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  1. I am also sad to read about Geekysquids upringing. It is not what I wish to be around anymore. I do not drink because after suicides of two members of my platoon it fell hard on me like it does to many. No excuses. I drank. It was everyday like a six pack. I changed.
  2. No guys I am absolutly not upset with any of you guys at all. I asked for opinions because I value and appreciate your opinions.
  3. Yes. Absolutely. Married to her first the last three and a half years. I do not have an alcohol problem. I did have a problem when I got home. My little girl is my first priority. Have counseling apt on Tuesday.
  4. So I have been a member on here discussing my claims. I have had a long road with this claim starting last August 2018. So the claim is not finished but it finally went to preparation for decision. My ptsd/tbi symptoms have gotten even worse. My wife is an alcoholic who pushes me to my limits. She punched me in the face and I totally lost my control. I went into a rage and dont remember what happend. She obviously called the police and I was arrested for domestic violence. I was given an order of protection from my wife and year old daughter who is my world. I had to move to my mother's house temporarily for at least a month. I have been feeling suicidal and just plain angry. Should I talk to my vso with all the terrible shit written on police report about me and my ptsd ? What do you guys think?
  5. Congratulations to you on 100. My claim has been held up with the examiners trying to seperate the two or determine. I am sure they will now be combined. Hoping for a short turn around on decision.
  6. So the examiner was not clear enough and the rater sent it back for clarification. They want to know what tbi causes and what ptsd causes. I would actually be happy with 70 for both which looks like I would get for ptsd.
  7. Yes, I am new here. It actually took me some time to get the nerve to start asking questions. Not because of any of you nice people but because of my illness. Thank you guys.
  8. Geekysquid, thank you very much for the clarification. I think it helps me understand more and could possibly help others as well.
  9. Yes I have done so. Also have private psychiatrist nexus letter written from examples I had found.
  10. Buck52 thank you for the clarification. I am not a combat vet and do not have a cib. I was in a terrible training accident that was well documented in smrs with hospital treatment records as well as treatment since it happened.
  11. I was just wondering when stressors for ptsd are verified? I was told they were done before the cp exam and have also been told they are done after before it goes to the rater. Just was wondering and thought it would be useful information for persons new to the process. Thank you.
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