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  1. I am not service connected for my neck. My case for that is sitting at BVA for the last two years. You can find rating chart it will explain the range of motions . Just google it.
  2. Chief: I have open case at the BVA for that, I am fuse from C4 to C7, I was a ch 46 crew chief with thousands of hours of flying and then 500 hrs on NVG's, so it will come down to range of motion, which i have 20%. And what cause your neck problem, need more help email me. Ken
  3. The letter says I can not appeal it to higher review
  4. Currently I'm right at 100% permanently and totally I had a recently reward for essential tremors at 0% question is the reason I got 0% is because I am at 100%.?
  5. about a month or so a go, all my claim where approved by the Va for disability, So I am at 100 percent, I am still working I am no tdui. So my question is about the wavier of free life insurance. since I am working do or don't get that wavier? Thanks
  6. What does the VA mean the claim is deferred? I don't understand that one. Can anyone explain that to me. thanks
  7. I put in for a claim , claiming memory loss, headaches, speech problems, and I am regretting that to Camp Lejeune water. I had a C&P exam questions will be in asked for about mental health. I currently had depression read it at 50% it is now decreased to 30%. I don't know how my depression rating got decreased sense I was putting in for memory problems. No questions to ask about memory, headaches, or forgetting where I was driving to. I am going to appeal?
  8. I thought the BVA direct review was fastest of your choices, it's been almost 2 yrs since I submitted. Any way to check on this, or it's just a slow wheel that is turning. Thanks
  9. I was at Va medical today and did not received good news. I was informed that I am in early stages of Parkinson's. Being said that I know I was station at Camp Lejeune from 80 to 87 question is how do I file a claim on presumed events of Camp Lejeune water? Thanks for your help
  10. Va notified me that C@P records exam is being done for this claim. Which is fine, but I noticed that the Nurse Practitioner is the same one that gave me a in person exam that ultimately gave me most unlikely occurrence that my claim is corrected to my back issue. Thanks
  11. I am scheduled for c@p exam with YES outside contractor, is there way to request the VA of doing that exam? If so how do I request that? Thank you
  12. I applied and denied my claim of Gerd secondary to Lumbar back pain link to medication I did take and are still taking. I applied to have supplemental claim was contracted by email that I being sent for another C@P exam. Just wondering does anyone have any thoughts on that.
  13. When a claim is denied and you disagree with the results, as you do your research, is it a good idea and how much pull when you find BVA cases like yours, and the cases side with what you have stated to include them in your disagreement? Thanks Ken
  14. Thanks for the help, I did file for Gerd which I do have and was noted in health records and trips to hospitals for that, I was denied that disability. So I did a supplement claim, I found BVA claims like mine and Inclosed those plus items back In 83 was given 800 mgs Motrin. For back injury ended up multi back surgeries
  15. Good morning, I am currently at total 90% disable, I am at 40% Lumbar fusion, my question is this, is the SI-Joint more of a back problem or hip or even something else. Because I have been in pain and walk different since my last fusion. I had many shots in my spine and SI-Joint had temp relief, I suspect they want to fuse my SI-Joint next. I also have 10% disability to the RT Hip. Thanks
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