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  1. Maybe selling the car might surprise you Buck. My son just sold a Jeep. Paid $48000 for it, wife drove it for a couple of months, didn't like it.. Anyhow, he got $51g for it. Highlander's are considered a top SUV and are hard to get. They hold their value. Check out Auto Trader. I'd be interested if I had the money. Good luck!!
  2. Deepest sympathy and kind regards for Buck and his family
  3. This always confuses me. BVA Metrics says they are currently working on the Legacy Decision Docket of September of 2019. Isn't that the date your Form 9 is received? Of course my Form 9 was received in September of 2019. Nothing is ever simple with the BVA.
  4. Welcome to Hadit. Sounds like it's been a tough road. Lots of loss. Maybe things are lifting.. Flagstaff is nice, too expensive, but mountains and college town make it a good place to live.
  5. Seems to me you arr misunderstanding what he wrote. I took it as sarcasm.
  6. Here in Tucson, we can only get referrals to providers who have a contract with Tri-West. Which sucks because the dentistry I need requires a specialist. There are 5 of these specialists in Tucson, but none are contracted with Tri-West. It's always the same thing with the VA... A lot of talk about providing care for the Vet and very little action.
  7. Count me in on the lawsuit. I've had some horrendous problems with VA Dental. I've been eligible since 1978 and didn't know I had it until 2011. That only happened because I filed other claims they turned down but did let me know I was eligible for dental. There was no letter or percentage just a form saying loss of teeth. Some clinics didn't want to recognize my eligibility. Bay Pines/Lee County wouldn't do implants, their reasoning being (I was told) it cost too much and they could serve more vets by not providing implant care. However both Minneapolis and Tucson provide implants. Tucson has an Implant Board who decides who's eligible. I agree the system is f**ked up and doesn't serve vets in line with Mission Statement.
  8. I used to go the CBOC in Cape Coral. I had some bad experience with the dentist there. The one from PR. VA dental kind of sucks at times. Especially anything to do with implants, bone grafts, etc.
  9. I think that's for legacy claims that were filed before the Feb 2019 date. In Feb of 2019 you had the choice of staying in legacy lane or requesting an AMA lane if you had an existing legacy claim.
  10. I wasn't aware of that. I had an IMO/IME as part of my appeal for EED and higher rating. Assuming I win, it would be reimbursed? Thanks!
  11. We're (US gov't) not very good at nation building. We are good at corruption, greed and wasting lives and resources. The Taliban have graduated from Toyota pickups to HumVees and are now probably one of the better equipped military forces in the world. About 3,000 lives were lost, not to mention body parts and mental trauma. We spent some 3 trillion on our Afghan adventure -- money that could have been spent here at home. The blame for this rests squarely on our military and political leaders for the lies they fed us. Twenty years of fattening up defense contractors and lining pockets. What a sh*t show..
  12. Sounds like you may need an independent medical opinion or exam. You would have to have a nexus to get a rating for PTSD (in service event, current diagnosis, opinion linking the two). Not much info to go on, but it might be helpful if you could get a VSO to start the ball rolling. I think filing claims can be confusing and complicated and the VA is getting more and more requirements. It helps to have a strategy. Might even call a couple of VA attorneys and see what they say. I was a lot more confident about my claim after hiring an attorney.
  13. Various C&P exams I've had done by the VA were always negative for me. I had one C&P exam done by an outside company and that was favorable. VA care is somewhat touch and go also -- a lot seems dependent on where the facility is located. It helps if you have a Dr who will advocate for you and your treatment. I've had 3 in 30 years.
  14. Thanks. That explains it. I was not aware of staged/Fenderson ratings
  15. Thanks for the reply, but my question is would the EED be at my current rate or if I win the appeal and get a higher rating, would that be the percentage back to 1978? I'm aware that 50% in 1978 was substantially less than than 50% today.
  16. I was granted SC from a claim I filed in 2015. I currently have an appeal at the BVA for an increased rating and an earlier effective date. My question is if I win my appeal and am granted an EED of 1978 and increased % that would give me either 100% schedular or 70% and TDIU how would that work? It seems that some SMR's were not considered in my original denial in 1978 and were instrumental in overturning the denial in 2016 . The appeal legal brief is requesting a total rating of 100% or 70% and TDIU as of September 2015 and EED of 1978. Would the 1978 EED be computed at my current rate or would it be the increased rate?
  17. Congratulations! Always nice to see someone win. What percentage did they give you?
  18. I sent a secure message to the patient advocate this morning. Here's the response: It appears the VA is cost cutting. Not one of 5 prosthodontists in the Tucson community is accepting Tri West. Seems odd.. Guess the next step is my congressman..
  19. There are many docs who specialize in Independent Medical Opinions/Examinations. I don't know if I'm allowed to post any links but I'm sure there are listings somewhere here on Hadit. Probably can google VA IMO doctors too. I had one done, it was handled by my attorney and I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it is pretty comprehensive. If I have to get another one, I would expect to pay from $1500 - $2000 but that's just a guestimate. Your situation may be less complex since you are already service connected and therefore less expensive. I've gotten so many different MH diagnosis from the VA that I no longer have much faith in them. If you can afford it, get an IMO. As always, do your research and consult several different docs.
  20. Thanks @broncovet good advice. I guess another part of my question centers around 'Choice Care'. I thought vets were allowed to go into the community for care if they were over a certain distance from the VA med facility or if there was a scheduling problem where the Vet would have to wait to long for the appointment. Maybe this doesn't apply to Dental patients? I would think my situation would certainly apply for community care -- I'm more than 50 miles away from the treatment facility and they don't have a prosthodontist on staff at the current time. I sent the information via Secure Message to the dental clinic this morning and by noon, the dentist had called me back to tell me how she had gone to her boss and he had informed her the VA had no 'contract' with any outside prothodontists. I asked her "so this is basically a money/fee problem" and she said yes. I'm considering contacting the patient advocate, but I've got a feeling this is one of those 'dead end' paths. The dental clinic has decided my only treatment option is a denture and they are going to do whatever necessary to prove themselves right. Why is it that VA Math always favors the VA?
  21. On a side note, I dropped off the form for travel pay and the lady told me they had moved to a new system and were working on travel pay forms from the 1st of July. Wonder if this is indicative of cost cutting measures?
  22. That's logical and would work. Not in keeping with the VA motto of 'delay delay delay' though.
  23. I'm service connected for dental care. Recently I have a problem with a bridge loosening up and it's complicated by bone loss and a span of 7 teeth. I saw my VA dentist yesterday and the Tucson dental clinic doesn't have a prosthodontist currently. One guy retiring, another being hired and going through the process. There are 5 prosthodontists in the community, but it seems the dental clinic has changed their provider contract to Tri-West? and they won't pay the going rates the community docs are charging. Apparently the new community care guidelines don't apply to dentistry? Any of you guys had problems like this or any recommendations?
  24. https://www.federaltimes.com/management/2021/07/13/pandemic-exposed-strain-from-va-benefit-appeals-caseloads/ The amount of problem attorneys at the BVA is shocking. They only have to do two appeals per week?
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