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  1. I have an upcoming exam for Meniere's Syndrome being done by LHI. I will have my records relative to this condition. You never know what the VA has sent the doctor to base an opinion upon. I will make sure I have every single page of evidence I submitted to the VARO when I filed the claim. It will be organized and accessible as evidence to establish service connection. If I get the usual run of the mill C&P examiner that indicates that the examiner has Prior Treatment Service Denial(PTSD).... I'll file a NOD. Except this time, my attorney will do it for me.
  2. Until veterans are allowed to record the C&P exams, it is our word against crooked VA C&P examiners. That is the main reason appeals are backlogged. The VARO could care less. The VARO can kick the can down the road, with zero accountability. Pretty sure that the CFR/courts give more weight to the examiner's opinions. The VBA will immediately attack the veteran as having lack of credibility all the while the evidence will show the examiner is lying through his/her teeth The VBA, and VHA, are two government bureaucracies that are CHOCK FULL OF LIARS and are proficient on how to cover their ass. The only time I will ever go to ANY VA is for a C&P exam, certainly not medical treatment, ever. I medicate myself to be able to tolerate any C&P exams, but I go. Having earned the disability benefits I have applied for, I will not go quietly into the night. VHA doctors OFTEN won't formally diagnose a condition, but WILL provide medications and treatment for the condition. No diagnosis = No possibility to win VA compensation. That is just ONE of their tricks. In the past, before I was aware of the VA Modus Operandi, I asked treating VHA doctors to fill out a SSD questionairre so I could apply for SSDI. I was turned down by multiple VHA doctors to fill out a one page questionairre more than once. They told me they don't do those. But they thanked me for my service (sometimes). The VHA medical doctors will not, in most instances, bite the hand that feeds them, by assisting veterans in obtaining any form of government benefits. If you rely solely upon VHA and/or VBA medical evidence to obtain comp and pen benefits, woe is you. It is a long road... fraught with challenges, for most.
  3. I hired an attorney. He said the doctor that writes the IMEs/DBQs was an Army doctor, and a former VA doctor. VA has developed to deny my claims with BS C&P exams. It has become a routine. I file a claim. I get a BS C&P exam. I file a NOD and wait for some DRO to rubber stamp a denial and get in line behind the others before me. I hope the BVA is a better experience. Time will tell. But I will not go to the BVA gunfight without a gunslinger. They would eat me alive.
  4. That is just "one" of the many ploys the VA uses to wrongfully deny claims. The C&P examiners are trained VA employees. The examiners are highly aware of the FACT that if a box doesn't get a check mark in it, the vet loses, even when the opinion/rationale clearly indicates the evidence is favorable for approval of the claim. In your case it is just the opposite. The VA relied upon the ENT examiner's statement which is unfavorable for your increase to 30% rating. The exam is inadequate because the examination contradicts the imaging results and the primary doctor's diagnosis, and the ENT does not address/dispute the prior findings in forming his rationale and the VARO rater failed to do their job and find this exam is inadequate because the opinion is contradictory to factual, established medical evidence.. Welcome to the Hamster Wheel. Appeal the decision. The VA usually fabricates a reason to deny benefits You shouldn't have been given a C&P exam period. Sufficient evidence was there to grant an increase. The VA sent you to one of their hired gunslingers to develop a denial. They call these people C&P examiners.
  5. When I received the Ramp info, it stated that the VA will no longer be required to perform the duty to assist veterans with claims. I decided I'd rather wait on the hamster wheel until my BVA hearing under the legacy appeals. I figured RAMP was just another self-serving pretentious VA scheme.
  6. One attorney told me she did not want me to file any more claims while I had appeals going on. She stated it would slow down my appeals. She took it upon herself to drop one of my appeals without discussing the matter with me. She would not answer my phone calls. I went against her advice and filed the multiple new claims anyway. Then I fired her. Problem solved. Congratulations on your victory. Marines never quit.
  7. 63Charlie

    Rogue C&P Examiner?

