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  1. Ringing or sounds in the ear. Always write a letter to opine on the job and also the symptoms you have like, "the loud obnoxious ringing sound effects your ability to concentrate and causes you headaches"
  2. Well I would guess anything is possible but I don't think so as the PES Planus was preexisting asymptomatic. Which the IMO says it, but the VA examiner says I have no flat feet even though there are records of PES planus. Ridiculous
  3. Dr. Stargardt's IMO/IME was done perfect. The VA directed C&P examination was the catastrophe.
  4. The funny thing is I am rated 20% for my back right now.
  5. @Berta, Thank you for the compliments on the letter, it took me about two weeks to write this letter because I wanted specifics. To answer your questions about the IMO, In the IMO Dr. Stargardt (Orthopedic Surgeon) did in fact say I needed special shoes for all the different activities I perform. I made it very clear and so did Dr. Stargardt as to how inaccurate and inadequate that C&P examination was. Va just did not read either of the IMOs (feet, Knees). If they did I would not be continually fighting these issues. I think now I have all my ducks in a row but what they (VA) are looking at now is that backpay. They are trying to give me another C&P for my issues but normally there is enough in the file to constitute adjudication in my favor. Yes she all the records I had
  6. I think what has happened is they have actually read the letter and maybe they see it right
  7. Berta one of the decision letters that I received after the Aug 2018 exam and before I wrote my letter explaining what had happened during the exam should be in this thread.
  8. Hey Berta, I hadn't submitted a 5103 until like a month ago because they never asked me for one. I did not submit any evidence because this evidence was already on file, the VA just neglected it.
  9. So I received an email from the person who is working on my claim, he was actually answering another question. As I read his reply I realized he said I am working on your case so I figured I would write him an email and this is what I wrote : Greeting Mr. R, Thanks so much for your email and I am honestly truly grateful for your communication as this is the first time I have ever been contacted in any way other than a decision letter of "denial" with a person working with my case. Again thank you. Mr.R, I wouldn't know if this inappropriate to contact you in reference to my claim but I have to try. I want to help to make some sense of my claim for aggravation of Pes Planus and direct service connection of my knee condition as I believe that in understanding how chronologically this whole thing fits together is significant. I originally filed this claim for my feet and knees respectfully in November 2013, when I am honest I didn't understand what I was doing so I filed everything secondary to my feet. That claim was denied and the proceeding claims have been also. Here recently (last couple years) coincidentally I come to understand that the process is not hard to navigate if you have the right understanding "Caluza". I had Caluza but in the wrong format. In Aug 2018, I was finally given the opportunity to attend an exam which was characterized as a General medical C&P for my musculoskeletal disabilities, which was the first and only exam of that time period for these disabilities respectfully. Needless to say this exam was neither accurate nor adequate as described in my letter dated October 9, 2019. As a result of this exam and the resulting medical opinion by someone else other than the examiner (Jan 2019), I had an IMO/IME performed by Dr. Stargardt and submitted a 20-0995 with these DBQs/medical opinions ( originally dated 05/29/19 formally reviewed 10/08/2019) and this claim also was inevitably denied also. After this denial instead of giving up I wrote my lay statement as it pertains to the Aug 2018 exam because the decisions after this exam reflected the same inaccuracies as the exam. I did my best to outline what was said and done to the best my recollection. I was unaware previously that I could state inaccuracies about this exam. Also during this time I submitted lay statements from my employer/Supervisor (Darryl Smith) dated 10/10/2019 and a statement from my wife (Monika Hunter) of 16 years dated 10/11/2019. I also submitted some post military records (American Medical Center). Some statements pertaining to my ankylosis of the knees. Mr. R , please take a look at these pieces of evidence as I believe if the information in these documents are read, my disability picture will become clearer. Mr. R Thank you so much for your time and have a great day. I have written another email to the same person with no reply, I have also written an IRIS. What do you think?
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