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  1. Sorry guys. I misinterpreted the SMC-S qualifications. I would need to get my insomnia disorder increased to 100% which would be very difficult! I should have known this since I’ve claimed temporary 100% multiple times for all of the foot an ankle surgeries I’ve had and was approved for SMC-S each time, albeit on a temporary basis. I just had another foot surgery this past June and I’m getting my paperwork together to file temporary 100% again.
  2. Hello all, I've been trying to figure out a way to a rating increased to 60% so I can receive SMC-S. I'm already rated 100% P&T, hence the need for one disability to be rated at 60%. I've been looking through my ratings and I think my best bet is to try to get my 30% rating for insomnia disorder with bruxism increased to 70%. Of course, my insomnia has worsened a lot since I received a 30% rating for it in 2014 and I have extensive medical records showing how bad it's gotten. I even take Provigil now for excessive daytime sleepiness. I know there is not a specific rating criteria for insomnia so the VA rates it analogous to mental disorders. I have also been diagnosed with anxiety and major depressive disorders as well and tried and failed on many antidepressants. I'm not service connected for this but I could probably I could probably get this on a secondary basis. I'm looking for advice on the best way to attack this. Should I just ask for an increase in my in my insomnia rating? Should I try to get service connected for anxiety and major depressive disorder? Should I apply for both and just let the VA combine them? Any thoughts?
  3. I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. I’m service connected for both chronic rhinitis and sinusitis and VA has them both as static conditions.
  4. You'll get a packet in the mail from the SSA with some forms to fill out and send in. You'll be able to send in a copy of your 100% P&T letter. Unfortunately, all you get by being 100% P&T is expedited processing of you SSDI application. They give little to no weight to VA ratings. They will obtain you VAMC records and it's the medical records they will take into account in making their decision.
  5. Basically, I passed the hearing test. There wasn’t enough hearing loss between my last active hearing test and the test they gave me for the C&P exam. I know plenty of veterans who were granted tinnitus and denied hearing loss. You’re right though I probably should have fought it but there were so many other claims I had going on and appealing and I didn’t think hearing loss was winnable. My hearing wasn’t that bad then but it is worse now. Since I’m 100% now if I could get 60% for hearing loss then that would help me.
  6. I got a copy of it years ago back when they were easy to get. I'd have to find it but the denial said something to the effect that although there was hearing loss, it wasn't enough loss for VA purposes or something like that. I think I may have had an audio test on the private side but it was before I joined the Army. I can't recall having one since I got out.
  7. Just found my sleep study. My AHI was 19.1 per hour and when they gave me the CPAP it went down to 1.6 per hour. They want to keep it under 5 per hour. What's funny is that the CPAP also changed my sleep architecture. Before the CPAP, I never went into REM sleep. When they put the CPAP on my I finally had some REM sleep.
  8. I guess your AHI would be considered moderate sleep apnea. 15-29 AHI is moderate sleep apnea. I'll have to look up mine because I can't remember what it was. All I know is that they woke me up halfway through the study and put me on a CPAP.
  9. They put a 30 day hold before they release C&P exams done at the VAMC now so you can't see them for 30 days on myhealthevet. I had an exam done a couple of years ago at the VAMC. I logged in to view it a few days later only to see a note saying that the results would be held for 30 days. Of course my claim was completed and denied before the 30 days were up!
  10. I have left medical records with a contract examiner. You bring what you think they don't have and they are supposed to send it in to get it scanned into your file. Some will gladly take them and read them and some will not. I had some records and an IMO from my ortho doctor that I showed to the examiner. She glanced at them and gave them back to me. I made sure I left them by her computer when I was leaving so she would either have to read them or shred them. The IMO was already in my file because it was sent in with my HLR claim. I wanted to make sure the examiner actually read it. My claims all got granted so who knows if the info I left helped or not.
  11. I've been trying to get my sleep doctor to put me in for one be he's resistant. He's saying it's for people who can't tolerate a CPAP. I told him I absolutely hate using my CPAP because I'm not a good sleeper and I toss and turn all night. I'm always waking up and adjusting the mask and a lot of nights I end up taking off the mask in my sleep without me even knowing it. I sleep better without it but I force myself to use it because of the health implications of not wearing it. I see my doctor next month and I'm gonna beg him again. It's not something to take lightly because it is surgery involved. They have to implant the device and run wires from it to the nerves in you neck.
  12. No. They said my hearing loss wasn't bad enough.
  13. I got out in 2000 and was service connected for tinnitus in 2013 I believe. I just put in the claim for tinnitus and hearing loss and the tinnitus was granted with no issues. I believe my MOS was highly probable for hearing loss.
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