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  1. I'm torn on this one to be honest. Con: Really hard to get your results in a timely manner compared with a VA C&P exam that is uploaded to myhealthyvet Pro: I feel like VA C&P examiners are jaded by the process because they have been doing it for years and that's all they do. Plus it seems like at times they're "Protecting" the VA's money. A contracted doctor is just on a contract to do a job and bail, they have no vested interest.
  2. How does everyone track the changes that are made to 38 CFR Book C, Schedule for Rating Disabilities and M21-1? Just Wondering.
  3. My believe is that there is an underestimation of what this can do to future claims. This is really setting up a lot of claims to fail (if this goes through).
  4. Ya, I think there might be some confusion on the two different pillars of the VA (VHA + VBA). The Veterans health administration just wants to treat you, they are like your primary care doctors. The VBA Veteran benefits administration has to do with benefits like disability , GI Bill ect. To be honest they don't talk really well.
  5. My option, You will need an IMO to fight this. Once you have that and a personal statement (outlining where the rating decision was not correct) file a supplemental claim. Should side in your favor at that point.
  6. Now you got to fight! You got to build a good supplemental claims package. What should this include? 1. Solid Independent medical option Nexus 2. Lay evidence- great personal statement/Buddy letters. 3. Medical journals -- https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ 4. BVA court cases similar to yours. Combine that into a package and submit a supplemental appeal. Just my option on what I would do.
  7. David Anaise MD is legit! I won my sleep apnea claim secondary to MDD using his IMO!
  8. If you don't mind can you post the denial reason? The DX could of not been the issue, it could of been an unverified stressor or just a bad C&P exam.
  9. If your claim was denied due to telehealth reasons please do yourself a favor and read over/ reference this very important BVA case: https://www.va.gov/vetapp20/files3/a20003992.txt
  10. Very interesting! I'm seeing that many people choose to go right to the BVA and I do understand that for sure. In my option since they changed the appeals system to this new HLR/Supplemental/ BVA path it benefits the Veteran more to go HLR or supplemental before the BVA route. Why? Time of claim. On average supplemental and HLR's take about 4-5 months, why not get some additional evidence or write a great rebuttal letter and try the HLR/Supplemental route before the BVA? I know the BVA stats are better but there is a chance the Veteran can win at one of the lower levels before going to wait in
  11. Hey Fellow Vets, Let's talk about high level reviews! Once your claim is denied or you think you should of been rated higher, you can request one of three appeal lanes (HLR, Supplemental, BVA). One of those appeal lanes is called a high level review. You can add no new evidence to a high level review (No new med records, IMO's) but you can request an INFORMAL CONFERENCE WITH THE HIGHER-LEVEL REVIEWER. This is what I want to debate! Do you do the Informal conference or not? In my option, No! The word Informal makes that entire call questionable. When dealing with the VA,
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