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  1. I haven't had my vaccine yet. It seems that each VAMC is doing it differently. I'm in the Indianapolis area and my VAMC is supposed to be calling veterans when they are eligible to get the vaccine. They are probably following what the state is doing. Right now in Indiana, age 70 and older are eligible and not even people with underlying health conditions are eligible. My wife is in the medical field and she got her 2nd vaccine a couple of weeks age but I'm not allowed because I'm not 70 years old or older even though I have underlying health conditions.
  2. Well, my claims for retroactive temporary 100% were granted! I had left ankle surgeries in 2015 and 2016 but I wasn't service connected for my left ankle at that time but my claim for left ankle was in the appeals process. Service connection was finally granted in 2020 with and effective date of June 20, 2012. So, I filed claims asking for temporary 100% for each surgery which entitled me to SMC-S for my recovery time and they gave me 3 months for each surgery.
  3. Oh, I’m not worried about it. I was already 100% P&T before these claims were granted. Plus, they were rated in March 2020 as being in pretty bad shape and this was 6 years after the surgeries.
  4. Back in August 2020, my HLR asking for earlier effective dates for several disabilities were granted. Some of these effective dates went all the way back to 2010, so I got a nice chunk of retroactive pay. I had back surgery in 2014, a left ankle surgery in 2015, and a revision surgery in 2016 from the left ankle surgery. Since I was not service connected for any of these disabilities at the time of the surgeries, I did not claim temporary 100%. They all ended up in the appeals process and were finally granted with effective dates well before the surgeries. I just submitted new claims for
  5. Are you saying the VA psych agrees that your Major Depressive Episode is caused by your service connected tinnitus? If so it looks like you have both VA and private psychs providing you with a nexus.
  6. eBenefits has always been accurate for me. When my claims showed closed on va.gov, eBenefits always has shown changes if something was granted and no changes if the claims were denied.
  7. I was on one a few months ago and I didn't get to ask a question. I got a call for one yesterday and I hung up. The first one I was on seemed more like partisan talk than anything.
  8. They don't necessarily need all in-service records. I didn't have my doctor fill out a DBQ but I did have him write up a nexus statement. Well, I actually wrote if for him. I gave him copies of my records that were relevant to my claim and I referenced those records and the dates and listed them in the nexus letter. My doctor just took what I wrote, put it on his letterhead and signed it. That worked in my case but your mileage may vary.
  9. Are you asking if the VA will pay for your actual revision surgery of if you can claim temporary 100% for the revision surgery? The answer would be yes to both. The VA sent me to a private surgeon for a surgery which the VA paid for. I ended up needing a revision because the first surgery wasn't successful and the VA paid the same private surgeon for the revision.
  10. They have been making a lot of mistakes with this lately. I had claims that I had been continuously pursuing since October 2010. I filed a supplemental claim in February 2020 with a nexus letter from my doctor. I was sent to new exam through a contractor instead of being sent back to the same examiner who had been incorrectly denying me. All of my claims were finally granted in March 2020 but instead of giving me my effective date back in October 2010, they made the effective date the date that I filed the supplemental claim in February 2020. Needless to say I was pissed. I was already 100% P&
  11. The BVA just remanded it back to the original examiner because he was skeptical of the examiner's rationale for denying me. I was claiming knees and back secondary to service connected pes planus and service connected right ankle. I was originally denied on the SOC because they said I had a normal gait even though my exit physical said I had an abnormal gait. Then on the SSOC they said well my gait isn't bad enough and the literature says that it's impossible for an abnormal gait to cause knee and back issues. The judge was critical of them because he felt they ignored evidence and then they d
  12. I don't know if you want to call it luck or not but if I had all of my C&P exams through the VAMC, I would never have gotten to 100% P&T. I had filed a lot of things and they were all denied except for tinnitus and that got me to 30%. I was lucky in that I was working for VBA while filing a bunch of claims and appeals and they had just started a new rule that if you worked for the VA you couldn't have your exams at the local VAMC. You had to either drive to a VAMC further away or go to a contractor. I remember they accidentally scheduled me for a mental exam at the VAMC which I thought
  13. I was denied SSDI and I'm waiting for my hearing to be scheduled with the ALJ.
  14. Yes! I was still working when I hit 100% P&T and got my loans discharged.
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