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  1. We went with a lawyer for my husband’s claims. They literally violated their own process regulations on his claim even after we specifically stated their required process. There are just some things I’d rather let someone who knows how to handle them deal with. I spent 2.5 years on my own claims. I didn’t have it in me to work through more ridiculousness for his. LOL It’s worth it for us to let the legal people handle it from here.
  2. There are just sometimes that consulting a lawyer that specializes in the crazy that is the VA, is just the best course of action. You can try an HLR on your own pointing out the specific symptoms noted by the examiner that match the higher rating in their own regulations if you want as well. It’s really at matter of how much aggravation you personally are ready to take on.
  3. 5 Year Rule The five-year rule states that the VA can’t reduce a veteran’s disability that’s been in place for five years, unless the condition improved overtime on a sustained basis. 10 Year Rule The 10-year rule functions a bit differently than the other rules. In this case, the VA cannot eliminate a rating that’s been in place for ten years or more. However, they can reduce the rating if they have medical evidence that the medical condition has improved. As with the 20-year rule, there is an exception to this rule if the VA finds out that the original disability rating was ba
  4. They should be able to tell you if any SC'd condition is listed as no future re-evaluations or something to that affect, but if they're telling you that you are "due for a re-examination"...then, it probably wasn't listed as static.
  5. No. You MUST attend any C&P Exam scheduled unless you are in a "protected" class (i.e. over age 55, had the same rating for 20 years, etc...). A lot of times a rating will be listed as static (meaning they won't actively seek to re-evaluate unless you file a new claim or a claim for increase. Then, your whole file is subject to review. If your PTSD rating was not listed as "static", they would set a re-evaluation date in your file.
  6. Holy Lord! Stuff like this pisses me off so much! If people were actually being held accountable for either incompetent work or actual spiteful actions, this wouldn’t happen...or at least be very rare.
  7. It's basically just them CYA'ing themselves no matter what. Somebody up the chain noticed they skipped something, and they're forcing them to go back and check all of their boxes. Hopefully, it turns out to be a good thing for you.
  8. Just FYI, I've been to two C&P exams for GERD in the last year. Both were just an in-person visit with one of the Dr.'s from VES. They are literally just going over the medical records they have in your file related to the condition then asking you the questions they need to, to check the boxes the VA needs checked in order to rate. The second one was a review of the first because I claimed Esophageal Spasm after I was already connected at 30% for GERD and IBS. They left my rating at 30% just adding in my spasms as "symptoms of the existing condition", I probably could have argued for
  9. As others have said, Congrats to you. From one survivor to another. I will tell you though...no clue what the deferment means. Mine was connected as PTSD "due to" MST. There isn't a code for "MST" that I'm aware of. After what I saw happen with my Asthma "increase" claim though...I've learned that there are some really "new" or "untrained" people handling claims these days though...so it may be a total mistake. Did you claim or discuss anything else related to the PTSD though? Is it possible you were SC'd at 30% on something else and the MST/PTSD claim was deferred? You can logon to ebe
  10. I agree with john999. I sought out a private provider through my private insurance that met all of the VA's rating criteria and specialized in my issues. She was instrumental in my SC for PTSD due to MST on the first attempt.
  11. My hubby struggles with his. He's tried multiple masks though we haven't tried ordering any online..just the 4 the sleep clinic gave him to try. I bought one of the So Clean machines for it...it was pricey. Like $280 (VA doesn't cover that). I can use my HSA though to at least not pay taxes on it. LOL He got issued his right about the time COVID was shutting everything down, so they didn't really do a great job of going over the machine. I'm a techy, so I was able to figure it out though. His "can" hit the internet though I have not seen anything in the settings to configure it to wi-f
  12. My advice...there are a LOT of things you can connect secondary to your PTSD. ANYTHING that can be aggravated by Stress. (Raynaud's Disease/Syndrome, Heart Arrhythmia, Asthma, Conditions you have due to medications you take for PTSD) Secondary conditions are the keys to kingdom in a lot of cases. People forget about them. Going for an increase is not always the best route. You get the wrong C&P doc...and you get "decreased" or even worse recommended to remove SC. If you're being treated for ANYTHING that can be impacted by stress....go for that.
  13. Submit your claim. I've never seen a "new" Claim slow down a claim on Appeal or visa versa. They are in different lanes.
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