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  1. Is it worth it?

    It may or may not trigger a C&P on the primary condition- thats not a given. However, if the secondary condition should affect you negatively down the road, or gods forbid, kill you, you will not receive any benefit from it to pass on to your spouse or children, either. If its something really minor it may not be worth it but if its something major then id rather be covered for it, both for treatment, and possibly for benefits after death to pass on to my heirs.
  2. Government shutdown

  3. Government shutdown

    The money for our payments is already budgeted. The shutdown would affect monies not budgeted yet, since the reason for it is not having an approved budget
  4. Aid and attendance question

    Aid and Attendance means you have a caretaker. Housebound basically means you never (well, rarely) leave the house, usually due to depression/anxiety, etc (in my case) but can also be for chronic pain and other things. If you don't have a caretaker then go for housebound. In my case it was applied automatically since I have a 100% rating and an additional 60% or more in ratings so I ddint have to apply. I would assume it was the same as filing a claim for anything else, for you. Use Ebenefits if you have access and you can upload the document after you have scanned it, and the claim will be time stamped and you dont have to worry about the mail and lost documents. Incidentally, you can also download several free apps that let your phone act as a scanner so you dont have to go to a library, or a friends house, if you dont have a scanner. I use Cam Scanner but don't take that as an endorsement of it over anything else. There are several that ive tried over the years that all work great, but changing phones from apple to android and back means some no longer work because they are android or apple specific. Good luck!
  5. Increase anyone

    It doesn't show up until next month. VA pays a month behind. Takes effect in DEC, but shows up in January.
  6. Not sure I understand but Ill take a crack at it. I am 100% P and T and receive SMC(s) and SMC (k). Its all one lump amount/single deposit once a month.
  7. I have, in the past, made note of my symptoms objectively by referencing my treatment notes (by date, usually) and after I have a list of them I correlate them to whatever percentage rating they fall under. If its higher than what I have then I request that in my claim by saying something like "the following symptoms all fall into the range of *whatever percentage*, and I am currently rated at X. My treatment notes indicate a progressive worsening of my disability *whatever they called it in my prior award letter. " and fall under a higher percentage of *Y* I am requesting an increase in my current rating to the next applicable percentage, see notes and attachments.. (and I print off my MyHealthVet notes to PDF and cut and paste the high and low points into a word document that I print and include, along with dates for each) and leave it at that. Over 14 years I got to 100% this way, along with a few job losses, and losing a house (not because of VA, but because of my inability to process things timely and getting to the point of foreclosure due to not paying). I was at 70% total for 2nd longest period of time (4 yrs) and before that I was at 50%. When I requested 100% I also requested IU along with it, as I had been let go from my job due to health reasons and performance problems related to that, which I also talked about with my psych and included a few memos and emails from work about performance and sanctions. IU/, than 100%, was granted to me two years ago over a span of 4 months where I was IU first, then got a second decision back amending the first where they just changed it to 100% P/T instead. That claim took bout a year and a half all told to wind its way through.
  8. What benefit is lying to you about it? There are several reasons that St. Louis might have your claims file.
  9. Did he claim vertigo on the initial claim? If not it wouldnt be a NOD it would be a new claim. If it s not previously mentioned and there are no service records he'd have to go off new treatment records showing vertigo. That would still be a new claim, though, unless he originally claimed vertigo.
  10. Radicalopathy Rating

    I did some looking this AM and found this, maybe it will help. https://www.va.gov/vetapp09/files4/0932367.txt
  11. Radicalopathy Rating

    I dont think you can get 40% unless you have demonstrable foot drop.
  12. More Befuddlement

    its possible. under duty to assist they are supposed to evaluate you in the best possible way to benefit you through your ratiings.
  13. eBenefits login problems

    Its down for maintenance.
  14. But the default for Windows does not have to stay admin. You can set up user accounts with different levels of privileges. Yes, it assumes Admin on setup because you are setting it up- thus assumes system administrator or authorized admin user. Who else would be setting up your computer from install to config? Default privilege at install with Linux is Sudo, which is admin, also. CAS -former sys admin
  15. You are P &T. The phrase about dependant education benefits is the tell. If you were 100% schedular but not P&T you wouldn't have that bit about DEA in there. Your printed letter off Ebenefits should have a check box on it for 100% permanent and total (at the bottom after it prints) provided you check all the boxes when you are selecting what you want it to print on your benefit letter. Make sure you talk to your County Treasurer about whether or not you qualify for any discounts for car registration and homestead exemption, too. Check your State uni's and see if they offer tuition remission or partial tuition waiver for dependents of 100% disabled veterans, too. Many states do, some don't, your college website will usually tell you on their page for financial aid.