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  1. It sucks but otherwise they would have to calculate to the day every veterans retro pay, so at some point they made a determination to wait until the following month. We get paid one month behind, also, and I don’t think in 17 years I’ve ever gotten a partial month payment for disability. Gi bill and voc rehab, yes, but disability is calculated by the month.
  2. You don’t get paid for the month that the rating takes effect.
  3. They don’t own the exam. It’s still your PHI. The only moratorium they put on medical release is if the release is mental health information. That can be held for a few days, maybe a week.
  4. Myhealtvet. If you have an account you can see your treatment notes, including c and ps. It’s under the Blue Button, unless you had it done by a contractor. Then you have to get it from them. https://www.va.gov/bluebutton/
  5. Sure, if he bought the cpap himself, but if it's prescribed by VA they expect it to be used. They wouldn't have prescribed it if it medically necessary.
  6. VA didn't just give away cpaps, they are expensive. If he has one, it's medically necessary.
  7. What do you mean when you say VBM? Here's the whole M-21 manual right here in their website. https://www.knowva.ebenefits.va.gov/system/templates/selfservice/va_ssnew/help/customer/locale/en-US/portal/554400000001018/topic/554400000004049/M21-1-Adjudication-Procedures-Manual
  8. Metro in mind that with each appeal you have to summit new substantive evidence because their denial would be based on what you already submitted. They can decide claims in parts though, so yours might not be done yet
  9. Once to local authority for reconsideration, once to bva. if denied you can appeal.again to CVC. After that I think that's it.
  10. They dont always need C and Ps for claims. Might Not have updated Ebenefits all the way yet. At least you know the check is correct.
  11. Have you ever set up direct deposit? If so, they woUldnt send you a check. Your claim could be done and they haven't notified you yet. The money often comes before the decision. Best case, take it to a bank and they can verify it for .you
  12. I dont see links to actual documents, just somebody's interpretation. At that point it's no better than lay evidence.
  13. Well they either didn't get it complete the first time or they found something under duty to assist and want to rexamine. Either way it's more to your benefit go. If they request a c&p and you don't it can be grounds for a denial.
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