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  1. I call the 1-800-827-1000 and they fax me my code sheets known question ask. You just need the right person to answer the phone and know the rules.
  2. You can call or to can go to your senator office and they will email the RO office And the RO office will email the C&P exams to them. Semper Fi Brother
  3. In the proposed to reduce did a doctor say you didn’t used your CPAP and they want to reduce you to 30% and you appeal it right and won.
  4. I read the aggravation-definition my take is, this is a major blow for secondary SC from aggravation like taking medication, obesity. Like Sleep Apnea you need a sleep study before they diagnose you, and if you get a CPAP and claim a secondary disability for the sleep apnea you will be entitled to 0% if you win somebody in the VA is staying up late trying to save money (or screw the Veteran). Thank you for your service???
  5. So if you trying to connect Sleep Apnea to PTSD and the Va already gave you a CPAP machine, and you win the claim secondary to PTSD for Aggravation ( Permanent Worsening). You will be given 0% for Sleep Apnea because you have a CPAP. With a CPAP you get 50% so the next high rating is 100% which is hard to get so you will be rated at 0%, VA won again. There go Sleep Apnea
  6. The first check given out was January 31 1940 was for $22.54, in 2020 for someone at full retirement age the maximum amount is $3011. Starting Dec 2021 compute the COLA using a chained version of the consumer price index for wage and salary workers (CPI-W). We estimate this new computation will reduce the annual COLA by about 0.3 percentage point, on average. (Long Range Solvency Provisions - Social Security). All do to the (D) and (R) of the government doing (IOU) on Social Security and never paying the (IOU) back. And that is why Social Security is (BROKE) again the little working person get
  7. Thanks call the VA 800 number today and it was for real they are doing state by state I live in New York thank again
  8. Got a call from the Regional office around 1600 answers the call and the person said that the line was recorded and it was a conference call about va disability claims if I had a claim that I had a problem with and want to talk to the speaker on the conference call at the RO live. I listen to the call about thirty minutes as Veterans were calling in about their claims, the speaker would listen to the Veteran and tell than that a person from the RO would call back about their claim and see if it was done right. Has anybody gotten a call like that,wanted to talk about my claim but had second t
  9. Need a lawyer thinking of Woods & Woods has anyone ever used them, are they as good has they say they are.
  10. Home Depot is going to be the Sear of today, they think they are to big to care about little things.
  11. All I was saying buy the time the VA get there ass in gear we will all be dead. So if you have a sc to link your high blood pressure go of it and save the anxiety being piss off at the va grabbing there ass over agent Orange that should of been done thirty years ago.
  12. I had boot on the ground in Vietnam, but to wait for the Va (BS) l went for high blood pressure secondary sleep apnea and PTSD. SC connect with a C&P no BS.
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