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    Playing heads up No Limit Poker with the VA........I'm allin and helping other Veterans with their claims. Steering more Veterans to Hadit.com for help in fighting their claims.

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  1. Hello,,,, Yes sub 0 temperatures can cook your eardrums ,,,,frostbite or ear infections or directly injure and cause HEARING LOSS and can be medically linked. http://phb.secondsensehearing.com/content/warning-cold-weather-can-cause-hearing-loss http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC117786/ I do want to say that I suffered a major ear infection from Fort Greely and it required "Force Drainage" and I will never forget how much that hurt. 2 days in a row,,,,,it was painful and I will tell you that I do have tinnitus SC and Hearing loss at 0% but am probably going to file for the increase on that ,,,,but I don't really want to major on the minors ,,,cause I got more important pressing medical problems. However making sure we Veterans have all of our records and claims current and filed is very important. Hope this can help. Remember to be patient and NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.
  2. Hello Berta,,,,,,, what an excellent post. You have covered this one very well and the depression issue on a claim. THANK you for your hard work. Now go to the Bahamas and enjoy white sands , warm weather , and no snow. NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.
  3. Chuck ,,,, you know what...... the VA probably can use the deferred issues to do just as you have pointed out. Make their numbers better on the reports look better. Thanks for putting that on. NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.
  4. Hello Tom,,,, P and T and IU are different. If you are 100 Scheduler meaning off the M21s rating scheduler then you do not have to go thru the TDIU or as we call it IU or unemployable. Stillhere gave you a breakdown of what has happened to him and some good advice. Most Veterans do not understand the difference and confuse their rating AWARD letter to think they cannot work if given P and T. The other side of the coin is if awarded IU ,,,,,I would run from work at all cost. The VA will and must take the IU award from you due to you were working. NO YOU CANNOT make the means test minimum like Social Security and you really need to stay off the VA radar and do not give them an excuse to make a new ruling on you because of you working. I would not work if IU was the award. AND you can get into a lot of Trouble if you do ,,,,I know some Veterans that try to risk it but I want no part of that if I have to go the IU way. Also remember the 10 year rule and the 20 year rule. That they cannot change your award and compensation after that unless Fraud is committed. After 20 years from date of award nothing can change it. ABOVE ALL the journey is long.......its tiring........its frustrating and thru this remember to NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C. http://cfr.vlex.com/vid/340-total-ratings-unemployability-19775466 P and T Scheduler http://www.benefits.va.gov/warms/docs/admin21/m21_1/mr/part4/subptii/ch02/ch02_secf.doc TDIU Total Disability Individual Unemployability or IU as we call it Also I posted right when Chuck did and his advice is right on with the "protected" time line I listed above for the 10 and 20 years rules. Good post Chuck about the C and P exams not necessary part of P and T...... I had forgot to put that in....See how we all help each other here Tom... This is the place to be.
  5. Hello Mojo,,,, HHHmmmmmm ... deferred means that this particular issue or claim has something that has the Regional Office looking at something in you records or your medical reports or diagnosis. It does not mean a denial. In most cases the VA can go ahead and adjudicate the other claims or wait to combine them all AFTER they review the issue that has been deferred in order to make a decision. They may also want to order C and P exams and get more information. Many of our members have very good experience with this because of the deferred issues and can discuss this further. I know that Berta and Carlie have commented on this before and they have had this happen to them. Hopefully they may be able to discuss this further. I believe you just have to sit tight and wait on this. Above all.....NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.
  6. Hello.... Remember you were taken in service fit for duty. It does not matter if you were totally deaf. YOU WERE FIT FOR DUTY. So they not look at it when you went in and did not look at it UNTIL you were in. Make sure that you get that record while in of your hearing test of both ears. As others have pointed out your MOS...military occupational specialty should be able to bring the Nexus forward. Any occupation involving explosive devices, infantry, artillery , EOD will be sought for. Also any MOS with Corps of Engineers, Post Engineers, Equipment Maintenance, Heavy Equipment Operator, Mechanized armor would be fine. Also if you doing training in sub0 temperatures will also. This needs to be backed up by evidence , a couple of buddy statements , any duty reports for that. It is EVIDENCE that wins, It is sound Medical Opinions (IMO) coupled with event or history of injury. It may also require INSERVICE reports and records of treatment or test. Which you have. I would also bring up that the VA normally can only award the Maximum of 10 percent for Tinnitus however they will also list hearing loss at 0%. Meaning service connection is granted at 0 percent. Most of our SC members have that including me. However the VA will give a higher percentage for hearing loss if you can establish that thru an appeal of the original decision. You will also need an IMO stating the reasons for the hearing loss with evidence you can give to prove that. Including a hearing test report. Medical rational, and your inservice medical records and test with date of injury or date of service can increase the hearing loss of 0 percent to say another 10 percent. The main key here is to remember that you reported fit for duty when you went in. This is a favorite trick that they pull on Veterans and can be quickly brought down during the appeals process. Please remember that when dealing with the VA it is essential that a Veteran ,,,,,,,..........................NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless. C.C.
