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  1. Wow I did not know about this!!! https://www.disabledveterans.org/2019/12/09/is-720000-payout-to-korea-war-veteran-widow-enough-after-50-years/?inf_contact_key=19e3f6714f4d7878a75d4bf05856a6bd680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1 Any comments
  2. Well, I am completely convinced that more retro = longer wait time. I have two issues on appeal and one issue goes back to 1973. I do believe that when the RO staff sees that date they scratch their ass and bury the file. It has taken 8 years to finally get the claim certified to the BVA Yeaaa. I have been told that 7 - 8 years is the new norm to get a claim certified to BVA. I believe that those claims prolly have a retro amount that scares the giibbberrs out of RO people so it gets dusty and when people see a dusty file they think something is wrong with it, like a house that sits on the market too long. Even tho my attorney is Mr. Ken Carpenter, the claim has been lingering and collecting dust at the RO. I am also convinced that having an attorney does not speed up a claim. Having an attorney does help with having your i 's dotted and your t 's crossed. Regards
  3. I was wondering how the BVA would handle a form 9 that was filed on Jan 3, 2012. It sat waiting to be certified to the board for almost 8 years. Would they feel an urgency to move on it because of the date?
  4. Can anyone tell me what date (docket number) the BVA are presently working on? I have not been able to log in to Ebenefits for weeks. When it does work the info it provides is highly suspect.
  5. So, in other words, the BVA does not directly order a c and p exam to help make a decision. If the BVA wants a c and p exam they do it by making a remand decision and send it to the RO to schedule the exam. I would consider a remand a decision.
  6. What agencies of the VA order a C and P exam. Does the BVA ever order one before rendering a decision?
  7. Does a text message constitute a notification by the VA for a c and p exam. I m going out of the country for 5 months and would like to park my cell phone number with Number Barn and they only offer text messaging while parked, Will the VA also mail an exam notification to my attorney? There is a small chance that I will be notified for an exam but I would like to plan for it if it does happen. I remember once years ago, the VA called me for a c and p exam which was in three days. Short timeframe and no written notice. Any ideas or comments
  8. Ebenefits is a crap shoot, some times it's there and some times it's permanently locked in cyberspace. Is there another way to check my BVA docket number and what date they are presently working on?
  9. This is an interesting read about health care costs. After reading thru my bills for a minor surgery my wife had, I noticed that this Dr. was right on about the charges. My wife has ChampVA which is a little different than Medicare. I called Blue Cross and dropped my Medicare supplementsl insurance. https://truecostofhealthcare.org
  10. Anyone hear or have had Prolo therapy treatment for severe back pain?
  11. I m thinking about asking my VA primary care provider(NP) to taper me off of hydrocodone. It has become such a hassle to get it refilled and get it delivered. So many times I have missed the UPS delivery because I could not get to the door on time before he drove away. Every so often I have to go into the clinic for a urinalysis for drug screening before the nurse will refill it. I ve been taking this medication for about 15 years for pain. It reduces the pain level about 30%, enough for me to function. If I go off of it, the alternative I plan to use reduces the pain about 20%, so my daily functionality will be reduced. I have to weigh the two approaches. What are the health effects of long term opiod use besides possible addiction? Any suggestions or ideas
  12. I m thinking of traveling to Costa Rica for 3 months so my wife can see her family. The biggest issue is meds. 1. Should I request a 3 month supply from my PC NP? I m not sure if they can do this? 2. Should I use the Foreign Medical Program, see a doctor in Costa Rica to get my meds filled there and then send in the paperwork for reimbursement, all my meds are for service connected issues? 3. Same as previous but forget about the FMP reimbursement and pay for them myself. I like the less hassle road Any ideas or suggestions, Thanks,
  13. Is the current Caregiver Program only for vets living in the USA?
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