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  1. Thanks for your reply. This brings my spirits up some. I've been fighting this for awhile. I just looked at my messages on eBenefits. It does show the original claim, both of the other failed claims, and the successfully submitted claim. The original filing date was Jan 2013. Final claim submitted Sep 2013. Claim awarded July 2015. NOD filed Aug 2015. Entered RAMP July 2018. Received denial Jan 2019. Been sitting on this since. Decided to get off my @ss recently. If awarded, it would be a sizable chunk of change. 7 months @ 100% plus (hopefully) 5 years 8 months of SMC(S-2) that was al
  2. Is an appeal for EED feasible with the following facts: 1.) Veteran started a claim via eBenefits, thus establishing veterans' intent to file. 2.) 9 months after starting claim, veteran attempts to complete and submit claim via eBenefits but an error caused by eBenefits forced veteran to delete and start new claim (twice). 3.) VA grants claim with an effective date the new claim was completed and submitted (9 months after ITF) 4.) Veteran did receive via email Receipt of Claim of when veteran started original claim. I've been looking at 38 CFR § 3.1 (r) but am
  3. I would apply for Medical Assistance/Medicaid for your wife and children. Going in to speak to someone of your options would probably be best. But you can always go online https://assist.dhss.delaware.gov/
  4. You may also be covered under the FMLA https://www.dol.gov/whd/fmla/ It provided job protection, without pay, for up to 12 cumulative weeks per year for family members with serious illnesses or your own serious illness. The definition of serious illness is a bit murky but I would assume your illness(s) may fall under this if it/they are related to GWI. Also, since it is cumulative, it can be used intermittently. As with other replies, consult with the DOL and an attorney.
  5. HR4958 looks to contain the exact same text as all the previous Veterans' Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of XXXX. The only difference being the date it is to be effective.
  6. If you are not already getting , SMC(S) Housebound, you may get it for the time of the temporary 100%. It's about an extra $350/month.
  7. Looks like a 70% rating. To get to the next rating level (100%) the examiner would need to check the box for "Total Occupational and Social Impairment", which was not done.
  8. The surcharge is 5% on sales BEFORE any discounts. If it appears higher, you likely used coupons. The surcharge is for upkeep of commissary facilities. DeCA also sells items at the same price it payed for them. The local grocery stores often sells some items lower than cost to maximize profits on higher cost items. This is called "loss leading". They entice you by the low price of these items in the hopes you also buy the higher cost items.
  9. It's about time. But no OCONUS Space A. Only CONUS and US Territories.
  10. This has to be a record for VA. The claim I put in is done in just under a month. I don't have the award packet yet but it looks like I got awarded 10% each (total 4) for radiculopathy (sciatic nerve) bi-lat and radiculopathy (femoral nerve) bi-lat. But I probably screwed myself by claiming Lumbago because my 20% DDD got lowered to 10%. Looks like a NOD because the examiner only performed the initial ROM, and not repeated use ROM. So, I went from 100% + 40% to 100% + 50%. But it should be 100% + 60% after the NOD. If I understand correctly, the pain comes from the sciatic nerv
  11. Interesting. I'm about to file a claim for Lumbago (lower back pain) and Lumbar Radicular Syndrome (pain from radiculopathy). I'm already 20% for DDD of L3-L4, and 10% each leg for radiculopathy. Plus 100% Panic Disorder and 10% tinnitus. If I get 10% for each of what I'm about to claim, it'll put me at 100% + 60%.
  12. That would be the eBenefits. It is also showing up on vets.com I noticed my RAMP appeal on both this morning.
  13. I was getting that, until I CLEARED COOKIES.
  14. There has been a lot of issues with DS Login the past few weeks. It's working as of now. If you're still having problems, clear the browsers cookies or try logging on in an incognito tab on your browser.
  15. Msgt, it also looks like you may have been eligible for SMC K for Loss of Use since the time ED was awarded.
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