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  1. I googled it. I knew where the VARO main office was. I then put ATTN: Mrs. XXXXX. Like another poster said, they don't like to be called out by name. You will get results. Out line the issues, point out comparison to past C&P's, and medical records/notes. If a C&P examiner is winging, not making sense, making stuff up, not asking questions, or being malicious, they will review it and set you up with another C&P. This next examiner will be approaching your new C&P with due diligence. That I can tell you.
  2. Good advice Berta. I filed a formal complaint about a C&P examiners exam to the VARO head person. Within a few months, I had a two extra C&P exams for the same condition. They dismissed the original bogus C&P examiners exam as 'not making any sense'. Got my claim approved to 100% P&T. I can say the VA took my complaint very serious. I hope the initial claims examiner was relieved of her C&P exam duties. I will say this, 'don't piss off a C&P examiner', like I did originally. Even if they are rubbing you the wrong way. It won't go well. Be very polite in a
  3. I'm in the same boat with some disabilities on appeal. I'm 100% P&T with SMC-s. However, I plan on living abroad for months at a time. From what I understand, I can have any service connected disabilities covered under the FMP (someone correct me if I am wrong on this). https://www.benefits.gov/benefit/567 So I plan on riding these appeals out. Even if they are rated at 0%. Also, I'm not concerned with the VA opening up old claims and trying to reduce. I think this is a scare tactic. If it isn't, then I'll bring the Hell against them. Like I did to get my 100% P&T.
  4. I had favorable evidence, in my denial letter. A diagnosis and outside MD's IME linking in service incident caused the disability (lumbar spine, radiculopathy). Denial letter stated no in service incident, which isn't true. I've got another approved claim because of the in service incident (a tbi due to a rappelling accident). HLR continued the denial. I'm appealing it. The denial letter stated lack of treatment records after service and no in-service incident (which should have been an error through HLR). The no treatment records is true since they destroy these records after 7 year
  5. You should be fine then. They may have other questions on the C&P exam they are trying to sort out. I had a couple things deferred for quite awhile. I even had to come back and do multiple C&P exams to separate overlapping PTSD and TBI issues.
  6. Are you seeking treatment for the PTSD? You're going to need a VA Psyc. Dr. to diagnose it in order to get it. Or like you said, if they don't have a VA provider then maybe an outside diagnosis (from a PHD Psyc. Dr.) might work. I'd rather it be a VA diagnosis though. The C&P exam will probably want to see that there is some treatment and diagnosis notes for them to agree to it.
  7. This is normal. They are trying to determine what symptoms of your tbi overlap with your mdd. Or ptsd in my case. I had two outside ime's, then the VA put me through the wringer with their own. 5 total c&p's for tbi and ptsd. I had a bad c&p examiner for one of the ptsd. She stated I was an unreliable reporter (in other words, a liar. Even with overwhelming evidence). This set me back quite a few months. When I got my C-file, they had two Psyc. Dr's (which I never saw) fighting it out over the bad c&p exam. One Dr. sided with the unreliable reporter c&p exam, the other
  8. Buck, my understanding is they only separate some symptoms of TBI. Thing's like Meniere's disease, headaches, eye/vision issues (which I have and not rated), incontinence, etc. The cognitive, sleep, mood/anger issues are overlapped with PTSD. I think having the 100% ptsd with tbi is a solid reasoning for P&T. It ain't gonna get better. Otherwise I may be looking at future exams without the tbi. That is just my thinking. Here's the thing about tbi ratings; they go with any category you rated highest at (or worst at). In my case I rated a 70% in one category. I can't remember wh
  9. They often do combine an mental health and tbi together. For instance, I got 100% ptsd and a tbi rating of 70%. They combined the two for 100% ptsd with tbi. They did separate migraines at 10%. Too many symptoms overlapped with both ratings. They gave me the higher of the two and combined them. At least that is what the award letter says. I have seen them separate the two in very rare occasion. I have other conditions that get me to the SMC level (scarring, tinnitus, fibro, etc.)
  10. I had a similar situation. Increased from 50% to 100% PTSD P&T. I personally would leave well enough alone. Or let sleeping dogs lay. The VA can get pissed and start looking at other things to decrease. If you know what I mean.
  11. I think you will probably be increased to the date of your NOD with additional evidence. At least that's the way it worked for me. And yes, I had C&P's requested by the VA after I filed NOD's with additional evidence. A lot of them. Your lucky you're having LHI do your exam. I've gotten favorable results every time I've had a contract examiner do my C&P's.
  12. Regarding TBI claim: You will more than likely need to seek out a Psyc. Dr. to review your records and make the connection. There are a few of them out there that are familiar with these types of VA IMO and nexus experience. I even had a forensic MD review my records and service connect me for the tbi. PM me if you want the one I used. The VA may choose to ignore his IMO, but this will at least get the ball rolling. It will be the VA contract Dr's and raters making the ultimate decision. I had multiple QTC TBI (3) c&p's, and 2 Ptsd c&p's. I guess it was necessary to try and sep
  13. Damn Bro/Broham, I'm with you. I've never admitted SI to any Dr's. I couldn't do it. Who wants to admit that. It was easier for me to admit I wish I wasn't alive if I had a choice. But no way I would admit a plan to offing myself (and I don't have one). I got rated 100% PTSD/TBI without admitting I have SI. Probably due to the TBI would be my guess. It's not too late to file a NOD. You have up to a year. I filed NOD's for all my claims. I went and got outside IME/IMO from Dr's I hired. Then submitted that. That triggered C&P's for all the conditions I requested to be reeva
  14. Out of about a dozen outsourced C&P's, I've only had one bad one. This bad one started out with me getting arrogant with her. I don't recommend starting a C&P this way. They have the power to put your claim in peril with their professional opinion. Kill them with military kindness and you will be good. Yes Maam, no Maam, thank you for your time and kindness Maam. Now the VA C&P's were a different story. I have not had a good one. Some downplayed overwhelming evidence or didn't ask me DBQ questions and filled in their own answers. Some stated I was an unreliable reporter.
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