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  1. VA rejected a claim for ingrown toenails due to not having a current medical diagnosis for ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails was diagnosed and surgically treated in service. I'm competent as a lay person to self-diagnose this recurring condition. We will see how the BVA rules on it soon, hopefully. Looked at the topic ..sorry for the derail
  2. I'm looking to build a new home. Location is Florida. Needing recommendations for lenders that will do a VA Construction loan.
  3. You're trying to establish service connection. Why don't you go see Dr. Ellis and obtain an independent medical examination? He can provide a solid nexus opinion to support a grant. You don't need an attorney for this. IF you have the know-how to file your appeal with the BVA under the evidence docket, and submit your new relevant medical evidence(nexus opinion) on your own, you just saved yourself a boat load of retro money.
  4. In April 2019, my attorney timely opted me into the AMA for all issues on appeal after I received a SSOC. The BVA seems to have left all of my issues in the Legacy Appeals system while only deciding(grant) one issue, April 2020, under the AMA. I called the BVA and was informed that the rest of my appeals are still in Legacy appeals. I called my attorney requesting that he sort this out with the BVA, but he made no effort to do so, which means I will suffer a long wait for a decision. What do I file to bring it to the BVA's attention that I opted all issues into the AMA so they will properly get me out of Legacy?
  5. Did you have any symptoms(low frequency significant threshold shifts present on audiograms, ear pain, hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus) attributable to Meniere's Disease recorded in your service treatment records while on active duty? If so, a claim for Meniere's Disease may be in order. Frequent bouts of vertigo relevant to Meniere's Disease should be awarded a 100% rating..
  6. Congrats. If you aren't currently working due to your service connected disabilities, and have not previously filed for TDIU, you may want to consider filing immediately a VA Form 21-8940, Veteran's Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability.
  7. It took exactly two weeks after a BVA grant for 25k to hit my bank account today.
  8. The VA can do those.. but not the veteran. Unfortunate.
  9. The VA's favorite reason for denial of service connection for a lot of my claims is: " No diagnosis of the condition was found in service medical records". A diagnosis of a condition in service is NOT a legal requirement to establish service connection. This rationale will NOT prevail. I had to overcome this hurdle by obtaining independent medical examinations from private medical professionals that opine that the symptoms found in my service medical record "at least as likely as not" established the onset in service of a current diagnosed medical condition.
  10. The VA states: " We are safeguarding against fraud " In the past few years, we have seen a growing industry of individuals and companies marketing the service of completing DBQs for Veterans. Some have provided honest, valuable service to Veterans. However, VA has made hundreds of referrals to the VA Office of Inspector General of individuals and companies who are engaged in questionable, even fraudulent, practices that include charging high prices for completing DBQs or submitting DBQs with findings that are vastly different than the other evidence in the Veteran’s claims folder. Also, it is a requirement that DBQs submitted by a private provider must be based on an exam conducted in person. VA’s OIG recently issued an audit report about providers who were completing DBQs for Veterans remotely and recommended that VA revisit its practice of making public-facing DBQs available. (1.) Does anyone know the regulation/rule, (CFR, M21, case law citation), whereby VA establishes the requirement that, " DBQs submitted by a private provider must be based on an exam conducted in person " ? (2.) At what specific price point does the VAOIG determine fraud has been committed once a veteran pays for a private medical examination whereby DBQs were completed? (3.) Is the above-styled VAOIG report publicly available?
  11. The RVSRs at the VARO often ignore favorable evidence. C&P exams are often inadequate yet the RVSRs accept them anyway. It's a battle to get VA benefits. You have to fight the VA for what is yours.
  12. It took the AOJ 4 years to do a DRO de novo review under Legacy. I opted in to the AMA in 4/19. All issues were placed on the evidence docket. I initially had 25 issues on appeal. A VLJ at the BVA fully granted two of my issues on appeal, and that just happened this week. My 100% rating was granted an EED to the date I initially filed a claim for a single condition. I ONLY have 23 more separate issues before the BVA on the evidence docket that await a decision. Curious as to when the BVA decision will come for those other issues. If the VA would have done the right thing to begin with.... we wouldn't be at war now.
  13. For the life of me, I can't seem to remember where I left that goniometer. Looks like my ROM will be normal after all.
  14. So here we have the VA wanting to rescind the availability of the DBQ forms to the public . The VA would prefer that veterans be forced to accept their inadequate C&P exams which are almost always flawed, and are used as a tool to deny benefits. Veterans get short-changed. The main reason for so many appeals. VA think tank genius at it's finest.
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