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  1. I've contacted a few attorneys. Including the one you hired. I've yet to get a reply back. So I'm guessing it's not a strong case. If it was, I would think a 6 figure favorable outcome would be enticing. Maybe it takes time for them to get back to me.
  2. I recently was awarded 80% for painful scarring with underlying tissue damage due to severe cystic acne. This was originally denied in 1993. Reason was, it existed prior to military and the VA could not locate military service records. They have since been located and used to prove the disability was aggravated in service. I originally was low balled at 10%. I got an outside IME that helped in getting the correct percentage (80% overall). The C&P in 1993 stated I still had cystic nodular's. Also, low grade photos show them as well. The scars were obvious and never went away (Thus, the 80%). Is there any way to get my claim retroactive to 1993? This article gave me a glimmer of hope. https://www.veteranslawblog.org/2-times-that-veterans-should-argue-for-an-earlier-effective-date/
  3. Well Ladies and Gents, I just got my overdue 100% thanks to Dr. Ellis IME. Also, there are about 8 more claims deferred. Most likely these will get approved as well. What blows me away, is the VA gave me 10% for scars. After Ellis IME, I got 80% for the same scars. They just low balled me. Keep up the good fight.
  4. Got a call from QTC stating residuals from TBI are present (just had psyc eval for TBI). Now need a C&P for headaches and alterations in smell/taste. You think they will rate all together or separately? I know, just wait, but was hoping someone has been down this road. The only issue about headaches, I never sought treatment for them. Just self medicated over the years. MJ, otc stuff like excederin, advil, etc. I am taking Lyrica for myalgia symptoms. It does seem to dull headache pain to some degree. Perfumes/cologne or diesel fumes are instant triggers. Same with photo-sensitivity. I work part time from home and have been out for 26 years.
  5. Had C&P today for the rest of my claims by VA nurse practitioner. Basically filled out DBQ's like I thought. I refereed her to Ellis diagnoses a couple times. She did say they were pretty extensive from Dr. Ellis. I'm feeling positive since an MD opinion should outweigh a NP. But I think the C&P went pretty good. We shall see.
  6. Ya. I'm guessing they need to do DBQ's since Ellis doesn't do them. Just want to get them done and over with. Heck I had a Psyc. Dr. do a nexus with a DBQ, and still had to do two C&P exams. Just more proof I guess.
  7. Aggravated, yes. It's well documented in my records as when it started and treatments.
  8. VA is sending me for C&P for all my claims I filed with Ellis IME. Heck I did one for a PTSD followup and another for PTSD & TBI in one week. Both contractors which I felt went well. I have VA C&P's for 6 claims coming up. They are doing them all in one day. Now the VA C&P's have been way different than the contract one's. I'll keep you posted how they go, but I think they are going to try and hammer Ellis IME. I'm going to throw a binder at them with all my evidence. They want to play? I like to play, so let's get it on. If it goes not as planned, then on to plan B. They'll be wasting everyone's time when all is said and done.
  9. Curriculum Vitae? Would that be his front page of his IME? Or does he have a whole separate sheet outlining his Curriculum Vitae? That would be nice to hand the VA C&P doc I'm seeing next week. Thanks.
  10. My face from collar up to cheek bones is scarred from bad cystic acne. Easily 50% of my face. The VA Doc denied me, the QTC second opinion disagreed with her and I was low balled at 10%. Got a third opinion from a Dr. I hired who suggested based on VA ratings 50%. Have another VA C&P next week by VA for re-eval. I'd guess an increase from 10%, but who knows with the VA docs. They may decrease me for the hell of it. Then I'll get another opinion to overrule them again. They are painful, palpable, discolored, and well documented in my records. I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. At this point I'm turning it over to a law firm. Seems like you have done everything and they are pissed about it. I would think a law firm would love an easy case like this. You've done all the medical work for them.
  12. I see what you are saying. In my case they did. Because I meet the 3 pillars. I guess some file with no evidence (no pillars). Auto denied, no C&P. I stand corrected.
  13. The VA is going to schedule you for C&P for all claims you put in. I had one today for mental in which I had a detailed report and DBQ from an outside psychologist for hire. She was not amused at all that he tore my last mental C&P a new arse. I have about 5 coming up with Dr. Ellis IME reports. I expect them to hammer his reports. But you know what? It is what it is, and I will reference his reports often, as he is an MD, and it his opinion. Not much different from theirs. Deny me and it's on to plan B. I suspect I will get approved on some of them, I hope. Keep ya posted.
  14. Currently 50% ptsd. I got an increase IME from Dr. Ellis for a recommendation to 100%. Anyone have any experience with getting an increase from a non psyc. Dr.? It was quite detailed and covered much of what was on the VA DBQ. Just not sure how much weight the VA will give it. Also TBI. Documented accident in med. records.
  15. Thank you. Your responses give me hope. I just got like 8 favorable IMO's from my Dr. of choice. Went over all my medical records, gave a thorough medical evaluation and gave his assessment. I've seen this asked on another forum and the poster got skewered; threatened with removal for asking. No it wasn't me. I knew better. I'll stick with this forum.
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