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  1. At this point I'm turning it over to a law firm. Seems like you have done everything and they are pissed about it. I would think a law firm would love an easy case like this. You've done all the medical work for them.
  2. I see what you are saying. In my case they did. Because I meet the 3 pillars. I guess some file with no evidence (no pillars). Auto denied, no C&P. I stand corrected.
  3. The VA is going to schedule you for C&P for all claims you put in. I had one today for mental in which I had a detailed report and DBQ from an outside psychologist for hire. She was not amused at all that he tore my last mental C&P a new arse. I have about 5 coming up with Dr. Ellis IME reports. I expect them to hammer his reports. But you know what? It is what it is, and I will reference his reports often, as he is an MD, and it his opinion. Not much different from theirs. Deny me and it's on to plan B. I suspect I will get approved on some of them, I hope. Keep ya posted.
  4. Currently 50% ptsd. I got an increase IME from Dr. Ellis for a recommendation to 100%. Anyone have any experience with getting an increase from a non psyc. Dr.? It was quite detailed and covered much of what was on the VA DBQ. Just not sure how much weight the VA will give it. Also TBI. Documented accident in med. records.
  5. Thank you. Your responses give me hope. I just got like 8 favorable IMO's from my Dr. of choice. Went over all my medical records, gave a thorough medical evaluation and gave his assessment. I've seen this asked on another forum and the poster got skewered; threatened with removal for asking. No it wasn't me. I knew better. I'll stick with this forum.
  6. Does the VA keep track of Doctors that do IME/IMO and blacklist them? Is it even legal? Just curious, because I had someone tell me they know who these Dr's. are and deny the claims. Even with medical evidence. I don't see any difference between a VA Dr. writing C&P's in a way to be denied or low-balled vs hiring an outside Dr. who writes ratings that are inline with the ratings system put forth by the VA.
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