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  1. My advice...there are a LOT of things you can connect secondary to your PTSD. ANYTHING that can be aggravated by Stress. (Raynaud's Disease/Syndrome, Heart Arrhythmia, Asthma, Conditions you have due to medications you take for PTSD) Secondary conditions are the keys to kingdom in a lot of cases. People forget about them. Going for an increase is not always the best route. You get the wrong C&P doc...and you get "decreased" or even worse recommended to remove SC. If you're being treated for ANYTHING that can be impacted by stress....go for that.
  2. Submit your claim. I've never seen a "new" Claim slow down a claim on Appeal or visa versa. They are in different lanes.
  3. If you have the diagnosis for the secondary conditions, submit a claim for them as secondary to whichever already SC'd condition you believe they are caused or worsened by. You aren't SC'd on "back surgery". You're SC'd on a condition or conditions that were caused by (residuals of) your back surgery. Do some research. Find medical papers or opinions that show how condition "XYZ" has been shown to cause or impact the condition(s) you're looking to claim as secondary. Better yet, find favorable BVA decisions similar and include those in your claim. The C&P doc will make a determinatio
  4. As brokensoldier stated, I don't think this has anything to do with "whom" you've chosen as your legal counsel to date.
  5. Usually the VA lists what the definition for "Incapacitating Episodes" is for the evaluation of the specific condition in their documentation. I'd look up the rating schedule for the condition and read how they define it. Based on this though, I'd say it fits the definition: Note (1): For the purposes of evaluation under 38 CFR 4.79, an incapacitating episode is an eye condition severe enough to require a clinic visit to a provider specifically for treatment purposes. Note (2): Examples of treatment may include but are not limited to: Systemic immunosuppressants or biolo
  6. I think what brokensoldier is saying is, a "Nexus" is the "event" you're stating caused/worsened your condition in service. That event should be laid out in your IMO by the person writing it. It should be definitive in diagnosis and how that event plays in to the diagnosis. The event should then be "provable" by your military records and/or buddy statements. You never said what your denial stated. Why did they deny you? That's what you need to be addressing with the additional evidence you're submitted on the Supplemental Claim.
  7. My understanding is that you are connected on Tinnitus with Anxiety secondary to the Tinnitus because it affects your sleep causing/worsening your Anxiety. Correct? With the diagnosis of SOA coming now, I think you are right to be concerned. They may try to say that the Anxiety you've established is caused/worsened by sleep deprivation is actually attributed to your SOA instead though I think it would be hard for them to prove how much of it is attributable to the SOA verses the Tinnitus. You absolutely "can" have co-existing sleep inhibiting conditions...but then we all know how VA d
  8. With your claim being in the legacy claim system (I assume given the date), I would follow what Berta said. I, personally am also connected on IBS and GERD with esophageal spasms. Mine is connected at 30%. The IBS and GERD codes cannot be "stacked" as they fall under the same symptomology, but it's my understanding that you should be rated on the one that gives you the highest rating. Mine states that I would be 10% on Hiatal Hernia (since that's what they rate GERD under) but 30% on IBS...so, they rate it at 30% given I meet the 30% criteria under the IBS rating.
  9. As someone who just went through this with KY, for my State they only exempt you from taxes based on a maximum of the "property value". Meaning, you only get a "credit" of taxes due up to the maximum property value of 48K (I think). If your home is worth more than the max , you pay the tax due on the difference between home value and max. Example: Home value is $150K you don't pay property tax on the first $48K, but you do on the remaining $102K. The way the benefit it written made it sound like you got credited for "up to $48K in taxes due". Confused me.
  10. I agree with broncovet whole-heartedly. I was successful on my own because I probably would rate myself an "A" in all 6 of those areas. I am a Data Analyst by trade. I am VERY detail-oriented, and I can read and understand legal language fairly well. I know of several friends who do not have these skills, and they are overwhelmed by the process. I try to help where I can, but I cannot force anyone to follow through. That's the most frustrating...knowing that someone really deserves the benefits they aren't getting but not being able to get them to do what they need/should do.
  11. Agree with Berta...best interpreter is the Veteran. LOL I've literally had to write down a little at a time..step away...look at it again..and my brain will decipher another word or acronym. Google acronym...then it gives me another clue as to what on earth they were writing.
  12. If there was a police report filed, you can do FOIA request for information from AFOSI ("base" to me, means Air Force). https://efoia.milcloud.mil/(S(em5gjfdbzftepizlhwnbjckh))/App/Confirmation.aspx?no=1 You'd need to give the date of incident (as close as humanly possible to actual date), base, etc...It takes a bit to process, but you can track the progress on the website. You can also contact: (Start with submitting your FOIA Request though) AF FOIA Public Liaison Office (703)614-8500 Office of Government Information Services (OGIS) at the National Archives 1-877-684-644
  13. I agree with brokensoldier244th. I had a VSO assist with my first two Claims. She was terrible. Hosed up my contact info, left off items I'd asked to claim, etc... I found it MUCH easier to do it on my own after that. However, she still got notified with each Claim because (as far as the VA was concerned) she was still listed as my VSO. A good one can help you when you're really new to the process...but there's no difference in speed of processing or validity of claim.
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