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  1. Sounds like it did go in but call the VA and ask if those records are in your file. They should be able to see them. Buy yourself some cheap insurance from the USPS next time. Walk down to the post office, send your documents in yourself, certified mail, return receipt requested. Keep those receipts forever with the copies of your documents. Never give anyone your originals. Make a note in a file that you sent this on this date and what it was. Don't bother sending them via your VSO, it will only clutter the file. Mail to: DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS CLAIMS INTAKE CENTER
  2. Michvetinfla, the psych diagnosis won't help your case at this time. The case is your feet, and then spinal degeneration. I know that it has created mental issues for you, but filing psychological issues like depression without first having a service connected disability is going to kill your case outright. The VA looks at "kitchen sink" cases and then backburners them like my 10-year fight to get my own issue dealt with. It's going to be tough to pull this together, but I would start with your feet. First, ask your Dad if he knows any chiropractors in the area that can give you an exa
  3. It's hard for me to go over posts, but I try to support where I can. I try not to be really angry with the VA, but that's incredibly hard. I've been in this slog with the VA since 2010. I filed it, they denied it, I appealed it, they denied again, I appealed it and pointed out that the first denial improperly closed half of my claim (the stronger one, actually), just got a DRO appointment and he signed a document acknowledging the CUE and brought those parts of my claim back into play. I filed documents with him in that appt in early March, but I don't know if they made it to my file
  4. And I just realized that the Form 149 to correct your military service record is unreachable now for some new versions of Adobe Acrobat. I'll try to find the form and post it here. This is the form that is listed on this page: https://www.afpc.af.mil/Career-Management/Military-Personnel-Records/ Under "Records Correction" and the highlighted words "DD Form 149" which is a link to a forms site that is giving this error: Please wait... If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document, your PDF viewer may not be able to display this type of docume
  5. Update: WE GOT DAD'S DD-214 CREATED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE!!!!!! Yesterday, May 14, 2020, Mom got an encrypted email from the Department of the Air Force. The attached encrypted PDF was Dad's DD-214!!!! It's got his Title 10 service listed under Record of Service. There are only 6 days of Active Service, but even one day counts. And a note in the Remarks section of: Item 18: Member has completed first full term of service. Member called to active duty in accordance with DOD Directive 5105.2 and Executive Order No. 11405 "Providing for the restoration of law and order
  6. Thank you all for your answers. Is it even possible to be rated for a TBI from a fall that happened in 1986? I have hospital records that show that I was unconscious when found and from the records, I was probably out for about 30 minutes.
  7. I had a fall in the military that resulted in a C2 cervical spinal fracture. Years later, after complaining of headaches for 30 years, an MRI showed that the C2 dens is still broken and flexes a bit too much. I have a rating for headaches and tinnitus, and in the process of the evaluation for my vertigo a brain lesion was found on my temporal lobe near my sinuses that looks like trauma damage. The lesion hasn't been seen before because this is one of the first MRIs that I've done with a contrast. The neurologists think this is related to the C2 fracture nonunion as the vertigo has been a
  8. @bellrungboxer No, I absolutely believe it. You had done the work and actually gotten competent doctors to test you and review. You put in the info. I do believe that they moved to decision without your information on the first time. The second time they had the private evidence in place and moved to decision within days. It's just that a fully developed claim is a slam dunk easy thing for them to do. It seems to come down to whether the decision is an easy one to make or whether they have to wade through inches deep stacks of documentation to render a decision (hint: they won't do it.
  9. @bellrungboxer It takes roughly 2-3 weeks for submitted information to make it to your file. Don't bother filing an appeal at this time, just get one more test/piece of paper opinion, and submit it again as a new claim. If you appeal it will be 4 years or greater and there's no backpay issue here right now. You need new evidence to file a new claim on a denied issue.
  10. Thank you, militarynurse! It's another possible line of questioning for me. I snapped my neck while in service, and have a cervical nonunion. I'm lucky because I'm still walking. Since the injury, I stopped sweating in the face/head, my urination frequency is far too frequent, and my constipation went off the charts (as well as almost constant headaches, vertigo incidents, and tinnitus). I've checked TSH, but several of the endocrine issues listed in one of the articles have not been checked and are worth a look. The constipation appears to be some sort of intestinal sluggishne
  11. More progress to report. The VA Health Eligibility Office in Atlanta, GA has verified that Dad's 6 days of active duty service during the Federal call up for Baltimore in 1968 DOES count for VA Health Benefits. However, they will not approve his application until they see his DD-214 for that service. No other document will do. I have been told to file a Form 149 with the Board of Corrections. We had to file that form for Dad's Army Reserve DD-214 that had a typo on his SSN previously. They replied that the time to correct an error was 18-24 months. I have also found on the Air Re
  12. I found a link to a snippet that might be of interest on the "r/o PTSD" commentary: https://www.mentalhelp.net/ptsd/why-the-va-doesn-t-want-to-diagnose-iraq-war-veterans-ptsd/ It discusses the refusal to put PTSD on medical records in the Veterans Health system.
  13. I asked for a copy of my C-file, and after a lengthy months long wait, I got it on DVD. I began checking the docs they have to the copies of the things that I'd sent. Of course there are missing documents. One of the documents they had, though, knocked my socks off. It's the report after my fall that snapped my neck at the C2 vertebrae. There's the time I was found and taken to the ER. And the time that I started the event before the fall that broke the neck. There's roughly an hour there, and when I do the math, it looks like I was knocked out for about 30 minutes or more. The C2 vert
  14. Oh, one last thing, the statement in your VA psych report: Unspecified Trauma-Stressor-related Disorder r/o PTSD Does not mean that he denies PTSD. He doesn't have a clear stressor incident to hang PTSD on that you are experiencing. He's trying to say "please rule out PTSD". Unspecified Trauma - we don't have a clear single incident that caused the issue Stressor-related Disorder - we see a disorder that appears to have a root cause/stressor r/o PTSD - rule out PTSD , we may be seeing PTSD, but we need to find the actual stressor to prove it to the satisfaction of VA
  15. OK, you've been rope-a-doped by a doc. Buck is right, you need to complain about this soon. It will take a while for them to reschedule or respond. I posted in another post about the way PTSD is decided. Look at the details on that comment here: Please pay attention to the Criterion A-F section. Also note that you don't necessarily want the doc to say you always abused alcohol. Stating that you started after the stressor is the right thing to do and you did it. If you were abusing drink before the stressor, they can use that to deny you also. Refute every point in his
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