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  1. yeah, I log into that all the time. Sometimes I can pull exam reports from there faster than it takes them to be dumped and ported to the VA side of things, I just pull them manually and upload them myself.
  2. It’s the law, not just a policy-va is following the law as written. You got paid the one and were awarded the other. Until they “recoup” the balance you won’t get disability payments although you are still rated and can go to va medical rather than tricare (it you want).
  3. Why would you? Prostate cancer itself isn’ta permanent disability. You can end up cancer free. If there is no cancer, then there is nothing to compensate. The compensation for cancer itself may go away but you are still rated in residuals from it.
  4. They use your progress notes from your appointments and the schedule of disability ratings to see where your progress intersects with the available closest rating.
  5. No, because the condition exists absent the medication. It's not fixing the issue its just mitigating the problems associated with it as long as you take it. Stop taking it, the condition still exists.
  6. Doctors practice at the VA before going solo because they will have a rotation they will never have again- a constant stream of patients. That is why- otherwise they would be opening practices and treating the occasional boo boo, flu, and other family doctor stuff (if they are a GP doctor). At VA they are exposed to way more types of cases then they ever get at med school rotations even at urban hospitals. I don't have a problem with them being at VA more than anywhere else- whether its at VA or their general practice they would still screw up- that's doctoring. Does it suck when it happens to
  7. The cost of the contracted rate is less than hiring another 10,000 VA staff to do Comp and Pen exams, otherwise, sure, we could do it in house, and it would 2 yrs before you got an exam just like it is with ratings, now. Development and Ratings can't be outsourced.
  8. The attorney's voc rehab person can develop an opinion a lot faster that VRE, though. This last year VRE has been hammered by veterans out of work, or, opting not to anymore even if their qualifications for VRE are not at the necessary level to even qualify. That requires time to filter, write an opinion denying entitlement, etc. Initial appointments are weeks and sometimes months out- and that is just the initial meeting to determine eligibility and entitlement. Then it can be more weeks or more until a determination is made. The VRE opinion wouldn't automatically become part of the veterans
  9. Its not a competition- that your attorney has a vocational expert isn't any more weighty than if you'd hired one yourself. With doctors its a bit different because of the differing levels of qualifications, etc, but voc consultants are voc consultants. TDIU doesn't go to Voc rehab vocational people- VRE is a totally separate thing. Now, if you HAD a voc finding from VA VRE of being unable to work, thats about a gold standard as far as being unemployable because they look at your entire medical progression and ratings along with psycho-social influences. I don't know what an outside Voc person
  10. Just keep it short and to the point- highlight how it affects you in a meaningful way without too much vagueness. If you can't walk more than 50yds, say that with an example. If you can't drive because of drowsiness, or have fallen asleep at inopportune times, give examples. If you have guy/girl problems, briefly indicate how/why they are worse or what they relate to (pain, lack of performance, discharge, stuff like that). All of this makes it easier for us to find it in your records. Certain medical words jump out at me when I read through these, and these are the words I start with doing CTR
  11. You can only have one. Send in the form. Read all of this I.3.A.6. How Representation Ends
  12. You send it in, we revoke it. If you owe them money that's on you. We're have nothing to do with who you appoint other than making sure it's on your claim. The new poa has to sign it, too, So you can't just pick someone without their involvement. It's always been this way. You don't need a vso to revoke a vso.
  13. All you have to do is send a VA 21-22 to us with your new vso. That's it. As soon as we get it we revoke the poa on file for you.
  14. Yes, years ago they re-rated my back around the same time I had a claim in and the diagnostic code had changes also, so they rated me under both and took the one that was better suited. There was no change in my rating but it reflected the new current diagnostic code, so that was good. If they rated you under the old codes after the new ones dropped they have to update it. We had a whole bunch in Feb and March due to that, and the DBQ changes. The vendors had still been using the older DBQs up to the day the new ones dropped, and then after for a few days, so all those exams had to go back to
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