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  1. Excellent overview and reasoning why veterans with breathing problems should immediately explore a possible sleep apnea claim. As a fellow sufferer of OSA, a CPAP mask and machine made an immense difference in my restful sleeping. In fact, the OSA is linked to four other VA disability claims which I never knew about. Get help now!
  2. It appears the link works, however, the AVAPL.org no longer has manual online nor makes reference to same.
  3. A most excellent recommendation, TBird. Make it so much easer to process/gain organization of service medical files, civilian hospital or other treating doctor records, and any other (fill in the blank) evidence you wish to submit to VA claims. Bless you for your time & skills.
  4. I may possibly use Dr Valette for subject IMO. Does anyone have knowledge of the effectiveness of his IMO for this first timer's MH IMO? Last reports on the board seem to be in 2021. Can anyone comment on VA claims stance or acceptability regarding Dr Vallette, good or bad? Thank you all for your support in setting up and running this board. You are the best!
  5. I am seeking information concerning possible herbicide(s) stored, used and spilled on Ascom Base, Bupyong Dong, ROK cira '70-'73. I believe I have residual problems due to such exposure. Kimpo air bases was nearby and toxic chemicals were allegedly stored in warehouses on Ascom. I have knowledge of warehouse and further information. Please direct me to proper post/person. Thank you.
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