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  1. 63Charlie


    If I'm not mistaken, veterans represented by VSO have one of the lowest success rates at the Board of Veterans Appeals.
  2. 63Charlie

    C&P Exam 2nd

    Once a claim is denied, a veteran is entitled to have legal representation to prosecute an appeal. I have had attorneys file Notice of Disagreement for me once I have a contract with them for legal representation
  3. Research on how to file a Petition For Writ Of Mandamus with the CAVC. Find out if the CAVC has jurisdiction at your stage of the process. The basis would be the VARO taking too long to take action(stalling). https://www.veteranslawblog.org/writ-of-mandamus-in-va-claims/
  4. 63Charlie

    C&P Exam 2nd

    The VA is well-known to cherry pick the unfavorable evidence, completely ignore the favorable evidence, and render a claims denial based upon the unfavorable evidence only. You have to fight for your benefits. I'd advise an attorney because things WILL get complicated with the VA.
  5. Here is the VA response to my complaint: MacAfee-ONeill, Cristina C. <Cristina.MacAfee-ONeill@va.gov> 3:26 PM (4 minutes ago) to me The Office of Accountability and Whistleblower (OAWP) protection has completed review of your submission and determined that the matter requires further review; however, it does not fall within OAWP’s scope. Your matter has been sent to VHA’s Client Relations Team. You should be receiving a confirmation from the Client Relations team within 14 calendar days. Additional information or follow-up questions can be directed to the Client Relations Team at VHAClientServicesResponseTeam@va.gov. Your interest in improving the Department of Veterans Affairs is greatly appreciated.
  6. On a different C&P exam for erectile dysfunction my claim was denied because the examiner falsely stated that my erectile dysfunction preceded my depression and anxiety disorders. The claims file service treatment records show I was treated for depression and anxiety in 1979. The claims file establishes the onset of erectile dysfunction decades later due to the medical care and diagnosis I received by the VA for this condition in 2008. Claim denied based on a unfactual C&P opinion. Appeal filed.
  7. One ARNP for QTC directly contradicted the medical evidence in the claims file . She stated that I had no diagnosis for chronic fatigue syndrome, and based her rationale in rendering an unfavorable medical opinion on the basis of no diagnosis for this condition. To make this clear, I submitted the medical diagnosis for chronic fatigue syndrome made by my treating MD at the time I filed my claim. During the C&P exam, she had asked me directly if I had a diagnosis for this condition, and I replied, " Yes, and that my medical record showing a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome was submitted when I filed the claim." Claim denied. Appeal filed.
  8. I just sent an email off to the link Berta provided with a complaint detailing the reasons why my latest exam for Meniere's Disease is flawed. The VA sent me to an ARNP with a whopping three years of medical experience, and those entire three years experience acquired performing C&P exams for the VA. Meniere's Disease is complex medical condition that requires pure tone testing, speech recognition testing, and acoustic reflex testing for inner ear abnomalities, and a review of relevant medical evidence all performed by an audiological specialist In other words, all this falls under the scope of an audiologist. The VA failed me again. Broke their own regs by not giving me an audiologist C&P examiner. Complaint sent to the above email link Berta provided. I'm thinking by VA breaking their own regs , this matter may rise to the level of a CUE, although I admit, CUE scares me due to my lack of knowledge.
  9. What a bunch of liars. Too bad you didn't make a video recording of this meeting. With the VA, they lie, and their contractors lie,(job security) but video recording is totally prohibited.
  10. Problem with the VA is they disregard the regulations pertaining to relative equipoise and they have thousands of examiners that will be more than happy to render a negative medical opinion. It is so easy for the VA to schedule a new C&P exam to get a negative opinion to obtain more unfavorable evidence to weigh against a claim. Whereas the veteran is very limited in being able to find a medical professional that will provide a nexus letter, OR being able to afford the out of pocket expense for a nexus letter. A veteran seeking VA disability is like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest. In my area, Orlando, I am finding hardly any vet friendly C&P examiners. Most all of them of late outright ignored favorable evidence and concoct reasons to deny service connection. I have had examiners state there was no diagnosis for a condition when the diagnosis was provided when a claim was filed. Looks like I'll go broke fighting all the liars the VA has against me.
  11. Have you set up an Ebenefits account yet? Also, you can more accurately track your claims status/appeals status if you have a VA.gov/Vets.gov account established. Usually you will get more timely info than on the Ebennies site. As for RAMP, no idea, but good luck.
  12. 63Charlie

    Ramp was a waste of time

    Sounds like a real shit show to me the VA is putting you through. I'd expect nothing less of them.
  13. 63Charlie

    Meniere's Syndrome C&P

    VA called to schedule me to attend another C&P exam for MD. I told the VA scheduler, Viera CBOC, I was unable to attend another exam at the present having almost died of a gangrenous gall bladder last week, and am still suffering from the residuals of surgery. Not that they care.
  14. 63Charlie

    Meniere's Syndrome C&P

    JUST ANOTHER INADEQUATE C&P EXAM Attorney informed me that the NP opinion was unfavorable to establish service connection. Attorney said that the NP failed to provide a diagnosis of MD, AND, that the NP failed to address relevant symptoms for the MD condition, as noted in the STR evidence. SOS, different day.

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