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  1. I was increased to smc s because I have one disability rated at 100% and additional ratings that equal 60% or more. Other than a&a which I applied for but was denied for now, seems like I will remain at S even if my other disabilities increase in severity.
  2. My rated disabilities are as follows: 100 P&T COPD, 50% mental disorders, 30% sinusitis, 30% allergic rhinitis, 20% diabetes II, and (4) 10% separate nerve disabilities, and smc k. If I understand correctly, regardless of any additional added disabilities, without another rated at 100%, then I would forever remain at SMC S. is that correct?
  3. I was already SMC s for 100% P&T (COPD) plus 30%,30%, 20%,10%,10%,10%,10%. so even though I have a new 50% rating plus k, I assume, the only additional increase I will see is the %105 for ed.
  4. I am 100%pt, 30,30,20,10,10,10,10. Just found out from vso I was granted k for ed and 50% for mental disorders. If I understand correctly, my comp remains smc s plus the new k, is that correct?
  5. exam completed by contractor
  6. I faxed a request today for a copy of my exam completed in March by LHI. How long does it typically take to process request?
  7. I am smc s (100,30,30,20,10,10,10,10). I am waiting on decision on my A&A claim. If approved, am I bumped to L? and what additional bumps would I receive for remaining ratings?
  8. I am currently smc s....(100, 30,30,20,10,10,10,10). I am awaiting claim decisions for a&a, ed, and mental disorders. Based on my current ratings, if a&a is approved, is the next increase l1/2? And, if MH is rated 100%, then m1/2? On my ed exam, reviewer indicated she would service connect as secondary to diabetes, so I assume k would be added as well. Thanks
  9. I submitted the VA 21 form for aid and attendance on 5/2 along with claim for ED. I had my c&p for ed 2 weeks ago and as of now no other c&p exams are pending. I submitted an a&a form completed by my neurologist and one completed by my physiatrist. Just wondering since I my doctors completed the A&A forms, should I also expect a c&p exam? On a side note, I'm filing for A&A because of my memory impairment issues. My wife handles all financial matters and medication and both doctors indicated I am unable to prepare meals as I have forget to turn burners off ect. I earlier filed a claim for same. The va examiner opined the my depression and anxiety are related to my MCI (mild cognative impairment) but was not service connected because the origin of my neurocognitive disorder was unclear. Unfortunately I submitted the claim and said I had no other evidence to provide. After my claim submission, my neurologist wrote a chart note that said it is likely my memory disorders were directly caused by my COPD and sleep apnea. I am service connected for both. So I reopened claim and submitted a copy of his letter which is currently pending review.
  10. just completed c&p exam by ves..lasted 10 minutes, just asked a few questions...didn't directly say she would service connect but said diabetes is huge factor for ed. I field for ed secondary to service connected diabetes. .
  11. I am receiving SMC S (housebound) 100% p&t plus others totaling more than 60%. After rating decision, I submitted the VA A&A form. Actually, I submitted two forms, one completed by my neurologist and one completed by my psychiatrist. Because I am rated at S, will they understand I'm asking for the higher level of A&A because my wife now has to handle financial affairs, medication management, meal preparation, ect ?
  12. My current ratings are 100p&T (copd) 30,30, 20,10,10,10,10) I am being paid smc s (100 + 60) HB...However, after receiving smc s, I submitted a&A form because my wife handles our finances as my memory issues worsened to the point I can no longer manage, in addition, I am unable to prepare meals, or manage medications, ect. Just spoke to va and they said I am already receiving smc thus I didn't need to submit a&a form...But doesn't the a&a approval increase to level L if you have a single 100 % rating? and l1/2 since other disabilities equal at least 50%
  13. ok..will see what the examiner says...my evidence of ED is my va prescriptions for Sildenafil citrate..
  14. I submitted claim for ED secondary to my diabetes. Have exam next week...Is this typically approved secondary to diabetes?
  15. I am currently smc s (100%pt, 30,30,20,10,10,10,10). I was also service connected for sleep apnea, but rating not changed due to copd rating. My claim for mental disorders (memory, sleep, anxiety, ect) was not service connected. After reading decision letter, the VA examiner opined mental issues are related to my diagnosed MCi. However, the origin was not clear, so service connection not granted. It appears they did not consider letter from my neurologist (I submitted about 2 weeks after I said I had no other info to submit- my fault. My neurologist wrote the following note in my chart. I believe this will allow service connected and rating will be 100%. I am also waiting for decision on aid and att form I submitted. So, if mental approved at 100%, what would my new rating be based on my ratings above? I have been asked to comment on patients cognitive decline and possible etiologies. In review of his prior cognitive evaluation by the neuropsychiatric department, it was noted that he has a history of obstructive sleep apnea, also with history of asthma/COPD, currently on multiple inhalers. In our review of the literature, it is likely that his ongoing lung disease (COPD/Asthma) as well as Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can contribute to cognitve impairment (MCI), and in fact the longer duration of a patient having COPD puts them at increased risk for MCI (per 2014 Mayo Clinic study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24637951) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23364388 We will therfore attest to his MCI likely being caused by his underlying dx of COPD/Asthma. Doctor name excluded

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