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  1. I didn't have a copy of my STRs so I was able to get access to them when I got a copy of my c-file. There is no way I would have gotten to 100% without them. By that time I was working for VBA and I had gained so much knowledge about disabilities I could file for by seeing what others were claiming and by reading through the CFRs. I went through my STRs and found many things that I didn't event know the VA for give service connection for.
  2. I wonder if it just depends on which state you're in. I don't see a PCP at the VAMC so I'm not sure if they are seeing patients in person here in Indiana. I only see allergy, sleep clinic, dental, and optometry. Allergy had canceled all allergy injections from March through about May and they were doing all regular visits by phone. The dental clinic called me just yesterday to reschedule me all the way into March 2021 and I see that optometry put in an appointment for me in February 2021 without calling me first.
  3. Ok. If BVA granted your claims they usually then send them back to the RO to be rated.
  4. I know many will say the eBenefits isn't reliable but I have never had that issue. When I have had things granted, I was able to see them the same day. How do you know your claims were granted? Were you able to look at you disabilities list on eBenefits? You could also look at the letter generator on va.gov now to see if your overall percentage has changed. Each time I've had thing granted and there was retro pay involved, I got the money in my bank account way before I got the letter in the mail. I know it's painful waiting for that letter but I've always known well before getting t
  5. Mine say cancelled by the VA and there are notes in my medical records saying they were cancelled due to covid and the clinics being closed and not seeing any patients.
  6. Due to COVID, the allergy clinic canceled all allergy injections from March to May and I had to have my appointment with the allergist via telephone. They have since started back with the injections but they have spread the appointment times so there is only one person in the office at a time. My dental and optometry appointments were also canceled. They have started back up with the dental exams but I'm not sure about optometry. I don't see a PCP there anymore so I'm not sure about them.
  7. Do you have an orthopedic for your back and radiculopathy issues? As others have said, your back issues and radiculopathy will likely affect your gait. An abnormal gait can cause a host of knee and hip issues. If you are seeing someone for you hip, just ask if it could be caused by an abnormal gait. If your doctor agrees, just have him or her put a note in your medical records that your hip issue is more than likely caused by your abnormal gait. Be careful with these VA examiners. For some reason, I don't think they know what an abnormal gait is. On my exit exam from the military, it w
  8. Some of those requests are internal things like requesting records but they could be anything. Call the 800# and ask them about the request and they will usually tell you what they are.
  9. Pretty much the same with me other than I had 2 claims approve on exit exam when I was sent to file a claim with the VA as part of my out processing. Years later I filed several claims that the exams went through the VAMC. All were denied except my tinnitus claim and that put me at 30%. I appealed as well as filed several more claims after going though my c-file and military medical records. I was working for VBA at that time and I had gained a lot of knowledge about claims. Also, the VA had just made a policy change where if you were a VA employee then you couldn't have exams at the local VAM
  10. Before Covid, c-file requests were taking forever. When I requested mine a few years ago, I got it very quickly and I believe mine was still in paper format. So Covid may have delayed them even more but they were already slow. The 30 day delay doesn't pertain to contractor exams. They took away our easy access to them. The 30 day delay pertains to exams conducted at the VAMC. There is no delay in the exams getting added to your claims file so your claims can be rated. There is a 30 day delay in the exam being added to your VAMC medical records for you to review them. A few days after I h
  11. I called the contractor and they said I had to get copies from VBA. The contractors can't release them to the veteran. The VAMC used to get copies of the contract exams but they stopped that practice a couple of years ago. I used to go to the ROI office at the VAMC and fill out a form and they would print them out on the spot. That is no longer the case. I could go to the RO and get copies but I don't believe they are opened yet. Now, it's even more difficult to get access to exams conducted at the VAMC. They put a 30 day delay on all VAMC exams so now they won't show up in your electronic rec
  12. But it was denied only because the examiner said I didn't seek treatment enough while on active duty. I got a copy of the ACE exam and I was floored when I read it! The Caluza elements were always there but the VA examiner decided to put her own biased opinion in there. A good experienced rater would have questioned that and asked for clarification. Nearly every contention I had that was denied was from a VA examiner putting his/her own opinion not rooted in any CFR or medical evidence. Just recently, I was sent to a contractor for exams for my ankles. Then I was sent to a VA exam for a 2nd ex
  13. Chronicity wasn't the issue as I did go more than once and was give orthotics and told take a lot of motrin. I met all 3 of the Caluza elements when I applied years later. I had an in service event. Actually, the pes planus was on my entrance exam so there was aggravation. I had a current diagnosis. And I had a nexus. The number of times I sought treatment on active duty was irrelevant. That denial was quickly overturned by the DRO on a de novo review.
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