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  1. brokensoldier244th

    Hypertention and PTSD

    His original claim is for direct service connection, his contention now is that it's secondary. Two different claims. Bonuses appealing the one because no evidence he can provide will support in service connection.
  2. brokensoldier244th

    CHAMPVA extra coverage

    They should already cover all that. Both my daughters had tonsillectomies within a month of each other with no problems.
  3. Pretty much exactly what it says. The reasons that it could go back for correction could be so many that it really doesnt do much good to speculate on it. Ive had a claim go from preparation for notification to gathering evidence several times in a week or two right before its actually completed. They don't have a claim status for every possible situation, and something needed to be corrected on yours, so they put it under that status. Its really not worth it to worry about it all that much. FYI- The peggy reps can't see all that much more, if anything, than you can, on Ebenefits. Thats why the website was created- to give another option to veterans rather than waiting on the phone for a rep to tell them what they could look up on their own.
  4. Thanks for catching that. I am SMC Housebound, and assumed A and A was similar. My bad. Seminoles- As for a fiduciary, they never suggested one for me. *shrug*
  5. Yes, it is supposed to be inferred if you are 100% +60%, or, in your case, when the notes stipulate something specific such as your occupational and social impairment. They may do Housebound, instead, but I think they are the same rate, or very similar. CAS
  6. brokensoldier244th

    Question regarding Dr visits

    PCP's and regular healthcare providers in the VA system are not part of the benefits granting arm of the VA- there is VA Health and VA Benefits. C and P doctors are part of the benefits arm of the VA. PCPs and PA's notes can be used in VA benefit proceedings, but PCP's dont get an email or phone call every time one of their patients applies for benefits. The two systems are different things. If you want to try to get better, or get some relief, go to the appointment. If they can help, great, your quality of life gets better. If not, then nothing happens. A referral is not a requirement, though if you told them you would go, and at least don't cancel, then you have wasted the time of whatever specialist they sent you to and made it so another veteran doesn't get that time slot. It makes sense that they would request a new pulmonary function test- the results of your last one are a year and a half old. Its no different than having to do blood labs before some appointments, because some things change. Maybe for the better, maybe not, but if you aren't a medical professional than you are are taking a risk because while you may know your body there are still things that you can't determine based on lay-person evidence and how you feel. I empathize with you that you don't want to lose compensation, but honestly, Id rather have my health than the money.
  7. Unfortunately, if you want the ED rating you have to get the exam. Mine is secondary to spinal disc and nerve compression, so its easily possible depending on where your back issues are located. You can also talk to your PCP about the drugs you take contributing. With your history of trying cialis/etc it should be a pretty easy claim to get. One of the things they check in the exam is your prostate, which can contribute to ED if its enlarged, so if you have the beginnings of prostate cancer or something you'd definitely want to know. Just be honest with them about your sexual issues. Heck, bring your spouse with you if you need to. I had notes from mine with me at my exam that I read off (the bullet points) to the examiner.
  8. brokensoldier244th

    MH exam increase

    Or housebound, depending on your symptoms. I don't need 'aid and attendance' but my concentration lapses to the point of leaving things cooking, forgetting to pick up kids from school, and things like that, plus anxiety of strangers, or even familiar strangers (like the mail man). I am rated for housebound. Its similar, but a different category.
  9. It usually ends up covering the deductibles, at least with regular insurance
  10. My doc didnt want to operate either, reason being my nerve damage and disc damage is low enough in my back that if they were to operate they might nick or damage something further down in the caudal area and cause more problems. Hence, im on pain killers and conservative maintenance and stretching/core exercises for life.
  11. EBenefits might have the form you need in there, too, then you can send it electronically with a time stamp
  12. Yeah, I roll my ankles a lot, too, when I walk. I now buy athletic shoes with a pronounced stabilization on both sides, and have orthotics in them to help defray some of it. I still occasionally trip on stairs because I don't lift my foot up high enough, and last year I fell down some stairs after a job interview because my ankle rolled and I ended up breaking my wrist and getting surgery, and have a nice scar through part of an eyebrow.
  13. Just send the NOD, that will freeze the process. You don't need to hire a lawyer for everything. Since you haven't 'lost' anything yet they have nothing to win on contingency unless they drag it out in discovery. While I understand that not every case is the same, Ive had 2 appeals and a proposal for reduction in the last 15 years and ive never had to hire a laywer, I just pointed out point by point in the decision letter where they were wrong and provided the evidence I had to the contrary. Type it up, put in a cover page with footnotes to the relevant parts (doctors notes, pg # blah blah, etc) and then include the full doctor notes or CFR portions as necessary. If you have medical evidence that you haven't improved a lawyer isn't going to improve your chances all that much over what you can do on your own, especially if you already have doctor appointments pending for this. Send the NOD, that starts an appeal. Simple form. Go see your doctors, see what they say. If you disagree with them- then consider hiring a lawyer, but since you aren't appealing back benefits it will probably have to be on a fee basis since there is nothing to 'recover'.
  14. It falls under partial paralysis. Radiculopathy is also the term some doctors use.
  15. You don't need a lawyer,, just fill out a nod that says you disagree. It doesnt need to be that detailed yet you just want to stop the clock. Then go about getting your evidence and building your case. You should get a letter saying g what they are reducing and on what basis.

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