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  1. I actually shed a tear when I heard that numbers Is shutting down, by the far the best number to call to get information.
  2. If you get the new number please let me know.
  3. LOL sucks so much, they were actually knowledge reps who seemed to care.
  4. No link, if you call it says before you get to a rep that there closing down. I knew a couple of the reps there by name and they don't know where they are going to be transferred too yet. There office closes September 11th. My thought is that the number got out to too many vets and there call volume increased like crazy.
  5. All good things must come to an end, the VA office of communication and case management (1-202-530-9470) is no longer going to be taking calls. This has been the most helpful number to get information out of the VA, sad to see it closed down.
  6. IMO Options

    https://www.valor4vet.com/about -- My Number one recommendation for an IMO. I have used them with great success. $300 - 400 per IMO. I did not use these guys but I did speak to them on the phone. www.reemedical.com -- They are a company that can get DBQs filled out for you. There focus is the joints. Up front $1775 flat fee for all DBQs. Veteranrating.com -- If you go here and fill out some info they can recommend medical consulting company's to work with.
  7. Need an IMO

    I used valor4vet for my appeal and a first time claim, for an IMO. The first time claim was successful because of the IMO. If you can make it to Arizona they fill out DBQs for about $150. I would highly recommend them and I've had positive results using them.
  8. I would call the number you gave me and see if they can see the request in your file? I called and they said that they can see the request in my file from the hotline. I haven't seen any results yet but I do know they put in the request.
  9. I called because at a C&P exam they examiner did not use a measuring device for ROM just eye balled it and of course it was way off. I request a new exam, well see if I get a response. Overall it was a very positive experience, great customer service with people that at least pretended to care. I'll report back on the results.
  10. I haven't got the results yet, so we'll see how it goes. I do agree it leaves the client in a tough spot when there is so much riding on a range of motion test.
  11. lol thanks Hamslice. I was just in shock she didn't measure me. I was like what do I do now, do I let her finish? Do I say something? I'll see the results here in a couple days but it was the first time during a C&P I was dumbfounded. I was ready for this one, did my research and everything.
  12. Can't believe I had a C&P examiner just eye ball my ROM. I've been to a fair share of C&P exams and thought that the whole C&P examiner didn't use a measuring device couldn't happen to me. I was wrong and kind of shocked. I had her complete the exam.
  13. Indianapolis RO DRO review - 450 days and I was told it wont even be looked at for another 360 days at the earliest.
  14. I too emailed the secretary and got a call from my RO. They basically told me that It's going to be at least another year but they told me my number in line and there average completed DROs per month at my RO. I was ok with this answer, it provided a realistic time line. It was kind ok like ok I fought as best I could and now nothing to do to speed this up so time to wait. I've since been gathering more evidence for my claim.
  15. They can be. I had insomnia for years and finally had a sleep study done about 2 years ago and I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I'll be honest I love my CPAP, it changed my life. It really puts you in a deep sleep and actually got rid of my insomnia.