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  1. Yes. 100% can already shop. This is a change... any and all disabled vets will be able to shop. And yeah currently ANY vet can shop online on the PX/BX website. But almost always cheaper in Amazon. This is a change to shop at the commissary.. and use MWR on any base. As the Stripes article states ... "But the study found no need to apply, as Congress suggested, a 30-percent rating threshold on shopping privileges. Base stores could be opened to any veteran with a disability rating from 0 to 90 percent, the department concluded. Veterans rated 100-percent disabled already can shop on base." So there is no word yet on what % rating will be allowed...
  2. Hi, Does anybody have any more info on this? https://www.dav.org/learn-more/news/2018/defense-authorization-act-expands-benefits-for-disabled-veterans/ Reading the law it just states.... ‘‘(d) ELIGIBILITY OF VETERANS WITH SERVICE-CONNECTED DISABILITIES.—A veteran with a service-connected disability shall be permitted to use commissary stores and MWR facilities on the same basis as a member of the armed forces entitled to retired or retainer pay. There is no definition of what a service connected disability is? Is that any rating? Yes I understand in the past those with 100% had shopping privileges but this is new! Guess we have to wait until later this year to know more....
  3. Thanks Berta! My MOS is listed as "Moderate" Should I still submit the FAST Letter with my claim or will they already have it? Tks
  4. Thanks for reply. Roger that. Hearing and tinnitus due to prolonged exposure to loud noises while in service. Lived with it a long time.. finally time to do something about it. Fully understand they might request a C&P exam .. that's fine. I would still like to submit my own IMO / IME right out the gate. In my research I have read all too many decisions that dragged out years. Figured the more I submit up front.. the better. I already paid the audiologist for the hearing / tinnitus diagnosis...just need someone to look at my records and write up an opinion. Tks
  5. Hi, Asking any vet in the Richmond, Va area for doctor recommendations. I was diagnosed by my audiologist with hearing loss and tinnitus. I'm in the process of gathering all my paperwork to file a claim. Problem is this doc doesn't want to write up a letter for me. Sorry if it sounds excessive...this would be my first VA claim I have filed. I figured if I submit as much as possible...less likely to get denied? So any help would be appreciated! Tks
  6. You can also do some detective work yourself. Log into the DS logon self service. It will show you all the websites and apps controlled by DS Logon that your account has accessed. https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/identitymanagement/authenticate.do?execution=e1s1 I was just able to pull up months of time and date and what was logged into.
  7. Sorry to hear that. I would advise to you to change all your passwords to anything important...like banks... asap. Also any good banks will also offer you the option of two factor authentication. Authenticator app on your phone are an extra layer to combat basic user name password hack. Having access to your EBenefits account has given this person valuable information (PHI, PII) about you. From there they could gain access to other accounts. And of course steal your identity! File a police report. Lock your credit with all three credit agencies. Call the Ebenies website and report this. It could be something as simple as a computer issue or fat fingers by someone....and not an actual hack. But yes as Vync mentioned, if you call them and report this...they might be able to access the logs and see when and where any changes came from. This will help them determine of this is an actual hacking incident or not. Good luck
  8. Thanks for all the answers! Berta, correct I have yet to contact anyone yet. My fears were due to my serving in a small unit, that I basically have the same buddies for most of my service. So was worried that having the same buddies write letters would carry less weight. If so I would only use them a the largest claim...if that makes sense. Of course I am still working on my first claim ... still awaiting a copy of my SM. Thanks!
  9. Quick question.... When submitting buddy letters, is it ok to have the same buddies write letters for different claims? Like say I get a few buds to write up one saying I had sleep apnea type events in service. And then get the same buddies to write one for a whole other claim like saw me twist my knee on a PT run. I guess the question is.. would they carry less weight to use the same people over and over? Thanks! Al
  10. Sorry this might be a simple question ... I requested a copy of my medical records from the national archives. Waited three months for a letter saying they don't have them. I don't have a copy and this is my first time at a VA claim. So question, what happens if they don't have a copy of my records? I would that affect any claims? ETS'ed from Army in 97. Thanks!
  11. I gotta say ... not much savings , if any, to be had at the commissary and exchange any more.
  12. Sorry cant help with the claim questions. But there is a retiree group in Garmisch that you might be able to use to connect to other vets. Good luck!
  13. Thanks for the reply! Yes I have started the claim on Ebenifits ... so I have a year to gather. I am thinking of filing an FDC to keep things in my hands. I am still in touch with a lot of old buddies.. so I'll see about some buddy letters. My MOS was listed as in the VA Fast Letter as "Moderate" for noise exposure... so does that mean they will accept my hearing / tinnitus claim? Or should I get a IME from a private doctor? Thanks, Al
  14. Greetings, Army 91-97. While in I used trichloroethylene bare handed in cleaning electronics...and contact with what basically amounts to antifreeze used in the liquid cooled transmitters. Skin on hands has never been the same. Started while in service...little itchy bumps filled with clear liquid. Skin dry and cracks easily. Lotions and creams only make things worse. This problem I have just dealt with for the last 20 years ...kinda feed up now. Just had another child and changing diapers is hard..not that I don't want to help out... its just all the extra hand washing only makes my skin worse. So I guess my questions are: How do I connect the exposure with service? I don't think its in my old army medical records? Over the years I have moved and seen docs... but I don't have any records detailing this...so how do I show its been on going for all these years? How can I prove it was even the exposure that caused this? On a side note.. I have an auto immune issue also...little voice in my head is blaming the exposure in the Army. I just don't know how I would connect that either?!? Any help on how to start? Let the VA handle all the exams? Do it myself and submit a FDC ? Thanks for any help! Sorry for the basic post...just looking where to start. FYI I am reading this board and learning as much as possible!
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