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  1. Awesome! Great workout. I used to practice Uechi karate and even the simple kata in those, because of the breathing exercises during the kata, could wind you. I love the look of tai chi but there aren't a lot of places here that teach it or do it on a regular basis- its more of a showcase item. The University where my son attends has a group but its for students only. Ive briefly considered aikido, but I couldn't handle the falls and what not and paying class tuition just for kata seems a bit ridiculous at the prices many of the (few) local dojos charge. Ive looked at some Dvds but I haven't found a practitioner I gel with yet. Some of them are really hokey with the guy in the wing chun gi accompanied by pan flute type stuff, and it just seems exploitive or something. I keep waiting for motion capture to catch up to the point where I could run a tai chi simulation on my Xbox One or something and have it map and follow my movements and gauge me on accuracy and form. Thats awhile off I think, though.
  2. Good point, but also noted in the article is that because a person posts a picture on a 'date' that doesn't mean thats when the picture was taken. Also, there are a lot of us that have varying degrees of difficulty doing a lot of things, but its not like we're all bedridden. I don't think that my Facebook post after a 5 mile walking interval treadmill workout at 2.5 mph should be suddenly bringing me up for review, especially if that walk took me an two and a half hours or more in spurts to do. Do you want me obese and unhealthy, or at least trying to do something physically within my ability to do? Now, obviously if I post after running a halfsey, or dead lifting 200 lbs, then definitely, come after me, I deserve it. But still, a snapshot on social media shouldn't be seen as a driver pointing towards fraud unless there are other factors playing into it- frequency of postings of said activities, whatever they are, and that those activities are outside of the bounds of the stated disability, for example. I DO know that when I was appealing SSDI, my potential attorney called me on the phone as asked why, if I had chronic depression, pain, and anxiety, why was I playing guitar in a bar band on X, Y, Z dates? She, like the potential for this article's supporters whomever they may be, failed to note that the posts were historical in nature on FB, and Youtube, and predated when I had higher ratings for said issues. But she used the example to make a point that even if the posts WERE not indicative of trying to rob Peter to pay Paul (me) that counsel for the SS administration might be pulling up the same things, and she advised me to scrub such things should I decide to continue pursuing possible representation by her because it put me on the defensive from the get go.
  3. Mac are just as suceptible as windows machines. I've got a degree in computer science. If your passwords are weak or shared that's how it happens, usually.
  4. It basically says you have nothing else to submit and bypasses the fixed hold periods that are established for sending in new information. I dont know if it speeds it up or not, but it at least feels like it. Ive done it the last few times ive filed. It didnt negatively affect anything, but if you think you will at any point have more information to send it don't do it.
  5. Its capped at a percentage. https://www.cuddiganlaw.com/library/how-can-i-afford-to-pay-for-my-va-disability-lawyer-fees-.cfm
  6. I didnt get that from that article at all. If it comes down to several months of testing for PTSD and no diagnosis, vs. a diagnosis with a notation of possible PTSD that you can claim now, and then claim or appeal as medical documentation builds your case for PTSD, then then diagnosis is better than nothing.
  7. What do you mean by "local VA"? Disability benefits come from one VA, Its not like the local one can grant benefits. What are you applying for, an increase?
  8. Just claim it as that. That's all I've ever done, if I had a diagnosis.
  9. If your retirement pay is not being deducted, arent you already receiving CRSC? They used to off set it.
  10. Good point. That letter, while not medical, represents a lot of other areas of daily living that are challenging enough for you to be totally disabled on a lot of cases.
  11. Definitely appeal it if you have information to contradict it. If you do, it stops the decrease until they adjudicate it.
  12. Both. You are paying for the exam and the letter is a result of that.
  13. What were the original ratings for the feet? The bilat should already be part of the combined foot rating so for calculations sake it would be added as a 'single'. The only way to know if it was added on correctly would be to deconstruct the math with the ratings table, but you'd have to know the original individual foot ratings. I add 80%. I have bilat neuropathy in my legs and it shows up as a 20%
  14. Dropping your insurance, or adding it, is not a claim. You can do it right from the kiosk when you sign into a medical appointment at your clinic.
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