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  1. I don't know whether it's better to wait or not. I have an appeal in for PTSD, unspecified depressive disorder and earlier effective date. The EED is from 1978 when I was first denied. Apparently VA did not have my medical records at the time. I've brought up the idea of increasing my % to the atty a couple of times. She talks me out of it, saying the BVA has a nasty habit of changing the effective date on claims like mine. I go back and forth -- old age is here and 100% would sure be nice in the mailbox, but I'd hate to give up on backpay even if it's only from 2015. Of course people on the 'other' forum say the atty is just stalling in order to get a bigger fee...
  2. I've been on low carb for a few years. Started at 255 and now am around 215. I've found that walking and about 25 carbs daily will quickly pull the weight down for me. What I notice now is if I eat carbs, I really crave more. Carl it's tough if the wife isn't on the same meal plan. I don't think I could do it. Carnivore diet will work too. Eat all the protein and fat you want. Get's boring, but better than being hungry all the time Good luck!!
  3. Thanks @broncovetthat's good advice. I'll do that. It's kind of strange how some collection agencies work. I agree with you on debt, my only debt is a mortgage and I have no intention of accruing more.
  4. Well, my BVA 'win' didn't do much good. All the bills were turned over to collection agencies and re-sold again and again. The anesthesiologists are particularly tough. Credit score took a big hit. All I've got is a letter saying my appeal was granted. Lawyer says they will look into it, but not much there either. I was in hopes I could get some settlement and negotiate with the collection agencies but community care says no.
  5. It's strange how the appeals docket date works. I appealed my granted claim in Nov of 2018 and got on the docket in Sept of 2019 When I checked this am there are still 50,420 appeals ahead of me. On the tracker it says they are working on claims from June of 2018. If you check BVA Metrics it says current legacy docket date is Sept of 2019. CCK is suing the VA, partially because of backlog, needless complexity in process and prioritizing legacy claims.
  6. I've posted here before about my med reimbursement being granted. The claim is for Emergency Room treatment and being sent by ER in ambulance to local hospital. VA paid the ER bills but the hospital was denied. I appealed the denial and the claim was granted by BVA. It's for a substantial amount (to me) of money. Appeal granted end of February. So, I keep checking the bank account, calling BVA, VHA, etc. and trying to find out what's happening. On the 17th of May I get a deposit in my bank account described as Treasury ACH for $960. Seems way off, so I call around trying to find out if it's my med reimbursement claim. No luck, BVA can't tell me anything and I go in telephone circles until finally I get someone at Veteran's Affairs (877-222-8387) who can tell me what it's for. Turns out someone did an audit and the VA didn't pay my co-pays from 2015 to 2017. I was granted SC in 2015. I had submitted the paperwork to Bay Pines, but they told me I only had 30 days to file. One of the VBA agents I talked to said there is a 2 year window in which to file. Bay Pines got me again
  7. I'm pretty sure if he files a claim he will SC for the dental trauma. Remind him to not give up and keep fighting for the service connection. Even 1 tooth damaged will result in full dental.
  8. McRay


    Install Brave browser. It works well.
  9. Congratulations!! I've been turned down every step of the way and didn't get anything SC until I hired an attorney. It way to long to get that service connection and to me it's well worth it to pay the fee. Some people are good with VA speak and are up to date on VA law, but I never was. I'm still not, although I now understand a little better.
  10. I posted this before, but I've got a question. On 2/24 I won my BVA appeal for medical reimbursement. Today I called Peggy and was told there was no information in my file, but she could see the claim and it had been closed. No copy of the Order or what was happening. So she put in a request to find out where it's at and what's taking place -- should hear something within a month. I think it's at the Bay Pines RO waiting for a rating decision. Which seems stupid because there's no backpay or disability involved. Has anyone here had experience with this kind of claim? Or how long it takes to receive the reimbursement? Thanks
  11. For some reason I'm thinking it's 43 cents out here in AZ
  12. My claim was granted for medical reimbursement. I called the 800 number and was told they sent out a letter on 4/1 requesting any additional information before they decided my claim. I know because I got them to email me a copy of the letter. I still haven't received the hard copy. I had 30 days to reply...
  13. Also, if you go for a higher % in the future you may find yourself unable to find an atty who will represent you. If you've signed a fee agreement, I doubt any other law firm will represent you unless you have a written release. I felt like you when I got backpay (atty didn't do anything) but about a year later I realized my atty had a lot to do with get service connection. @broncovet is right, talk to your attorney and tell him what you're thinking and hear what he has to say.
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