  7. Hello and thank you for your service and welcome home. NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.
  8. Hello Jeff,,,, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. Berta ,,,here , here,,,, what a nice bit of advice and welcome. As you can see Jeff , you are among others here that have battled with the VA and just remember you are among other Veterans who are going thru a fight, despair, and holding the VA feets to the fire when it comes to taking care of your injuries or diseases. Now you can have some help and get your questions answered. As Berta said it is the Irag and Afganistan Vets that will step up and take the reins here at Hadit one day as they help the next group of veterans coming thru our countrys service. Remember ,,,,above all .....NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.
  9. Hello and thank you for your service. You have a lot of new friends here now and prepare to weigh anchor. NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.
  10. Yes it is Jerrel...... it cannot get done if we all don't stay on top of it. NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.
  11. You may have to enlist your congress critter for that and tell him what they are doing to you and get him to get it for you. You can also file a complaint with the VA Office of the Inspector General. I have never heard of a more ridiculous excuse and that is a new one for me. Mine is huge..... and they still sent it...... You may consider a FOIA for it too. Hopefully someone else will also offer some suggestions. Megh or Berta or Jbasser or Carlie ........any suggestions for our Veteran. I am out of answers for this one. Remember though, no matter what they continue to do to you ......NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.
  12. GREAT SHOW>......THANK YOU PAUL SULLIVAN..... Thanks Jerrel, Jbasser and Stretch...... really a fine job..... NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.
  13. Hello SP4,,,Thank you for those kind words. I feel like I have to do something ,,,not just for myself but for those friends and loved ones gone from the effects of chemical exposures or bullets. I just can't stand by and do nothing and any help or encouragement I can give any Veteran may come at a time that could either save their life or understand and make plans for their recovery or treatment to get better. Those of us dying from this stuff and dealing with diseases that are rare and not common to the general public is something that a Veteran sometimes cannot understand. And of course getting so sick that he or she cannot continue to try and fight to get better or even worse, their not taking their health issues serious and dying because of no treatment or denied benefits by VA. I will continue to try and research and gather to Archive here whatever I can and to help any Veteran I can along the way. We are all in this together and cannot leave anyone behind. Take care SP4 and remember to NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.
  14. Hello John,,,,, EXCELLANT POINTS. I do know that in Alaska , the ADEC reports Contaminated Sites programs specifically list some of the sites exact locations and the remediation(Cleanup efforts) of those sites. The real problem is that,,,,,,as you pointed out ,,,,,is we do not know where all the Agent Orange ended up and disposal efforts. Or where it was just dumped in a hole and covered. This was the usual practice of all bases and well documented. Of course now we all are seeing the effects of this practice and the harmful effects. The Vietnam story is huge but now we see that Agent Orange was World Wide and as posted here on our Archives site under Agent Orange category is the Training Seminars and the bases thruout the United States where it was used , stored or buried. The DOD list is just so slow and incomplete and the Congressional Efforts to get AO listed on those installations in the CONUS , and in other bases has now stalled again. Congressman Lane Evans was instrumental to get the DOD to increase the recognized list but we only have about 60 percent of those known sites ACKNOWLEDGED BY DOD on their site and the VA site under Agent Orange. The ground water issues are now coming back to haunt many bases and our Veterans are now seeing that this is just another piece of the destruction of their organs and bodies shutting down. Camp Le June is only the tip of the huge iceberg and as time goes on , more and more sites will be coming into the eye of the public and the DOD. We obviously have a large problem that is not even close to being solved. You and I know how serious this is , but we still do not have enough folks trying to pick up this effort and continue Mr. Evans and Congress and the DOD efforts. As always a veteran must NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.
  15. Hello All, Well not to say that we already have enough archived here at Hadit on the subject of Nuclear Waste or Agent Orange/2,4,5,T , Herbicides , at Fort Greely in Alaska but this is more definitive proof it was there. Just wanted to let some of our members know,,,,I also posted in the Agent Orange Topic..... the report. In the report go to page 8 at the bottom for the AO/herbicides The Nuclear Contamination may help some of our others there at the infamous post. Very good strong undeniable evidence,,,,,but remember as any Chemical Exposure it will take proving you were exposed and a strong Nexus/IMO. NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C. http://www.smdcen.us/rabfga/docs/HRR/FGLY00091.pdf
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