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  1. I finally made to 100% P&T, I can tell you Hadit and it's contributors helped me out a lot. Thank you. Have to relax a little while. It is has been a long engagement dealing with VA but I did it and did it "alone".
  2. Hey Guys check out this my Youtube video. I put out this video to show how I navigated the VA process.
  3. Your saving grace is you do have a diagnosis of Anxiety and depression. You should explain in a lay statement how your anxiety and depression makes you feel and how it effects you daily. If you are married or have a significant or good friend ask them to write a buddy statement telling what they see in you only a daily basis. I have a question , in coming to that diagnosis (depression and anxiety) was your military service a contributor (was it stated). If not you need to opine to that fact and what happened in your lay statement. You have to allow yourself to vulnerable and let VA know the circumstances in which triggered you MH and what triggers it now.
  4. I did the same. I challenged an exam also, it worked for me.
  5. Hey you keep your head up. I know it's hard and at sometime almost unbearable but we fight that's what we do. The road you are traveling, all of us have went down it one way or another. With the help of our Brothers and Sisters in arms in this forums we make it. If you have questions, ask someone will help and it will help your MH to talk to other Veterans.
  6. @GBArmy I know. I am trying to stay preoccupied. I am waiting but this anxiety is eating me up.
  7. Well I am still waiting on a answer for my EED. I am hastily approaching 125 days. I am getting nervous by the day and a lot of headaches and not sleeping well.
  8. @jbrav123, it is a pleasure to comment on this post. If I understand you correctly you originally filed the claim for migraines in 2018 and like so many of us it was denied. Unfortunately the claim will not backdate to 2018 because you did not file an appeal of that decision within the year threshold. However, you did refile the claim (Supplemental) and got the claim reopened therefore October 20, 2020, would be the effective date of this particular claim. So to recap if you had filed an appeal for the initial claim (2018) and continuously fought this claim, then you could file an HLR for the effective date. For once VA is correct
  9. I wish you all the best. I fought my case for 7 years only for them to grant and give me an erroneous effective date. Of course I have an HLR in for an EED. So after they grant check your Effective date.
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