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  1. If you are at 70% for ptsd and you get 50% for osa you still need a 60% and a 10% or another 70% to get to 100%. I don’t know if you have more than a 70% rating right now.
  2. All you have to do is call your therapist and tell him or her that you don’t want to come in because of Covid -19 you would rather talk on the phone or video conference, if they say yes find if they say no your are covered. If you want to stop altogether I would talk to him or her about it and see what they say, because if you do stop going. PTSD or any disability not over ten years or more VA can take your s/c away over ten years they can only reduce the rating so think hard before you make the wrong decision.
  3. The bottom line is you call CC&K or Woods&Woods or hill&Ponton if one of them said you have a case than you know you have a lot of back pay coming ,if they say they can’t take the case there is no big back pay, them you get a good VSO and file the claims and go from there. Good luck
  4. Buck52 if you kept your decision letter it would be in there, you could call the 800 number and ask them if they have it. I no the last decision I had they gave all the % and payments from day one.
  5. It take more than one C&P exam after you s/c disability is over the Five year mark to be reduced, after the Ten year mark the s/c is permanent but the % can be reduced to 0%.
  6. Two things, one was your PTSD s/c connected before you was given a sleep study and having a cpap machine for your sleep apnea, if not, you might be able to get persistent day-time hypersomnolence at a 30% rating. If so I would call CC&K or Hill & Ponton or Woods & Woods to see if you have a case. Good Luck (Simper Fi Brother)
  7. The five year rule is that the VA needs to show that you improved with more than one C&P exam and haven’t gone the see doctors for the disability. The ten year rule is if you have a s/c disability for ten years or more the s/c connection can’t be terminated. Unless fraud was found. You can be reduced.
  8. My two cents your husband has A lot of problems I myself would go after everything disability that he is in tiled too, with the disability he has there’s no way the VA will go after him to decrease his disability go for it.
  9. Did you get s/c sleep apnea secondary to PTSD by aggression if so did they say you were using a CPAP machine and the baseline was at 50% and they s/c you for 50% so it was aggravated at 0%. Just wondering how you got the 0%. (SEMPER FI BROTHER) never never give up.
  10. My two cents but in your Decision Letter from SSDI they should have outline your disability in the letter. If it’s from your s/c disability it would be stated in the letter also if it was permanent it would say reviewed in 5 to 7 years
  11. The VA has a different hearing test then most hearing places unless they meet the VA standard you have to go to there C&P exam for a hearing test known if and or buts.
  12. I would go to the VA and get tested for Peripheral Neuropayhy you don’t need to have Diabetes, even if you just had surgery they could have cut or damaged your nerves going down to your feet. Check it out remember the VA want you to quite or die.
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