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  1. Ok...so I'm back with another update. Claim closed out on April 15th. Received an increase on one item and the rest of the items remain at 0%, still service connected. Kind of disappointed and it put me in a bad space for a while but, my head is more clear and I'm going to appeal the decision.
  2. Status changed to "Pending Decision Approval" today....happy to see some progress. Hoping that this closes out soon.
  3. Claim still in Prep for Decision status(since Jan 4 2019)....Im jealous of your turnaround time!
  4. I completed a lifestyle impact claim w/ the help of a company in 2017. It resulted in a 70% rating. The company did not charge any upfront fees. They only got paid if I received an increase. But as Tbird said, you can get a ton of free help w/ VSOs
  5. Update: there is no update. lol....still in prep for decision status. Estimated completion date is 2/5/2019-3/19/2019 I'll be back for another update in a few weeks
  6. hey you may want to delete those dox and re-upload. Your personal information is on the top
  7. How was the timeline for you? What day did you open your claim....and what dayside it close out? I'm asking b/c I want to compare your timeline w/ mine and a few others that I see on here
  8. Wow! 2 months? Looks like the VA is doing a little better for some of us these days. One 30 and three 10s would definitely put me at 100%....hope I make it to the "sacred land" of 100% I'll definitely keep you guys posted on how this works out for me. Wish me luck! -Lameduck
  9. Hopefully it does move faster. Four of the pending claims are increases, the other one is secondary. I'm currently an independent contractor so, technically, I don't have a "real job". I work when I'm physically able to. I'll start looking into the TDIU filing process. You're right 10 percent is definitely not 10 percent when it comes down to compensation. Thanks for responding
  10. It was contracted out to a company called LHI...I'm assuming that it would be a waste of time to contact LHI and ask them to provide a copy? What do you think? Thanks for responding
  11. First time poster! I just discovered had it and have been reading so much great information on here. I'm currently rated at 90% and have 5 pending claims. I need three 20's and one 10 to get to 100%(pretty confident that I'll get there but, the VA is weird). Here's the timeline on my open claim: Initial Submission-- 12/13/2018 C&P Exam Date: 1/2/2019 Prep for Decision: 1/4/2019 It's moving a lot faster than expected. Not sure if the process will keep moving fast or, hit a brick wall. You never know with the VA From what I've been reading, there is a way t
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