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  1. Yup, this is something that should be constantly talked about. The VA pulled a fast one with these new forms. Edit: and the kicker is the life expectancy for men in the US is 77.
  2. Hey all, I’m in the reconsideration phase of my SSDI claim. The weird thing is SSA hasn’t sent me to an exam, and the adjudicator already notified my attorney stating she will forward my file to the SSA doctors for review/decision. I have plenty of medical history about my mental health disabilities ranging from in-patient hospitalizations to suicidal thoughts and attempts. I’m just wondering has anyone been approved for SSDI for a mental health disability without going to an exam?
  3. I am worried this might happen to me - win at the BVA but get lowballed on my rating percentage. My lawyer even warned me about this and having to do another C&P exam despite the years of documentation that is already on file.
  4. Like I told you on Reddit when you posted the same question, your marriage and family issues is an in-service event. This occurred during service, and you already have a positive nexus from the C&P examiner. Just get a statement from your ex-wife and file an appeal and see what happens.
  5. This is the cold, hard truth. Raters rely too heavily on the outcome of the C&P exam from my experience. No veteran with in-service documentation of an illness or injury along with a current diagnosis shouldn’t need an IMO/IME to counter a bad C&P exam in my opinion.
  6. Hey all, I have an upcoming BVA hearing in April and I am getting anxious. Despite the strong evidence that I have in my service medical records, VA records, and IME from a board-certified specialist, I feel like I’m still going to be denied service-connection. How did you all get over this feeling? I am an emotional wreck right now, far worse than I was waiting three years ago. Plus, my attorney is going to request waiving the hearing and submitting a written argument. I have a conference call with my attorney in two weeks to go over the written argument, but yet I am still anxious
  7. Peggy is the nickname for calling the 1-800-827-1000 number and talking to a service rep.
  8. File a NOD and take it to the BVA. There you can submit new and material evidence.
  9. To answer your question, file a NOD, and take your claim to the BVA in my opinion. You may want to get legal representation as well. Never give up, especially if you have documented evidence.
  10. Never give up! That’s what the VA wants you to do. If you have proof of migraines multiple times through your SMRs, then fight for what is rightfully yours. I’m going through a similar situation where I was denied for migraine headaches even though I have multiple sick calls documented in my service medical records and even my GP wrote on my separation physical “migraine headaches, severe.” I was denied on my initial claim, filed a NOD for DRO, and the senior rater rubber stamped the denial anyways. Now, I have a BVA hearing in April and hopefully I will get justice. How can the
  11. Claims can take awhile. It’s best not to check up on ebenefits or va.gov constantly, and instead use that time for hobbies or other activities. I know it might not be the answer that you wanted to hear, but understand that quite a few veterans on this site have waited years or even a decade or more for claims. I am still waiting on my claim going on for three years now and it’s in the AMA process.
  12. Seems like #2 applies to me going by the IME. Thanks for the info, I’ll go over it and see what else applies to me.
  13. Thanks pac for replying. I was hoping for you to answer since you’ve been through it yourself. The way the psychiatrist wrote the IME, his opinion is that I’ve had depression since 2013 while I was still active duty.
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