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  1. Avoid the VA medical system if you have disability claims. Find a private MH provider that you can trust.
  2. You need to slow down and do some serious thinking before making that decision. Disability is a tricky matter especially when it comes to mental health, and physical health. Health can be like one step forward, then suddenly it can go two steps back on some conditions that are unstable. Flare ups are common, and many conditions are chronic, and some conditions progressively worsen with age. I wish you the best on whatever decision you make.
  3. Yes. I recently had an appointment cancellation notice sent to me from a local VA clinic.
  4. Might as well throw my two cents in as this topic was too temping to resist. I filed for an increase around four years ago on multiple service connected conditions. The VARO had a necktie party awaiting me by sending me to a general C&P exam. I had no idea what a " general " C&P exam even meant ??? Come to find out the VARO ordered this examiner to re-evaluate ALL of my service connected conditions, NOT just the ones I was asking increases for. Her re-evaluations recommended reductions and also severance of my service connected conditions across the boar
  5. The diagnostic codes on the three granted appeals are 5271, 5277, and 5284. Also, the Board remanded an appeal for scars currently rated at 10%. The Board denied several more conditions. I'm hoping that the VA will award me enough rating % so I will qualify for SMC-S. I'll probably drop my other appeals if they do. I just want to live my life without anymore VA at this point.
  6. The Board just granted left and right sinus tarsi syndrome, osteoarthritis of ankles, and bilateral pes planus. What are the sinus tarsi syndrome rating percentages? Waiting on the decision letter.
  7. I recommend that you obtain a vocational evaluation from a doctor qualified in legal medicine. Watch Dr. John Ellis'(Ellis Clinic) presentation on Youtube. After getting his IME, file for the increase. Keep your award money in your own pocket. If your claim for increase is denied, THEN hire an attorney.
  8. This site is AMAZING. So much information shared by those who have gone before us. Some members remain to voluntarily help other vets learn the complex VA disability process.
  9. Marineleo, just file your MD claim and like Broncovet stated, let the VA sort it out. I too filed a claim for tinnitus and hearing loss BEFORE knowing anything about Meniere's Disease. Fortunately, another vet on here mentioned a MD appeal. I went to a doc and was diagnosed with MD myself. I filed a claim. VA intertwined my MD claim with my tinnitus/hearing loss appeal. Been almost five years and still haven't gotten a BVA decision.
  10. I have a 100% rating for a single disability. If I'm granted another 100% rating for a different, unrelated disability... I would have two 100% ratings. Would these two 100% ratings qualify one for a SMC-M rating?
  11. The VA recently removed the public-facing DBQs. Now they've come up with this ambiguous problematic piece of garbage to be placed into the regulations so they can legally circumvent well-established case law.
  12. Attorneys representing veterans pursuing VA compensation are PROHIBITED from billing a veteran for legal fees, unless they win. In my case, I needed Independent Medical Opinions to rebut the lies told by C&P examiners which the VA used to deny my claims. Every law firm that I hired said they could help me get the IMOs I needed. None of the FOUR previous law firms I had did... up until I hired the law firm of Pardue and Coskrey who is currently helping win my appeals. I quickly discovered that law firms require that each previous law firm sign a waiver for
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