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  1. Thanks guys. I will not miss not c&p exams. I will keep everyone updated as well
  2. Thank you very much guys. You are absolutely right. I will appeal if necessary. Just hoping for a fair decision.
  3. I have not been denied. I think I am getting to myself. I suffer terribly from anxiety and depression like most of us on here do. I put the claim in September of 18. I had my cp exam for PTSD in December. Examiner wrote wrong on dbq caused by or resulting from. It was sent back so that she had to change language to at least likely as not due to military service and stressors. My first Cp exam for tbi initial and migranes examiner wrote at least likely as not with the rationale that I had no head injuries prior to service. That was in February. I redid exam in early June with the same outcome and rationale. Claim went to prep for decision then back to gathering of evidence. I called Dav and they said they need to differentiate symptoms between social and occupational impairment between tbi and PTSD.
  4. Berta, thank you very much for your response and knowledge. I am very sorry to hear about what happened to you and your family.
  5. I think I would only be at 70 for PTSD and thinking probably 10 for tbi since its cognitive m memory issues etc.
  6. Buck52, thank you. It is nerve racking for sure. Cp examiner stated he could differentiate between symptoms. Stated cognitive impairment and memory problems. I just don't know what the va is trying to do. I am thinking they are just trying to combine them and that's why the are asking the examiner about social and occupational impairment.
  7. I am more worried about being denied. I see and hear all these horror stories.
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