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  1. I sign for travel pay electronically at every visit. They have signature pads at the front desks in each clinic. It only takes a couple of weeks for me to be paid.
  2. I don't think there is any way around the 5 year rule unfortunately......
  3. I sent a message to one of the patient advocates at my local Indianapolis VAMC and this is the message I got on Feb. 8: Good Afternoon, This was the answer I received from the head of our COVID vaccine operation: "Only Veterans in the following cohorts are able to schedule to get their vaccine at this time: • 65 yrs old or greater • Dialysis patients • Transplant patients • Those patients receiving chemo • Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patients • Homeless patients Once a Veteran is eligible (regardless of whether they have Primary Care or not), they will receive an automated phone call letting
  4. VA employees, VBA included, can get the vaccine but I still can't. It's still basically a 'don't call us, we'll call you' for the vaccine. I have underlying conditions and they still have not called me.
  5. My eBenefits info has always been accurate. I just had a claim closed, was able to see the updates to my SMC-S for temporary 100% that I had claimed, and then went to va.gov where I was immediately able to see what my retro amount was going to be. This was all in one day.
  6. They are having hearings by phone due to Covid. I have a hearing with the ALJ next week. The OP's husband already had a hearing with the ALJ and it was denied. The next step is request a review from the Appeals Council. The Appeals Council can just rubber stamp the ALJ's decision if they agree with it and deny the request for a review. If they do decide to review they can decide the case or return it to the ALJ.
  7. Unfortunately, SSA doesn't really care what the VA says about a veteran's disability because they each have different rules. Back in 2017, SSA changed their rules so they didn't have to take into account decisions made by other agencies. Before then, SSA was not bound to follow the decisions of other agencies but it generally did give weight to VA approvals of veterans with high disability ratings. SSA doesn't even have to explain whether it took VA decisions into account or not. I have my with the ALJ on this coming Tuesday. I filed for SSDI in September 2019 when I forced to retire on d
  8. Thanks broncovet! I had never filed for these before so they were new claims. What happened is that I filed for my left ankle in 2010 and the claim was ultimately denied. I went through all of the appeals processes and it was remanded by the BVA. I opted into RAMP with a supplemental claim and a nexus letter from my orthopedic surgeon and the claim was ultimately approved in 2020 but with the incorrect effective date. I immediately filed an HLR to correct the effective date and they corrected the date back to 2010. I had surgeries in 2015 and 2016 on the left ankle but since I wasn
  9. I haven't had my vaccine yet. It seems that each VAMC is doing it differently. I'm in the Indianapolis area and my VAMC is supposed to be calling veterans when they are eligible to get the vaccine. They are probably following what the state is doing. Right now in Indiana, age 70 and older are eligible and not even people with underlying health conditions are eligible. My wife is in the medical field and she got her 2nd vaccine a couple of weeks age but I'm not allowed because I'm not 70 years old or older even though I have underlying health conditions.
  10. Well, my claims for retroactive temporary 100% were granted! I had left ankle surgeries in 2015 and 2016 but I wasn't service connected for my left ankle at that time but my claim for left ankle was in the appeals process. Service connection was finally granted in 2020 with and effective date of June 20, 2012. So, I filed claims asking for temporary 100% for each surgery which entitled me to SMC-S for my recovery time and they gave me 3 months for each surgery.
  11. Oh, I’m not worried about it. I was already 100% P&T before these claims were granted. Plus, they were rated in March 2020 as being in pretty bad shape and this was 6 years after the surgeries.
  12. Back in August 2020, my HLR asking for earlier effective dates for several disabilities were granted. Some of these effective dates went all the way back to 2010, so I got a nice chunk of retroactive pay. I had back surgery in 2014, a left ankle surgery in 2015, and a revision surgery in 2016 from the left ankle surgery. Since I was not service connected for any of these disabilities at the time of the surgeries, I did not claim temporary 100%. They all ended up in the appeals process and were finally granted with effective dates well before the surgeries. I just submitted new claims for
  13. Are you saying the VA psych agrees that your Major Depressive Episode is caused by your service connected tinnitus? If so it looks like you have both VA and private psychs providing you with a nexus.
  14. eBenefits has always been accurate for me. When my claims showed closed on va.gov, eBenefits always has shown changes if something was granted and no changes if the claims were denied.
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