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  1. Attorneys representing veterans pursuing VA compensation are PROHIBITED from billing a veteran for legal fees, unless they win. In my case, I needed Independent Medical Opinions to rebut the lies told by C&P examiners which the VA used to deny my claims. Every law firm that I hired said they could help me get the IMOs I needed. None of the FOUR previous law firms I had did... up until I hired the law firm of Pardue and Coskrey who is currently helping win my appeals. I quickly discovered that law firms require that each previous law firm sign a waiver for
  2. The VA always asks me to fill out a satisfaction survey BEFORE I get their decision. How bass ackwards can they be? If I tell them they suck, would they appreciate my honesty?
  3. If you have the evidence to back up a grant, why not go for it? Sometimes fair decisions will only come once you move to the higher appellate level(BVA). Nothing worth fighting for comes easy with the VA. The severity of symptoms of your acquired pes planus determines your disability rating hence the monetary value of the above. Severe pes planus can limit your ability to take care of yourself, cause secondary conditions, and possibly qualify you for SMC. Don't give up.
  4. To top that off, the VA sent me an online questionnaire to rate my satisfaction with the BVA. The VA mistakes resulting in an untimely delay will allow my attorney to profit more off of me so that right there is a kick in the teeth. Not to mention that I tried to get my attorney to address this mistake a year ago and was told by him that the BVA will fix the mistake when the time comes. I suppose by waiting on the VLJ ruling at the BVA would allow me to provide a more accurate assessment of their level of competency.
  5. I opted in to the BVA evidence docket under the AMA in April, 2019. My appeals remained in Legacy and staff at the BVA refused to fix it even after I complained several times on the phone after finding the mistake on VA.gov showing I was scheduled for a hearing. The VA finally corrected their mistake this month and my appeals are finally in the hands of a VLJ at the BVA
  6. How do I go about filing for compensation for travel pay? Also, what steps do I need to take to file for compensation due to out of pocket medical provider co-pays and prescription co-pays? Also, how far back can one go(time limit) with these type of claims since I have never sought compensation reimbursement?
  7. I just donated $50.00 from a Facebook link but I really wasn't aware(forgot) that the $50 donation would make me eligible to be a subscriber. Can my membership be changed so I can become a subscriber from this donation?
  8. My appeal has been waiting to be sent to VLJ for over a year. VA.gov updated today noting that a VLJ is reviewing my appeal. Fifteen issues for the VLJ to decide dating back five years.
  9. The majority of the C&P examiners in the Orlando area are incompetent, biased, and liars. These chuckleheads have cost me thousands in benefits. It seems that the few examiners that ARE honest don't last very long
  10. Thanks for the feedback on the quality of his service. Based on this, I may hire him in the future if necessary.
  11. VA rejected a claim for ingrown toenails due to not having a current medical diagnosis for ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails was diagnosed and surgically treated in service. I'm competent as a lay person to self-diagnose this recurring condition. We will see how the BVA rules on it soon, hopefully. Looked at the topic ..sorry for the derail
  12. I'm looking to build a new home. Location is Florida. Needing recommendations for lenders that will do a VA Construction loan.
  13. You're trying to establish service connection. Why don't you go see Dr. Ellis and obtain an independent medical examination? He can provide a solid nexus opinion to support a grant. You don't need an attorney for this. IF you have the know-how to file your appeal with the BVA under the evidence docket, and submit your new relevant medical evidence(nexus opinion) on your own, you just saved yourself a boat load of retro money.
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