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  1. Symptoms of MDD and the symptoms of TBI VA says that they cannot distinguish between the two disabilities and they are both rated under mental disorders. read this it might help https://cck-law.com/blog/how-va-rates-mental-health-conditions/
  2. What @GBArmy says is true but I would go at it a different way. For lack of a better way of putting it, I would force VA to play a hand. Make them choose and make them give you a C&P. The way you do that is with a lay statement of the symptoms you are having and the possibility that it is related to your Tinnitis. You can also indicate in your statement when the problems started happening (during your military service) and how they effect you now. Use the internet and the rating schedule to "define depression" and spell it out in your letter.
  3. Is this a new claim or a existing claim ? The reason I ask is if you already a claim open (a new claim) and you open another, usually what will happen is they will close your most recent claim and "combine" it with the other.
  4. Oh yeah and most of my insight came form this forum. Thanks guys. Even if I was not commenting I was reading. That helped me alot to be able to read it and know where to find the information.
  5. This is like deja vu. I have been fighting with VA for 6 years on two of the same issues. Bilateral Pes Planus and knee conditions. At the 4 or 5 year mark they sent me to a C&P examination, the examiner did a horrible job administering the exam. Me not knowing I could challenge the exam, I went out and had an Orthopedic Surgeon with over 30 years experience in that field as well as performing VA C&P exams. I had my records in tow, she looked through my records and was amazed that VA would deny with abundance of evidence that was actually on file. Here recently I have appealed that claim again, but this time I challenged that exam, submitted buddy statements and all that. Now everything they need to adjudicate this claim is there. If they deny I go to HLR and if they still deny I go to the Board.
  6. @GBArmy Tracking. That what kinda happened in my C&P for MH. The Psch was not mean or nasty in any way. Of course she asked about conflicts or events that I think could have caused the feelings and how I feel when I have these feelings. When I am honest at that moment was the only time I felt really vulnerable. She asked me how I feel on a regular basis (day to day) I told vigilant aware on edge. She asked me if I have problem falling asleep and staying asleep, I said yes I am a very light sleeper and do I think about suicide I said no but what I think really got her is when I told her that I lose my s%^t quick. She says what does that mean. I told her if you say something to me or do something to me that I don't approve of I might do something to you depending on what it is. I told her I am not a violent man but don't you push me I would ball you up and put you in the garbage can. She said Mr. Hunter wow I can see that in your face that you are serious. I said to her Yes mam I am very serious. I told her by this time I'm in fight or flight mode. She asked me what does it look like or what do you see. I said to her nothing absolutely nothing. She asked how long does it take to calm down, I told her it depends she says on what ? On what you did to me or what I feel you did to me. It was about a 1 to 2 examination.
  7. I can tell you what, she/he would have had a bad day that day. I would have lost my s#$t
  8. Please let someone know about this examiner. This is BS. Remember you have the right to challenge an exam.
  9. I think the reg states that after the 1 year or 13 mos if there is enough information in your file to grant a percentage then they will give you that rating if not then you would get a notification of a C&P.
  10. Good morning HAdit Family, I was on Youtube yesterday and stumbled onto some videos of "Stolen Valor". That s#%t made me sick to my stomach. At 45 years old, it never ceases to amaze me what people will do for attention and money. For 9 years 10 mos and 11 days, I was Soldier in the United States Army and for some ignorant inbreed to disgrace that uniform by wearing it improperly, and claiming medals that I may have or some of my fallen brothers and sisters shed their blood for infuriates me. As my dad who is a Vietnam Vet used to say pissed off to the highest point of pisstivity. Which leads me to believe this is one reason in particular why we catch so much hell dealing with VA. A Veteran knows a Veteran. There is a something instilled in a Veteran that if you just put on a uniform you won't see. There's a different pride, a different swagger, a different speech that you would not get from any where else except for serving in the United States Armed Forces.
  11. It is saying you qualify for (SMC pension payment). Not really hip on SMC, someone will chime in. Special Monthly Compensation
  12. All this is great information. I love the conversations with my Brothers and Sisters. This is therapy for me.
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