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  1. Just because you dont qualify for dependency doesnt mean that nothing is happening.
  2. What is the issue caused by the apnea? All I ever get is really dry eyes if it doesn't seal well as I sleep.
  3. It means they are considering your knees for bilateral rather than separate. Dont know about the dependency. If you dont have dependents it's not an issue.
  4. brokensoldier244th

    copy of c&p exam

    If you have access to blue button through myhealthvet you can usually get them a few days tho a few weeks after the exam unless it was done by a contractor.
  5. https://www.va.gov/healthbenefits/cost/copay_rates.asp
  6. brokensoldier244th

    Hearing aids

    I am, so you should be. Im not at 0% for hearing loss, I think im at 10% for high frequency loss and 10% for tinnitus. My Resounds have a white noise circuit so I wear them more for the tinnitus masking than I do for any actual need for hearing loss.
  7. Duty MOS Noise Exposure Levels.xls
  8. brokensoldier244th

    SMC-K claim

    Is it worth having a C&P where they could re-evaluate you for 104.00 a month in SMC-K? CAS
  9. 70% rating for MH (PTSD, etc) only indicates significant issues with occupational and/or social relationships. It doesn't preclude working. Now if he was 100% for it, that would rule out working by definition of the rating criteria. If he was I/U then he couldn't work without risk since he would be getting paid 100% based on not being able to work. If you add up to 100%, though, the rules are different, so long as the position doesn't aggravate what you have and no one exaggerated symptoms during the process then you/he should be fine.
  10. They are looking at yours, individually.
  11. You can submit the claim to secure the date, but its going to be a lot easier if you have a series of notes from a provider rather than just relying on the C&P guy. I think my depression was being treated for at least a few months before I submitted my claim and then I kept going (and still do, though Im medicated and stable now) . They had a lot of evidence to show for it, and I made copies of my notes from Release of Information or MyHealthVet Blue Button and highlighted the relevant parts that pertained to my pain and where I talked about it in each session. I had a cover page with some quotes from those notes on the top with page numbers so they could flip through it like a book and find what they wanted/needed.
  12. brokensoldier244th

    Is it worth it?

    It may or may not trigger a C&P on the primary condition- thats not a given. However, if the secondary condition should affect you negatively down the road, or gods forbid, kill you, you will not receive any benefit from it to pass on to your spouse or children, either. If its something really minor it may not be worth it but if its something major then id rather be covered for it, both for treatment, and possibly for benefits after death to pass on to my heirs.
  13. brokensoldier244th

    Government shutdown

  14. brokensoldier244th

    Government shutdown

    The money for our payments is already budgeted. The shutdown would affect monies not budgeted yet, since the reason for it is not having an approved budget
  15. brokensoldier244th

    Aid and attendance question

    Aid and Attendance means you have a caretaker. Housebound basically means you never (well, rarely) leave the house, usually due to depression/anxiety, etc (in my case) but can also be for chronic pain and other things. If you don't have a caretaker then go for housebound. In my case it was applied automatically since I have a 100% rating and an additional 60% or more in ratings so I ddint have to apply. I would assume it was the same as filing a claim for anything else, for you. Use Ebenefits if you have access and you can upload the document after you have scanned it, and the claim will be time stamped and you dont have to worry about the mail and lost documents. Incidentally, you can also download several free apps that let your phone act as a scanner so you dont have to go to a library, or a friends house, if you dont have a scanner. I use Cam Scanner but don't take that as an endorsement of it over anything else. There are several that ive tried over the years that all work great, but changing phones from apple to android and back means some no longer work because they are android or apple specific. Good luck!

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