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  1. My neurologist just looked at my throat and asked questions. He told me I had mild case and to see a tennis ball on the back of mt shirt. Never did that though. I will ask my primary doc for a sleep study
  2. Good evening I was diagnosed with sleep apnea by my neurologist. I looked at the rating criteria but am not clear. Do I have to have a sleep study done as well in case I wanted to file a potential claim? Or is the neurologist diagnosis good enough? thanks
  3. I had my sleep two weeks and meet my doctor tomorrow. I’m not sure if she’s willing to do a dbq but may a letter would suffice
  4. I did get a sleep test from a VA referral to a private provider. I meet with the sleep specialist tomorrow to discuss results. Should I ask the private provider to provide a statement that my mild sleep apnea is more likely than not aggravated by ptsd?
  5. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea but it’s not severe enough to prescribe a cpap machine. Assuming I could claim it secondary to ptsd/depression, is 30% rating doable?
  6. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea but it’s not severe enough to prescribe a cpap machine. Assuming I could claim it secondary to ptsd/depression, is 30% rating doable?
  7. Well, right or wrong, I printed out me C&P exam notes today and highlighted areas where he falsified answers that he never asked me. I also noted his signature time of 12 minutes completing the exam and his notes. I then provided a state requesting another C&P prior to rendering a claim decision due to the quickness and errors of his exam. Probably a waste of time though
  8. One other detail regarding my C&P exam that I just noticed. My appoint was at 0900. I was called back right on time and was walking out his door at about 0915. I knew it was a fast exam and his digital signature states 0912.
  9. Good idea. Since I work at the same facility, I should be able to make contact with the chief. I just got to make sure I don’t say what I want to say, which is a challenge for me sometimes. Thanks. I promise I won’t give up
  10. Thanks for the advice. This process is too complicated.
  11. My private physician seems reasonable. He provided a statement for me to give to the VA to get custom orthotics. Thanks again for your advice. I really appreciate it and will let you know how it goes
  12. Great idea about the dbq. I have a 10% rated bunion for about 25 years. And filed a secondary claim for my second toe that was injured due to the chronic bunion. That was actually my chief complaint for getting a referral for bunion surgery. I did upload a lay statement specifying my second toe pain. I also uploaded my bunion surgery notes. Looking back it doesn’t speak to any detail about the second toe ligament release. I’m hoping my private physician will be agreeable to provide the statement. I still have pictures of the foot at my first post operative checkup
  13. Thanks for your response. I appreciate your vast knowledge that you supplied. I don’t have an IMO or know where to get one. My condition is secondary pain in my second toe (capsulitis) due to a service connected bunion. I guess I’m bummed because the second toe was in my statement to have evaluated and I specifically told the doctor that’s what hurt, yet there was no reference in his notes. I’ll see if I can upload my redacted documents. In hindsight, I should have gotten a statement from my private physician who attempted to repair my second toe when he did the bunion surgery. He actually said the bunion caused the second toe pain. I thought it’d be obvious due to the scar but I know I’ll contact his office first thing in the am.
  14. I have blown the whistle before and have a 10 page nda with osc. Nothing changed and never will.
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