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  1. I was assigned to basic training unit, A-2-4, Fort Knox,1979, and we received injections that made our entire unit so sick that the Army stopped our PT and confined us to quarters until our symptoms subsided. The symptoms that we had was nausea, vomiting, fever, dizziness. We were guinea pigs. I'll never know what the Army injected us with. My service treatment medical records show that I began experiencing chronic respiratory illness after the injections were administered. Bilateral lung field calcifications show up on my chest xrays on my discharge examination. Here is a link by the GAO concerning experiments on service members: http://archive.gao.gov/t2pbat2/152601.pdf
  2. No, it won't. I had all the info then but not now
  3. I made the mistake of hiring an IMO doctor(BASH) that Hadit recommended to write a medical opinion. The IMO was never written. I lost $2000.00 to this guy. Silly that you would ask me to donate money to this website as BASH still appears on the Hadit Podcasts.
  4. I received all monies owed today in backpay from 2016 appeal. It took exactly two weeks for the money to hit the bank after a DRO granted some issues and I was rated 100%.
  5. The back pay amount owed is approximately $50,000. I'm not adjudicated incompetent The DRO decision was from Muscogee, but my home VARO is St. Petersburg.
  6. I received a grant on 4/5/19 of one of my appeals awarding an increase to 100%. Anyone have feed back on the time line it took back for the money to be direct deposited after the DRO grant?
  7. Don't go alone into the jungle.
  8. 100% P&T with SMC -S has been granted effective January 2019.. I have one hell of an attorney.
  9. I received an email from the VA not long ago and one of their questions was, "Do I trust the VA?" I answered "Yes". I trust they will screw up everything they touch. I do not lie.
  10. A claims file request made by the veteran is legally designated as a Privacy Act request, not a FOIA request.
  11. I just returned from the Ellis Clinic. I was examined for five medical conditions by Dr. Ellis. The IME opinions turn around time was about 1 week, from the time of my appointment until the time I received the opinions. Two of the opinions I received needed tweaking, so I gave the Ellis Clinic a call. I was told to fax them a detailed letter and Dr. Ellis will review the matter. I will be submitting relative service treatment records in support of my letter, as the clinic destroys all of the records once Dr. Ellis completes his IME. I am in the process of preparing my letter and submitting it to them. I sincerely hope that Dr. Ellis is conducive to making some changes to the opinions that are needed to strengthen my evidence. Will update results when my inquiry is complete. Anyone who has had this type of experience is welcome to share their experience and state whether it ended satisfactorily.
  12. How long after your NOD was filed did it take you to get to the BVA? I have been waiting 3 years for the Appeals Management Center in my Legacy Appeal for a DRO decision(without a hearing).
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