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  1. American Military hospital in Germany will not support you. Germany does not allow meds to be mailed...even if you had an APO box.. thats a no. For a C&P.. I have seen people get sent to docs up near Landsthul. But also to some local docs too .. so guess it all depends on where you would plan to re locate to. Yes there is crime here in Germany .. I would say its not as bad or as violent. But I dont live in a big city .. so.... Do you plan on working on base here? a 20 hour a week job on base would give you access to more services for sure. Also VFW over here if you live near a post .. they can provide VA assistance.
  2. FYI for those Vets living in Germany... https://www.army.mil/article/231799/eligible_veterans_authorized_post_access_shopping_privileges_in_germany
  3. From my reading, you haven't provided any hearing test showing you have what the VA considers as hearing loss. I assume, your new evidence was the Miracle Ear report? Did that report show hearing loss? At the levels and freqs the VA mentions? Maybe you need a Audiologist to examine you. And write up an opinion to support your claim.
  4. Decision letter would have been mailed to you. VA.gov will have your C&P results, if given at VA medical facility.
  5. https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/sns-bc-us--trump-20190821-story.html
  6. Thanks for the info! Yeah kids have no problem with dual ... wife would have to file and make a case and get approved for dual as far as I understand. And not easily granted. Humm... good question about SSN and ID...she has worked on base and has an EDIP. Lady at pass ID placed her as my spouse after we got married. And when I log in I can see her listed. So I wonder if that means the ID Card once I get over sans SSN? For those trying to follow along, GS spouse and kids are only granted ID Cards while a GS is stationed OCONUS. Yeah cant beat the German system for school and job placement!
  7. Wow thanks that is helpful information! Currently GS ... taking new job over in Graf. But any further claims.. I guess I would have to head over to Landsthul to get a C&P ? Tks
  8. Let us know how it turns out. Just had a C&P for Tinnitus too .. Basically Doc just conducted a hearing exam. Though I didn't file for hearing? In the end, she said I have hearing loss and that's what probably causes the tinnitus. Will have to see how it goes .. my MOS is listed as moderate...hearing exams in service show slight decline in the high freqs. Anyway...good luck!
  9. I was speaking of her citizenship...Germany wont allow dual. I'm 100% merican forever
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Yes if we lived in the States .. green card and all that would be good...just don't reside Stateside right now. Plus all that cost to apply for.. and as yet we have not had the need to put in for it. As for citizen .. some counties don't allow dual.
  11. Sorry if this is a basic question .... Just had my first C&P, I must say the people at McGuire were very nice and I though the Doc was great. But when I went to check in...I was told I needed to fill out a 10-10EZ after my exam. Registration was closing after my exam so they just gave me a hard copy to fill out and fax back. I figured it would be online..and it is. Issue and my question is, it wants my wifes SSN. Ok shes not American and doesn't have one. Website wont let me skip the SSN...so I'll have to hand jam it and fax it. So question...anyone file the 10-10EZ as married who has a foreign spouse sans SSN? If this going to be a problem? If I get anything...it wont be over 10% ... so I don't see the need for spouse and family info at this point. Tks!
  12. Yes. 100% can already shop. This is a change... any and all disabled vets will be able to shop. And yeah currently ANY vet can shop online on the PX/BX website. But almost always cheaper in Amazon. This is a change to shop at the commissary.. and use MWR on any base. As the Stripes article states ... "But the study found no need to apply, as Congress suggested, a 30-percent rating threshold on shopping privileges. Base stores could be opened to any veteran with a disability rating from 0 to 90 percent, the department concluded. Veterans rated 100-percent disabled already can shop on base." So there is no word yet on what % rating will be allowed...
  13. Hi, Does anybody have any more info on this? https://www.dav.org/learn-more/news/2018/defense-authorization-act-expands-benefits-for-disabled-veterans/ Reading the law it just states.... ‘‘(d) ELIGIBILITY OF VETERANS WITH SERVICE-CONNECTED DISABILITIES.—A veteran with a service-connected disability shall be permitted to use commissary stores and MWR facilities on the same basis as a member of the armed forces entitled to retired or retainer pay. There is no definition of what a service connected disability is? Is that any rating? Yes I understand in the past those with 100% had shopping privileges but this is new! Guess we have to wait until later this year to know more....
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