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  1. Have you found anything that helps RLS? Homeopathic stuff helps some. May concern is the ET started as pulses in my lower legs.. Kind of feels like my skin is crawing. Looks like a ghost just touched my skin as you see a small indentation for a second or two. It has now moved up to my stomach and I now get major twitches in my stomach muscles that can make sleep difficult at best.
  2. Can benzene exposure cause essential tremor. As an aircraft mechanic and gunner in Viet Nam I was drenched in JP4 while refueling my CH-47. It was dark thirty in some outpost fuel stop and no where to wash off. Sat soaked in it till we returned to our base which was 1-1/2-2 hours flying time away. Went in and sat in shower for an hour or so to try to get it off my skin. I smelled of Aviation Fuel for days and felt out of sorts but never went on sick call. Started in my lower legs, but has slowly moved up my body over the past 10 years or so. Have developed severe restless leg syndrome as well. Total interrupts my sleep patterns when I flinch every few minutes. No cancer. Developed Graves Disease in the late 90's.

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