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  1. I have a similar situation. I am currently smc s K. I have 2 100% ratings...copd and Major nuerocodnitive disorder along with several other rated disabilities. The va declared me incompetent in Oct. I then filed for aid and attendance along with a few other claims. My claims have been in prep for decision now for 40 days. Today we have a field visit from va examiner to discuss my wife being appointed my fidcuiary. I have heard from others she will also provide info on my current claims and other have said they have no knowledge of my claims in process.. so will find out later today
  2. I am rated 100% for copd (2008) and 100% mental disorder 2018. My wife provides my daily care. How is it determined if I qualify for program?
  3. appears I have been assigned to VA ficuairy hub and I assume someone will now come visit me and wife. I also have an A&A claim pending review. does the home visit have any bearing on a&a claim?
  4. The VA has already proposed incompetence. Our issue is how can they say I'm unable to handle my finances but well enough to not be a danger to myself on a daily basis. Seems illogical especially based on the psych report...however, I have meeting with my va neurologist today to see if he will complete form but I find asking va doctors to complete forms for monetary benefits is usually not helpful.
  5. I guess I should have started with I am already SMC S +K (100 % major neurocognitive disorder, 100% copd, 30% allergic rhinitis, 30% sinusitis, 20% diabetes ll, and 4 separate 10% for sciatica. what I'm asking if someone with knowledge of aid and attendance smc l would review my submission and tell us if its enough to get approved. Thanks
  6. The va denied my claim for a&a smc l. They did not provide a specific reason other than they say I didn't meet criteria. We have filed a nod. Atatched is spouse statement and medical psych report for 9/6. IS this enough evidence to get an approval? had 1.5.18.docx
  7. Is your monthly VA disability payment counted as income for va pension benefits?
  8. moved to prep for notification today...again that seems way too fast!
  9. My vso submitted my a&a form on 10/18 along with letter from my wife detailing the daily assistance she provides me. Today my claim went from under review to decision review pending. That seems way to fast? good or bad?
  10. This is from the va decision letter: We have assigned a 100% eval based on: Memory loss for own occupation occupational and social impairment with deficiencies in most areas intermittent inability to perform activities of daily living depressed mood spatial disorientation impaired judgment chronic sleep impairment\memory loss for own name impaired abstract thinking difficulty in adapting to stressful situations neglect of personal; appearance and hyena difficulty in adapting to work impairment of short and long term memory difficulty in adapting to work like setting anxiety memory loss for names of close relatives The overall evidentiary records shows ther severity of your disability most closely approximates the criteria of 100%
  11. she also made comments such as : Severe memory and concentration impairments, difficulty understanding complex commands, anxiety, insominia vets wife has to provide significant assistance at home due to vets memory problems. he is no longer able top prepare meals, manage his medications, and remember to engage in hygiene practices, manage finances, or manage his own medical care. His wife is now assisting with all of these activities of daily living to varying degrees. He has left the stove on multiple times while preparing food resulting in burnt pans and smoke damage.
  12. As I have posted before I am smc s + K. I recently received a 100% mental rating. In addition, the va has proposed incompetence. I really don't have much issue with that as my wife has to handle our finances anyway. Because of my mental health outcome, I now have applied for a&a. The Psychologist remarks said " The previously rated mild neurocognitive impairment has progressed ; symptoms now meet full criteria for a major neurocognitive disorder with multiple etiologies (copd, asthma, Severe obstructive sleep apnea) due to severity of memory and concentration impairment and the significant impact they have on the vets activities of daily living. An additional diagnosis with mixed anxiety and depressed mod is also provided and is considere4d a direct progression of the neurocognitive disorder as symptoms developed in response to difficulty adjusting to memory decline and associated functional impairments. under competency she wrote " the current severity of memory impairment would prevent the vet from effectively managing his financial affairs. She also recommended that I not use potentially dangerous equipment at home. and acknowledged my wife helps with hygene issues and must administer all medications as he forgets to take them as required. The vet has gotten lost and disoriented credited while driving. So, would her report be sufficient evidence for a7a
  13. My vso sent me a copy of my award letter. I was granted 100% for major neurocognitive impairment) I am currently smc s + k. If they deem me incompetent and my wife knows she would ne my fiduciary, would that then provide me a&a or smc L
  14. I'm currently smc s (COPD) + K along with other rated disabilities. I just received mental rating 100% but no mention of smc l. I received rating based on current mental impairment and unable to care for myself. I haven't received actual award letter yet but saw this in e benefits. Any idea why l wasn't awarded L? major neurocognitive impairment (MCI) - (previously claimed as mild neurocognitive impairment , major depressive disorder, adjustment disorder with anxiety and unspecified neurocognitive disorder (also claimed as memory loss and sleep disturbance) 100% Service Connected 08/21/2018
  15. what about the mental health rating? Should I assume 70% because that box was checked regardless of the totality of evidence?
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