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  1. This is about education. I’m 100% totally and permanent disable due to service connected disabilities (PTSD 70%, TBI 10% and others at 10%). So my question is, Can I go to school and finish a 4 year degree, but still get pay the same amount till I get my bachelors to find something better? VA has told me, I can go to school, but VA will treat that as I’m getting better, so within a year my rating MIGHT go down. Which is fine with me, however, is that really true that while I’m doing a 4 year plan degree, my rating will get revised? or do they wait till I finish my degree and then find a job so that then my rating will get revised again? What I’m trying to see is, why lower my payments if I want to just go to school now, so that later I can find a job. I’m confuse, I’m sorry and if I’m being repetitive, then that’s another reason as to why I should go to school thank you to those who give me a clear answer or somewhere to look this up.
  2. I was medical retired at 90 for over ten years, getting pay at 100 with IU. But Recently, I got 100% with unemployability still in my records. I was in between active and reserves, medical retired in 2014, the total amount of years was 10 years total. So my question is, can I get retirement pay with my 100% va iu together, or that’s not possible?. I’m kind of confused on that rule after I read this this from defas. Thank you to all that answers. “Individual Unemployability You are eligible for full concurrent receipt of both your VA disability compensation and your retired pay, if you are a military retiree who meets all of the above eligibility requirements in addition to both of the following: you are rated by the VA as unemployable, generally referred to as Individual Unemployability (IU) you are in receipt of VA disability compensation as a result of IU This is effective October 1, 2008 and is retroactive to January 1, 2005.
  3. Is there a way to go to school with a P&T in employability 100 % rating?
  4. Pacmax, thank you for your insight. You gave me something to think about.
  5. Thx marine, but actually I have 100, I may just forgot to put more ratings.
  6. Forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong forum. I was total and permanent at 90% a few months back. Now I’m at a 100, but they still have me with that total and permanent in employability rating line. How do I ask the va to get rid of that unemployability word rating without affecting my new 100 % rating. Ptsd 70, tbi 30, about 7 other issues at 10 percent. And some others at 0%. I should be happy with it, but is not a life being stuck not doing being able to do anything else for me at least. Any tips, on what I need to do to get rid of that unemployability wording on my decision, please I’m tired of being stuck and not being able to go to school or work because of that total and permanent rating. I’m 37 too
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