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  1. Been a while.  This COVID crap and all the craziness in the world has had me baffled, so much for progress, although, while skeptical and cynical, can't help hoping for better times. If life throws you lemons, make Long Island Iced teas? : )

    1. Buck52


      Welcome Back ArNG11

      good to see you on hadit   where the heck you been buddy?

      Did you get all your claims approved? I was wondering what happen to you??.

      yeah this covid has things all in a turmoil  I just stay home and only get out when I absolutely have to  and do social distancing   wear my mask wash my hands more and more  and just hope for the best.

      Anywayz  Welcome Back.

    2. ArNG11


      Been living in Oregon, medicating with natural meds, reading about all the chaos and laughing at the VA and all their games. Kind of fell of the social grid a bit.  Dementia, never filed for that, but after the BVA seems  the VA took it upon themselves to add this to my claims.  Shennanagans trying to setup to discredit my testimony is my guess. Same old same old.

      Wow.  I tend to do the same and stay home that is, only go out when I need to pick up the wife, food runs, same old stuff or when I get bored which is a lot.

      With the claims I think I have the hips locked in, got to get some new ratings on the thyroid applied, and revisit some others but almost done.  I'll stop when Im total and permanent, with housebound. File for higher SMC when the time comes hoping not to get that bad but you know the drill.

      It's nice to chat with people who remember you, this lockdown crap, has made me bitter and lonesome.  It blows.  How have you been? Always busy in the forums I see.  Thats great, Vets will always need help fighting.

  2. Hoping all have a safe and enjoyable Veteran's Day. Stay safe, be thankful, and keep fighting.  Never Give up.  

  3. ArNG11


    Haven’t checked in a while. But still here. Still fighting. Wishing every one good health and best wishes in life and their war with the VA. Have a good month folks.
  4. Thanks Buck. Have a good month you and all.
  5. Thanks Tbird. Back at the BVA hoping they can read the regs and laws more efficiently than the regional office. Third time around,
  6. Haven't posted in a while, but I am still here fighting. Hope everyone has good, healthy, victorious month. Stay in the fight! Never give up! Not with hand cuffs on or vices on your lips, keep strong and keep fighting.
  7. Yes, I am still some what active in the Forum just not on here very often any more. With the ITP if you have records of it in service, a medical opinion and nexus, current treatment records, you will be golden. There is a lot of literature out there regarding the condition.
  8. Reading and re reading my BVA decision and it's what should I say and call it,  perplexing at the least.  It seems that while private medical records and private evaluations, in my claims, while those records paint a higher disability picture, the only evaluations that are used for the rating of disabilities is the VA bogus C&P.s  What happened to evaluation of ALL evidence,  the higher of two or more evaluations, SMC S and so forth.     Irritated and disappointed to say the least.  Partial grant, partial denial, partial remand.   On the damn hamster wheel again.   WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!!!!


  9. Buck, my friend, the VA professionals love to put those few steps of progress as giants leaps and bounds when it comes improvement. Not that I have to remind you or even state this fact, as I believe you and the rest of us fully understand this. " Marked and sustained improvement" For me in my opinion you never really get rid of the demons, however, you do learn to mitigate, deal, and at times keep them at bay, however, this is far from being "cured" or "sustained improvement". In my opinion learning to sometimes mitigate your symptoms is not being cured, I will argue that fact till my last day. If it helps great, keep going with the treatment, but be aware of the possible ramifications. You are past the 5 year mark if I am not mistaken, so VA games can't sever service connection or anything like that. I would keep going especially if it is providing some results. If and when the time comes, a proposal for reduction that is, then battle the issue when it arises. Remember " sustained improvement" there can still be off days, hopefully not, but VA docs can't guarantee that everything is all hunky dory. I can not recommend stopping treatment if the treatment is showing results, whether permanent or just temporary. The more tools you have to battle your condition the better you will be in the long run. That in my opinion is worth the hasel of possible VA shenanigans. But alas that is just my opinion. Silly some may say but worth pondering. P.S. The leaf for me has been helping more than not. But dosing is tricky. I understand that I don't use VA medical care and I live in a state now that it is legal. I still recommend a well rounded approach to dealing with your symptoms. If you are ever able to go that route please keep that in mind. Using everything in your arsenal to your advantage yields the best results.
  10. Irritated today as now I have a further wait for the BVA.  As it appears now,  my appeals have been remanded by the BVA.  Although I am certain, that I sent in a Waiver of Review when my claims were sent to the Board. I need specifics on what was reason for the remand, if anything was granted or denied and so forth.  So irritated.  I do however, take some comforts, in knowing that legally the Regional office goofed somehow, but alas, until I get specifics, back on the hamster wheel for me it seems.   RRRrrr.  

    In other news at least the weather is great here in Portland, and I have a nice size 16ft deep pool to go swimming in.    

  11. I agree Bronco. You should go over it with a fine tooth comb though. I found documents that were not provided to me from earlier FOIA requests. You can find necessary documents that will help you in your claims, catch omissions, alterations, and all sorts of discrepancies that can hinder your claims successes.
  12. Just do a Freedom of Information Request to the VA and ask that it be in electronic format. CD should be the norm now a days. I am not certain that the VA has made it permanent on requesting a whole claims file to be on disk, although it would save a lot of paper.
  13. other than fraud the cannot just severe service connection, especially with just one unfounded medical opinion. Also you have appeal windows to contest any proposal or any reduction that they try.
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