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  1. Thank you very much for the recommendation!
  2. Mr Cue, It was from the Rating Officer. Thank you for the deadlines recommendations!
  3. Good Afternoon, could anyone advise me as to the best Lawyers for SMC? Thank you!
  4. Oh, I wasn’t aware of any new appeal system. When did it change? Thank you!
  5. No. I just back the Claim and they lumped everything together and awarded me SMC L-1 based on needing A&A
  6. Thank Mr. Cue! You are in the same boat and after all that time must be beyond Frustrating! I will take your advise and try and get SMC-O…..then take from there. Thanks Again!!
  7. Sorry, meant to say Appeal as Bronco suggested.
  8. Additionally, because they grouped both A&As together, I am rated currently at SMC-L for A&A.
  9. Good Afternoon, Could you please direct me in the following. I have 2 A&As that the VA grouped together under A&A. My wife is a physician that takes care of me for PTSD keeping me safe from hurting myself/others (also states that I am in danger of hurting myself/other in my psych evaluation from VA that awarded me 100% PTSD Rating and for total loss of both feet and spinal issues where my wife injects me daily, provides physical therapy for me and changes and addresses my wound care, not to mention all Acts of Daily Living. So, my question is do I file for a higher level of increase for SMC O because of 2 A&As (Or even on A&A and Loss of use SMC-O, or do I file for a Higher Level of Care based on the additional things only a medical professional can provide? Should I really get a lawyer? Thank you very much
  10. Thank you very much for your answers and support!
  11. Good Afternoon, I was approved for Aid & Attendance which I am very grateful! My question is that I was informed that the VA placed all of my SC Disabilities under Aid & Attendance. This includes SC 200% PTSD for keeping me safe, SC 200% Loss of Use of Both Feet and SC 100% Complications of Stroke to name a few. Aren’t Loss of Use and PTSD Keeping me safe separate with only one of them needed to establish Aid and Attendance? Wouldn’t it be considered R1? Thank You All!
  12. Hello Everyone, I received my claim back today. The VA awarded me Aid and Attendance SMC L1 based on every condition I have from 100% Rated Loss of use of feet, 100% Rated PTSD, 100% rated Stroke and even 50% rated sleep Apnea. I have ratings totaling 650%. Can the VA lump everything together? loss of use and being kept safe because of PTSD are 2 additional and separate listed items under SMC. I’m so confused. Thank you for answering and giving me advise!
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