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  1. https://www.facebook.com/100008194066217/posts/2418838551732590?sfns=mo
  2. Buck, what’s your status now? Are you scheduled for an exam? Have they given you any idea of a time frame to determine your status?
  3. Hi all, thanks for the great informative responses. Went to my local VAMC and asked them what should I do . They told me to contact the billing departments of the medical facilities that treated me and request medical records/medical bills.. They said I have 90 days from discharge to get this done. I was in two different hospitals and when I brought up VA medical care it seemed to be a complicated path to get treated so I opted to not claim the VA as part of my coverage. In one case it was to see if the VA would pay for me to have a home nurse administer an IV antibiotic that I needed the next day. They said it could take days to get approved. That wasn’t going to work. The other time I considered using VA medical was when they first admitted me to the emergency room I told them I I had VA coverage. They said if I used VA that that would mean I would have to be transferred eventually to a VA Hospital. So for those two incidents I opted for my Medicare and private secondary insurance with which I have a $1000 deductible for the the year. I feel very blessed to have what I have for medical care. But if I can keep these cost down as they seem to be always going up I’m all for pursuing any coverage opportunities that may be available. Looks like a lot of red tape and confusion is in the future but hopefully will get this resolved. Thaks so much to my Hadit brothers and sisters for sharing their knowledge. It is most appreciated.
  4. Hi all, Im 100% P & T. What benefit if any do I get when I incur outside VA medical bills. Does the VA pick up any of the cost. I have outside Insurance and Medicare. I also have a $1000 deductible. I’ve heard the VA will pick up emergency room visits cost . Anyone have experience with this. Thanks
  5. Thanks Bronco, I figured as much but wanted to hear it from the voice of experience. Can you explain the 5 year rule? Is there an age at which the VA exempts you from further exams? I understand that even thou you have no further exams scheduled that there is still the possibility of further C&P exams.
  6. What does the VA give you to show that you are permanent and total.The BBE didn't have anything directly stating that. My Commissary letter on Ebenefits states "This total disability is considered permanent. You are not scheduled for future examinations." Does that statement mean P&T ? Is there any other documents that would reflect P&T. Seems like there would be more documentation to indicate TDIU P&T. Thanks EDIT. Looking at my summary of benefits letter it states " You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due solely to your service-connected disabilities" Sounds like P&T but is it?
  7. Success because of Hadit and its members. I would like to say Thank You to all that post their stories and to those that share their knowledge on Hadit. I received notice of my award benefit for TDIU P&T at the end of June 2017. Received deposit into our account last night. E Benefits confirms TDIU P&T. Still waiting for the BBE. I started this journey in Jan, 2015. By May, 2015 I had received notice of award at 70%. Shortly after I received notice of award on a pending issue and award went up to 80%. May 2016 filed NOD. May 2017 received award to 90% and also my SOC. Requested a RO hearing and submitted more evidence . End of June heard thru the grapevine that award was imminent and it would be P&T. Looking back its been unbelievable to have received this gift from the citizens of this great country . THANK YOU HADIT and all whom take their valuable time to help others.
  8. K Solo, I believe when you file for TDIU that automatically triggers a reevaluation on what ever disabilities your claiming.
  9. Thanks broncovet I'm working on my Form 21-8940 first. I'm going to submit my Form 9 next . Way before the 60 day time period. Thank God I have a great smart wife. Without her and Hadit I be like the Titanic.
  10. Gastone I couldn't get the Atigg SOC video to work. Do you have another link?
  11. I took off my SOC for know. I thought I had redacted names and numbers. Oops! I need my 7 year old grandson to help me out with this computer fun. I put a redacted abbreviated version of my SOC back up. Redacted SOC 5 pages.pdf
  12. Im not clear on how to send in my VA Form 21-8940 and my appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals. I have so much information I don't want to fax. I want to post it on E Benefits and then take and submit the same at the Los Angeles regional office. The SOC brings up the point to send per the instructions in the SOC. I can't find anything that address's that issue. If its posted on E Benefits wouldn't that be the gold standard? Thanks
  13. I have three issues that were brought up in my SOS. TDIU,High Blood Pressure related to PTSD and Tremors related to PTSD. The TDIU I'm going to appeal. Im thinking of not appealing the blood pressure and tremors at this time. Perhaps at a later date when I can accumulate more evidence. As stated previously I received a bump in PTSD to 70%. My thinking is this is new evidence for my TDIU claim. I think thats what I need to focus on. Appealing the TDIU and submitting VA form 21-8940. I need to take some things off my plate. ITS TO FULL!!!! Your thoughts Thanks
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