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  1. Just got my 100% rating last week. It has an effective date of September 2019. Does anyone know how long it takes for retroactive pay to hit the bank? For all you out there still pushing, don't quit.
  2. Does anyone know an IME in the San Antonio area? San Antonio is known as Military City USA. It would be sad not to have some here.
  3. Does anyone know a good doctor in San Antonio that can assist with VA claims?
  4. I'm a Gulf War veteran with 90% S/C for various conditions. Some conditions that have been denied have been frustrating since I'm still suffering with symptoms. How can I create a Nexus for sinusitis and sleep apnea? I'm 30% for asthma and tried to create a relation between sleep apnea and asthma, but that was a no go. I was thinking trying again and tying my PTSD to that. Any thoughts? I was also shot down on sinusitis from the get go, but I thought all I had to do was tie my gulf war time to that condition. I guess I was wrong.
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