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  1. Hello Thanks for that and the HRL got the Imo and Rater just asked on the Addendum if the veterans statements were sufficient. A few doctor visits are not enough for a Nexus. I assumed after the fact they would agree with previous decisions. I’m rated at a 100 now.
  2. Hello was service connected for a back condition in 2021 from VA and HlR waited 5 months to get C&P on DTA and new Exam says not service connected and now they ordered an IMO and now they say it existed and was aggravated beyond its nature progression. So, no doctor visits in for a while and hlr asked imo are lay statements enough? Was treated in service and wonder if they are going to try to sever connection? Was DTA error and waiting for hlr to change to cue? Whats your opinion?
  3. No, depends on the C&P and also the Rater. Then can approve with a Nexus and even disapprove with records. Long story short, they do what they want to do. That is why there is soooo many lanes. My own opinion.
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