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  1. brokensoldier244th

    Would CRSC apply for me?

    If your retirement pay is not being deducted, arent you already receiving CRSC? They used to off set it.
  2. Good point. That letter, while not medical, represents a lot of other areas of daily living that are challenging enough for you to be totally disabled on a lot of cases.
  3. Go to Manage, Documents and Letters, VA Letters. Its the first option to download. If you are receiving disability benefits you'll have the ability to generate one.
  4. Go to the letters section and look as t your benefit letter to see if your amount changed.
  5. Definitely appeal it if you have information to contradict it. If you do, it stops the decrease until they adjudicate it.
  6. brokensoldier244th

    Ellis Clinic IME cost

    1100+ or more.
  7. brokensoldier244th

    Ellis Clinic IME cost

    Both. You are paying for the exam and the letter is a result of that.
  8. brokensoldier244th

    Bilateral VA math quiz

    What were the original ratings for the feet? The bilat should already be part of the combined foot rating so for calculations sake it would be added as a 'single'. The only way to know if it was added on correctly would be to deconstruct the math with the ratings table, but you'd have to know the original individual foot ratings. I add 80%. I have bilat neuropathy in my legs and it shows up as a 20%
  9. brokensoldier244th

    Private Insurance end of

    Dropping your insurance, or adding it, is not a claim. You can do it right from the kiosk when you sign into a medical appointment at your clinic.
  10. Normally I'd say no since you are schedular but it came to.my attention in another post that some veterans had an SMC based on a less than 100 percent rating so, the 100 percent schedular means you can work if you can but if the SMC is based on a lesser rating you might lose that part. I'll let others weigh in on that aspect.
  11. brokensoldier244th

    Static Disabilities

    They can, but it's less likely, and you won't be scheduled for automatic exams for those conditions.
  12. brokensoldier244th

    Special Monthly Compensation

    I made a few minor edits for spacing, continuity, and I added a few a, an, the, in articles in the relevant places for sentence flow. In another life I was an English major. Happy New Year! CAS 1108262342_AmendedRebuttal9-19-2018.docx
  13. brokensoldier244th

    Special Monthly Compensation

    10-4. Ill give it a read. Ive been doing this mostly on my own for the last 15 years, and finally got 100, with 1 appeal for a reduction. I KNOW ive not seen every case under the sun. Mine is pretty straighforward: lower back, nerve issues bilat, depression, and sleep apnea. Throw ED on there for a party favor. *ugh* I just thought it was weird that they would do temp 100 for anemia, but now that I think about it that condition can change daily- I know it does for me sometimes when I go to donate blood. My dad had cancer, and IIRC he had anemia too, so looking at this again, I guess I can see potentially why they might have granted a non-static 100%. Thanks for clarifying.
  14. brokensoldier244th

    Special Monthly Compensation

    Why would it go to 100, then to 30, from 0?
  15. brokensoldier244th

    Special Monthly Compensation

    what feedback are you looking for? If you are being considered for housebound then you have to have a 100% single rating, so I sounds like they bumped something up. (re-reading now, I see that). Congratulations to being added to the club where no one wants to be a member LOL.

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