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  1. Well, worst case it could possibly take that long.......*joking- sorry I would. It sounds like a legit secondary, and if you already have your doctor on board it shouldn't take that long to get through if you submit everything at once. You are on the right track though- I have OSA and have for almost 8 yrs. (well longer than that, I just didnt know what it was). It can kill you. You're being treated though, so as long as you are compliant and tolerating your CPAP you'll probably be ok. Its not a cure, its just 'controlled'. Kinda up to you at this point.
  2. If he doesn't have record sharing enabled on his MyHealthVet records, they would have to be gotten from the private facility and added to his VA records.
  3. SS is taken into consideration as evidence, just like anything else. Its not an automatic anything.
  4. Not that Im aware of, though if you were called to an RFE or a proposal to reduce you could definitely submit that information as evidence. We only pull it automatically in the case of Housebound/Aid Attendance and IU claims.
  5. No, though giving it time to work or not work is obviously an important factor. Is this a permanent medication? That’s the big question. If you only have a 1-2 time prescription it’s not worth filing as a claim as you’ll have no cause. Increases are the same as any other claim pretty much. You use a 526ez.
  6. I should have clarified that, sorry. Ratings that are listed in the schedule specifically as bilateral do not have bilateral factor applied to them.
  7. https://www.microhealthllc.com/veterans-central/bilateral-va-disability-rating-compensation-calculator/
  8. bilateral applies to combined rating of extremities affected. I have bilateral radiculopathy 20%, so I am 20% left, 20% right (basically 20%), and then .20 for bilateral factor (bilat is 10% of the bilateral condition added back to it) 20% + .20 = 22%. Not much of a difference, but it IS if that .20 is what gets you over 5 or above since VA ratings are based on the nearest 10%. https://www.hillandponton.com/bilateral-factor-va-disability-rating/ https://www.hillandponton.com/va-disability-calculator/
  9. It used to hold up claims years ago because it was literally a paper for that had to be collected drink whatever desks in whatever ROs it was spread between. They are digital now but central scanning still has ALK there physical incoming mail for all current claims to work on, too, and it hasn't really slowed.
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