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  1. Hi Everyone I recently had a supplemental claim submitted by the law firm that representing me on the 5th of October and it was closed on the 5th because page 2 wasn't sent over. I informed them and they resubmitted everything on the 9th and they verified that all the pages were sent over, but when I checked the claim today it still says closed on the 5th of October. I wanted to know is there a set time that they have to reopen the case because it's going on 3 weeks since they have had the info that they need to reopen it.
  2. My sister recently had a C&P exam done and this morning she logged in and it said that notice for request 5 closed, does anyone happen to know what that means. I've googled and looked on several other boards but I can't find anything that speaks of request 5
  3. Now that's another question that I have also, when I log into VA.gov what is the process to start a supplemental claim. The law firm that I'm working with told me that they would submit it for me but that was last Monday, when I called this morning they told me no supplemental has been submitted so I'm just going to do it myself.
  4. Hi Everyone I want to file a supplemental claim but I was told that I have to fill out form 20-0995 and fax it to the office that sent me my denial letter. But I also wanted to know when I fax in the form do I also fax in the IMO the lay statement and the case law that I have as new evidence in support of my claim.
  5. Thanks for the response, they told me that they will be calling me next week to schedule a televisit with a dr.
  6. Hi Everyone I filed a claim for SSD related to my back rating, I filed it on the 12th of August and I was contacted by a company called VES on Friday. They told me that the VA contacted them because they want to expedite my claim. I wanted to know has anyone had this done before and why would they want to expedite the claim, not that I'm complaining because that's a good thing it's just I've never heard of that before.
  7. Hi Everyone I wanted to know can someone tell me what are SCT codes, and the reason I ask is because I was looking through my VA problem list and of the 6 issues I have 2 have ICD-9 codes and the others have SCT and I was wondering what are those codes and are they similar to ICD-9. Thanks Eric
  8. Gotcha Now I totally understand and thanks for the quick replies.
  9. Hi pacmanx1 I see what you're saying, since this is a secondary condition I just have to have a medical opinion.
  10. Thanks Seminoles That would definitely save me some money on the pad because I'm using 3 a day and those things are $25.00 a box.
  11. Thanks GBArmy I'll make sure I speak to my Dr. on the 30th of this month when my next visit is.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply I actually spoke to an outside Dr. a few months ago and they told me that bladder dysfunction is common with IVDS. They did tell me to speak to my primary care Dr. at the VA to get a referral for the condition since the VA is already giving me SMC K for ED related to my IVDS.
  13. Hi Everyone About 6 months ago my IVDS started effecting by bladder and now at least 3 times a day I have incontinence issues. So what I've done is I've purchase liners and I use those, so would I just tell my doctor and she would refer me to a urologist. And the reason I ask is because if I file a claim for this how do you show documentation that you have this issue?
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