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  1. I just met with the vocational expert that my attorney uses. I want to know how much weight does their opinion carry when it comes to the VA. I know it made all the difference when I was awarded my SSDI as she was speaking with the judge. My SSDI claim states that the only reason I can't work is because of my knees which is also my service connected disability. Just wanted to know if I have a reasonable shot at TDIU my attorney feels confident I'm using Hill and Ponton. Thanks
  2. How is the VA doing travel pay? I have to travel for physical therapy due to knee replacement. I heard a couple of guys discussing the topic and one was saying that you could do it online. I didn't get involved in their conversation. I come to all of you guys for all of my questions. I know where to get credible info, since joining this site I've gone from 10% to 70% by submitting on own claims. I truly thank all of you. I share all of the knowledge I view on this site with a lot of older vets that don't have access to or don't care for computers. Sorry for rambling on.
  3. How long does it take to receive a copy of your c file? Are there any short cuts you can take or do you just have to wait on the mail?
  4. I have an attorney appealing my TDIU claim. I want to know if l can I file a secondary claim for my back and hips as a result of my TKRs ? Do submit the claim myself or do I need to go through the attorney? Can filing a claim during an appeal upset the appeal process? Thanks
  5. What are the proper procedures to request a copy of my c file? Thanks
  6. I have hired an attorney and want to know if I or he can receive my file faster? Also has anyone went this route and what is about the average time line for an attorney to submit an appeal on your behalf? Thanks
  7. Thanks, All The Way. I was rated at 30% after the temp 100%. My range of motion and flexion is no problem. There's just a constant pain that is kicking my but and none of the meds relieves it. My Orthopedic Dr is very good, but I can't seem to get the C&P examiners to understand about the pain. Revision maybe my only option, I just wanted to know if the VA pays the temp 100% after the revision surgery. Is there a reg that covers revision surgery? Thanks for all your help.
  8. What is the VA process as far as pay for revision surgery. After surgery two years ago I was rated at 100% for a year. I'm having problems with my TKR and the Dr may have to revisit. If he has to replace some of all of the knee do you receive 100% temp again?z
  9. Thanks pacmanx1, my SSDI letter states that " There are no jobs that exist in significant numbers in the national economy that the claimant could perform". Should I appeal to the board with option 2, so that I can submit more evidence? Such as IMO etc.
  10. Can anyone comment on post I posted yesterday at 2:45 yesterday. I tried to upload decision letter. Thanks
  11. I received my denial letter. In the evidence it doesn't mention SSDI, I sent the award letter with the packet. The SSA states that my knees are the only reason I'm receiving SSDI. I also put in my right knee for secondary because they replaced it when they did my left knee which was SC at the time. They didn't mention the right TKR, they mention palpation and patella tendon, but it has been replaced and that's what I stated on my claim. When I submitted my TDIU I was rated at 30% left TKR and 50% major depressive disorder, I ask for a secondary on my right TKR on a separate claim. They combine
  12. I'm not technically proficient with computers. How can I up load a copy of denial letter to get some feedback? I don't have a scanner.
  13. Are appeals just long in general or does it depends on the evidence you are submitting and what route you are talking on your appeal? Is it best to get an attorney during this process? I've been reading and it seems daunting.
  14. How do I show that the failure of my right knee was caused by the injury I sustain to my left knee. I injured my left knee during a bridging accident in Bosnia in 2001. I had Surgery to fix the damage in 2002 at Fort Gordon. It was never the same and got worse causing me to put more weight on my right knee. In 2010 the VA sent me to have orthocopic surgery on both knees and they assigned a 10% rating to my left knee but nothing for the right knee. In 2018 the VA replaced both knees and assigned a final 30% rating for the left knee only. What options do I have as I was denied a secondary claim?
  15. I reviewed my 21-8940 and it ask if you receive Disability Retirement Benefits. Is that the same as SSDI? I marked no in that box , but I sent a copy of my award letter with my TDIU packet. Should I file a NOD and submit that as new evidence or what route should I take? I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions. I've learned a lot in these last 2 days from all of your comments. I should've joined earlier, but I'm technology illiterate. What forms do I use or should I go to a VSO. They weren't much before I got this far on my own. Thinking about an attorney, what do you know about Hill and Pon
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