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  1. What a warrior you are and a belated congratulations for staying in the fight.
  2. I will always believe a veteran should be proactive in prosecuting claims for benefits. Don't make the mistake of sitting back and thinking an attorney will do all of the heavy lifting. I have discharged three attorneys. The first two attorneys waived their fee agreements. The third attorney, who once represented Broncovet,(he and I have spoken about her), would NOT waive her fee agreement. When I tried to hire other attorneys, I found it impossible. Unbeknown to me, this former attorney was falsely informing the potential attorneys that I had fee agreements with three attorneys. This prevented me from being able to hire another attorney. I guess she wanted all of the fees for herself to pay for her Mercedes. I had to send my current attorney a copy of the fee agreement waivers to disprove the former attorney's allegations.
  3. Most C&P examiners are akin to government prosecutors. They usually look for a way to deny claims, just as government criminal prosecutors seek convictions any way they can get them. I was told by one C&P examiner,currently employed by a contractor, that she was trying to get hired by the VA. Would you venture a guess as to what the outcome of that C&P exam was? And another thing ...she was telling me during my exam that it should be no problem establishing service connection for my claim. All the while she was creating an opinion to deny service connection. If I were her professor in a course of Creative Writing, she would have aced the class. She might have had a much better career in Hollywood as an actress. Unfortunately, like prosecutors, MOST C&P examiners do NOT use any favorable evidence in the claims file to help veterans win claims. The VA has deep pockets with hordes of doctors eager to write unfavorable medical opinions to prevent service connection, and to lowball ratings. For me, I've got to pay to play, if I want to win, otherwise the VA will steamroll me on the nexus, and also on the level of impairment. As for having an in- service diagnosis, here is an example of C&P examiner's favorite rationales : "There is no nexus established as the condition was only acute, and there is no established chronicity of symptoms in service, or within one year after active service"
  4. The VARO raters do what they want when it comes to denials. I presented STR of toe nail surgery for ingrown toe nails. Rater said no records of treatment. Then,they changed my ingrown toe nailsl claim to AMPUTATION OF TOES. I sent an IRIS for correction but they won't fix their mistake. If you feel disgruntled because the VA doesn't make good decisions...you must keep your expectations low.
  5. Hired an attorney a while ago. Discharged that attorney. Attorney refuses to waive fees. Hired another attorney recently. The current said he worked out a fee agreement with the previous attorney but did not disclose their fees with me. Considering I win, what % will I have to pay, if maximum?
  6. I tried the concentrated oil made from a MJ hybrid called "9 lb. Hammer". I seriously thought it was heart attack time for me as my anxiety went through the roof. Fortunately I had alprazolam and medicated myself at home or I would have been in the ER. Be careful when using medical MJ.
  7. Are we required to use the old NOD form if we want to take our appeals directly to the BVA, or have the NOD forms been changed?
  8. "Given that we are having more and more compensation seeking veterans, I'd like to suggest that you refrain from giving a diagnosis of PTSD straight out. Consider a diagnosis of Adjustment Disorder, R/O PTSD." - says the VA physician. If one files a claim for PTSD, one will have a big hurdle in front of them. I doubt C&P examiners will diagnose a veteran with PTSD after they review the claims files and find that treating VA mental health doctors have ruled out a PTSD diagnosis. Good luck finding the pot of gold at the end of THAT rainbow. Reminds me of my medical care in the Army. Had a strep infection that went untreated by an Army P.A. He diagnosed "flu-like syndrome" (AFTER the throat culture tested positive for Strep). Discovered this same fellow's most recent occupation is providing contracted C&P exams in California. Figures.
  9. This is an older article but I find that it remains relevant to my situation. https://www.mentalhelp.net/articles/why-the-va-doesn-t-want-to-diagnose-iraq-war-veterans-ptsd/
  10. This is an old article but I find it relevant to my situation. https://www.mentalhelp.net/articles/why-the-va-doesn-t-want-to-diagnose-iraq-war-veterans-ptsd/
  11. RAMP was useless. The VA never opened the other lane to directly appeal to the BVA in RAMP. Is there a path to get my appeals into a direct lane to the BVA with the new system implemented on 2/19? My understanding is that veterans who are in Legacy Appeals, will remain in Legacy Appeals. Is this true?
  12. Raters often fail to consider all types of favorable evidence. It makes their job easier to deny claims. That is why the BVA is clogged with appeals. If a rater grants a claim, then the rater has managers(VSCM) at the RO breathing down their necks. There are rules within rules in the ROs that are NOT on the books anywhere. Just the way they play the game, at manager's discretion, not really rater's discretion.
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