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  1. It’s been a long road 4 years and 7 months long but finally WON! Never thought at my age I would ever see P&T. Now on to SS. Thank you to everyone who has posted. This site has helped me along the way in so many ways!
  2. My claim was deferred in Nov 2018 and I was awarded back pay for one condition. The rest of the conditions went on in another appeal (RAMP) . All of a sudden my appeals at BVA were pulled and added to this appeal. In feb I had a C and P for all the deferred conditions and also the BVA appealed ones too. My appeal whet into pending Decision Approval and stayed two weeks, went back to gathering evidence and right back to PDA within 24 hours. On 3/20 it changed to Pending Notification and said it would be done 3/21, I am super nervous now because when I looked under dependents it says “no dependents on award” and they are listed under “not on award”, did I just lose all my benefits? I hope someone has been through this type of thing and can tell me if I need to fix something or not.
  3. Update on this: So on the 30th I received back pay but no letter explaining anything. My lawyer said it was from an error made in my acne (left at 10 percent should have been 30 percent) which made me 90% instead of 80%. He also said he hasn’t received a final letter either just a pre draft. He said they are aware of my back and hips being from service but they didn’t include those yet (I believe that’s because the case for those is already at BVA) but he also noticed they opened a new claim on those themselves. I guess that would be a partial win and another wait for a while. Thank guys
  4. Just an update. My claim did something odd. It gained my conditions that were with BVA (they have been there a year) and then it closed to complete (2 days ago) now today my BVA appeal (which still had 186,000 dockets in front of me) says complete and moved to historical appeals.... the vet.org site won’t let me sign in. My letter or disabilities online have not changed. The aafc fee decision claim has not moved and doesn’t have a date to do so. Sorry, I am just extremely worried since I haven’t seen anything like this but have been studying a few cases in the last four years but can’t find anything like this.
  5. I don’t really know how to reply on this site, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, Sir. and thanks Buck52 it’s felt like 20 years but I do know there are people who have waited a lot longer than I have.
  6. Thank you for the fast reply. I was scared to see a new claim had opened with a title like that. I am guessing it would be good news then. Thanks again
  7. Hello, this claim has been going on for several years with many CUE and increases and one IU reopen appeal. My appeal was put into RAMP in April and now says prep to notify. I noticed when it hit that stage it opened another claim labeled as AAFC fee decision, I am not sure what this is and have never heard of it before, does anyone know what this is about?
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