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  1. So here we have the VA wanting to rescind the availability of the DBQ forms to the public . The VA would prefer that veterans be forced to accept their inadequate C&P exams which are almost always flawed, and are used as a tool to deny benefits. Veterans get short-changed. The main reason for so many appeals. VA think tank genius at it's finest.
  2. Ok pete. I'm aware that this isn't a VA compensation matter, but thanks. I'm going to send whoever I need to send it to, the DoD Form 149.
  3. This question is NOT a VA matter. It pertains to an error on my DD214 indicating an incorrect "spin" code. I recently found out that my JPB code means I was separated from service for drug use. There is no evidence at all indicating any drug use in my military records and constitutes a falsification of my honorable military service record. I also found a CDAAC report in my claims file where a counselor at my duty station falsely reported that, prior to my enlistment, I had three criminal convictions and had been incarcerated for (3) three years. I HAD NONE OF THE ABOVE. I entered the Army as a 22 year old college graduate with no convictions, not even misdemeanors. I want my DD214 corrected... but I don't know where to start. After all these years, I learn that the Army "blacklisted" me with a code which would hinder potential employment opportunities after my ETS.
  4. I recently woke up to a sobering realization.. Without finding HADIT.com, I wouln't know a damn thing, nor would I have been granted a damn thing in VA disability benefits. That is the truth. I appreciate your patience with me and the guidance that those of you have freely given . My donation is to help HADIT help other veterans in their time of need, just as HADIT did for me. There are members here who truly are heroes in my book. Thank you.
  5. I have a premonition that my appeals will be going to the CAVC after the dust settles at the BVA. I believe there were several more important VA CFR violations that my attorney should have raised in legal arguments to the BVA. His BVA brief was exactly that, brief. I feel just like I may never end fighting the VA and that, in and of itself, is depressing.
  6. "ALL FAXED HIGHLIGHTED EVIDENCE WILL BE BLACKED OUT" I retract my accusation toward the VA The blacking out of evidence was due to the above technical issue. My attorney asked if I had highlighted the diagnosis when I faxed it to the Evidence Intake Center. I said that is a possibility although I don't remember. I didn't even remember sending the evidence in, much less if I highlighted anything. But, in all fairness, I concede that I must have highlighted the diagnosis. My attorney said if I highlighted it, when it is faxed, anything highlighted gets blacked out. He said he checked my file and said, " No matter, you have more than enough evidence for a grant without that one piece of evidence."
  7. A BVA judge is currently reviewing this disability on appeal. I do not know if a decision for this disability has been rendered on my appeal because the VA.gov info for my BVA appeal is very limited I didn't remember having a clinical diagnosis for this condition, or that I had faxed a copy to the Evidence Intake Center. BTW: As stated, the evidence wasn't shredded. The relevant evidence was obscured by a VA employee blacking it out. Blacking out technique is a practice commonly used by the US govt. when they decide to redact sensitive information in certain documents. VA redacts(blacks out) ALL SS#s and the names of decision makers as seen in my most recent copy of my claims file for privacy I suppose. My motive is SOLELY to be awarded the benefits for the disability. I messaged my attorney about today's discovery and will see what his opinion is on the matter. What he says goes.
  8. How does one go about filing a formal complaint against the VA alleging wrongful destruction of medical evidence in my claims file? I have documents showing tampering in my claims file which substantiate my allegations that a VA employee had blacked out a clinical diagnosis I submitted into evidence. I was harmed because the VA wrongfully denied benefits due to the VA destroying the only clinical diagnosis I have for the above-styled disability. An unfavorable DRO decision was rendered which states that I have no clinical diagnosis for the condition as the reason the VA is denying the claim.
  9. The warning letter was from Woods & Woods. I just found news report and here is a link to it: https://www.courierpress.com/story/news/2020/02/07/evansville-law-firm-woods-and-woods-victim-ransomware-cyber-attack/4691815002/
  10. Received a letter yesterday from a former VA Disability POA(law office) informing me that they have been hacked. Damn.
  11. After checking my VBMS file, my attorney said it has not posted, but that it typically takes the BVA at least a week or more for them to post their decision, after I see the decision on my VA.gov. account.
  12. SOP for dealing with all matters VA is just like the US Army was, "hurry up and wait". The VA instructs one to hurry up, and then you wait.
  13. My attorney has VBMS access. Can he give me the skinny?
  14. As of today, I think we won the appeal. I'll have to call my lawyer tomorrow for a briefing.
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