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  1. Home Depot is going to be the Sear of today, they think they are to big to care about little things.
  2. All I was saying buy the time the VA get there ass in gear we will all be dead. So if you have a sc to link your high blood pressure go of it and save the anxiety being piss off at the va grabbing there ass over agent Orange that should of been done thirty years ago.
  3. I had boot on the ground in Vietnam, but to wait for the Va (BS) l went for high blood pressure secondary sleep apnea and PTSD. SC connect with a C&P no BS.
  4. Got a BVA decision on a sleep Apnea claim. Had a sleep study a the VA on 04/16/2013 said to use a cpap, file a claim on 05/13/2013 got paid from 06/01/2013 to 01/01/2020. But I read that if you had a sleep study at the VA you get paid from when you get the cpap. Which is a month earlier it come to about a thousand dollars should I appeal it.
  5. BVA decision on your appeal Oct 2019. Peripheral Neuropathy ( without diabetics) exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. A February 2019 VA examiner opined that the Veteran’s peripheral Neuropathy was less likely than not incurred in or caused by the claimed in service injury, event or illness, as there is no medical evidence of symptoms or diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy while the Veteran was in service or within one year of his discharge from service treatment records is an insufficient basis, by itself, for a negative opinion. It is symptoms and not treatment that must be considered when rendering an opinion as to the etiology between a current condition and events in service. Additionally, service connection is possible for a diseases first identified after service. The Veteran is competent to report the onset and nature of peripheral neuropathy. The Veteran reports provide competent and credible evidence of peripheral neuropathy during active military duty and continuity of symptoms since. The Board finds that as the February 2019 Va examiner didn’t consider the Veteran’s reports of continuity of symptomatology, the opinion is inadequate for evaluation purposes.Based on the evidence noted above, and resolving reasonable doubt in the Veteran’s favor, service connection for peripheral neuropathy, left & right upper extremities and left & right lower extremities is warranted.
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