    IF I sent the VARO a photo of my deformed weenie, the VARO would find a C&P examiner to opine that my weenie isn't deformed at all. Which is exactly what happened.
  8. 63Charlie

    Rogue C&P Examiner?

    I am a 30 minute drive to the " Mouse House " in FLA. As for complaining about the crap C&P exams, I hope that the day will come when the right ears hear what I have to say. That won't happen for a while unless the DRO that is currently looking at my NODS, has a " pity party ", AND APPROVES MY CLAIMS. Odds are about as good of that happening as they are of hitting the Mega Millions jackpot.
  9. 63Charlie

    Rogue C&P Examiner?

    VHA providers often refuse to diagnose medical conditions. i have screened positive multiple times for PTSD by VHA MH nurses. No diagnosis of PTSD by them. I reported ringing in my ears for years to VHA providers and no diagnose of tinnitus. I had a spinal MRI done due to chronic back pain and three VHA doctors stated they reviewed the MRI results and all reported I had no abnormalities. I obtained a copy of the actual radiologists report of my MRI and discovered that my pain was coming from a herniated disc pushing 1 cm into my thoracic spinal cord. I was Baker acted by the VA in October 2017. I had called the Veterans Crisis Line for help and they sent the cops to involuntarily institutionalize me. Was released the next day and the vA was ringing my phone off the hook to come see their shrink. I complied and the shrink asked me what happened and I said I had a total meltdown. He responded that I was just having a pity party. No more VA so-called medical care for me. Sometimes C&P examiners will make honest mistakes, but oftentimes their DBQs ignore the facts when giving an opinion. The raters at the regional office will afford more weight to an opinion that is against granting service connection/or an increase even when the STRs directly contradicts the rationale that the examiner used to form the unfavorable opinion against a veteran. Don't believe in the fairy tale that a tie goes to the veteran if you have two C&P exams, one favorable and the other not favorable. The regional office rater will find the unfavorable opinion more persuasive, and promptly render a denial. Favorable evidence is ignored by my regional office raters, and this is especially obvious, now that I am at the precipice of obtaining TDIU or a 100% rating. The VBA has a lot of tools in their shed that are implemented to deny benefits to veterans. You have to get in the trenches with the VBA, and fight when they do wrong. My fight for my benefits will go on. .
  10. Is there evidence in your STR where you complained of dizziness? Is there evidence in you STR noting any threshold shifts on audiology exams? Were any of the threshold shifts of hearing loss in the lower frequency ranges of 2000hz, 1000hz, and 500hz on the audiogram in your STR? Is there evidence in your STR where you complained that your ear, or ears, felt like they were plugged up(aural fullness)? Are there any complaints of ear pain in your STR? Have you experienced reoccurences of the above symptoms/conditions since you left the service? Do you have a current diagnosis SNR hearing loss? Tinnitus is a known symptom of Meniere's Disease, as are all of the above. As such, a delayed onset of tinnitus due to Meniere's Disease is substantiated in several medical research studies. Google the National institute of Health, and look up Meniere;s Disease, if you have the symptoms i described. If you discover information which leads you to believe you have this condition, you will need a current diagnosis.
  11. WFTV, Channel Nine, Orlando, got involved, along with Rep. Stephanie Murphy and helped a veteran get benefits from an injury when he was a teen around 40 years ago. Watched it on the 6 pm news tonight. Consumer investigator Todd Ulrich went to work on his case and his congresswoman was also there to help. August 20th, 1974, was the last day Navy veteran John Lewis could breathe without damaged lungs. He was on board the USS Sumter. While he was using a torch, the ventilation failed, and zinc fumes burned his lungs. “That one incident affected my whole life. Yeah, you never know. You never know,” Lewis said. He was diagnosed with permanent loss of full lung function and he was honorably discharged. But Lewis, who was 18 at the time, was denied disability benefits despite his injury, which was at times