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  1. paulstrgn

    Submitted IMO Not Mentioned in Denial

    Unfortunately you are probably correct on the sleep apnea and I will see what they say about the high blood pressure.
  2. paulstrgn

    Submitted IMO Not Mentioned in Denial

    The HBP was done by a doctor who specializes in Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine, and Sleep Medicine, so no he was not a cardiologist which looks like it may be a problem for me. I guess by thinking since my medical records show I had un-diagnosed hypertension and as long as the the medical opinion talks about it it would be enough (I guess you get what you pay for, I thought $450 was a lot but it is nothing compared to your's Berta). I was surprised on how brief the decision was since this was supposedly a higher level review and the person would go into more reasons as to why my evidence does not support my claim. If they would say why it doesn't meet the criteria it would help me in deciding on where I may have gone wrong. I am not sure if I have enough for a CUE to say I gotcha, mine is more that the examiner does not appear to have looked at my evidence that I had submitted.
  3. paulstrgn

    Submitted IMO Not Mentioned in Denial

    Thanks Berta. Yes the two DBQ and the IMO were done by private doctors (I had to pay the second doctor to write the IMO), I use tricare for my insurance so I do not go to the VA for care. The one DBQ written by the VA, the PA never saw me it was strictly a paperwork review. The doctor reviewed my service records, by buddy statements, and the previous DBQ which was completed a few years earlier. He stated what evidence he looked at and what evidence in his opinion established that I had SA in the service. I am assuming that the examiner never looked at any of the evidence I submitted (at lease not in depth), I am sure they had already decided to deny them when they started. The examiner did not mention in the denial )only listed as evidence) anything I stated in the informal conference call I had prior to their denial. The work of the examiner was shoddy at best because they left this twice in there form letter ".(insert reason for denying, elements met and not met)." I have no problem with them using a basic form the section of law, but at least make it look like you are a professional. I have a redacted copy of the denial letter. I had to have them fax it to me since I never received it in the mail. VA Decision HTN-SA Senior Review - decision.pdf
  4. paulstrgn

    Submitted IMO Not Mentioned in Denial

    This is as close to mentioning the IMO I can find in the decision "Disability Benefits Questionnaire, Sleep apnea Disability received March 16, 2018". Now that I am looking at it I did not realize the IMO was part of the DBQ, I thought it was a separate document which is a 6 page document. I guess by them mentioning the DBQ they are covered. I wished they had gone into detail as to why their DBQ out weighs my DBQs along with the buddy letters. It is a very short denial and not much effort was put into it.
  5. I hope you are right about the BVA ;looking at these cases sooner. I just submitted mine so I have not received a letter yet.
  6. I recently had the VA deny my SA and HTN (via Higher Level Review). The rater mentions the VA IMO as the one of the reasons for my denial, but does not mention the IMO I had submitted. Should the rater have mention my IMO in the decision? I also do not understand how they say I did not have an event, disease, or injury in service. I was not treated for HTN while in the service but should have from 7/92 - 2/1995 my average blood pressure reading was 150/85 which was Stage 1 Hypertension (this was the old standards now it is considered Stage 2 Hypertension). I should not be penalized if the service failed to diagnose me for HTN (my IMO mentions that I was un-diagnosed for HTN in the service). When my claim I had submitted every blood pressure reading my medical records listed. The VA did not have an IMO stating I did not have HTN while in the service, apparently they only looked at my records. The VAs IMO (which was written by a PA) for my SA states I do need a C-PAP but found no link for service connection that the cause was more likely due to age and a higher BMI. The two DBQs and one medical opinion lists reviewing my medical and the buddy letter (I had three, one from my last NCOIC, ex-wife and the last by my adult daughter) as well as my statement and that I more than likely did have SA while in the service. My IMO talks about me having HTN that was not diagnosed while I was in the service along with me having a higher BMI while in the service. I made a chart showing all the weight readings I had while in the service and from 7/1992 - 2/1995 my BMI averaged 29.9 over weight (30 BMI is considered obese). along with my buddy letters and my personal statement. In my opinion the rater never took any of my evidence into consideration. Since I do not see mention of my IMO should I assume they never looked at it?
  7. I had already done a higher level review via RAMP which was denied so I selected an Appeal to the Board via RAMP with the option to submit additional evidence.
  8. Sorry not sure what HLR or SCL stands for but I chose appealing to the BVA and submitting additional evidence. I guess I would have thought they would not list the BVA address or at least put a note saying don't send to the BVA until after 2/14/2019. Yes I saved a complete copy just in case. I worry to much about lost paperwork.
  9. I just filed my first appeal with the VA via RAMP. I faxed in the form and then mailed in the form with all my supporting evidence. I used the address on the form for the BVA, which is: BOARD OF VETERANS' APPEALS P.O. BOX 27063 WASHINGTON DC 20038 FAX: 202-495-6803 I sent it via USPS Priority Mail (paid $6.70), last Thursday 10/4/2018 knowing it would be there by Saturday 10/6/2018 (I live approximately 2 1/2 hours south of DC). I am the type who likes to watch the progress of packages I send, I noticed on Tuesday it still showed to be at the post office in DC. I called the post office and after being on hold for an hour they said they would open a case on the package. I just got called from the post office and was told that the address above has an automatic forwarding address to Janesville, WI. So to make a long story short don't be surprised when you send in your appeal via RAMP and it is forwarded. I hope this helps anyone who mails in an appeal. I am also including a copy of the form for those who may need it. RAMP - Secondary Decision Package.pdf
  10. paulstrgn


    I agree with Gastone...the bottom line it is the Vets responsibility to make sure they have everything they need. You need to take ownership of your mistakes (I know I have made plenty), learn from your mistakes and do a better job of researching your claim. Certainly ask questions on this site for what you are unsure about. I did try a VSO out for a short time, my only complaint was it was hard to reach them. But I also know they have a lot of vets they are working with. Bottom line, make sure you research what you want to claim as a disability prior to filing. @Gastone Glad to see you back online, I pray all is going well for you.
  11. @asknod Sorry to ask such basic question...how do you check the VBMS? I am assuming this is only for appeals. I filed my first appeal woththe VBA last Thursday, faxed it in and also mailed in the package.
  12. I did receive appeal rights, I was not sure since I had no idea that (in my opinion) the DBQ did not take into consideration of the pain and fatigue. I did not receive the C-file until 10/2017. But if I missed it I missed it, it is not the end of the world needless to say.
  13. I agree with Buck and Berta...just be honest and only claim what you are entitled to and nothing more. Extra money is not worth it, after all you need to live with yourself and if you are not honest and claim things you are not entitled to you will someday stand in front of your maker and explain why you stole money that belonged to deserving vets. Sorry just my opinion.
  14. That is a story that unfortunately I know is true. It should not have been that hard for you to get into the system, you would have thought someone would say "hey buddy let me help you" but a lot of VAs did not help out vets that way back then. I have had a relatively easy time of it, even though I waited 20 years to file my first claim even though I feel I have to fight for everything I am rated for. The VA needs to realize that their purpose is to help vets and not make them jump through hoops to get the benefits that they have earned. Plus would it really hurt the VA to write their decisions in plain English, don't make us guess what they are trying to say!!!
  15. The first one I received was incomplete, only 500 pages. I called and they sent me a new one 2 weeks later and it was over 2,500. It took about 8 months to receive. I am hoping I get the new one as quick as you did, which means I should see it in November. I did not need to sign for either disk...not sure why you did but I did not. Thanks

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