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  1. In WI, if you are 100 or IU, you still pay your property tax, but you get it back when you file your State taxes at the end of the year. If you don't owe any taxes or would normally not get a refund, the State still cuts you a check for your property taxes you paid. There is a form that you fill out and send in the first year proving your 100 or IU, and then its in the system. I filled for the first time last year and it worked great. This will be my second year. No one at my local Town or County would know that I get that back from the State. Except, probably the CVSO, who wouldn't tell. You'd think. On Wisconsin, Carl
  2. I am at 180 a day, now. I am sure we will be cutting that number at my next visit.. Thanks, Carl
  3. I think Covid played a part as I hibernated (cause my wife is compromissed) for 2 years and in the spring I weighed in at my VA appt at 288. I had been 275 for about 3-4 years. So, with that they checked my sugars twice, 145, 155 and did a A1C which came in at 7.1. With that, I met with a VA natrutionist, who told me that the way she dose it is with carbs. 60 each meal, with a 30 carb snack at most, so about 210 a day. When I got back from that appt, my daughter set me up with a online program that records your intake. We set it up with 180 carbs a day with a 2 pound per week weight loss. I started at 2100 calories, and now I am at 1770 calories a day. I try to hit the numbers, but dosen't work every day. It was hard, but now I am used to it. But it is working. 5/3 288.6lbs, 7/20 274.7lbs, 8/23 265.9lbs and 9/23 262.1 pounds. So, 26.5 pounds so far. On August 9th, my blood sugar was 113 and my A1C was 6.6, so the diet and the Metformin are working. However, I am on Potassium now as it went critically low after I started both. Another side effect of some of the drugs I am on. I think I am near 250, but I only use the scale at the nutritionist to keep the same control measure. Next appt is Nov 2. FWIW, I have never felt better, have more energy and my get up and move has improved dramatically. The downside. Miss the donuts, ALOT. Boring food. Lots of meat, which I like, but gets old. Wife is mad at me all the time cause she can't make a pan of lasagna like she used too, along with sheet cakes, etc. LOL.. But we are working on it. She did make peanut butter cookies yesterday...... My target is 200, which I haven't weighed in around 40 years. Wish me luck. Carl
  4. First, I am not a Vietman Vet. I am an Iraq Veteran. I have been on either Hydrochlorothiazide or Chlorthalidone for my service connected HBP since 2004. I got out of the service in '08. In the spring I was diagnosed with Diabetes type II. It is under control, however I take medication (pills) two times a day. I believe if connected, in its current state, it would rate 20%. I found documentation from civilian publications and from the the VA itself stating that both of those medications, plus another one I am on for high cholesterol, can cause Diabetes type II. I am thinking of claiming Diabetes type II secondary to my HBP meds. What do you think? Carl IMG_20221018_0001.pdf
  5. Denied.... Called and "hired" a firm to handle the reconsideration. 25%. I passed thier screenout phase. Talk in person on Thursday. Sit back and watch cartoons for a while, LOL, Carl
  6. All, "On September 29, 2022, a representative in ********************** started a final review to make sure that you still meet the non-medical requirements for Disability Benefits." Just got this message today. Sounds hopefull. Nothing "non-medical" has changed since I applied. No work, etc. Will be interesting to see their onset date. My application date is 6 3 2021, but I hadn't worked since 2 19 2019. I understand the 12 month limit on backpay before application date, so we will see. Plus I know about the 5 month deal. 23 months would be sweet. Hoping for the best, Carl
  7. All, If we rated where we are at with VA claims 1-100, where a new initial VA comp claim for tinnitus, would be a 1 and where Mr. Cue is, probably near 98, there is obviously different paths one can choose to take. And we could/should cater our advice appropriately. In other words, Mr. Cue is playing 3 dimension chess with the VA, and most of our new contributors are not there yet. I follow Mr. Cue, cause he pulls some bold moves, and he has chosen to go that way. On the other hand, most of my input goes toward easier claims that I have been successful with. Most of my stuff has been straight forward. I am in my first HLR, which is probably a denial, but haven't heard anything from the VA in over six months after the "new" exams. So, I keep reading here, learning, bidding time. LOL. I do see a problem that krept up on Veterans, that being, when we had VA C&Ps, they got sent back to the examiners to opine when there was a problem, but now, with contractors, they (you) get sent to a different examiner to fix. I does look like shopping. Lets tailor our responses to the level of problem the OP's are having, and we can always have our own posts with our own experiences for others. FWIW, Carl I'm going out on a limb and say that I am a 60 on a scale of 1-100. That's low, but there is so much I don't know.
