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  1. How do I delete my account, another member has responded to a question I posted with a smartass remark.

     I have serious issues with my memory and sometimes don’t know what day or month or year it is.

     I don’t deserve to be talked to that way.

  2. How do I delete my account? 

  3. What are you referring to? Are you in direct review lane? How many issues are you appealing?
  4. Update, direct review lane timeline is now well over 1000 days from appeal being docketed.
  5. Take your tdiu documents to SS office before you hire an attorney, if you are denied, then seek out counsel. Why pay an attorney if you don’t have to.
  6. Good day, Are veterans rated 100% eligible for free passport?
  7. I asked that question because, according to a well known veterans advocate law firm, grants and remands from the board are being routed to Droc for faster turnaround.
  8. I know AOJ/RO are the same. What is DROC?
  9. Has anyone heard about BVA freezing ama appeals for the rest of the year, and only adjudicating legacy appeals?
  10. Don’t assume anything, could be any number of things. Just relax, take a breath, and wait for more facts.
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