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  1. There has been many questions addressing children of Vietnam Veterans. Very little information is out there. To raise awareness and trying to get answers there will be a broadcast relating to my daughter's medical conditions. The broadcast will air from WTVF Chanel 5 News Investigates, Nashville Tennessee on Feb. 3rd 2020 at 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM Central time. It will feature Me, and my daughter. It could be the next big thing. If you are not within the viewing area you can watch via internet. https://www.tvopedia.com/channel/WTVF_-_News_Channel_5 You can watch a prior broadcast on the same subject here https://www.wrdw.com/content/news/I-TEAM-Could-the-children-of-those-e
  2. Berta, I came to this site this evening to post the new information, but you beat me to it. Notice, in the new report, The DOD conceded a second spraying at Fort Gordon in 1968, sometime before July. This is new information. Also note on page 6&7 that in a 600 lb drum of AO, the toxin 2,3,7,8, TCDD weighs less than a paperclip. Notwithstanding, it is still the most toxic substance known to man.
  3. Wow, thanks. That is the case that i was looking for.
  4. First off I am R-1 to include the SMC "O". One "L" for the loss of use of two extremities and the other "L" for A&A. I read a lot of prior BVA decisions. I remember one case where the board awarded A&A, SMC "L". Furthermore, the board said that it refused to award a second SMC "L" for A&A for another separate and distinct condition which would entitle the appellant to SMC "O". Did I dream this up, or can an appellant actually receive two SMC "L" awards by showing two separate and distinct needs for A&A, thereby advancing to SMC "O"? I wish that I had bookmarked the case but it didn't interest me at the time, although it bugs me now! My brain does seem to burn out and short circuit on these old hard questions.
  5. At this time there are demands to do more research to expand the list of diseases, conditions and birth defects known to have been associated with offspring children and grandchildren of agent orange exposed veterans. The push, spearheaded by the Vietnam Veterans Of America and other veterans organizations, is now in the spotlight. At this time the VA only recognizes spina bifita in the children of a male AO exposed veterans. That is ridiculous! Vietnamese children born with birth defects have been spotlighted for many years. The question is, are our children and offsprings immune? The list for children of female exposed veterans is more expansive. Congress needs a reason to take a look at this issue and I intend to do my part in giving lawmakers that reason. That issue is my next crusade! The more cases of birth defects in children of exposed veterans that we can bring to light , the better the chances of getting the attention of Congress in order to expand the list and obtain help for our affected offsprings.
  6. What we need to concentrate on is how many offspring children of agent orange veterans have been born with birth defects. Research has shown, and it is well known that the effects of agent orange can cause a three generation birth defect residual in the children and the grandchildren of those, both male and female, who were exposed to agent orange in military service .
  7. Berta, I said start a new forum when I should have said start a new topic. Many children of agent orange exposed veterans are born with birth defects. I personally know of many, including my own daughter.
  8. OK, the link failed to connect, so, lets do this the hard way. Hopefully an admin can allow the link and fix or re do it. Type into a google search, or copy and paste the below words into a google search. agent orange fort gordon wrdw news james cripps then scroll down 5 articles to I TEAM INVESTIGATES OFF SPRINGS when it comes up you can click on the video and/or read the text article. I do it all for you and I hope that I am not violating any of hadit's rules by posting this important information. This is the first broadcast of a series. I will post as they become available.
  9. This WRDW News Investigates broadcast was aired on the 6:00 & 10:00 news in Augusta Ga. on 9/25/2019. This is the first of a series, more will follow. This link will work, click on the link, when page not found comes up, look five stories down on the right side of the screen and click on I TEAM INVESTIGATES OFF SPRINGS. If you have trouble, see my next post in this thread. https://www.wrdw.com/content/news/I-TEAM-Could-the-children-of-those-exposed-to-Agent-Orange-at-Fort-Gordon-als
  10. I have used the hotline several times. It is not for whiners, but if you have a legitimate complaint and can explain your issue in a way that supports the fact that the VA might have not followed the rules and statutes, then yes it will do you some good.
  11. jamescripps2

    R1 to R2

    R-1 is about as drastic as I am hoping that I ever will need. Should I ever need R-2 there is no doubt that we will go with the CNA certification route, so long as my wife has good enough health. I do expect that the post 911 caregiver act will be expanded to include pre 911 vets before too long. I just don't know how that might be implemented as to coexist with A&A. There could be an offset of some degree, just my thoughts on the matter, we will see.
  12. jamescripps2

    R1 to R2

    Please note that I did not say that my scenario would be the only way that the wife could fill the role of caregiver, It was offered as just one option. My wife, in my own case might consider becoming a CNA by completing a short course. On the other hand she would not at all interested in becoming a RN or obtaining a four year bachelors degree. If she managed to get the CNA certification she would no longer be required to communicate monthly with health care professionals to fulfill the requirements to become my caretaker because she would be the licensed professional with her own credentials. I doubt that her qualifications as a CNA or LPN would be questioned by the VBA in determining whether or not she could act as the professional caregiver on the required daily basis as required at 38 CFR 3.352. I am not at the point of needing R-2 at this time and hope that I never will be. Just considering options. (4) A person performing personal health-care services who is a relative or other member of the veteran's household is not exempted from the requirement that he or she be a licensed health-care professional or be providing such care under the regular supervision of a licensed health-care professional.
  13. jamescripps2

    R1 to R2

    Your wife has chapter 35 benefits. If she uses the educational benefit to go and take a course to become a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant, (CNA) or a licensed LPN, paid for by the chapter 35 benefit she could then become your licensed health care professional. You could then qualify for the R-2 @ about a thousand more bucks per month. This would for sure work for a pre 911 vet already drawing at the R-1 rate. If you are post 911, I don't know if there might be a glitch or offset if she is already getting paid to be your caregiver.
  14. Thanks for the response asknod. I have a great respect for your knowledge. My claim will be certified to the BVA for the EED issue. The VBA did award the SMC "O" and the R-1 along with eight months retro in a partial grant that was generated as a result of my calling the Veterans Whitehouse Hotline. If I am successful with the EED appeal at the BVA they will owe me sixty more months of retro. The issue to be decided at the BVA is whether or not A&A should have been inferred in the original RO decision and if so, did the medical evidence of record at that time indicate possible entitlement a grant of A&A at the rate of SMC"L"? My contention is that the medical evidence in the hands of the RVSR at the time of the original decision indicated entitlement due to the profound nature of my 100% service connected heart disease. The RVSR had good cause to invite and execute the development of A&A at SMC "L". This, as in all claims, could be argued and adjudicated either way, but I am confident. I am hopeful that the Appeals Modernization Act OF 2017, that was just signed by President Trump, will speed up the appeals process.
  15. The SSOC says that I can submit more information rebutting the partial grant decision. That is optional because if I do not respond the claim will be certified to the board for the EED issue. The RO says that they were not required to consider or infer the A&A on the earlier decision because I did not claim A&A. My position and contention is that the RO was mandated by M21-1MR to consider A&A because the medical evidence at the time of the original decision supported the need of A&A. In light of the medical evidence of record at that time the rater should have invited a claim for A&A and developed it. Yes Berta, I think that it was a CUE and I will ask the bVA to call it that in my rebuttal to the SSOC before it is certified to the board. And yes, on the SSOC I have been also given the option of just dropping the issue of an Earlier Effective Date and settling for the eight months retro instead of the sixty eight months retro. In my opinion, if I cave in and settle for the eight months retro instead of letting the BVA adjudicate the issue, they should then infer SMC for brain dead! I expect Alex will chime in on this one with his take on it sooner or later.
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