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  1. vern2

    Could this be Cue from BVA decision

    Sounds like a failure to communicate. IMHO, this is a CUE.
  2. vern2


    hello and Happy October. Went to my local Pensacola JACC this am, and closed due to minor fire with water and smoke damage. This was at 0745, just passed by again on way back from exchange and very few cars in parking lot. They stated would be open back at 12 noon.
  3. Got a ramp letter when this first came about. I was rated 100% SMC for my heart condition, EED, Dec 15, yet 3 years later I get a RAMP letter, and several emails. Just ignored them. Maybe they are desperate, or just did a mass mail and email for some odd reason.
  4. vern2

    Ebenifits down???

    Nope, called DMDC yesterday. Blamed outage on outside server. Tricare online and relay Health are also down. 48 hours so far, sure hope this is not Russian, or other governments doing this
  5. vern2

    August 1st

    another year has almost passed
  6. I never went as fr as DRO. In both instances I used the NOD and requested a de novo review. First time in 2004, had finalized in 2007 with moderate retro (30%). Then disagreed with claim filed in 2012 for 100%, denied in 2014, filed de novo, settled in 2015 for large retro and 100% SC and several other SC were rated from 0, 10, 30 %. This procedure worked for me, as fired my VSO and handled my claims my self. Background: I was AF TAP program mgr, and advised retiring, separating members on how to files claims. I worked beside a VA rep in the USAF Family Support Building and had some experience and knowledge of what is needed in claim process. Still ran into Va roadblocks of lost medical records and outright denials due to VA not really looking at my evidence. My advice is to always make copy of anything that you send to VA and send certified , return receipt mail, and keep copies of all medical records. Filing a claim with VA for compensation is long process, in spite of VA telling people at the TAP briefings that claim be settled in 6 months. That is just BS! I wish I could be fly on wall at a DRO hearing to see what actually transpires!!
  7. Suggest you take notes as soon as exam is over. Then when you can get a copy of the exam and immediately challenge anything this is contrary to what you private exams have found. The exams are not in your best interest and they will usually put unfavorable conclusions vs trying to help the vet. I fought them for 10 years before I was successful. The examining doctor is supposed to review you outside medical records, but rarely do this, even when given hard copies. My doctor told me he did not have time to read then but would read later! This never happened.
  8. vern2

    Can the VA reduce your rating??

    so, I will be 97 before I am protected. Yeah, and i do not think I will live that long. I will just take each day, one day at a time. Vern2
  9. IMHO, fire the attorney. Let me see if I have this correct. Waiting a year for DRO hearing, and when you finally get notified, your attorney runs up the red flag saying they do not have you C-file from VA. Do as Buck suggests, go and take notes. Your attorney is useless, IMHO.
  10. vern2

    should I use a public adjuster

    My experience in Hurricane Ivan was to use the State Farm Adjuster or who ever you have insurance with. Why use the public adjuster? If you are not satisfied with the Insurance adjuster, only then would I consider using a public adjuster. Remember, there may be a considerable wait for the insurance company adjuster, do document any repairs you make until the adjuster comes to your house. I took many pictures and save receipts for repairs that I made or contracted to make. My home had $56 k damage, but only had $500 deductible. Of course after Ivan, State Farm dropped most of Florida and now I have a $4k deductible with Universal Property-which is all I could find. Vern2
  11. vern2

    Can the VA reduce your rating??

    What about age> I was awarded 100% P & T in December 2015, and letter stated no more exams. I will be 69 in November. I thought there was some protection if you were over 65?
  12. I would suggest go back to the civilian audiologist, who should have known to include a statement that he had reviewed your STR. I was a gunner on a tank and filed a claim for hearing loss (high frequency) and tinnitus in 2007. Denied by VA as they said no proof I had been a gunner as I had alleged. I had myself re-tested by my local military Audiologist, who found significant hearing loss and tinnitus. As a retire, she could not give me hearing aids, so went to VA with request for hearing aids and got them. Them I re-filed my claim and was finally rated at 0%, which I am happy with as this gives me free hearing aids I also submitted pictures of me on the tank on firing line with no hearing protection, in fact none of the people in picture wore hearing protection. I did not pursue the issue since I am 100% for heart and other issues.
  13. A typical FOIA request may take up to a year, or more to get response. You can contact the NRC in St. Louis to get a copy of your C file. This usually takes a couple of weeks, which is fast by VA standards! I had a phone number, but have lost it, which I used to call the NRC (national record center) to expedite my request. I do still have a VA complaint number in my phone contacts, but not sure how useful this may be- number is 1-855-948-2311. Vern2
  14. I do not trust the DAV. If I had trusted the DAV, I would be at 0% compensation, instead of 100% SC. It appears that VA appealed your 10% rating a 2nd time and brought this back to 0%. You need to get copy of your VA claim File and proceed from there. You may be owed compensation back to 1988. If the VA appealed your 10% rating from 1991 in 1994, there should be some record in you C file. When you get your C file and review it, then post again on forum with any questions. Yes, you may want to file the 21-4138, but not until you see what is in C file. This is just my opinion.

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