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  1. Thank you guys for all the replies, I actually just submitted my HLR on Friday of last week. This is my supplemental claim that they denied. So I'll see what they say at the HLR and if that doesn't go well my last option is the BVA.
  2. Hi Everyone I wanted to know can someone look at this for me and tell me in your opinion should i have been rated for migraines. I think I should have been rated, I gave them a good amount of info from my medical record and the IMO and still denied.
  3. Thanks Broncovet I'll give it a day or so and check back.
  4. Hi Everyone I wanted to know does the ebenefits site and the VA.gov site update at the same time. The reason I ask is because I checked on Saturday and the case was still open but this morning I log in and it says that it closed on Friday the 26th. So I go over to ebenefits and check there and the condition I was trying to get a rating for still says non-service connected. I was wondering has anyone seen this be updated later on after the case has closed.
  5. Hi Everyone Back in November I had a teleconference with a BVA judge about having my rating for Sciatic nerve paralysis returned to 40% which the VA reduced to 20%. During the call the judge said that he looked through my records and he saw that the VA hadn't done any examinations to see if my condition had improved so by VA law they couldn't reduce me just based off 1 C&P exam. At the end of the call he said I should be getting a decision soon, shortly after the claim said I had 90 days to submit evidence in support of my case and the 90 day mark was February 10th. I just wanted t
  6. This is what happened, I went in for an increase because my back has gotten worse and they denied me and they sent me a letter saying that they were going to reduce me from 40% to 20%. So I appealed the decision and went before a BVA judge. He asked me about my condition and I told him how bad my back has gotten and the medications that I take for back pain. He told me that he had looked through my files and he saw that the VA has never reevaluated me to see if my condition has gotten better and they couldn't lower my rating with out an exam. So I was under the impress that after him saying th
  7. Hi Broncovet This is my situation, I was at 40% for sciatic nerve paralysis and they lowered me to 20%. But in the mean time I was rated at 70% for PTSD which currently put me at 87% which rounds to 90%. So by me getting back to 20% it would move me from 87% to actually 90% so I won't be getting an increase but when I check my disabilities the sciatica is still at 20% and the case still shows open as of today but I'm getting this letter in the mail and that's what's confusing me because in the past when I've gotten these letters the case has been closed.
  8. Hi Everyone I logged in today to check the status of my BVA claim and it said "Your regulatory or procedural review – Received March 12, 2021 has been closed as of March 12, 2021". But when I look at the claim it's still open so I called the 1 800 number and the guy acted like he didn't know what that means and told me that I'll be receiving a packet in the mail within 7-10 days. Has anyone seen this before and if so what actually does this mean and thanks in advance for the help and I look forward to your replies.
  9. Thanks GBArmy I'm for sure going to go, I had never heard of this before and I wanted to know was this something that is common but definitely going to go.
  10. Hi everyone I recently had a C&P on December 17th for migraines. And today I get a call from LHI stating that I have to do anthor C&P exam for migraines again and I wanted to know is this common.
  11. Hi Everyone Last Thursday I had a Webex session with a veterans law judge and my attorney. After I explained to the judge my situation with my condition he told me that it sounds like I had a bad C&P exam. So I was under the impression that I would have another C&P exam but today I checked the VA.gov website and the status of the appeal has changed to "Your appeals file is open for new evidence". I've attached a screen shot and I wanted to know does this mean I need to have an IMO done for my condition or should I just leave it like it is until February and see what happens.
  12. Hi Everyone I recently had a supplemental claim submitted by the law firm that representing me on the 5th of October and it was closed on the 5th because page 2 wasn't sent over. I informed them and they resubmitted everything on the 9th and they verified that all the pages were sent over, but when I checked the claim today it still says closed on the 5th of October. I wanted to know is there a set time that they have to reopen the case because it's going on 3 weeks since they have had the info that they need to reopen it.
  13. My sister recently had a C&P exam done and this morning she logged in and it said that notice for request 5 closed, does anyone happen to know what that means. I've googled and looked on several other boards but I can't find anything that speaks of request 5
  14. Now that's another question that I have also, when I log into VA.gov what is the process to start a supplemental claim. The law firm that I'm working with told me that they would submit it for me but that was last Monday, when I called this morning they told me no supplemental has been submitted so I'm just going to do it myself.
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