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  1. Which one is easier to prove diagnostically? Tinnitus sucks (I have it) and there are nights that even my noise canceling headphones and thunderstorm sound don’t drown it. It can drive you nuts even with hearing AIDS that try to cancel it out. The bad thing is, too, that when it rains I fall asleep.
  2. Diagnostic impression usually means a preliminary diagnosis on the way to an actual diagnosis. It's still a lot stronger than "subjective complaint" which is the part coming from you that has nothing behind it other than what you are saying. The examiner, your private physician, whatever, takes that subjective statement from you, applies diagnostics, and then forms an objective statement or diagnosis. The term diagnostic impression isn't really defined and many practitioners use it interchangeably with 'diagnosis'. MH stuff is weird, too in that you can have a diagnostic impression for a long
  3. I see it more than I would like. We'll order an exam package for service connection that, by law, has to have both a DBQ and an opinion from the examiner. We'll get back the DBQ for the exam, but not the form for the opinion, so we have to request a re-work, which they hate- because they are time sensitive, and they don't get paid for reworks. LOL. Im the rework xxxxxxx of my group. I like to lean on them pretty hard because its a waste of my time to go through your claim to make sure the last guy that touched it didnt forget something, then see that there exams returned, then go to read the r
  4. Either the first guy didn’t address something required in the exam, or there could be a potential conflict of medical evidence between your IMO and your treatment record.
  5. The point was, you don't always need a C&P exam. It depends on what your denial letter said as the reason(s) for denial. It may have had nothing to do with a C&P, or lack thereof. I don't know. I'm just putting out there that not getting a C&P exam is not the end all/be all, time to appeal and lawyer up situation that some people make it out to be. I worked with 2 veteran files last week that did not get, nor need, C&P exams, and they weren't based on presumptive conditions. Their record of care at their respective VAMCs, plus private treatment that they had received looked to
  6. A C&P exam can't be given unless all three elements are met- that is a legal requirement, not something we do just to mess with your life or get a denial. We don't benefit either way- there is no mythical points board that we are all on with the number of grants or denials. If your initial claim and evidence doesn't meet all three elements, we cannot schedule an exam. period. full stop. If your IMO doesn't address an in-service event, current symptomatology, and some connection between the two with some justification or rationale to support it it won't contribute towards receiving a positi
  7. They are taking much longer- VA personnel, at the directive of OPM (office personnel management, D.C.) are all working from home and not in the office. I don't know if the traveling boards are still being done due to Covid, so everyone is having to do hearings via video conferencing. That, coupled with doctors offices and vendor examiner offices, along with VAMCs, being closed or only in partial operation has cause everything to grind to near a halt. Some areas are open and operating more freely but that is entirely dependent on your local conditions. There really isn't a timeline that can be
  8. With 6 mo in you should be fine. Especially if your refills extend out another 6 months to a year. I waited about that long when I filed for depression/anxiety/OCD tendencies and I was granted with no problems. Just keep going to your therapies if you have them.
  9. Yah, sorry, I didnt mean to sound brusque about it, but I deal with all the national records agencies every day, along with the exam vendors, and I can't get anything done, either.
  10. Always fight the denial word for word, or as much as possible. It keeps you focused.
  11. Everybody is waiting on appeals, and exams, and records searches. 3/4 of the VA isn't even working in house and of those that are it's probably under restriction of some kind. Records research at NPRC is basically nonexistent. If it's only been since December then you haven't heard an update probably because three isn't one.
  12. Well, they wouldn't put it out to us on the claims processing side if it wasn't. Plus, I already have claims for hypothyroid coming in. I had one today, thats what reminded me to post here.
  13. To: Subject: NDAA Agent Orange Presumptive Conditions January 6, 2021 Directors (00): Please distribute to National Call Centers and Public Contact Teams. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 (NDAA) (H.R.6395) added three (3) more conditions to the Agent Orange presumptive-conditions list wherein Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange may qualify for benefits: bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, and Parkinsonism, or Parkinson-like symptoms. Veterans and survivors are encouraged to submit cla
  14. It has nothing to do with being positive or negative- it has to do with erroneous information that Adobe can find anything in a PDF. There are some things in PDFs that are not searchable no matter what program you use. Original poster is having difficulty searching PDF record. Therefore either OP needs to become more comfortable using search or hitting the right combination of words to search for, or the information isn't there, or the information is in a format that isn't searchable with Adobe or CTRL F due to how the pdf was processed. I do this all day long- I work for VA, and im well aware
  15. You can't search for text in scanned documents with free Adobe reader. Before I worked at VA I was a programmer and a software solutions engineer for a healthcare company. You can only OCR text in a document that is a PDF, not one that was a PDF and then mass scanned into an image file. I'm not going to argue fact with you, except so that the poster doesn't go looking for something that doesn't exist right now, at least for general use.
  16. ^^^^this^^^^ There can be no vagueness in an IMO. Its a definitive document of the doctor's opinion, if they are fishing for potential diagnosis, then its not an opinion, its a guess. It also needs to document how and why they came up with that opinion whether it be from observational studies of you, or knowledge of research or studies that may closely correlate with you and your condition, which then need to be cited.
  17. We do, but it is dependant on how documents are labeled. Some documents are labeled by the system as they are received based on form number- those are easy. Self submitted evidence isn't always so easy because it could be letters, emails, forms with numbers, medical records, etc. We can look up by dates, categorization, descriptors in the subject line, etc, but its not perfect. I know adobe reader- the point is that its not any better than any other program unless you pay for one. I haven't found a free PDF reader yet that will OCR a bunch of PDFS well, or at all. Adobe pro is better but
  18. Pac- just so you know, we don't have any tools that anyone else wouldn't have access to for searching PDFs. We use Adobe, or CTRL-F, too. We don't have any special tools for it, we're stuck doing it the same as everyone else.
  19. If you had incorrect records identified in your file that weren't you, they were probably removed at some point- there is a mechanism for that on our side. Are you searching on a disk? Ctrl-f is not the greatest tool for that, unfortunately its about the only one that fast and included as part of Windows. PDFs when scanned, aren't searchable very well because they aren't necessarily an image, but they aren't 'text' either. PDF searches only work on rendered text or OCR data. If the PDF is created from a scanned image, it will not find anything at all. the only way to search text i
  20. Nope. You'' have to file it on an 20-0995 form for an appeal (if you want to submit evidence) or an -0996 if you just want them to review it.
  21. Adjustment disorder and depression/anxiety are almost so intertwined that it won't matter. If you already have a diagnosis just ask for an increase. If it was PTSD I'd say file specifically for that because the symptomology is specific. I see claims all the time that are classified as either adjustment disorder or "anxiety and depression".
  22. If it's submitted electronically it is loaded into the cfile within a few hours. If it's mailed then it's got to be scanned in. As for duplicates it does matter. All of that has to be looked at during a claim by humans, and each labeled, which extends the time it takes to find the relevant evidence. You wanna send in things 6 times, fine, but it's going to take me 3 times as long to figure out what is and isn't a duplicate. And after the 4th time seeing the same thing it starts to get fatiguing. We aren't machines. Consider that an STR is several hundred pages even if someone was on
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