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  1. I m thinking of traveling to Costa Rica for 3 months so my wife can see her family. The biggest issue is meds. 1. Should I request a 3 month supply from my PC NP? I m not sure if they can do this? 2. Should I use the Foreign Medical Program, see a doctor in Costa Rica to get my meds filled there and then send in the paperwork for reimbursement, all my meds are for service connected issues? 3. Same as previous but forget about the FMP reimbursement and pay for them myself. I like the less hassle road Any ideas or suggestions, Thanks,
  2. Is the current Caregiver Program only for vets living in the USA?
  3. Can some one point me in the right direction? I m looking for 38 CFR 5.125(d) and 38 CFR 3.156(a) Regards
  4. I will be asking my attorney to file a "writ of mandamus" next week. I also plan to call the Washington hotline which I have never heard of. To anyone considering using an attorney. It is my opinion that contracting with an attorney will not speed up your claim. Attorneys are good for making sure your i's are dotted and your t's are crossed. The VARO does not seem to treat them any differently than the claimant. That may be because they do not even read the C file. It seems to me that only the Board reads the attorney's letters and the c file. Many thanks for the replies and suggestions Regards
  5. It seems that both the VA and my attorney, Ken Carpenter, have forgotten about my claim/case. I have been in the appeal process for 10 years and 4 months and have made very little headway. In my last conversation with my attorney 's assistant it was discussed that it may be time for a Writ of Mandamus but that was in May and I have heard nothing. I think Ken Carpenter's office is overwhelmed with recent claims he has accepted even tho I think he is in his 70's. I ve been his client for about 12 years now but I have seen alot of inactivity in recent years on my case. . We have been waiting for years for the Regional Office to certify my claim and send it to the board. This forum is the best place to vent frustration Any ideas or suggestions
  6. I have been TDIU for over 10 years now and have been on hydrocodone for more than 15 years. The VA has been making it very hard to renew my hydrocodone prescription. I ve been considering dropping the hydrocodone and use some form medical cannabis. The Federal government views this as illegal and the VA has to abide. If I am given a urinalysis by the VA and it detects cannabis then there is the potential for legal problems for me. This is an absurd Catch 22 for many Vets. Another issue, is if I stop using hydrocodone and no pain medication shows up in my medical records will the VA see that as a basis for a possible reduction in disability compensation. This is Catch 22 number 2. I do not worry about this very much because I am very much unemployable and my service connected disabilities have far worsened since getting TDIU but other vets may want to be aware of how the VA views the use of pain meds. "No pain meds on records then there is no pain" Any Ideas or comments
  7. Anyone have an experience with this program while traveling abroad? They supposedly reimburse you if you see and pay for a doctor concerning your service connected issues. Any comments Paul
  8. Yes, Broken, I agree completely but this is the opinion of my PCP so his help may be very limited.
  9. I d like to travel to Costa Rica to visit my in laws and stay about 3 months. My mother in law is not healthy and my wife, son and I want to stay to help her. What can I do about the medications I receive from the VA? I also get hydrocodone. It seems that my options are: 1. Let the VA send them to my address of record and have a good friend mail them to me in Costa Rica, except for pain medicine, because I will not be there to sign for them. I guess I could have someone else sign for them and send them to me but Costa Rica does not allow narcotics in the mail. I could get a pain reliever like hydrocodone in Costa Rica. With this option the VA may think I no longer need pain medication since I am not refilling them regularly for three months. 2. Ask my PCP, who does not think I should be able to travel any where if I am IU, to fill 3 months worth of prescriptions to take with me. Any ideas Thanks Paul
  10. I have recently relocated and i still own property in another state. Can I rent that property without jeopardizing my IU status?
  11. What happened to Hadit? It has become almost unnavigable.
  12. Update: The doctor is out on sick leave till February. The nurse scanned my letter and put it in my medical records, he also stated that when the doctor returns in Feb that he could review the notes with me and make changes then. Then, the nurse stated that he hopes the doctor is able to return in Feb.
  13. Well, after checking Myhealthyvet VA notes today, I discovered that the letter I wrote to the doctor has been scanned into my medical records and it states at the bottom that it is awaiting a signature from the doctor that he has acknowledged the letter. I did not mention any regs. I simply asked him to make corrections in my records. Veterans need to be aware that what they say, do and write will prolly be entered into their records, even telephone calls. I m not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
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