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  1. Thank you for the responses you all. My Higher Level Review was for Aid and Attendance supposedly given out prematurely. They also that the rater used things that were not service connected even though none of them were listed on my rating sheet under Aid and Attendance. I am rated 100% for PTSD and I have a lot of service rated back and nerve conditions leading to loss of use of my legs. I am Bedridden for even being in a wheelchair is extremely painful due to my rated back issues. My wife changes my bandages when treating my bedsores and give me daily injections of insulin with monitori
  2. Hello, It is nice to be here. I think I posted in the wrong area. Please forgive me. I’m having difficulty learning how to post something. I was approved for SMC L1 and put in a request for a half step due to a stand alone condition. This turned into a Higher Level Review. The VA stated that the rater used things that were not service related. I have 3 different cancers, diabetes and a stroke that are not rated at this time. I am a 100% permanent and total vet with many spine and neck issues that effect me an am also rated 100% for stand alone PTSD. Due to my many nerve a disc problems,
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    I’m sorry. I failed to mention that I’m also rated 100% for PTSD.
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    Hello, I was sent to an Aid & Attendance Exam. My wife is my provider who is a physician who has to stop working to take care of my bed sore, injection, physical therapy, feeding, bathing, etc. I have a lot of spinal nerve problems that keeps me bedridden. Unbeknownst to me, the exam physician stated that I am bedridden 8 hours a night and 5 hours during the day. I found this out through a rep that read the exam. I clearly stated to the physician that I am in bed all the time except when my wife gets me in a wheelchair and gets me in the shower. My question is, did the physician just
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