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  1. Albsalin73, since the OP(Original post) ended around August 17, 2012, you may want to start your own new thread.
  2. Flynsolo2, if you had VAMC C & P exams you can go to Home - My HealtheVet (va.gov) and go to medical records and you can plug in the dates of your VAMC C & P exams and view and print up your VAMC C & P exams. Now of course this will not work if you had any outside C & P exams, but all VA hospital C & P exams should have all the information you need. You have to have a premium account to view and print your records.
  3. John999, I know that the ebenefits and VA.gov sites are not reliable, but you can try and check there to see if there is any change in your disabilities. I was recently granted a new claim for sleep apnea and I received a letter from Disabled Veterans Life Insurance, and I was confused, and I called them and asked why did they send me this application since I have been 100% P & T well over a decade and I was already granted a waiver of my Insurance. "Peggy" told me not to worry, it is something they normally send out to veterans when they are granted a new service connection and my waiver
  4. I will start off by saying this is my humble opinion and I hope others will chime in. Your husband should write a letter informing VA that there are another veteran’s records in his file. Yes, I know you posted that a VSO was supposed to do this but do to the fact that the records are still in his file it may not have gotten done. This may be a potential major problem with your husband’s rating, and it is possible that the VA could CUE your husband’s rating and lower it or sever it or may be increase It, but the bottom line is that his rating needs to be re-evaluated, I am not trying to say t
  5. This one should go back to 1999. Veterans Compensation Benefits Rate Tables - Effective 12/1/00 - Compensation (va.gov)
  6. Buck some of it is here on hadit.com, I will try to find the rest. VA Disability Compensation Rates 1974 - Present (Retro Pay Calculation) (hadit.com)
  7. I know this is what we asked for but IMHO(IN MY HUMBLE OPINION) we also need to see the rating decision that granted you service connection for Bipolar Disorder. So can you post the decision that granted you service connection for bipolar disorder? While I do agree with both you and Ms. Berta that your 1997 rating decision and evidence will help and shed more light. What sticks out to me is that you posted that you have a current rating decision of 70% for bipolar disorder, if this rating percentage stems from your November 2018 C & P exam then IMHO this is the claim to focus on becau
  8. My apologies for any misunderstanding and or confusion but I am at a loss. In reference to your last post, Page 200 dated Aug. 2003 seems to be the beginning of a rating decision. Pages 201-203 seems to be a development letter dated June 12, 2003 and then pages 204-206 seems to be another development letter dated June 18, 1997. Page 203 mention the fact that you were previously denied service-connection for bipolar disorder and you were notified of the decision September 10, 1997 but none of these pages list the evidence used or the reason and bases for their (VA’s) decision. Pages 201-2
  9. Congratulations! Every increase is a good increase. You should wait for the actual decision letter that should explain your increase better.
  10. Without being able to review your husband’s medical records we could only speculate that it is possible, but we cannot really say. It is a major difference from a veteran not feeling well and decides to lay down or rest compared to a doctor actually prescribing bed rest. I have days when I cannot get out of bed it hurts so bad, I can just about roll over, and my doctor told me to take my time and go at my own pace, but I have never been prescribed bed rest. Years ago, my doctor counseled me about quitting my job because it was aggravating my symptoms, but he (the doctor) never prescribed me b
  11. Buck what I am referring to is something like Adobe Pro Reader Program but it is a little different and it is free. It is called Adobe Acrobat Reader DC it reads all my documents on my CD C-File and as I stated in another post I can download any VA fillable form and created a new document which I can view, fill, update, save and or print. It's like word but it does not open up in word it opens up as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. I have used this program for years. I fully understand that you have to have the right program to work but just because you do not know of a program does not mean it does n
  12. Back in the late 1990s the VA denied a lot of veterans claims for NWG (Not Well Grounded). I recently won a CUE claim back to 2005 and when I filed a NOD requesting an EED (Earlier Effective Date) back to 1998,BVA changed my Cue Claim to granting me and unadjudicated pending claim. The BVA found that in my 1998 claim that the VA denied I filed a timely NOD that was never processed or adjudicated so they granted my claim with an effective date of 1998. My VAMC medical records proved that I was being treated by the VA and when my claim was granted the rater did not review my entire (C-File) reco
  13. The poster must figure out what he/she really needs to do to get their evidence/information. Even if the poster does not have a PC where he/she could review their CD C-File with Adobe, the poster could go to a local library and use theirs or use something other then a MAC. As I posted before, my posts are to help and guide. I don't tell a veteran that it can't be done, I try to figure out how it can be done. I use adobe reader all the time and I can search my CD C-File on my computer. You do not have to respond to my post. You can give your opinion and let it drop. There is always more than on
  14. I do not see how this particular letter could help.
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