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    It took me 4 months to get the Champva packet. Some have taken longer. I would count on at least 4 month wait time. Just my experience. Applied late January 2020, got the packet late May 2020.
  2. Same here bro. But I had the IMO in hand when I went into the C&P for a PTSD increase. Thought I would save her some time. She got pissed and did her damnedest to discredit my Psycs IMO. Except she failed. I immediately upon getting my hands on the C&P filed a complaint with the VARO. Three follow up C&P's later, 100% P&T.
  3. Was your original C&P done by VA or VA contractor? I've never been denied a claim in which the VA or VA contractor stated 'at least as likely as not'. Outside Dr's nexus and IME have been about 50% approval rate. The VA sent me for C&P's for all conditions claimed. Some agreed with the outside IME & nexus, and some did not. The ones that VA disagreed with were denied. I think you might have a CUE if it was a VA contractor or the VA themselves. Since they are hired VA guns.
  4. You get a colonoscopy done? Like you, I got service connected for GERD (0% gulf war presumptive). My IBS claim got denied a few years back because no diagnosis. I got diagnosed by three different Dr's. All MD's (one GI specialist). All had it at severe which should have been 30%. They combined it with my GERD and left it at 0%. Fuckin really? I'm 100% P&T. Not going to mess with it because it won't get me any back pay or increase. If it kills me, then my wife gets benefits. Didn't want to say DIC in that last sentence for unspecified reasons.
  5. Just make sure they know they are painful. Maybe a statement in support. Painful to the touch, temperature, scaling, flaking, etc. And fwiw, I believe you qualify as a gulf war vet. Someone will correct me if I am wrong.
  6. I have 80% overall for scarring. Face and neck scarring at 50%. Scarring with underlying damage chest 30%, scarring with underlying damage back 30%, painful scarring neck, face, chest, 30%. Originally they gave me only 10%. I filed an NOD with additional outside medical IME. Got increased to the 83%. Now I have a law firm trying to get retro pay from 1993. So far they have retro'd it 10% to 1993. So the fight goes on for the rest of it. Maybe they didn't include painful scarring or scarring with underlying damage. Those can add up quickly.
  7. My TBI claim took about 14 months. TBI is a tough one for VA to determine. I had 3 C&P's from QTC for TBI. Then I had 2 C&P's from QTC for PTSD. Some of these C&P's were combined TBI & PTSD exams. They were just trying to differentiate the PTSD and TBI symptoms for me. A lot of overlapping symptoms. They did separate migraines at 10%. The only reason I got the TBI claims rolling, was I had two different diagnosis from outside Dr's. One a medical MD and one from a Psychologist. Otherwise they would have threw it out. Guaranteed.
  8. I wasn't always 100%. I got the IME's for contentions I knew the VA was sure to deny (and they did on a few of them even with IME's). I went from 60% to 100% P&T only after submitting my IME's for new contentions and increases on current claims. Hope my explanation is clear. TBI was one of the new claims is where I have a hard time finding proper explanations. Not knowing the right word or term, etc.
  9. Actually it takes less than 4 months if you get to 100%. But I agree, $10k is a lot of up front money. I paid way less to get Dr. Ellis to provide me with 6 IME's. There's options out there folks.
  10. I've had a VA NP over rule my MD's IME for a few claims. So go for it.
  11. It got increased from 10% to 80% (all scarring related). The VA lowballed me the first go round. They excluded underlying tissue damage, scarring that is painful, and the area in which the scars cover. It's been like this since being in the military. It never got worse or improved since getting out.
  12. CCK is very vague with me. We're looking into all options, is the standard answer. I'll let them do their thing and let the chips fall where they may. I did apply within a year of discharge. Right now 10% backdated is a good start (minus attorney fees). The increase to 80% came via an outside MD opinion 'More likely than not, this was aggravated in service. The VA agreed, thus increased to 80% after their own C&P. It sure didn't get worse when I got out. The damage was done and explicitly documented in my service records. I think it's a good case. A battle is brewing my friends.
  13. I have CCK in partnership with Woods & Woods working it. And I believe they put in an increase for the rating as well.
  14. Long story short. I claimed scars in 1993 when I exited military. Denied, couldn't find records. Denial letter states 'if we find your records we may reconsider'. Fast forward to to 2017. Found my records in storage, filed again for scars. Got 10%. Filed an NOD and got an outside IME. Had another VA C&P that turned out great in my favor. 80% overall for scars. Hired a law firm to get back pay from 93. They granted the retro at the original 10% and not the increased 80%. Go figure. They aren't gonna give that 80% back to 1993 easily I guess. The fight continues. I'll keep everyone posted. The fact they backdated states they agree it should be granted I suppose.
  15. Yes. It would help if you had an MD diagnose it though. I hired one for all my issues. Then I hired a psyc Dr. to verify the Md's diagnosis and do an additional DBQ. The VA then proceeded to do a total of 3 C&P's for it. The first QTC psyc Dr. agreed with both outside medical opinions. The additional C&P's were just for clarification I assume. I'm still waiting to get the C&P's I asked for 6 months ago. My TBI was from a training accident which knocked me out. It's in my medical records. But now mention of being knocked out. I think your records are better than mine, stating you we're knocked out.
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