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  1. Hi @Berta, WOW, that is a very detailed reply. Thank you for taking the time in providing your insight. Here is some of my feedback to your questions below: However your request to participate in a Gulf War Study might not be a " reasonable accommodation" as defined in ADA regulations, it might be an "undue hardship" per your employer.- Thank you for drawing out some additional clarification I need to understand. Did the VA ask you to be in this study? - YES, The VA reached out to me requesting to be part of the study Can you tell us what type of study this is, that would require a GWvet to take time off work for? - The Study is for Medical Testing for new treatment options for GWV's Do you have a link to this study? - The request was conducted via a letter (mailed ol' school, postal.) There is a lot of info on Google as to the ADA. - I'm researching and thank you for the link, also reaching out here to see if other folks have had similar experiences they can share regarding a lawyer/firm for my scenario Also I am sure you can find a lawyer familar with ADA on the internet. - True. But I like to see if others can recommend to help narrow down due dilligence and time to research the good from not so good. You also need documented proof that you are fully qualified to perform your job. - You've stumped me on this one. Not sure of this statement. "Wednesday (10-31-18) rolls around and I've been informed that due to performance issues I'm being placed in P.I.P (Performance Plan) I should start looking for a new job and I have 60 days and my employment will be terminated. " My husband never asked this employer for an accommodation because his performance appraisals were all good, after they finally hired him. I also never asked for accommodation, didn't feel I needed to since my performance was inline with goals and I felt all was going well, until I submitted my first vacation day request to start this study. Basics on ADA-( if your company falls under the ADA) - I believe that a multi-national (450K employees) falls under the ADA for it's U.S. operations. But, it is an assumption of mine, I'll need to validate. You could probably file your complaint on line at one of the ADA sites. - Thank you again, I'll look into it. I'd also like to have a lawyer/firm in my corner who "lives and breaths" this as a profession.
  2. Thank you for the reply and insight @broncovet . I see your point on a 're-training' type of scenario but with mine it is medical. Also, I do see your point on reasonable accommodations and employment at will, but falling into the 'protected Veterean' status I understand it to be 'cause' being the largest item that may supersede the broad definition of 'right to work'. Just looking to explore options and see if others have had good experiences that they can share with a lawyer/firm.
  3. So, the TL:DR is I am looking for a referral to an Employment Lawyer who specialized in helping Veterans with USERRA, VOW, ADA, FMLA & potential non compliance with - Executive Order 11246, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. To sum up what has just occurred, I've been employed with a large multi-national technology company for 2 1/2 years, who also does a lot of business with the Federal Government. Things were going well, until I recently started to socialized that I am a 90% rated Gulf War vet and I've just enrolled in a study where I'll need to take off time, more so than my normal once a year vacation. I've just started the study and have started to put time off requests in stating that this time off is for this study. Monday (10-29-18) I had our normal standing 1-on-1 with Manager, great call no issues our usual pleasant personal & work related topics. But got an email after hours on Tuesday night saying we have to have a one off first thing in the morning call to discuss performance issues. Wednesday (10-31-18) rolls around and I've been informed that due to performance issues I'm being placed in P.I.P (Performance Plan) I should start looking for a new job and I have 60 days and my employment will be terminated. Rather out of the blue, and I've compiled quite a bit of data to indicate so. I've been researching online like crazy this past day but would appreciate any brother or sisters from here who can point me in the direction of a Lawyer/Firm that they've had/heard good experiences with related to my above scenario. Thanking you in advance for reading my post and your response.
  4. HI Buck, Thanks for the reply. I'm similar to you, I'd be very anxious/unresponsive in a group setting. At this initial phase I'd only engage in a one-one type environment. Maybe over time I could explore the group setting.
  5. Thank you Berta, Yes, I have my SMR's & CIB on the DD-214 for OJC Panama & ODS/S. Since I have decent insurance I'll be running in parallel a private Psychiatrist and will also be working through my VA PC for a VA HM Psychiatrist. Sadly, I feel that you have to, for lack of a better word, "practice" to be prepared for your C&P exam. So I am assuming that discussing my PTSD symptoms with both will make me better prepared for the C&P gauntlet... I could be wrong but that is the sense I get from reading through the hadit forum.
  6. Thank you for the information @Berta & @Gastone I'm just starting down this path and your insight into how to navigate this MH process is key.
  7. "What did the combat vet say to the Psychiatrist?"... Answer - I don't know, I'm having a heck of a time finding one... So here is my request for help from you all who live in Texas - Houston to be exact. Can anyone recommend a Psychiatrist who has experience with Vets (combat vets a plus)? I'm having a hard time picking up the phone to make an appt with a Psychiatrist who may not understand a Vet. I know I can make an appt with a Psychiatrist at the VA but at this point I'd feel more comfortable not going that route if I can.... Thank you for reading my post and recommendations.
  8. Thanks for the feedback broncovet. I have quite a bit of research I need to get knee deep in ASAP. Glad I came across this site when I did. Great info and great folks helping each other out, I appreciate it.
  9. Hello all - Long time lurker & 1st time poster. First and foremost, thank you. Thank you for reading my post and providing insight to my question. Well, after many years I could no longer take the pain & suffering and at the behest of my wife and friends I decided to get off my duff and start the C&P process. So my question to you all who have traveled this road - did I receive good initial advice for an initial C&P exam at VES? The advice I was given from my local Vet Center adviser was to first & only conduct a C&P exam with issues/ailments that were/are documented from my active duty VA med file on record and not discuss all of my active duty related issues during my initial C&P visit. Meaning, I have well documented issues with my shins and ankles while in the Army but I am having enormous issues now with not only my shins and ankles but ALSO my knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck... I followed my local Vet Centers advice and today I completed a VES C&P for my Shins, ankle and knees. I also had a hearing loss test to determine if I am suffering hearing loss with my tinnitus. My hearing test was very thorough and lengthy, which I appreciated the full on testing. However, my shin, knee & ankle exam was super fast. I mostly answered a bunch of his questions, sat on a table, he held my leg and I pushed and pulled against his grip. I laid down and he moved each of my legs to my chest and back again and that was it... Should I have pushed harder to have ALL my issues addressed at once or is it best to 'Keep it Simple', get a rating, & then go in for my other issues at a later date? I guess I'm wondering if I should start lining up another VES C&P appt for my other issues or should I sit tight and wait to hear what my rating is based off of a limited C&P exam today and then get rolling on my other issues? From an old Airborne Infantryman, thanks for reading my post.
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