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  1. Thank you for all the replies. Yeah some entries are doctor bad handwriting.. then add in a bad scan job... really difficult to read. And its been so long, I really don't remember why I went in to see the doctor! Thanks everyone.. stay safe!
  2. Hi, This might be a weird question, but does anyone know of a service that can take my old STR and translate all the gibberish handwriting into plain text? Army doctors handwriting is totally illegible! Thanks, Al
  3. Hi, Secondary to tinnitus has been done recently ... https://community.hadit.com/topic/74958-mental-health-secondary-to-tinnitus/? https://community.hadit.com/topic/75767-supplemental-claim-granted/#comment-472060 Lack of sleep can cause all sorts of secondary issues. You have to get a diagnosis and then a write up on connecting that to tinnitus. Good luck!
  4. Hi, Anyone use a private company for a home sleep study? If so who did you use? Reason, I am currently in a remote location and would be a reach to travel to any VA sleep study. Thanks! Al
  5. My experience - Lowes can burn in hell. My 80 year old mother "got" shutters from Lowes, But see Lowes doesnt do the work, they sub it all out. And guess what happens when you have a problem.... Lowes says oh well. Too late you paid them ... you cant stop the credit card payment..too late. And then what? Two years after mom paid for the shutters .. still not finished. Lowes wont take my calls. So yeah lowes can burn in hell. I will never shop there and I will tell everyone I meet to stay away.
  6. Fat - If you were exposed to and in close proximity to high frequency noise... like electrical comms gear... for extended periods of time. It could have an effect on your high frequency hearing. Unfortunately high freq hearing loss isn't recognized by the VA. But I would say that, even though tinnitus isn't a hearing disease, a rater is more likely to approve your tinnitus claim if accompanied by a hearing test that shows that high freq loss. That said, its also helps to have a in service event to link the tinnitus with your service. Say after a long exercise or event that you fi
  7. American Military hospital in Germany will not support you. Germany does not allow meds to be mailed...even if you had an APO box.. thats a no. For a C&P.. I have seen people get sent to docs up near Landsthul. But also to some local docs too .. so guess it all depends on where you would plan to re locate to. Yes there is crime here in Germany .. I would say its not as bad or as violent. But I dont live in a big city .. so.... Do you plan on working on base here? a 20 hour a week job on base would give you access to more services for sure. Also VFW over here if you live ne
  8. FYI for those Vets living in Germany... https://www.army.mil/article/231799/eligible_veterans_authorized_post_access_shopping_privileges_in_germany
  9. From my reading, you haven't provided any hearing test showing you have what the VA considers as hearing loss. I assume, your new evidence was the Miracle Ear report? Did that report show hearing loss? At the levels and freqs the VA mentions? Maybe you need a Audiologist to examine you. And write up an opinion to support your claim.
  10. Decision letter would have been mailed to you. VA.gov will have your C&P results, if given at VA medical facility.
  11. https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/sns-bc-us--trump-20190821-story.html
  12. Thanks for the info! Yeah kids have no problem with dual ... wife would have to file and make a case and get approved for dual as far as I understand. And not easily granted. Humm... good question about SSN and ID...she has worked on base and has an EDIP. Lady at pass ID placed her as my spouse after we got married. And when I log in I can see her listed. So I wonder if that means the ID Card once I get over sans SSN? For those trying to follow along, GS spouse and kids are only granted ID Cards while a GS is stationed OCONUS. Yeah cant beat the German system for school and job pla
  13. Wow thanks that is helpful information! Currently GS ... taking new job over in Graf. But any further claims.. I guess I would have to head over to Landsthul to get a C&P ? Tks
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