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  1. I always take copies of my records to the C&P exam, some will take them and some won't. But I always take then just in case they want to see them. Even if they have your records a lot of times they are given all of them to go through and they don't want to. So by giving them a copy helps them as well as you. I would also take the results from my DBQ by the specialist. Good luck with your claim.
  2. Shrek is correct, no one cares more about your claims than you do. Rmemember the only time you lose is when you give up, never give up if you want to win.
  3. Unfortenately you need to just be patient...like everyone above states the larger the amount the more signatures are required. If you think about it, it does makes sense. You don't want one person having the capability to issues $100K checks without checks and balances. I received some retro (not $100K) but still a nice amount and it took about 2 months to get both checks.
  4. I enjoyed living in Texas, I lived in Arlington and then by Eagle Mountain Lake. My house by Eagle Mountain Lake was supposed to be my retirement home but I got divorced and moved to the Washington D.C. area. The property tax on my last house (and I had not filed for any VA disabilities yet) was $13,000 per year...it was crazy. Houses are much cheaper in Texas for the size and quality it is just the taxes that will get to you. Now I plan on retiring next year and will next spring move to someplace in Florida (probably Tampa area), with being property tax exept it will make buying a house in FLorida much nicer.
  5. Congratulations on getting 100% P&T. Don't forget to see if you might be exempt property tax, it all depends on the state you live in.
  6. Richard I know that is nice to be property tax exempt in Texas, when I lived there property tax was very high. When I lived there back in 2012 my house was appraised at $140,000 and the property tax was $4,000 a year...it the price you pay for not having any state income tax.
  7. When I got 100 P&T the effective date was 8/2018 (I won a BVA decision in 7/2019). Now I live in Virginia and when I turned in all the paperwork to the county and then sent it to my mortgage company, the mortgage company adjusted my payment to eliminate the property tax. I am also going to get a refund from the state back to 8/2018. But long story made short, your tax liability should stop as soon as the mortgage company processes the paperwork. Congratulations on getting to 100% P&T!
  8. Wow...that is beyond scary. I am glad you asked for the second opinion. One should always ask for a second opinion no matter where they are seen when they want to cut you open.
  9. Not showing off or anything like it...but I did make another donation because I have been helped by this website. I went from 60% to 100% P&T because of the help I have received from this site and all the amazing members.
  10. Hi paulstrgn, Thank you for your donation! We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Your donation includes 1 month of ad free viewing. If you prefer the ad free view, you can subscribe for a monthly or yearly subscription. Thanks Tbird/VA Disability Compensation Benefits Forums - HadIt.com Veterans
  11. @Tbird If I can suggest that you put a button at the top of the page for donations.It may be me but I find it challenging to find where to make the donation. JMO
  12. I had a similar experience with SA, the VA used a PA to give an opinion and I had two MD opinions. The VA went with the PA opinion and ignored my two MD opinions, same at the HLR. It took the BVA to approve my SA, they actually read my medical opinions. Even though I prefer to go the HLR route (its faster) GB is right the BVA would probably be your better route. Now if you get the right senior rater who actually reads your evidence then they would approve it at the HLR level. I am assuming you are filing all this within one year of your decision. Good luck!
  13. Vetquest advice is good, you may want to follow it. The IME records list you provided for your back (and hip pain) 9 doctor visits. Did you have a MRI done on your back? Or xrays? (this may have been done after military service) If so did you also submit the results of those to your doctor? Make sure you also submit copies of those results with your supplemental claim. I would also suggest re-submitting the doctor appointments listed with the claim (I submitted my SMR that were relavent every time I filed regardless to whether they had them or not). I am assuming you filed for the other issues listed on the IME Record listed above. I noticed that only item 4 and 6 relate to your back. If you did not claim the other items on the list then you need to as soon as possible. Good luck
  14. I don't think we need to worry about the compensation part for a while, at least not until SS goes belly up. I do worry about VA health care becoming privatized, I can see them performing unnecessary test and procedures to be able to bill the government more.
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