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  1. HI Buck, Thanks for the reply. I'm similar to you, I'd be very anxious/unresponsive in a group setting. At this initial phase I'd only engage in a one-one type environment. Maybe over time I could explore the group setting.
  2. Thank you Berta, Yes, I have my SMR's & CIB on the DD-214 for OJC Panama & ODS/S. Since I have decent insurance I'll be running in parallel a private Psychiatrist and will also be working through my VA PC for a VA HM Psychiatrist. Sadly, I feel that you have to, for lack of a better word, "practice" to be prepared for your C&P exam. So I am assuming that discussing my PTSD symptoms with both will make me better prepared for the C&P gauntlet... I could be wrong but that is the sense I get from reading through the hadit forum.
  3. Thank you for the information @Berta & @Gastone I'm just starting down this path and your insight into how to navigate this MH process is key.
  4. "What did the combat vet say to the Psychiatrist?"... Answer - I don't know, I'm having a heck of a time finding one... So here is my request for help from you all who live in Texas - Houston to be exact. Can anyone recommend a Psychiatrist who has experience with Vets (combat vets a plus)? I'm having a hard time picking up the phone to make an appt with a Psychiatrist who may not understand a Vet. I know I can make an appt with a Psychiatrist at the VA but at this point I'd feel more comfortable not going that route if I can.... Thank you for reading my post and recommendations.
  5. Thanks for the feedback broncovet. I have quite a bit of research I need to get knee deep in ASAP. Glad I came across this site when I did. Great info and great folks helping each other out, I appreciate it.
  6. Hello all - Long time lurker & 1st time poster. First and foremost, thank you. Thank you for reading my post and providing insight to my question. Well, after many years I could no longer take the pain & suffering and at the behest of my wife and friends I decided to get off my duff and start the C&P process. So my question to you all who have traveled this road - did I receive good initial advice for an initial C&P exam at VES? The advice I was given from my local Vet Center adviser was to first & only conduct a C&P exam with issues/ailments that were/are documented from my active duty VA med file on record and not discuss all of my active duty related issues during my initial C&P visit. Meaning, I have well documented issues with my shins and ankles while in the Army but I am having enormous issues now with not only my shins and ankles but ALSO my knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck... I followed my local Vet Centers advice and today I completed a VES C&P for my Shins, ankle and knees. I also had a hearing loss test to determine if I am suffering hearing loss with my tinnitus. My hearing test was very thorough and lengthy, which I appreciated the full on testing. However, my shin, knee & ankle exam was super fast. I mostly answered a bunch of his questions, sat on a table, he held my leg and I pushed and pulled against his grip. I laid down and he moved each of my legs to my chest and back again and that was it... Should I have pushed harder to have ALL my issues addressed at once or is it best to 'Keep it Simple', get a rating, & then go in for my other issues at a later date? I guess I'm wondering if I should start lining up another VES C&P appt for my other issues or should I sit tight and wait to hear what my rating is based off of a limited C&P exam today and then get rolling on my other issues? From an old Airborne Infantryman, thanks for reading my post.

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