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  1. I have service connected Chloracne, Diabetes II, and heart disease. In Dec, 2019 I was prescribed by the VA to take 25 mg per day of the relatively new drug Jardiance. My cardiologist said that it would help with my Diabetes as well as the heart disease. I then started complaining of huge boils coming up in my right and then left inner groin. After many dermatology and emergency room visits, no diagnosis or treatment, other than a look see and another bottle of antibiotics.antibiotics. On July 1, 2020, things got a lot worse, so another trip to the ER and another bottle of ills. The pain
  2. Buck, the only medication that will stop the itching caused by Chloracne is Clobetasol Propionate Cream, USP, 0.05%. It don't treat the chloracne but it provides temporary relief for the god awful itching, and it is quick acting and will allow you to get some sleep. Ask your PC or Dermatology to prescribe it for you. Due to my Chloracne, diabetes, and the medications thereof, I almost died on the first of July. Fifty four years after my last exposure ole AO came around for one more pass at me. It caused Forniers Gangrene in my lower abdomen. During emergency surgery they cut out 41 lbs of
  3. Yes, I also called Alex about representing me. He he is booked up and has more than he can do at this time. Alex went above and beyond in offering to read my BVA decision and offer an opinion. He then took the time to hook me up with CCK. IMHO there is no veterans advocate more dedicated than Alex.
  4. Great idea, but decades too late for this class of veterans and surviving spouses.
  5. I got had a inadequate C&P exam and I complained. I was granted a second C&P but with the stipulation that the second exam would be preformed by the exact same doctor. The second exam took place within thirty days of the first exam. As expected the doctor was very defensive and ugly to me. The second exam was much less favorable to me than the first. I used the comparison of the two conflicting C&P exams to prove bias. At the BVA, as such, the C&P exam was afforded little probative value and my private doctor's exam prevailed over the C&P exam and the claim was awarded.
  6. The focal point and the argument in the case at COVA will be whether or not the SMC at A&A should have been inferred. If it is decided that indeed it should have been inferred everything else will fall in place. It is expected that there will be a joint motion for remand, (JMR) back to the Board where the EED eventually will be awarded.
  7. Yes Buck, If A&A would have been inferred, as it should have been, the retro would have gone back to 2011. SMC "O" and A&A at the rate of R-1 was finally granted in 2016. Considering what has just been said, I have been drawing at the maximum rate starting in 2016. With that in mind, if I win at the Court the retro will be due from 2011 through 2016 because I have been paid the proper amount from 2016 through the present date. Yes, you are spot on with the whopping retro amount x 59 months. Along the way there have been ancillary and other benefits such as automobile grant with ad
  8. It is of record that I called it a cue, but my argument is that the Board should have inferred A&A upon the decision granting loss of two extremities. M21 and Akles vs Derwinski support my contention. Now, just think about this, a VAF 21-2680 is used to support a A&A claim, but keeping in mind that you are only required to file one 21-526 in a lifetime, what form would you use to actually file a claim for A&A. The day of a 21-4138 being recognized as filing a claim is gone. Have you ever seen or heard of a form to file for a "S" award or a "K" award, or for that matter, a form
  9. I was granted R-1 earlier in the claim but was not assigned the effective date that I thought that I was due. An EED spanning five years back is the only remaining issue to be decided. The BVA says that I was required to file a claim for A&A while I am saying that A&A should have been an inferred issue based upon the well documented medical records of heart disease. The records were in their possession at the time of a 100% grant for loss of use for one hand and one foot. I have three 100% P&T grants and many lesser grants. Docket No. 16-61 183, The decision has not yet been
  10. Update, The appeal for an EED was denied at the BVA in a decision dated April 23, 2020. On May 22 my appeal was filed at COVA. I am lawyered up and ready to go to court.
  11. You might like to check out my articles at


  12. Broncovet is correct. Back pay, for effective date purpose, is the first of the month following the month in which you filed your claim.
  13. Wow, I did not know that Kurt had passed! We worked together on AO issues for Congressman Bob Filner and spoke on the phone many times. I was trying to win my CONUS claim, at the same time as Kurt was trying to make his case for a Thailand win. Kurt's win proceeded my CONUS win by only a few months.
  14. We veterans need to understand that when we ask a doctor to write a NEXUS, an IOM, or IME we are asking for their professional medical opinion. They put their professional reputation on the line every time they opine. They are required to back up their opinion with sound medical rational. If your claim is one that cannot be supported by sound rational, the doctor cannot just manufacture evidence, or just pull sound rational out of the thin air. If you do find a doctor to write a opinion that can't be supported and is based upon pure speculation he will then be exposed as being incompetent, and
  15. Thanks Berta and GBarmy, we should all get together some day to compare battle scars and wounds of our well fought VA battles. As you know well, those battles reshaped our lives and altered not only our futures, but also the future hopes and dreams of our family members. There is a well defined road to success in a VA claim if one can ever find their way through the maze, remain focused, and outlive the process.
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