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  1. Buck if you file anything I would suggest you would file for an increase of the Tinnitus. If you win the effective date should can go back to a year or the date of the onset of the secondary either by diagnosis or symptomology. This is regardless if the Tinnitus rating carries a 10 percent max rating. I also suggest you go here https://www.index.va.gov/search/va/bva.jsp Search your issue and put secondary to Tinnitus into the exact phrase section. It should show you what others have done and results either good or bad.
  2. I see a lot of topics where folks ask about IMO/IME's and how expensive they are. This show is a must listen because you will learn something about the IMO/IME process. Bethanie is the owner of Valor 4 Vet and they have assembled quite the team of Doctors, PA's and Nurse Practitioners. The call in number is (515) 605-9764 .
  3. Buck the number is correct. Ray is not an agent. He is an American Legion post commander who also helps with veterans claims. He is the second person to win his AO claim based solely on exposure in the US. We are bringing a lot of new faces to the show starting with Carmella N George as part of our new meet the agents series. We have several lined up so stay tuned. We also will have a lot more listeners and callers as we have really branched out.
  4. That makes 3 of us. The recently passed bill Hr 7105 raises the Amount of Supplemental life insurance to 40K in Jan 2023.
  5. No one and I mean no one should relax until you see the words, Static, Permanent and Total. This may be a good show topic to be explained in detail.
  6. Hey shipmate.  I have a question for another 100% rated vet.   Because of covid my primary care provider, a nurse practitioner, is now looking after my care since my great other doctor has retired and only speaks with patients on the phone.

    In preparation for our next appointment I sent her a secure message of the issues that I want to discuss. 5 short paragraphs of what, why and please.  

    Arrogantly, she avoided each of my questions, which were written politely asking for new authorizations that had expired, etc.  In closing, she wrote

    "It is not realistic to think that all of these things can be discussed in one visit. We will discuss 3 things for each visit in order to handle everything effectively. Please keep this in mind".

    I wrote back asking for the VA Directive which says that a provider can only address 3 concerns of a veteran. 

    I almost do not want to take her phone call at our appointment time because, frankly, I dont want to get out of line and say that I've "HAD IT"  with her arrogance.  I do know that I can contact my congressional liaison and put her on report (I've done it in the past when I was directly lied to and that provider is no longer with the VA).  I just want to be heard and get the care that I EARNED.

    Feel free to message me directly with your reply if you would like



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