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  1. Goofy You file a claim for your heart attack secondary to your hypertension if you are not S/C for your heart disease,you should be able to get a temporary 100% go from there.
  2. Wiso1337 know uncontrolled hypertension is when you are on more than two blood pressure medications and it not control buy your medication, hypertension is as bad as diabetes if not control it can kill you (strokes,dementia,heart disease,kidney failure,etc) why do you think VA took 50 years to make hypertension agent orange disease???? All about money.
  3. uniformpapa7 Did you meet the 10% rating for hypertension before taking Medication, if so them appeal it but you need three readings on three different days.
  4. Wico1337. If you was on continuous medication and you had a 10% rating for hypertension it should have stayed the same. Do a HLR and if you want a high rating next time do Telehealth program with Va for hypertension and you have to check your blood pressure every day and it is send to a nurse that monitor your pressure and see if you qualify for a 20% rating them put in a claim. Listen 10% or 20% makes know different you’re looking for uncontrolled hypertension that the real killer.
  5. Kachi You said you have 70,30, and 7(10)% that add up to 90% it sound like they gave you TDIU which equals 100%. If you want to work tell the VA you don’t want TDIU and you can work but you will not be at 100% only at 90%.
  6. Hypertension is as bad or worse them diabetes it’s a silent killer you should absolutely put in for it. Semper Fi Brother
  7. Stayfocus it’s was for EED sorry about that
  8. 720 days in ama direct review lane waiting to be assigned to a judge
  9. shrekthetank1 I got the same email from the BVA appeals Board today been waiting two years for a direct review
  10. Max Rommel you have to go to the VA hospital that treated you and ask them to put a request to search the archives for your records from the 70s all hand written records are there,the VA shouldn’t throw out any records from the hospital.
  11. Listen guys the Va never ask you if you real need the MONEY ???, the VA pays you when they feel like paying you and not one second sooner.
  12. jamescripps & john999 thanks for listen to my story all I was doing was changing my bathroom shower to a roll in shower with know curb, what piss me off was when the HLR denied payment because I didn’t qualify for the HISA Grant they said the beneficiary the medical justification & clinical needs should support the type of home improvement or structural alteration being prescribed I have peripheral neuropathy upper and lower extremities with bilateral foot drop direct services connect agent orange Vietnam thanks again I will go in front of the VBA Judge they will read the facts Semper Fi
  13. Jamescrippe2 call the White House hot line they complain to prosthetics and that all they can do, nobody at the VHA hospital can help because they are afraid of what the head of prosthetics can do. Did a HLR review and it when back to the same VHA hospital who denied me for a different reason its like they do and say what ever they want and nobody wants to help you I thought they were supposed to be for the veteran stupid me. Need help if you can, going in front of a BVA Judge will take years and they know that.thank for listen is it worth fighting for.
  14. jamescripps In 2017 The VHA changes the HISA Grant and the VHA doesn’t pay the contractors you have to pay them, them the VHA pays you that’s the problem VHA isn’t paying me for the work that was done to my bathroom need help. The head of prosthetics keeps come up with different reasons not to pay me why give out Grants when you don’t pay up, another game the VHA plays.
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