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  1. Suggest you change you posts from script to times new Roman, as very hard to read your posts.
  2. No, not yet. Will call in near future to get the details. Will post when I get the details.
  3. Has anyone used him for an IME/IMO. found his name through a directory on Haddit. My ortho C % P exams did not go very well. The first one was by a PA , the 2nd one was by a QTC nurse, with no ortho experience. Vern2
  4. I live near a VARO, can I not walk in and go to the Release Of Information Office and request this, rather than file a FOIA request? Vern2
  5. What is supposed to happen when you sign up for the BDD program? I have already had all my C & P exams, yet no pre-separation exam by either the military or the VA? ( ASKING FOR FRIEND) Vern2
  6. I expected a response from Houston VARO, the office that has my claim, but got one from San Antonio. Seemed kind of odd?
  7. Yes, but expected it to be from Houston VARO?
  8. They do not have to give you new C & P, if they have enough medical evidence to make a decision-which is rare. Submit your question via IRIS and see what response the VARO has to say.
  9. Filed a complaint via ebenefits, imagine my surprise, got a phone today from VA office in San Antonio, my claim was filed online, VA said Houston VARO handling my claim, but got a call today from VA in San Antonio. What is going on? This does not seem normal? Any comments, or should I just shut up n get back on the hamster wheel
  10. Yes, I have read this article. But wanted to make sure that I can request new c & p exam as this one was flawed and inadequate. Is there a specific form or can a simple statement suffice?
  11. Is there a VA form that I need to use to appeal a bad c & p exam or will a simple letter suffice? Vern2
  12. no, she never received a letter. if you find that number post it so can get her to call them. Thanks!
  13. Just found out a few minutes ago that the VA had stopped paying my daughter in law her 30% VA compensation over a year ago. She had moved from San Antonio to New Orleans and yes she did notify the VA of the move. It appears that the VA stopped her payments and now claims she was overpaid, as she had claimed dependents for her 2 children. VA states total over payment is over $8k. Not sure how to handle this, but suggested she send IRIS a message and also call the White House number for help. She has trouble dealing with the VA as she has a temper!! What should she do. She was a Navy nurse. Vern2
  14. I have athsclerotic heart disease, secondary to HBP. Rated 30% for HBP, fought this from 2007 to 2015. Finally on DRO review was awarded 100% for heart, and HBP still at 30% . Also 30% for migraines, 10% for tinnitus, and a few others at 10%.
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