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  1. Thank You!
  2. Don't be scared to make some noise...
  3. Thank you!
  4. Very true my friend! took a year to gather all necessary documentation for this claim.
  5. Hamslice! Thanks for the advice brother, I'll reach out to the doc that wrote this letter to see if they think I can get secondary service connected for this. Agreed I haven't even went after any secondary service connections yet.
  6. Agreed! There will be more battles just have to take time to sit back and enjoy this victory!
  7. lol thank you! Luck of the
  8. Brocovet, Your answers are always very detailed and thought out. I appreciate the advice. I think i do have the triangle due to the one year presumptive period after discharge. I have a diagnosed condition 3 months after discharge, current condition and nexus. I'm thinking the va denied it because it wasn't technically in service.
  9. Hey Vync! Thanks for the response. As far as missing the in service event. I am service connected for my right shoulder but my left was only diagnosed 3 months after my discharge date at the C&P exam for my right shoulder. Shouldn't this qualify as my in service event because it was diagnosed within in a year of discharge? I could be wrong but I thought I heard that somewhere.
  10. The sweet taste of victory and the bitter taste of defeat in one Got 50% service connection for left knee, brings my total rating to 80%. Got denied for left shoulder issues. Working on a reconsideration as we speak but I'm going to enjoy this 50%. How I did it? I combined some of the veterans law blog and some of what I learned here. I had a package that stated off with a nexus letter from Valor 4 vet (I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a nexus letter), I had to go to a private doc to get a diagnoses, so I included that, a chronological order of my care for the issue, personal statements and buddy letters. I did this for 2 issues and 1 was accepted and the other not, so its still a crap My claim was decided in 90 days. Thank you to everyone on this board! P.S DRO appeal still pending, been waiting a year and got 2 to go.
  11. I was denied a claim for left shoulder tendonitis and left shoulder arthritis due to the condition neither occurred in nor was caused by service. I included a nexus letter, here is the medical logic from the nexus. “The patent demonstrated physical examination findings at the C&P examination 3 months after discharge from the military on 10/30/2009. At the time the examiner reported diagnosis of chronic left shoulder strain and found crepitus on the physical examination. At another C&P examination on 09/29/2015 the examiner reported decreased range of motion and pain with movement on examination, a compensable finding. Additionally, Mr. Vet has a diagnoses of left shoulder tendinitis, osteoarthritis of the left AC joint, left shoulder strain, and impingement syndrome of the left shoulder by an orthopedic specialist on 11/16/2016.” “The attached medical documentation demonstrates the presence of the conditions in service, a chronic ongoing condition, and a current disability” I have contacted the doc that wrote me the nexus and she is writing a letter for me and I am filling for a reconsideration. I believe they denied me due to the chronic should strain not being diagnosed until 3 months after discharge at C&P exam. I thought that since it was within one year it could be service connected. Does anyone know the regulations I can quote to fight this?
  12. I have not got one from Dr. David Anaise but talked to him on the phone and his price was reasonable. Dr.Bash is too much for me. Personally I use valor 4 vet and I've been impressed.
  13. Hey! Just DRO review, I can imagine a DRO hearing going 5 years plus. Yep got all new evidence filled out DBQs and multiple nexus letters. I just wonder Does the vet have a better chance going right to the BVA?
  14. The Indianapolis RO called me after I emailed the secretary and said I still had 2 years left until my DRO review is even looked at. At that point we're taking 3 years for DRO review. The lady said they are getting swamped with NODs. So if you put in an NOD now I would say 4-5 years to even be looked at. For a decision 5-6 years is a midrange estimate. At this point is a DRO worth it or should a vet just go traditional route?
  15. So headaches I know, I see neurologist and take daily pain meds. Key to that is the word prostrating, I'm 30% becaise I actually used that word in my C&P exam. The tiredness I get, it's almost like winning your case becomes an unhealthy addiction or obsession. The only thought becomes how can I win.