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  1. True hero? Nah, just a run of bad luck, but I served with, and personally know, a lot of true heroes!
  2. On Feb. 1, 2021 I filed for R-2. R-2 was granted on March 16, 2021. The entire process only took 36 days, start to finish, and that included a C&P exam.
  3. The Mission Act expanded caregiver benefits to Vietnam and Korea area veterans. Prior to the mission act the benefit was only available to post 911 vets. This has nothing to do with A&A. In fact, I have A&A in addition to the caregiver benefits. Click the link below to become familiar with the caregiver benefit under the Mission Act. You only need a 70% service connection to apply. https://www.caregiver.va.gov/
  4. I am impressed! I filed a ready to rate claim at the Nashville RO for a R-2 rating on Feb 1, 2021 and was quickly scheduled for a C&P exam. The RO made a decision and claim was granted in 46 days, start to finish, with retro in the bank.
  5. My wife and I applied for the new pre 911 caregiver's benefits under the Mission Act on October 7th 2021. After going through the application process, three interviews, and the required training, we were successful. My wife was assigned as my official caregiver and received her ID card and packet. The process took about five months. Her back pay will go back to the date of application. The problem is that she was awarded the lower pay level, level one. We immediately appealed the decision, asking for level 2 benefits. I am a R-2 rated veteran. There are no veterans, either post 911 or
  6. My bank account got a boost this morning due to a retro deposit as a result of a grant for an increase from R-1 to a R-2 rating. I filed a ready to rate claim on Feb 1, 2021. My C&P exam was preformed on Feb.12, 2021 and the claim was granted on March 16, 2021. I also was awarded an increase on Chloracne from 0% to 20%. I was awarded another 30 % for painful scars. I have seventeen rated scars, most scars are from four to fifteen inches long. I did not file on the scars, they were discovered on the C&P exam and awarded as a result of VA's duty to assist. I also have a COVA case p
  7. In the above post I stated that I was to to be admitted to Vanderbilt hospital on January 29th, that is a mistake. My admission date is to be December 29th, three days hence.
  8. augoldminer, I too have been rejected by three different law firms as far as suing the big Pharma companies that make Jardiance. Seems that when it comes to suing the big Pharm Companies the law firms would rather run, shutter, and hide. If you do find a law firm to take your case please notify me, and I will do the same for you. In general, as far as healing from the Fournier's Gangrene, after spending the entire month of July in the VA Hospital and five months of home healthcare nurses coming in and being paid for by the VA, I am beating the odds. I was given a 17% chance of survival u
  9. In my research on the subject of family caregiver compensation, I have never been able to determine if the caregiver stipend is taxable.
  10. If you have filed for the new caregiver expansion under the Mission act, what is your progress? Availability to the older generation of vets became available October 1, 2020 I filed on or about October 1st. So far my caregiver wife, and I, have had one telephone interview by a VA caregiver agent and a video conference with a VA RN. Both interviews were to determine to what extent do we qualify for the benefit. I think that the interviews went very well. We were told that a decision would be forthcoming in six to eight weeks. There are multiple benefits to the caregiver in the program
  11. I have service connected Chloracne, Diabetes II, and heart disease. In Dec, 2019 I was prescribed by the VA to take 25 mg per day of the relatively new drug Jardiance. My cardiologist said that it would help with my Diabetes as well as the heart disease. I then started complaining of huge boils coming up in my right and then left inner groin. After many dermatology and emergency room visits, no diagnosis or treatment, other than a look see and another bottle of antibiotics.antibiotics. On July 1, 2020, things got a lot worse, so another trip to the ER and another bottle of ills. The pain
  12. Buck, the only medication that will stop the itching caused by Chloracne is Clobetasol Propionate Cream, USP, 0.05%. It don't treat the chloracne but it provides temporary relief for the god awful itching, and it is quick acting and will allow you to get some sleep. Ask your PC or Dermatology to prescribe it for you. Due to my Chloracne, diabetes, and the medications thereof, I almost died on the first of July. Fifty four years after my last exposure ole AO came around for one more pass at me. It caused Forniers Gangrene in my lower abdomen. During emergency surgery they cut out 41 lbs of
  13. Yes, I also called Alex about representing me. He he is booked up and has more than he can do at this time. Alex went above and beyond in offering to read my BVA decision and offer an opinion. He then took the time to hook me up with CCK. IMHO there is no veterans advocate more dedicated than Alex.
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