pay when it came in. Remember the only time you lose is when you give up, don't you can win your claim.
  2. The funny thing when I asked my PCM at Fort Eustis he told me that the VA is supposed to do DBQs. That is why I had to spend money out of my pocket to get one done. With that said the money I spent was well worth it since it helped to get my claim approved and a nice retro check. JMO
  3. In my case the VA have a NP with the VA do my IMO for OSA. Is this your first IMO from the VA (whether by contrator or VA) for OSA? They only did one on me before they denied me. It took an IMO plus a DBQ (DBQ was free by my sleep doctor) and then it was not approved until it went to the BVA. Hopefully LHI gives you a favorable IMO. Good luck Shrek!
  4. Honestly I do not remember. I personally don't think it matters if it is worked at the same office or a different office.
  5. Sadly nothing happens to it while it’s in the CUE. After it is in the system (not CUE) it gets put into the system to be worked. The hard part now is waiting for it to be worked, try and not think about it (which is not easy) for the next 60 days. The VA has gotten faster in my opinion on working claims. Good luck!
  6. I was 100% P&T when I filed my HLR for the VA not rating my hand correctly. THe VA agreed with me and moved my 100% P&T date back a few months and I received a retro of over $3K. So even if you are 100% P&T you can still when and in my case receive some retro. In my opinion you should never give up if you are correct. When you give up the VA wins and you lose, JMO
  7. I have had good luck and bad luck with HLRs. One was denied and the others were approved. Of the approved ones all but one was for an earlier EED the one was for them failing to give a C&P. HLRs are the same as with any VA claim (in my opinion) there are good examiners and so so examiners. I hope you get a good one. I am a firm believer in HLRs. Goo luck!
  8. @Mantana Like stated above don't get discouraged from some comments on this site. There is alot of amazing guidance on this site from the memebers who have gone through what you are going through and those with a lot of experience. You have three doctors who state you have GERD then I would argue thay all can't be wrong. Like I have said before take the advice that you believe is best suited for your situation and ignore those that may not understand or know what they are talking about. I know for me I don't comment on PTSD for I know nothing about it, I may give words of in couragement but that is really it. Always remember you have the most to lose by not getting the best advice and never giving up on the fight until you get what you deserve. Good luck and stay positive!!!
  9. I guess is why I am confused is why the VA gave me an effective date on 7/23/2014 for hypertension which is one year prior to my very first claim. I retired in 1995.
  10. If you give up then the VA wins, don't give up you can still overcome the VA denying you for OSA. I was first denied because the VA stated I was overweight and because I was getting older. I had to spend the money to get an IMO to overcome the denial at the BVA level. I did not want to spend money just like everyone else to prove that my disability was SC. You need to look at it as an investment, how much more you will get if you are approved for OSA at the 50% level. There is a lot of excellent advice on this website and you need to decide whether that advice is applicable to you. You are the only one that can make that decision no one else can for you. Good luck!
  11. paulstrgn

    SMC (k)

    I lost my sense of smell and when I did I also lost my sense of taste (my two are not service connected). Did you also lose your sense of taste? I find the following ratings for the two: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/retrieveECFR?gp=&SID=9326662dc5925f175acd349f6883a4dd&mc=true&r=SECTION&n=se38.1.4_187a §4.87a Schedule of ratings—other sense organs. Rating 6275 Sense of smell, complete loss 10 6276 Sense of taste, complete loss 10 Note: Evaluation will be assigned under diagnostic codes 6275 or 6276 only if there is an anatomical or pathological basis for the condition.
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