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  1. Was the SC PTSD due to an in service car accident?=Yes If so did this accident cause most or all of the additional back and nerve problems you have, as listed in the IMO?=Yes And thanks for all the help I really appreciate it
  2. Berta I was rated for the back issues back in 2014 and I was recently rated for PTSD in September of 2020. So in your opinion my IMO should have been geared toward the PTSD and not the other conditions.
  3. Hi Berta I've attached a copy of the IMO migraine IMO.docx
  4. Yep The IMO did actually support what my VA medical records and private records said but like you stated I'll just have to get more over whelming evidence the next go round.
  5. Hi Broncovet I actually had an IMO along with my case and they still denied it.
  6. I actually already did a supplemental before I did the HLR and that one was denied as well, so could I go back and do another supplemental or do I have to go to the BVA?
  7. HI Pacmanx1 I sure do so now I have to go the BVA route so we'll see what happens
  8. Hi Everyone I recently had a C&P exam on the 9th of July, the examiner told me that it would take 30 days for her to do her research and come to a decision about my claim. So the 9th of September was the 30 day mark and the case is still open as of today. I checked my blue button records and she actually made a decision on my claim the same day she said it's less likely than not. So my question is has any one seen results take this long and why would she lie to me and say it's going to take 30 days for her to find results and she made a decision the same day.
  9. Pacmanx1 thank you for the answer, my lawyer told me this morning the next option would be to go to the BVA so I guess that's where I'm headed.
  10. Hi Everyone I had a C&P back in Dec for my migraine condition and I was denied and the examiner said the condition was less likely than not related to my car accident. So I filed a HLR and the VA gave me another C&P and I just looked in my blue button records and the C&P examiner this time said that my condition was not at least as likely as not related to my car accident. Can someone explain the difference to me because they sound like they are saying the same thing and thanks in advance.
  11. I sure will and thank you guys for the support I really appreciate it.
  12. BionicVet Thanks for the reply, this is my 4th C&P exam for migraine and I'll see what happens.
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