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  1. I challenged a C&P exam and won. I had an IMO/IME prepared and wrote the differences between the two exams and why one exam should have been afforded more weight over the order. So when they assigned me to another C&P for those disabilities the exam respectfully was used to verify the information in my IMO/IME and to help take the wind out of the contracted VA examination and I won. For VA to omit information, leaves you a way in and out of the wheel. Your information has to be very accurate and chronologically correct. Remember your benefit of the doubt doctrine. I won a claim with
  2. I have a question, how "powerful" is a IRIS inquiry? I ask this question to say this, normally when doing a IRIS inquiry if you ask a in depth question that requires a specific set of answers (yes or no is not applicable), what happens? If you ask a generic question the possibility of you receiving a Generic answer is pretty high. I have used IRIS, for an inquiry into my effective dates and the reason I think this theory is correct is because I have not received my envelope from last decision. Not from my VSO or VA. If I do not receive by next week I will call my VSO. On a different note,
  3. Thanks my brothers, I always enjoy the information I receive. The help really means a lot to me.
  4. That is exactly what happened to me. I am going to do an HLR with a informal conference also. I am waiting on the letter. I am writing on the HLR PES Planus originally filed November 2013 Knee condition originally filed November 2013 and the date of the notice in the block off to the right of the disabilities Thanks @deedub75
  5. Tracking I know that, you know that, how come the people that are suppose to be helping us don't know that.
  6. Here why it is bad recommendation opening a new claim (21-526EZ) "If you are filing a claim for increased disability compensation or disagree with an evaluation decided more than one year ago "....
  7. So I received an email from my VSO (DAV), they say I should open a new claim for the effective dates. I think this is bad recommendation. I emailed someone at VA who was working on these disabilities, basically asking him to take a second look at these effective dates. I think I am going put in an HLR. Roll the Dice.
  8. So Ms. @Berta they say they assigned that date because my claim was reopened on that date, which is false. The 06/2019 date is the date I submitted a Supplemental claim after leaving Legacy opting into AMA and after the first denial in AMA. So I never had to reopen anything.
  9. These two claims in particular were never reopened because they were never final. They never reached the 1 year mark for finalization I always appealed the decision. The timeline of these disabilities (feet and knees) is my first post. I also filed an IRIS yesterday.
  10. Thanks @Buck52 and @GBArmy So, I originally filed these claims 2013 and was denied numerous times. I continued to appeal these decisions within the 1 year mark on all "appeals" (Supplemental). They accepted all of my Supplemental claims because I always had new evidence that they just refused to see in my file. This last Supplemental was approved but with an effective date 06/11/2019, which is incorrect. This is what my VSO wrote " The VA has decided the date of 06/11/2019 due to the date the VA received your claim which was continuously prosecuted since that date, the VA reference 38 CFR 3
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