crippling. “I end up passing out or almost passing out after five to 10 minutes of exertion,” Lewis said. As a teenager, Lewis didn't appeal the decision. But 37 years later, he was unable to work, and friends who were veterans convinced him to try to an appeal. That took another seven years. He sent a petition to the court of appeals for his veteran claims. The court granted Lewis the benefits because it found that the government had made a clear and unmistakable error. “I was denied because of a document that didn't even exist,” Lewis said. He got a monthly retroactive benefit. And the VA also owed him an additional $90,000 in disability pay. But weeks, then months, passed and he did not receive a check. “When it didn't happen, it crushed me financially,” Lewis said. He contacted Action 9, asking for help. Ulrich reached out to U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy. Her office had contacted the VA about his case last year. “He was caught up in the red tape that exists with federal agencies,” Murphy said. She said her office has handled 1,200 cases to help constituents recover earned benefits. “We work alongside them to make sure they receive what they have earned,” Murphy said. Lewis got his check for $90,000 last month. “I feel like I’m getting my life back,” he said. This year, the Quicker Veterans Benefits Delivery Act became law. It's supposed to ease a huge backlog of benefit claim appeals that drag on for years. And yet, paying resolved claims can still take months, or even years. © 2018 Cox Media Group. Trending - Most Read Stories 'Florida will become another Venezuela':... 1st WFTV - Man gets 160-year sentence for... 2nd Tropical Storm Michael forms in the Caribbean... 3rd Orlando officials say they can't force police officer... 4th Law & order, Kavanaugh and digs at Democrats:... 5th 'Florida will become another Venezuela':... 1st WFTV - Man gets 160-year sentence for... 2nd Tropical Storm Michael forms in the Caribbean... 3rd Orlando officials say they can't force police officer... 4th Law & order, Kavanaugh and digs at Democrats:... 5th 'Florida will become another Venezuela':... 1st WFTV - Man gets 160-year sentence for... 2nd Tropical Storm Michael forms in the Caribbean... 3rd Orlando officials say they can't force police officer... 4th Law & order, Kavanaugh and digs at Democrats:... 5th 'Florida will become another Venezuela':... 1st WFTV - Man gets 160-year sentence for... 2nd Tropical Storm Michael forms in the Caribbean... 3rd Orlando officials say they can't force police officer... 4th Law & order, Kavanaugh and digs at Democrats:... 5th 'Florida will become another Venezuela':... 1st WFTV - Man gets 160-year sentence for... 2nd Tropical Storm Michael forms in the Caribbean... 3rd Orlando officials say they can't force police officer... 4th Law & order, Kavanaugh and digs at Democrats:... 5th 'Florida will become another Venezuela':... 1st WFTV Man gets 160-year sentence for. Tropical Storm Michael for
  12. I find the script interesting in the movie, "The Outlaw Josey Wales" when Chief Lone Waty said that a group of Indian tribal chiefs were told by the U.S. government officials that they should "endeavor to persevere", all the while they were receiving the short end of the stick by the U.S. government. I think that I shall endeavor to persevere.
  13. Thanks jfrei for understanding my difficulties. I am not capable to go argue with a DRO ,or anyone else at the VARO. Let them do what they want and I'll have my day before a judge. It has become obvious that my regional office has no intention of awarding me additional benefits. Was advised by my wife that if I want a clear drink of water, then I need to go to the head of the stream. I'll be treading water for awhile until I can get to the head of the stream.
  14. Just received a VA big white envelope with the Statement of Case enclosed. My NODs were for multiple denials for service connection of disabilities submitted over two years ago. NO DRO hearing was provided, even though I had requested one when filing the NODs All i was provided was where some DRO reviewed the evidence and denied it all. Returned the enclosed VA Form 9 with no new and material evidence, and a request to send my appeal to the BVA for an in-person hearing at a VA office. I wonder what the timeline will be for the hearing to be scheduled(St. Pete)? 3 more years, or less?

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