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  1. HR4958 looks to contain the exact same text as all the previous Veterans' Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of XXXX. The only difference being the date it is to be effective.
  2. bleggett29


    If you are not already getting , SMC(S) Housebound, you may get it for the time of the temporary 100%. It's about an extra $350/month.
  3. bleggett29

    C&P Notes? Increased rating?

    Looks like a 70% rating. To get to the next rating level (100%) the examiner would need to check the box for "Total Occupational and Social Impairment", which was not done.
  4. The surcharge is 5% on sales BEFORE any discounts. If it appears higher, you likely used coupons. The surcharge is for upkeep of commissary facilities. DeCA also sells items at the same price it payed for them. The local grocery stores often sells some items lower than cost to maximize profits on higher cost items. This is called "loss leading". They entice you by the low price of these items in the hopes you also buy the higher cost items.
  5. It's about time. But no OCONUS Space A. Only CONUS and US Territories.
  6. This has to be a record for VA. The claim I put in is done in just under a month. I don't have the award packet yet but it looks like I got awarded 10% each (total 4) for radiculopathy (sciatic nerve) bi-lat and radiculopathy (femoral nerve) bi-lat. But I probably screwed myself by claiming Lumbago because my 20% DDD got lowered to 10%. Looks like a NOD because the examiner only performed the initial ROM, and not repeated use ROM. So, I went from 100% + 40% to 100% + 50%. But it should be 100% + 60% after the NOD. If I understand correctly, the pain comes from the sciatic nerves and sensation/motor function from the femoral nerves?
  7. Interesting. I'm about to file a claim for Lumbago (lower back pain) and Lumbar Radicular Syndrome (pain from radiculopathy). I'm already 20% for DDD of L3-L4, and 10% each leg for radiculopathy. Plus 100% Panic Disorder and 10% tinnitus. If I get 10% for each of what I'm about to claim, it'll put me at 100% + 60%.
  8. That would be the eBenefits. It is also showing up on vets.com I noticed my RAMP appeal on both this morning.
  9. bleggett29

    Anyone else been having issues?

    I was getting that, until I CLEARED COOKIES.
  10. bleggett29

    Trouble logging in

    There has been a lot of issues with DS Login the past few weeks. It's working as of now. If you're still having problems, clear the browsers cookies or try logging on in an incognito tab on your browser.
  11. Msgt, it also looks like you may have been eligible for SMC K for Loss of Use since the time ED was awarded.
  12. bleggett29

    Champ VA

    From what I was able to find doing a google search, it that CHAMPVA covers Acupuncture. BUT finding an Acupuncturist that accepts CHAMPVA is going to be difficult.
  13. From what I gather from the responses is that there should not be anything holding back my claim and I should raise holly h*ll? OK, got it.
  14. Back in 2013 I finally was awarded 100% P&T for Panic Disorder w/ Agoraphobia. However, the effective date should have been 6 months earlier, so I sent a NOD. Recently I sent a claim for loss of use (ED) secondary to Panic Disorder/Agoraphobia due to medication. About a week later I receive a letter that the VA can't work on the claim due to the pending appeal. I'm confused because in 2016 I sent a claim for OSA secondary to Panic Disorder/Agoraphobia. That claim was worked on, of course being denied(NOD not yet sent). I've been combing through the VA manual and can't find where claims are not worked on because of a pending appeal. I did find where a FDC claim is excluded from FDC but should follow the normal route for claims instead. Does anyone know where in the manual or CFR that address my situation? Thanks
  15. Allan, In the discharge exam, is there any notation of the vertigo or any of it's symptoms? You may be able to use that. From my discharge exam, I was able to be SC for Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, DDD Lower back, Radiculopathy Left Leg, IBS, and Panic Disorder w/Agoraphobia. Although I had no treatment at all while in service, my discharge exam noted symptoms for those. I may have been incredibly lucky. I don't know. But if your vet has symptoms of vertigo in their discharge exam, it may be the evidence you need.

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