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  1. Housebound or Statuatory housebound. Smc scale of S.
  2. Maybe back in the day. There are some Regional offices that are focused on certain claims but the majority of claims are processed electronically with the raters via Computer. The claims folders mainly are stuck in Janesville WI with the work being done by whoever it gets assigned to nationwide.
  3. Great Post Lowell. We tend to ne eager for information. Everyone's disabilities are different regardless of how they appear familiar. Bad advice and a Moron DAV rep cost me 14 years of fighting, Informed, accurate information is the goal. There are a whole lot of resources out there to help veterans with their claims. Facebook has some groups that have 50K plus members. The bottom line is this: Evidence wins claims and a good medical nexus will only help. The more complex claim a veteran has the more complex the nexus will be needed.
  4. We will be discussing the Caregiver Program and the hurdles in place as well as Independent ( Molasses Slow) living program.
  5. The Contract company and examiners have access to the records. Do not give out your information to anyone. I had a c and p exam last week and we discussed the file. The examiner had it pulled up and said the file was very large, 9000 pages. He went right to what he needed to write the opinion and I watched it all take place. If they ask you for your information it is because someone is not doing their job and this needs checking in to.
  6. Buck I am thankful that there is a little bit of help for the wife. It is not much but it does help and eases a small part of the burden placed upon you.
  7. Hi Buck. Keep in mind these tests are based upon looking at pictures. They rev up your engine, Shut it off then put on the Camera. I had a couple of these tests done and they were read to be normal. Not long after I was in a Cath Lab. You should see a cardio doc just to be sure.
  8. This is a call in show for the audience to ask questions. The number is 515 605 9764. This will be your best chance to speak Dr Bash and Bill. If you desire not to call in but have a question, send that question to exposedvet@gmail.com or PM Jbasser or Jerrel on Hadit Messenger.
  9. Unfortunately the VA regards OSA as a Lung issue so connecting 2 lung diseases would be considered Pyramiding. They should however compensate you for the most severe one that gives the highest rating.
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