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  1. Thanks to everyone replying. Gastone, You're absolutely correct that I don't expect in any additional monetary compensation for my current claim. I do, however have an appeal for SMC(s) relating to the 100% Panic Disorder w/Agoriphobia. I believe because of the nature if that disability, it is obvious I am Housebound. My OSA was diagnosed within the VA as severe. I have a APAP from the VA. I claimed it as secondary to Panic Disorder w/Agoraphobia. I probably jumped the gun because I wanted to get the claim in before the Dec. 2016 rating change for SA that a CPAP is medically required for the max rating. Although my OSA is diagnosed as severe, I have nothing else indicating a CPAP is medically required. Since submitting the claim, I learned I'll probably need a so called "bridge claim". Like claim obesity as secondary to Panic Disorder w/ Agoraphobia and then OSA secondary to obesity. At this point, I fully expect this to be denied. I'd like to add, that I have done all my claims on my own. So, can I contact someone at my local DAV or VFW and have them look in to this? As far as I know, the closest VSR is 3 hours away at the Albuquerque VA Hospital.
  2. I don't know about your specific location. But here in Alamogordo, NM, as soon as I leave the ER(or next business day), I take the discharge paper from the ER to the local VA clinic. I also let the ER know that I am a veteran and the VA would be responsible for the bill. The VA clinic does what they do and IF I get a bill from the ER, it's already been paid by the VA. This probably doesn't help you much but this has been my experience.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I just realized I failed to mention that I have yet to receive a decision letter. I know of the decision because I noticed it on eBenefits in February under Disabilities link.
  4. I have an active claim. Part of the claim has been decided but is clearly wrong. Is it possible to contact the rater to inform them of the inaccuracy before the rest of the claim is decided? Or is my only option at this point to file a NOD? The contentions granted were: DDD of lumbar spine - 20% (I believe to be a correct rating) Radiculopathy of lower left extremities - 10% (I also believe to be correct) IBS - 0% (not correct. C&P exam and symptoms indicate a 30% rating) The deferred contention is OSA. Waiting on a second C&P to be scheduled.
  5. I am also having problems getting onto Ebenefits today. I have tried several times for the past few hours. I can, however, log onto and get the status of my current claim. But it doesn't show me all the information of the claim that I can get from Ebenefits.
  6. 1) Addressed with reply to Chuck 75 2) The C-File is a different animal than just medical records from the NPR archive. You have to request the C-File from the VA with a FOIA request. 3) This will be a no-go unless you already filed within 1 year of separation and were denied and have new and substantial evidence.
  7. Are you sure on this. I contacted the Veterans Choice directly and was told it didn't matter if the closer clinic provided the services I needed; If any clinic was within the established distance, no Veterans Choice. However, you may be able to get "pay basis" (not sure on the terminology), if your local provider accepts. You'll still need to start the process with your VA PCP.
  8. With the original VA hearing test, the ratings you were awarded are correct. 10% tinnitus and 0% bilateral hearing loss. With the new hearing test you should get 10% tinnitus and 10% bilateral hearing loss. That'll give you a combined rating of 20% (and just about double your monthly VA pay) if you don't have other SC disabilities.
  9. As some of you may know, I was recently awarded 100% P&T. I have a single 100% rating for Panic Disorder w/ Agoraphobia plus 10% Tinnitus and 0% Bilateral Hearing Loss. What do I need to do to claim A&A and Housebound? Thanks Brian
  10. More good news! Pending deposit of the expected retro amount drops tomorrow. I'll have access to it just after midnight Friday. 2 weeks from C&P to getting retro!
  11. Thanks, everyone! The VARO just called to let me know of the news. I should have the retro in my account within 5-7 business days.
  12. Just got my commissary letter on ebenefits. "This total disability is considered permanent. You are not scheduled for future examinations." Happy dance!!
  13. ebenefits is showing Preparation for Notification. That was pretty darn quick.