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  1. Lonniebrinson. You need to go to (blogtakeradio.com/jbasser and listen to this podcast that he has, a new one every Thursday night at 7 PM you can check out his pass podcast he go throw the VA’s aid & attendance and brings out all the pitfalls the VA does to veterans and show you how to overcome them with guests he has on the shows.
  2. Owen99 AMA appeals are almost on hold per Hill& Ponton and CC&K at the meeting that was held in Washington DC the first week in October. According to the BVA direct review docket is well over a year to two years, evidence docket is well over two years and the video docket is over four years. Well come to the VA.
  3. SPO Go to (You Tube) Hill & Ponton Q&E live 10/06/2021 and in the video they will tell you what the meeting was about in Washington and what the BVA is doing with all the appeals at the Board it doesn’t look good at all. Spemper Fi Brother
  4. All AMA appeals are on hold per the conference that was held in Washington two weeks ago per Hill & Ponton and CC&K. Your Va at work?.
  5. brocovet you forgot the most important one of all. The VA really wants to know do you (REALLY) need the money.
  6. The way it work now after you go to your c&p exam and va rate the claim and make a decision, closes it out. You can call your RO office and they will see if the claim is closed, and they will do a claim for freedom of information act request for your c&p exam, them you go on va.gov and it will be there that day and close out the same day and mail out to you the next day I hope it helps.
  7. Johnsoncm Have you been going to the VA or private doctors for your disability’s has any of your disability’s improved, if not I would call the VA and ask them if I felt up to it, can I try being a doorhash deliveryman will it affect my TDIU yes or no if no get it in writing if yes them you have to make a big decision good lucky ( SemperFI Brother )
  8. To get the auto grant you needed to have loses of one foot and one hand or both hands or both feet to get it.
  9. Find the closest VA that does the work and let them know you want to go there to have the work none , even if you have to go out of state they will paid for it. Keep complaining
  10. If you are a 100% P&T or 100% or TDIU or s/c for Dental and you don’t like the Dental that your VA hospital has you can request to go to Community Care for your Dental and don’t take know for and answer
  11. Overthere Wellcome home (BROTHER). I can’t help you because I will say things which other people think but will not say about the VA we fought for and ungrateful Country. Semper Fi Brother Marines till we die
  12. Broncovet: The term (Medically necessary) for the uses of a CPAP machine isn’t part of the VA language, it states (Required use of a CPAP machine). M21-1 part 3 Topic (5) Sleep Apnea and related disabilities, 38CFR 4.96 who ever started the saying (Medically necessary) is wrong if you read your decision letter for 50% it states Required use of a CPAP machine or other devices
  13. What about the ten year rule, if you have a s/c disability for ten years they can’t take it away but it can be reduced
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