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  1. 1151 or not?

    I'm wondering if I have a 1151 claim. I have bad teeth I believe related to psychological disorders(100% P&T), GERD(denied), and bruxism(not yet claimed). In 2014, before becoming 100% P&T, I was in VR&E. While in VR&E, I was seen by the VA dentist who approved outside dental care for full extractions and dentures. For a variety of reasons, I never got past a few extractions and moved halfway across the US. In December 2016, I went to the VA hospital dental clinic in a emergency to have a tooth extracted. The dentist decided I needed all my upper teeth removed. I agreed. The VA dentist mostly agreed with the previous plan for full extractions and dentures. He decided a few of my lower teeth could be saved. I was again approved for outside dental care. This began in Feb. 2017. The first appointment was for cleaning. The second was to start repairing the remaining lower teeth. After he started on the first, it was determined it needed to be extracted. This is where the ordeal begins. In order to deviate from the approved plan, they need to get approval from the VA. This approval didn't happen until July 2017. OK, so we finally got that tooth extracted. On the next appointment 2 weeks later, it's determined another tooth needs deviation from the approved plan. (possible root canal with crown or extraction) Here it is over a month since that appointment. Still no approval. Here is where I'm think about a 1151. During all this time without upper teeth, I developed TMJ pain with clicking, and headaches. Plus it's a difficult task to have a decent meal. I avoid some foods, such as vegies and some meats because I can't chew them. If I do have these foods, I risk chocking on them. Would this fall under 1151? If so, how do I go about filing? Thamks.
  2. You should be able to have both insurance policies simultaneously, so you shouldn't need to worry about having to "give back" the tax credit. From what I understand is that CHAMPVA works like Medicare - CHAMPVA is always secondary payer if you have other insurance. The other insurance gets billed first, then CHAMPVA gets billed if needed.
  3. AFAIK, the DoD ID # has been in use for nearly 40 years, since the introduction of DEERS. If you're in DEERS, you have a DoD ID #. Since 1983, I've had 3 different types of DoD ID's (Dependent/DD Form 1173, Active Duty/DD Form 2, and now DAV/DD Form 2765) all with the same DoD ID #. Not knowing you, you served before the late 1970's/early 1980's and now you're either 100% P&T or TDIU, correct?
  4. penny.alcoba, You do not need to be enrolled in VHA to submit claims for compensation. Nor do you need to be enrolled to collect compensation. I would, however, reconsider dis-enrolling from VHA. There is nothing gained from dis-enrolling. Being enrolled will not affect any other healthcare you are currently enrolled in or may be enrolled in in the future negatively. Even if you don't use VHA, it could be a handy backup, if the need arises.
  5. I actually moved from SOMD about the same time I became a member of DAV, so I don't have first hand experience with Ed. I just wanted to provide you with an alternative from having to travel to Bmore. Also, on PAX River, there is a VA Rep. on the back side of the Subway building. Newell Quinton 301-757-2250 newell.quinton@va.org If you don't have Base access, he can get you a Visitors Pass. I do have some experience with him. Not with any claims but with filling out the form so I can have my property taxes waived for being 100% P&T.
  6. Do you happen to be in Southern MD? There is a DAV chapter in California, MD off of Rt. 235 near Wildewood. They share a building with the local VFW chapter. You can contact Ed Flynn eflynn@old.org
  7. This would be true if the C&P was done at the VA. If the C&P was contracted out, it will not show on the My Health eVet Blue Button download. You'd need to get your C-File, or the doc who performed the C&P MIGHT give you a copy, if you ask. snow1wave, if you have it documented in service, have a current diagnosis, and within 1 year out, you should be good to go. Do you also have any pain or numbness down your legs? If so, you should get 2 ratings, if that was also noted in the C&P. One for the osteoarthritis and one for the pain/numbness (radiculopathy).
  8. Waiver of Premiums

    Would you be so kind to share the contact info for who approved the waiver without the form? Everyone I've contacted insisted I have the form completed, including signed by my treating Dr. Problem for me is, the PCP at my local VA clinic won't sign it because I'm a fairly new patient to this clinic and I'm not currently being treated for my 100% disability. I recently moved from Maryland to New Mexico. In order for me to have the Dr. from Maryland (private Dr.) sign it, they insist I make appointment. Well, I don't live there anymore and my Medicare wouldn't cover the appt. anyway, since it's a New Mexico policy now. Thanks
  9. Buck, If you have a DS Logon account (if you use eBenefits, you'll likely have one), you can go over to http://www.hrc.army.mil and logon. On the main page, on the left there is My Records. It'll take you to the log on page. From there select retired/veteran records. You should be able to see your assignments. It'll show dates, UIC, and current location of the unit(if unit is still active). More than likely, your unit will be inactive but you should be able to trace the units history via the UIC. Where to go to trace the UIC, I do not know. But this at least connects the date of service to the unit and get you somewhat closer to your goal.
  10. Thanks to everyone replying. Gastone, You're absolutely correct that I don't expect in any additional monetary compensation for my current claim. I do, however have an appeal for SMC(s) relating to the 100% Panic Disorder w/Agoriphobia. I believe because of the nature if that disability, it is obvious I am Housebound. My OSA was diagnosed within the VA as severe. I have a APAP from the VA. I claimed it as secondary to Panic Disorder w/Agoraphobia. I probably jumped the gun because I wanted to get the claim in before the Dec. 2016 rating change for SA that a CPAP is medically required for the max rating. Although my OSA is diagnosed as severe, I have nothing else indicating a CPAP is medically required. Since submitting the claim, I learned I'll probably need a so called "bridge claim". Like claim obesity as secondary to Panic Disorder w/ Agoraphobia and then OSA secondary to obesity. At this point, I fully expect this to be denied. I'd like to add, that I have done all my claims on my own. So, can I contact someone at my local DAV or VFW and have them look in to this? As far as I know, the closest VSR is 3 hours away at the Albuquerque VA Hospital.
  11. I don't know about your specific location. But here in Alamogordo, NM, as soon as I leave the ER(or next business day), I take the discharge paper from the ER to the local VA clinic. I also let the ER know that I am a veteran and the VA would be responsible for the bill. The VA clinic does what they do and IF I get a bill from the ER, it's already been paid by the VA. This probably doesn't help you much but this has been my experience.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I just realized I failed to mention that I have yet to receive a decision letter. I know of the decision because I noticed it on eBenefits in February under Disabilities link.
  13. I have an active claim. Part of the claim has been decided but is clearly wrong. Is it possible to contact the rater to inform them of the inaccuracy before the rest of the claim is decided? Or is my only option at this point to file a NOD? The contentions granted were: DDD of lumbar spine - 20% (I believe to be a correct rating) Radiculopathy of lower left extremities - 10% (I also believe to be correct) IBS - 0% (not correct. C&P exam and symptoms indicate a 30% rating) The deferred contention is OSA. Waiting on a second C&P to be scheduled.
  14. Ebenefits access

    I am also having problems getting onto Ebenefits today. I have tried several times for the past few hours. I can, however, log onto VETS.gov and get the status of my current claim. But it doesn't show me all the information of the claim that I can get from Ebenefits.