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  1. I also agree with everyone above. Also keep in mind an attorney won't take your case if they don't think they will win (plus they won't charge you if they don't). I don't know how much you will get if you win, but as what was said above 70% is better than nothing (if you are entitled to $100,000 you still get $70,000). I am almost positive everyone on this site would love to win $70,000 (I know I would). Give it some serious thought before you decide to go it alone. No matter which way you go good luck!!!
  2. I agree 100% with you Buck, I am always telling other Veterans to keep applying, asking, look for secondary disability, and never take no for an answer from the VA. I also tell them about this website, telling them that they will find out so much info her! Thanks Buck I will, I just hate waiting...haha
  3. The VA just wants to deny more cases that is why the changed the rules...Thank you VA for not wanting to help Veterans...JMO
  4. This is truly sad that so many Veterans take their own life. The vast majority reach out to the VA for help just to not find the type of care they truly need. These Veterans have already suffered enough by what they have seen and gone through. They were willing to put their lives on the line for our country, now it's time for the news casters, politicians, and VA need to do more for these young men and women. I heart goes out to this young Veteran and the family.
  5. Buck prior to February 14 I found that RAMP worked fairly good for higher level reviews (as far as being worked within the 125 days).
  6. The Peggy 800 number told me that on February 14, 2019 RAMP went away (at least they are not calling it RAMP). When I did file in August 2018 with the BVA it was via RAMP, now it is something else. I only have two items so I would think it would be quick (obliviously not). I was originally was able to call the BVA 800 number but now it is all apart of the Peggy 800 number system. I need to learn patience since waiting for the BVA to decide is like watching paint dry.
  7. I have had an appeal with a judge at the BVA since January 7, 2019. It says it takes about 1 - 2 months once it goes to a judge. It is now more than 3 months, does anyone know how long it actually takes?
  8. @Nilda I would highly recommend you follow Ms. Berta advice, she is extremely knowledgeable. Hadit is very lucky to have her on this site and her willingness to share it with us all. I know I have personally learned a lot from her.
  9. I would highly recommend having your MDD seen by an on base psychiatrist before getting out. See them as much as possible prior to getting out. The more that is in your medical files the easy time you will have getting the VA to SC the disability. Make sure you have all your medical issues looked at and documented prior to getting out. Also make sure you keep in contact with your military buddies (I did not and now I wish I had). You never know when you will need a buddy letter.
  10. The NP works for LHI and was for a C&P. I currently get 10% for my thumb and I am thinking I should get 10% for the index finger. I am thinking (which I may be wrong) that I won't get a rating for the flexion and the thumb plus index finger finger. I will file the NOD laying out and argument for all the hand issues and see what happens.
  11. @Buck52 Sorry Buck I am not following. I have no amputations and yes it is my dominate hand. Do I qualify for a disability because of the flexion of the fingers on my hand?
  12. Sorry I had posted this in the wrong location before. I had an exam by LHI for my right hand (I was asking for an increase). It was done by an NP (she was very through and took her time). After the exam I was thinking I am going to get an increase for my hand, I currently get 10% for the thumb "5003 - 5228 DEGENERATIVE ARTHRITIS, RIGHT THUMB WITH DISABILITY OF THE INDEX FINGER AND LONG FINGER (PREVIOUSLY RATED AS PAINFUL MOTION OF THE THUMB, INDEX FINGER AND LONG FINGER STATUS POST RIGHT HAND TENOSYNOVITIS) Service Connected, Peacetime, Incurred Static Disability 10% from 07/26/2015 (5229)". On the DBQ pages 2 and 3 its marked "Abnormal or outside of normal range". I do not see where I was rated for this (perhaps there is no rating for this). I was also measured for a "GAP BETWEEN THE PAD OF THE THUMB AND THE FINGERS" which was marked yes at 3 cm (1.18 inches) and also "GAP BETWEEN THE FINGER AND PROXIMAL TRANSVERSE CREASE OF THE HAND ON MAXIMAL FINGER FLEXION" which was also marked yes at 5 cm (1.97 inches). It is my understanding I should have been rated at 10% for each of these, is this correct? I will assume if I am that the 10% for painful motion will go away. I would appreciate any advice on this. I am planning on filing a NOD for the hand. I am also the DBQ from LHI (its redacted) Right Hand DBQ Redacted.pdf
  13. The really strange thing about the BVA is I only sent in one appeal to the BVA but Vets.gov shows two appeals with a judge. I had only appealed SA and hypertension, so I really am not sure what is going on. I will wait on the judges final decision.
  14. I had submitted articles with my SA claim and the rater in the denial that there was no evidence that the articles I submitted prove that I had SA. As above I also agree with Brocovet's advice.
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