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  1. It's a government thing, my agency is just as slow.
  2. I work for the federal government and we have writs filed against us all the time. Is what we do to make the writ go away we just adjudicate the case (in our case) and then we go back to the judge and say "the writ is no longer needed since the case has been completed" and then the judge judge dismisses the case as being moot since what the writ was wanting the case completed and it has already been completed. Basically you do win the writ, just unofficially is all. The government fixes the issue so the judge does not need to rule on it. I believe this is what Asknod is referring to.
  3. That is why i got rid of my VSO (I know there are good ones) but this group was there for a social club and not there to assist, plus they did not know anything. I signed up with them when the regional VSO made a circuit ride the next Friday (I was there at 7 am to see them). He was knowledgeable and said unfortunately this location is not n the ball. After I had signed up I tried contacting them a few times and mostly got voice mail and email was only responded to a few times. I decided they were just too busy for me and I was better off going it alone. So far I think I made the right choice, with this sight and the help of google I have been able to file all my claims and get mostly good outcomes. So in my opinion unless you are at the stage of needing a lawyer I think one can do it on their own. JMO
  4. She just hasn't told me yet...lol
  5. Or my wife has replaced me...:|
  6. My CUE is finally been accepted by the VA (not decided on), but now I am confused. It states "Eligibility for Substitution" as the appeal. Does anything know what that means? I called the 800 number and was told they were not sure, but it was clearly a CUE as I had stated on the paperwork. Plus it says it can take 10 - 26 months to work...this I do not understand at all. I hope I am not being substituted...lol
  7. But those were three years of hell...you served long enough my friend.
  8. GB I don't know, I submitted several requests in writing and several phone calls. I think it comes down to the VA not wanting to deal with the vet directly, they perter we have the VSOs work with the VA. Now that I read Geeky's statement above now I know why. But I really kept after them to get the VSO removed, as I told the VA I don't want someone getting my info that I am not using. I learned my lesson as to really think it through before I sign my life away with a VSO.
  9. Buck I don't remember if you are retired military or not, but if you are there are several military installations around the US that do dental implants. Walter Reed in Maryland has two clinics (these are training schools but the teacher is there with the student the entire time) and they will do these for free. When I was living around the DC I use to take my two small boys there where they did all their dental work for free. They even put both to sleep to do fillings and even a crown on my boys. They really do excellent work. I know there is a base in the pan handle of Florida that does this as well.
  10. Geeky...I want to think that I am reading a fictional book, but sadly I know this is real life. I have never heard of such crap from an outfit that is supposed to be on the side of the veteran. As GB said above I would have lost it half way through. This is why I don't use a VSO for the few (I know the majority are good) because they don't want to help the vet. If I was going into DC anytime soon I would hand carry your papers and complaints into the AL HQ in DC. I know they would not stand for this (at least I hope so). I wish you luck with your filings. BTW I did have a VSO for a few months and I decided they were doing nothing for me and it took over six months to get them removed. They are easy to add but hell to remove.
  11. @Hamslice he wants to become a citizen of Jamaica not Japan. I agree about the best country being the US!!!!
  12. I agree with GB that you should seek legal advice prior to giving up your citizenship. I don't know why you want to give up your citizenship but you can be a dual citizen (providing that the other country allows it). The US and Jamaica does allow dual citizenship. My wife is a dual citizen and the advantage of being a dual citizen is she is able to travel to a lot of countries without a visa. I also agree with Shrek you need to take a hard look to see if it is worth it.
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