  8. I started with right foot plantar fasciitis, regards my feet and ankles. -bilateral plantar fasciitis (claimed as left foot plantar fasciitis as secondary to right foot plantar fasciitis, and previously rated as right foot plantar fasciitis)10% -left ankle achilles tendonitis and degenerative arthritis (previously claimed as left ankle pain)10% -degenerative arthritis, right ankle 10% The above is from my list of disabilities. FWIW, I started with right foot plantar facsiitis at 10%. I then claimed my left secondary to my right and got 10% bilateral, LOL. Then I went with degenerative arthritis secondary to the right foot plantar facsiitis. Over time, Carl I do not have flat feet..
  9. You guys are killing me here!, You(s) remind me of a friend I had a long time ago that used to take a large bag of peanut M&M's with him when he went to the DMV for the ladies behind the counters. He never waited or took a number. LOL, Carl Every conversation regards the same situation with a different person at a different time at a different location will have a different result.
  10. Latest, I got another letter 3 weeks ago for an appointment at a hospital for x-rays, actually 2 appointments back to back for x-rays. So, tomorrow is pictures day. And then 2 appts with doctors in Sept. One for musculoskeletal, and one for mental. I do have a question for anyone who went throught the SSDI process, I have since my original application, been diagnosed or treated for 3 new maladies. One of them being type II diabetes, for which I take metformin. Do I send those medical diagnosis with medical documents in now, or wait until after the first denial?? Any help would be appreciated... Thanks, Carl
  11. Apples and Oranges, Apples, in the VA health system, via the Blue Button in MyHealthyVet, I can see any interaction that I have with the VA regards my health to include appointments, messages and periodic exam reports etc. I can even see old (before third party contractors) C&P exams that were done at the VA hospiital. Oranges, in the VA comp system, via my CVSO (County Veteran's Service Officer) I can get any or all of my C&P exams whether in house or third party contractor. Even though it took 4 months to get my C-File (FOIA), I can get exams, even from contractors when I walk in the door. CVSO's do not get paid by the VA, so they will probably not print a big request, but I have had them print 15-20 pages without any grief. And I do call them weekly to see where the VA is with my appeal, as the VA takes for ever to send a letter. I had a letter from the VA with a 60 day suspence that took 40 days to get to me, but I knew the content already via my CVSO. Now, what I think (I could be all wet) is the issue here is trying to get comp exams from or through the VA health system..... I do not think that my PCP has acces to my comp C&P's. Or if they do, they don't persue them as they (VA comp exams) are not treatment records and have no bearing on the proposed treatment. I.e., what you are being treated for has already been diagnosed via a health medical exam. A C&P exam is for proving you have a ailment from your service, as we all know. Finally, maybe a Veteran has experience with this. What if you claimed COPD for example, and at the C&P they took a x-ray of your lungs and saw a grapefruit sized tumor. What would happen? What if it was a contractor? I would think in that case, it would become part of your health record. I will also add that I am pretty sure most of your C-File is not in your health record. My C-File has my wifes complete SSDI file for her Multiple Sclerosis disability. I went to a contractor C&P where the examiner told me she was going over her day the night before and had to start over on my exam because she was using some of my wifes "readings" and then saw that I was not a 53 year old women. So, the C-File can be anything or everything for the Veteran. FWIW, Carl
  12. Well, it's clear as mud. I'm not to sure where you (Mr cue) are in this process, but you are in here somewhere. phrase “duty to assist,records%2C and VA medical records. I read the whole thing and I don't see where they mention anything about the Veteran refusing duty to assist. But, Carl It's a good read anyway!
  13. Yes, that is what happened to me during the last two sets of claims I made. Carl
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