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  1. They more than likely would have scheduled a C&P anyway. You are in the same boat as everyone else- every clinic or vender location is backed up for months- or not open at all. Not sure what you'd like them to do. They aren't going to rate you based just on your PMR's paperwork.
  2. Im off for the day, now, and when I logged out a few minutes ago it was still down. If VBMS is down, we can't see claim files, add evidence, anything. Its all in VBMS. Sorry guys- I tried.
  3. No, if they filed an 0995 they can submit new and relevant evidence, even that which was not part of the original claim. We have 0995 claims all the time with records that weren't included in the original evidence
  4. https://www.archives.gov/frc/temporary-closure-faq Here is a link that you can use to see the status of the NARA (national archives) centers open/closed status.
  5. Keep in mind that an opinion letter with rationale needs to be more than "I, Dr. X, think that A is a result or indirect result of B, because I think so." The letter best needs to be separate from the notes- not just typed into them (makes it easier to find), clearly labeled when you send it in, and it will help if your doctor can refer to someone/something besides his/her/they own opinion of why the two are tied together. Make sense? "I, Dr. X, think that A is a result or indirect result of B, because I think so." - Not so strong "I, Dr. X, think that A is a result or indire
  6. Why wouldn’t you want your doctor wrong the letter/rationale rather than having yet another doctor who’s never seen you or treated you reinvent the wheel? as for whose evidence to submit, just send both. I just saw one of there yesterday. They had psych and dentistry notes of their own and then a c and p. They were given favorable findings by the c and p doctor.
  7. 20-0995 if its at the local level. Don't know if its higher up- I'm not part of the appeals crew that works with BVA.
  8. I suppose you could do that, but if you are seeing a dermatologist this stuff should already be documented, or, if you tell them, they can look at your scalp to corroborate it as objective evidence vs a subjective concern. Then it would be in your VAMC notes (if you are seeing VAMC dermatology). If you are seeing a private dermatologist then same, it should already be in your notes unless you haven't told them.
  9. You can have regular claims pending while an appeal is going, as long as you aren't claiming conditions related to the appeal . You can do them yourself through VA.gov and upload whatever records you have, or list where youve been treated (private and VAMC so we know where to look) and we can pull the records. Its faster if you submit what you have, but at least if you give us a facility and state (VAMC) or an address and name of provider (Private) It makes looking easier.
  10. Heey, Boo Booo We're a gonna go find the ranger and steal us some pick a nick basKETS ! Grape ape.....grape ape.......
  11. Yeah, mine did that, too. The important thing is that she doesn't even have to have the records in her possession. When we pull her OMPF and STRs it will be in there, along with any counseling actions, etc. as a result of it. I was medboarded during Basic for a sort of similar situation (obstacle failed during our final FTX, and I fell 8 feet to the ground while carrying a SINGCARS. Landed in a seated L position, fractured two vertebrae, ruptured 1 disc, severely bulged another). I completed the iteration, the next day, and the road march back to Company. It wasn't until a month later after I
  12. That’s where sick call or LOD comes into play. Even if she wasn’t boarded (which I would think she was, based on the short time active, unless it was an admin or some other ELS type thing) if she has an LOD or strs with the injury she could at least get into va medical. In svc event would be covered. Hopefully she’s been getting it treated somewhere to establish that there is a current dx of a disability or issue.
  13. Any service connected disability is covered by VA health Care, with NSC stuff covered with Co pays and priority levels until 50% rated, then NSC stuff is covered full as well. An injury in training qualified for benefits when if 180 isn't hit but she'll have to show off have proof that it happened as a direct result of service. SO, LOD, Sick call, in patient, outpatient records, stuff like that. Was she discharged because of it? If so then that's already done. So she'll have too get it SC too qualify for medical care butt if she med boarded because of this then that will be ready. Her TAP or m
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