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  1. http://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/05/23/budget-calls-cuts-va-programs-tradeoff-extending-choice.html?ESRC=todayinmil.sm
  2. Our guest will be James Cripps and Ray Cobb. They will teach us about using the Federal Regulations with your claim. Join us. The call in number is 347 237 4819. To listen> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2017/05/25/hadit-podcast-with-guest-james-cripps-and-ray-cobb
  3. Asknod part 3.Alex has been discussing some important claims related issues. Stay tuned to part 3. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2017/05/18/hadit-podcast-special-with-asknod-part-3
  4. Last weeks show was that good. We have a follow up. Call us at 347 237 4819. Alex Graham also known as Asknod will teach us about the claims and appeals process. Alex Graham, a veteran of the Vietnam War. He served two years on the Indochinese peninsula in Thailand, Laos and the Republic of Vietnam in the Air Force from 1970-1972. He has diseases from Agent Orange as well as Hepatitis C virus from a transfusion there. In addition, he has degenerative disc disease from a fall and an airplane crash. Asknod filed his first claim with VA in 1989 and lost. He finally won in 2008 and is just now cleaning up the mess the VA made from claims never completed in 1994. Read more at Asknod's site http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2017/05/11/hadit-podcast-with-asknod-part-2
  5. We will discuss the proposal to close 1200 VA facilities and other VA news. This is an open call in show. Audience participation is welcome. Ask us any question VA or claims related.We give answers.Unscripted, Honest and intelligent answers., The call in number is 347 237 4819. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2017/05/09/hadit-podcast-special-the-basser-hour-open-call-in-show
  6. Champ changes to secondary payer when spouse turns 65 or gets medicare. Champ VA pays the other co pays and is still primary for meds.
  7. Contact Glen Johnson at the Denver VA HAC. He is the PAO and he can assist you with getting the forms for these doctors to accept ChampVa. Glen.johnson@va.gov.
  8. Alex Graham or Asknod as he is called will teach us about the claims and appeals process. Join us. To call in. Dial 347-237-4819 To listen, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2017/05/04/hadit-podcast-with-special-guest-alex-graham-aka-asknod
  9. Mr James Cripps and Mr. Ray Cobb will be the guest speakers for this show. These men have been helping the Veterans in Tennessee as the United States Veterans Alliance . These men are always active inthe community and are helping Veterans anywhich way they can. Join us for this show. They discussed their recent successful Veterans Stand Down and their meeting with Bill Robinson one of the longest serving POW’s from the Vietnam War. https://www.hadit.com/james-cripps-ray-cobb-us-veterans-alliance-tennessee/
  10. Berta I see a major league CUE in this claim.I would have to see more info. J
  11. E benefits will show your disabilities and if service connected or not. It is a simple navigation. J
  12. It appears the VA has combined the TBI and PTSD. That is not very good for the Veteran. That practice should not be allowed.
  13. It all depends on the type of hearing. The docket number is issued when yhe BVA receives the appeal. If you selected a video conference it is faster but I heard of a 4 year wait for some appeals.
  14. Our guest speaker will be VA claims agent John Dorle. John is very knowledgeable about the claims process, Join us. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2017/04/20/haditcom-podcast-with-guest-john-dorle-va-claims-agent
  15. Our guest will be Sherman Howard. Sherman will be discussing VA advocates. n Join us for this show. The call in number is 347-237-4819.